Westchester County NY Coyote Attack & No One Is Prepared ~ VIDEO


Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “Unprepared, and apparently proud of it!”

When a coyote attacked a young girl recently on a childrens’ playground in snobby, affluent, gun-free Westchester County, located northwest of NYC, all adults present were of course, weaponless and otherwise unprepared, including an off-duty police officer who was NOT carrying concealed.

The unarmed, off duty-officer physically wrestled with the coyote on the ground for five minutes, getting bitten more than once, until armed police officers finally arrived and shot the animal.

This county has dealt with a recent flood of aggressive coyote complaints. The animals there are assertive, and why not? The more they are around humans, and nothing negative happens to them, the more they’re going to regard people, particularly small ones, as lunch.

Liberals’ predictable visceral aversion to firearms, and to hunting, makes their gun-free, upscale suburb an ideal place for coyotes to take-up residence. Lots of dogs, cats, children, etc available to eat- all of them slow, fat, naif, soft, and tasty.

And, virtually no risk.

Westchester County NY Coyote Attack & No One Is Prepared
Westchester County NY Coyote Attack & No One Is Prepared

The dead coyote in question was a well-developed, well-fed, healthy, large adult, with a lush fur coat. Later the animal was determined to be rabid.

Once again, liberals believe that “moral superiority” ever attaches to personal unpreparedness and willing victimhood

When they find themselves dupes of their own naivety, they predictably bleat, “This is so unfair!”

Usually their “famous last words!”

“A learned fool is more a fool than an ignorant fool.” ~ Molière


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I got to this site because I was trying to figure out whether it is legal to kill a coyote in Yorktown, Westchester county that is creating problems on my property. Any info is appreciated.

BTW I am likely to side with you but I am surprised with how you guys talk.

Do you guys go around calling your neighbors libtards to their faces. Then why do it on a bulletin board.


I hope this helps. Good luck. https://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/9359.html


What I don’t understand is why that little girl and her friends weren’t carrying. These Libtard socialists who don’t understand that even a six year old can learn how to shoot–and should, because her weak-kneed liberal schoolteacher won’t carry a gun to protect her against ISIS could take care of themselves if we just let ’em.


Democrats are as useful as that dead coyote. In fact JOHN MCCAIN is in that category also.


I’m a Westchester Cty resident. I’m not snobby or affluent and I’m always armed. I’m also a retired Police Sgt and former FBI trained and certified firearms instructor and SWAT Team member. What I don’t understand about this whole thing is why that off duty officer wasn’t armed. Truthfully, unless things have changed, you have to be ready to perform your duties as a police officer 24/7. He should have been reprimanded for not carrying a weapon. Don’t judge all NYers by the reputation of the left wing snobs. There are a lot of coyotes close to where I live… Read more »

David Telliho

We had 9 outside cats……now we have 6. I`ve seen them at nite at the cats food dish. I can`t shoot them there because it`s been in line w/my shop. But, I always carry at home, and a rifle just inside door of house and shop. I`ll get my shot sometime. In the meantime, I do get a kick out of hearing them at nite. They seem to have a territory, like the hoot owls. They seem to know when the field mice population and rabbits increase. The pack travels around, roughly 2 sq. mi..Same w/ the owls. My biggest… Read more »


We live here in Wyoming, and we know just how to deal with coyotes. If they’re minding their own business out on the plains, I leave them to their own devices, but if they are “danger close” to any of my family or my self, and a simple loud verbal command is ignored, I move toward them in a threatening manner, and they usually leave in a hurry! (I’m 6’2″ and 270 lbs) But if they do not run, they die! Our Wyoming coyotes are usually smart enough to leave well enough alone.


problem with that is as they become more used to humans you loose your edge, carry a gun or one day you will regret it….


Oh, I do–A Ruger .45 or my Glock 22 (.40S&W), and Wyoming has constitutional carry now, so I don’t need my CCP, even though I’ve got that, too.


Im a westchester resident, a father, husband, I have a clean record, Im a home owner, held the same job for 20+ years, certified NRA pistol instructor and RSO, countless certifications from accredited firearms training companies, yet the anti gun judges refuse to issue me an unrestricted carry permit.

The county forces law abiding citizens to be defenseless out in public. They only issue carry permits with restrictions on where you can carry.

The other Jim

Some were probably armed, but they feared arrest by the police who are just waiting with their hooks to gig the hero for the the praise of the Left appointed department heads (Commissioner and Chief of Department), as well as the Left politicians who have taken away the 2nd. Amendment and continue to violate the 10th. Amendment.


undoubtedly. You nailed it.


The stupid elite libs where I live start complaining that someone is stealing their dogs and cats when they don’t come home. The Game and Fish come and set out traps in their affluent neighborhood and catch 6-7 song dogs a night. These city dwellers are shocked to find out that fluffy was eaten.


Maybe they’ll learn not to let their critters run around loose and become nuisances for their neighbors.

Nell Ringlee

More wisdom from a Blue Utopia. I travel to California to teach NRA and Hunter Ed classes on a monthly basis. Up in the High Desert there are lots of coyotes and increasing numbers of bobcats and cougars. It is not unusual to see a pack of coyotes at a local dog park scoping out potential meals. Folks there are oblivious to the danger and are even more oblivious to the advice from experienced outdoors folks like me. The thought of carrying a firearm is so foreign to most that they recoil at the idea. Stupid is as stupid does.


to my knowledge nearly every rural county in California have a sheriff who is eager to issue Mother May I Cards to residents of his county. Makes his job easier, and tends to herd the predators into the big city areas where the locals melt into a puddle on the floor at the thought of anyone in their little world going about armed.


Wait, they all should have just called 911. Isn’t that what the sheeple do?

Le kenobbie

The more humanity intrudes into their environment the more we will see this
happening. As mentioned, the coyote is very adaptable and can become part of the community quickly.
My concern is how they are culled. Poisoning is a terrible way to die and affects others when the carcass is eaten.
Hunters, given the option are more than willing to assist in keeping these critters at bay.

1776 Patriot

An UN-armed Cop, a literal example of an oxy-Moron. Brave? He might have been. Willing to step forward? Definitely. Prepared for the real world? Not at all! Shame on him or his department for placing him in a situation without the tools to do his job.


Now they will probably request budget of 25 million for humane relocation of those coyotes and other “humane” programs that will not solve the problem that could be solved with one box of 223 Remington ammo that cost $15.

So real predators here are not poor coyotes but antifas and lefties that preys on hard working tax paying Americans


Well upstate NY does not have that problem if a sick animal wonders into my yard it has a very short life span. I use to live in Westchester seems to me a pellet rifle would do the job they are hunting wild bore with them now !!!

paul dinatale

many places in ny make it illegal to shoot bb guns and pellet guns if a neighbor lives within 300 ft of your property. i got the hell out of there when they passed the stupid SAFE act! I now live in Arizona!


Let’s not be too critical of the brave officer who confronted the wild animal risking his own life, just because he didn’t have a gun. Maybe his department doesn’t allow off-duty carry, maybe he was going to or coming from the Post Office, where he could not carry. The issue is that the entire community is woefully unprepared to deal with any threat to themselves because of stupid laws enacted by stupid politicians elected by stupid people. If it was a gang of ISIS followers, the whole town would be dead. Anti-gun laws endanger everyone and protect nobody, but the… Read more »

Jim Macklin

ALL wild animals with warm blood can carry rabies and just coming into contact with such an animal, be it a rat, or a coyote, unless the animal is captured or killed for study, treatment for rabies is required.
An “off duty cop” who didn’t even carry a knife deserves to be given all the injections.

Wild Bill

So I suppose the pelt can not be tanned? Maybe a taxidermist could freeze the body first.

Geary Mcdevitt

Just another flock of sheep


I shoot them with bb gun. Poor thing my ass. They come in or near my yard they get it. U wanta know where they r at…play a recording of a fire trk siren. I even go out n shoot in my yard as a warning. They r over populating n Officals r 2 stupid 2 do anything about it. Wait until it happens 2 them

Wild Bill

OMG libtards, welcome to the food chain world! One little sickly coyote challenges the smug socialist world for title of Apex New Yorker… He should have won. Now they can struggle with a virus for superiority.

Marc DV.

The Poor Little Coyote Was Just Hungry !
Poor thing. DAM PEOPLE WAKE UP !
Next Time It Mat Not Be Just Bite Marks .
It Could Be Your Kids Life !
And An UN-armed Cop ! You Got To Be
Kidding .

1776 Patriot

“Later the animal was determined to be rabid.”

We assume any animal, two or four legged, that approaches in a threatening or suspicious manner is a potential lethal danger and we equip ourselves, mentally and physically, to respond as needed. To do otherwise leaves you unprepared and is willfully ignorant, stupid or lazy … and an unwise way to live one’s life.

Don Bailey

DV.–Coyotes hunt in packs and will take down a human being if they are hungry enough. In addition, they are extremely intelligent. Typically though, they stay away from people and only hunt at night. This animal was rabid, hungry, and desperate for a kiddy meal.

Wild Bill

Hmmm, Weighing the balance… Overindulged, smug, NY socialists that work against Second Amendment Civil Rights versus a rabid coyote … yep, I’d rather my neighbor be the coyote!


Wild Bill the coyote is more predictable than the NY socialists. You know when a coyote might bite you in the a$$ but the socialists may do it at any time especially when you are not looking.

Wild Bill

@Tcat, Yeah, and NY socialists have more loathsome diseases, too! Or is that NY socialite? So confusing.

Fiona Westen

No sir, they hunt anytime of the day that they darn well please. Years ago, they took two of my chickens in the afternoon. I have also shot them in the middle of the day trying to sneak up to our house area. They just make more noise at night. When you hear coyotes, be careful. When you don’t hear coyotes, be more careful.