Remington Golden Saber Black Belt 45 Auto Now On Store Shelves

Remington Golden Saber Black Belt 45 Auto Ammo Expanded
Remington Golden Saber Black Belt 45 Auto Ammo Expanded

Huntsville, AL –-( Engineered in conjunction with law enforcement professionals, for law enforcement professionals, the new Golden Saber Black Belt load is now shipping in 9mm Luger, 40 S&W and 45 Auto.

Remington Golden Saber Black Belt 45 Auto Ammo

Remington Golden Saber Black Belt 45 Auto Ammo Boxed
Remington Golden Saber Black Belt 45 Auto Ammo Boxed

In tests measuring terminal performance through ordnance gelatin as well as ordnance gelatin with additional barriers such as heavy clothing, steel, wall board, auto lass and plywood, Remington Golden Saber Black Belt ammunition is a top performer in head-to-head testing.

At the heart of the new line of ammunition is the ground-breaking Black Belt bullet – developed utilizing the stringent FBI Barrier Test Protocol for optimal performance.

Like the venerable Golden Saber, the Black Belt bullet is constructed of a brass jacket and hollow point cavity with spiral nose cuts. Additionally, this new product features the innovative Mechani-Lokt belt and hourglass shape that firmly locks the core and jacket together at the mid- and rear sections. A double measure to prevent core and jacket separation for high weight retention and predictable penetration even when encountering the toughest barriers. These key characteristics collectively provide consistent expansion, penetration and weight retention for absolute predictable terminal performance. Finally, the driving band located at the rear of the bullet insures proper alignment in the bore for maximum accuracy.

Additional benefits and features of Golden Saber Black Belt ammunition include:

  • Optimized primer for consistent ignition and reduced muzzle flash
  • Corrosion resistant nickel-plated cases for reliable feed and function
  • Flash suppressed powder for minimal muzzle flash
  • Waterproof seal at neck and primer pocket for added reliability

Initial offerings include loads for 9mm Luger (standard and +P), 40 S&W and 45 Auto cartridges.

Remington Golden Saber Black Belt 45 Auto Ammo Specs
Remington Golden Saber Black Belt 45 Auto Ammo Specs

RemingtonAbout Remington Arms Company, LLC

Remington Arms Company, LLC, (“Remington”) headquartered in Madison, N.C., designs, produces and sells sporting goods for the hunting and shooting sports markets, as well as solutions to the military, government and law enforcement markets. Founded in 1816 in upstate New York, the Company is the nation’s oldest continuously operating manufacturer and continues to manufacture in its original plant located in Ilion, NY. Remington is a privately-held manufacturer of firearms, silencers, and ammunition products and one of the largest domestic producers of ammunition, shotguns, and rifles. The Remington family of companies has 8 locations across 8 states employing over 2,500 people and distributes its products throughout the U.S. and in over 55 foreign countries.

More information about the Company can be found at

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I received my 45 ACP Black Belt ammo and the ring is not visible like it is on the 9MM. I cannot tell the 45 ACP Black Belt from my normal Golden Saber 45 ACP. Wonder why it is not visible? Plus some of the ammo has tarnished places on the jacket and case.

Roy D.

I am curious as to why this bullet was brought out several years ago and then disappeared. And now they are reintroducing it. Why? What is different? About twenty five years ago I developed a similar bullet using brass bands to negate core separation and increase expanded diameter. It worked very well but was too much work to make a usable amount. So, if done right it can result in a very good bullet. Hopefully it won’t disappear this time.

American Patriot

In essence all their doing is giving it a “cool” name, with the black belt which essentially tries to do what a Bonded bullet does. I’ll stick with my Gold dots, they work just fine.

Papa bear

Haters are gonna be haters Chris. nothing you can to to change the weak minded.

Andy Buckmichael

Why would any company with any intelligence rely on any advice from law enforcement? The words “professionals” and “law enforcement” are a contradiction.


Why would anyone with any intelligence make such a spiteful comment on-line. Sorry if your narrow mindedness is such that you are only willing to judge all law enforcement from the publicized cases and not by the thousands across the country that still take the oath of serve and protect to the soul. Please sir educate yourself before spreading hate.


Andy is a troll. He regularly bad mouths LE to get a reaction out of folks. Just ignore him like the rest of us do. He’s a too weak minded to help himself.

C. Mc

I’d guess Andy’s limited intelligence would mean he was never a professional in any of his endeavors and probably had a “run in with LE” at some time which birthed his opinions. LE, been there and done that for 43 years.

Andy Buckmichael

If you were a useless cop for 43 years you were a professional crook stealing tax payers money.

Wild Bill

@C.Mc, I think that you have made a good guess about Andy. I’d like to read his “I’ve been wronged” story.