Reasonable Expectations of Privacy are Now Only Imaginary Concepts


NSA Spying Privacy
Reasonable Expectations of Privacy are Now Only Imaginary Concepts

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Where there is secrecy, corruption is never far behind” ~ Shipp

“Privacy,” an obsolete concept!

Last week, Supreme Court Chief Justice John G Roberts Jr, writing a majority opinion, said:

“We decline to grant the state unrestricted access to a wireless carrier’s database of physical location information.”

This represents a major (but mostly meaningless) decision on “digital privacy” (which is mostly nonexistent).

Our government now generally needs a warrant to collect location data about customers of cellphone companies. This decision also has implications for other kinds of personal information held by third parties, including email and text messages, internet searches, as well as bank and credit-card records.

However, it was a narrow (5 to 4) decision, and it will doubtless be challenged (read that: “ignored”) by entrenched and insulated federal bureaucracies, who consider themselves “beyond inquiry.”

The term, “reasonable expectation of privacy,” so often used in the past by justices writing majority opinions, is now deceased, and has been for some time.

It is today completely “unreasonable” for any of us to expect any species of “privacy,” in any circumstance!

“Privacy?” There is no such thing, so a “reasonable expectation” of it is an “imaginary concept!”

Most of us consider ourselves so “uninteresting,” and so far under the radar, that the foregoing is of scant concern.

But, let us not forget the way KGB for decades rounded-up “dissidents” for uttering even a single sentence (in private, or so they thought) that was interpreted as “counter-Revolutionary.”

And, the KGB relied on antiquated technology, by today’s standards, yet they “detained” (and ultimately murdered) millions of hapless Russians.

A friend put it this way:

“I have a great hard-drive backup strategy:

When I experience a HD failure, I’ll just file a FOI (Freedom of Information) inquiry, directed at NSA, seeking
NSA’s copy of my computer hard drive.

We know they already have it!”


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There are ways U can protect yourself. Use a VPN and Tore browser.

Wild Bill

, what is a VPN and a Tore browser?

Dave in Fairfax

Virtual Private Network, the browser is TOR, you can do a search on either. DON’T use google, use ixquick, startpage or duckduckgo. Better yet, switch to a live version of Linux TAILS and you’ll be automatically much safer. Run it from a flash drive and when you turn the computer off and remove the thumbdrive, it’s like you were never there. It doesn’t access the HD.

Wild Bill

, could those things be used for secure communications between groups? Patriot groups, perhaps?

Dave in Fairfax

WB, you need to understand that there is no such thing as secure communication, there are only levels of insecurity. A bunch of people on the darkweb just got taken down and they are much more secure than you are likely to ever be. The only secure computer is one locked in a closet with the power plug unplugged. Seriously. It’s just a question of how much insecurity can you live with. The moment you talk to anyone else you are insecure. Groups are historically non-secure. Old joke. 4 people sit at table in Russia to discuss revolution, 3 are… Read more »

Wild Bill

, sounds like the joke could be changed to Americans. I hate to rely on the messenger system.


If a hard drive is spinning it can be read up to 200 miles away with the right equipment. Well, that was 5 years ago, range is prolly better now. Not sure about the ssd’s, they prolly have a back door burst download feature the FBI and NSA are so fond of mandating manufacturers putting in their products. This is what bankrupted pretty good privacy, he refused, they used the IRS, he said fuck you and put it out open source.

Robert J. Lucas

Anything Digital is not secure……………………….

Matt in Oklahoma

As a LEO I can tell you that your biggest enemy on privacy is you. I believe in the 4th and thinks it covers more than the liberal courts do but y’all put out way to much info on social media and other means. It even makes it easy for the criminals.

Webfoot Logger

The media is not going to “out” the people who don’t believe in privacy because the media only believes in their own privacy, not anyone else’s privacy.


“It is today completely “unreasonable” for any of us to expect any species of “privacy,” in any circumstance!”

But why? And who are these people who feel that privacy SHOULD be non-existent? I think the media needs to do a better job of outing people who dont believe in the right to privacy so we can vote these people out of office or publicly shame them into backing down. The right to privacy and the right to self defense are God given rights that no man or government has the authority to take away.