Another Heroic Armed Citizen & Continued Mainstream Media Dishonesty ~ VIDEO


Ft Collins, CO –-( “Deceptive, glossy media images of faces, bodies, and social lifestyles, make us hate ourselves.” ~ Bryant McGill

Last Sunday in Tumwater, WA, a heroic armed citizen fatally shot a VCA who was attempting, via active gunfire, to carjack vehicles in a Walmart parking lot. His decisive intervention doubtless saved more than one innocent life.

The suspect was a deranged sociopath.

Our hero is a pastor at a local church, as well as an EMT with the local fire department, as well as a state-licensed CCW Permit-holder, in good standing.

He was armed on the day in question.

Pastor David George was in the Walmart when he heard gunfire. He exited the store in an effort to locate his wife and then saw the armed perpetrator in the parking lot. Perp was displaying a pistol, verbally threatening, and attempting to randomly carjack vehicles. Perp fired several shots in the direction of at least one driver who was seated in his vehicle.

George fired a fatal shot(s) at the perp. Perp was DRT. At least one innocent person was injured by perp’s gunfire. No one, other than the perp, was injured by George’s shots.

Local prosecutor has already cleared George of criminal liability.


Where is the mainstream media? Why don’t we see this hero making the rounds of ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and NBC’s morning TV shows, to be lionized by hosts thereof?

We all know the reason:

The heroic, armed American citizen is a genuinely good and decent person, and hence represents liberals’ worst nightmare!

He categorically flunks the liberal media’s litmus test for status as a “good citizen,” because:

  1. He is not dependent upon any government assistance program.
  2. He is not sleazy and amoral.
  3. He is productive and actually works for a living. He pays taxes and is an active contributor, not a perennial
    societal parasite.
  4. He is part of a traditional, nuclear family. He is not homosexual, trans-sexual, pan-sexual, “gender-unspecified,” ad nauseam.
  5. He is not an illegal alien.
  6. He is a military veteran who proudly and honorably wore this Country’s uniform.
  7. He legally owns guns and goes armed.
  8. Worst of all, he is a Christian!

The liberal national media obviously hates his guts! He is exactly the kind of person whose very existence desecrates their agenda. They wish he didn’t exist!

And, accurately reporting this incident would violate their unwritten (but strictly enforced) rule that guns are never portrayed, nor even mentioned, in a positive manner. All reporting involving guns is always negative.

This story thus doesn’t “fit” their leftist agenda. Though current and relevant, the corrupt media pretends this news never happened.

But, let an illegal alien be detained by our Border Patrol, and his slobbering interviews will consume several mornings in a row on most TV networks!

Guns save lives of the innocent many times every day. You can read about it in “AmmoLand News,” but precious few other places. You’ll never hear about any of these heroic, life-saving events from the leftist media.

Remember, because the media doesn’t report it, doesn’t mean it is not happening.

“Traditional ‘journalism’, where reporters deliver information in a balanced and unbiased fashion, has faded into obscurity. This is especially evident on television, where high-profile reporters become bigger than the story, delivering ‘news’ with large dollops of personality and wit, almost as if they were actors.” ~ Lance Morcan


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E. Bryan Hoover

The answer, according to the Main Stream Media, is more, REPEAT MORE, gun free zones.

After all, everyone knows. someone who is willing to break felony law against first degree murder., will follow laws against carrying a gun, NOT …

The Main Stream Media is the problem, not the solution …

E. Bryan Hoover


You don’t see it on msm because he didn’t do anything wrong. He’s not an illegal nor a Muslim. He’s not a person of interest because msm only wants to make the criminal the victim. Exactly what they did with the Florida school shooter. Only with liberal’s will a murderer receive love letters and support and made to feel he’s not to blame.

Here, all we have is a moral i individual that wanted find his family and stop the perp from killing more people. No msm story here.


VCA = Violent Criminal Actor, if that is what the author was thinking of.


They will never report any story like this it goes completely against the bs that only cops and their armed security need guns ,once your guns are gone you are no longer a citizen you are now a subject of their terroristic regime welcome to hell my friend , just deliver the same crap they peddle out and watch them go full ballistic, they can dish it out but no way can they take it

Mark Zanghetti

I am grateful to Ammoland for reporting this stuff, I just wish I could do more to help disseminate it further that just tweet about it! Good Job John, have I mentioned I enjoy your writing? I do enjoy it very much, you know?

Wayne Clark

I’m glad he stopped the shooter but my God…why all the acronyms? DRT…I had NO idea till I looked it up, as with VCA. I’m not a cop, military nor “tacticool”…not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with that…it’s just not who I am. I’m a regular citizen that carries for protection. I could be just as informed if the story said, the bad guy was cray cray & a good guy killed him on the spot. That, I can relate to. Guess I’m not a journalist either. Good write up otherwise.


VCA?? Not everyone is fluent in acronyms.

Wild Bill

There is no Constitutional Right to gather news. Once someone has some information they have a First Amendment Right to express that info through speech or publication, but there is no right to gather that information. Thus the various governments could require a license to gather news. The various governments could require ethics classes, basis in truth standards, and behavior standards. Too long has the American press been deceitful and manipulative. Too long has the corruption of the American media been the progenitor of corruption in every other area of our society.


The dead criminal must have been mentally deranged. Even your basic street thug knows to confine his violence to “gun free” zones lest he be shot by an armed citizen.

E. Bryan Hoover

The answer, according to the Main Stream Media, is more, REPEAT MORE, gun free zones.

After all, everyone knows. someone who is willing to break felony law against first degree murder., will follow laws against carrying a gun, NOT …

E. Bryan Hoover


I figure “don’t ask, don’t tell” is sufficient for any gun free zone that does not have a metal detector.


Stay alert. Stay armed. Practice. The police will only show up after your dead.


Always stay in code yellow, when out in public.


Simple. It doesn’t fit their agenda. The MSM doesn’t report news, they edit news.

Don Watson

Another first rate article from John and whats more, 1000% correct.


Agreed! Good “op-ed”.