The Left – Losing Their Minds & Declining Into Violent Response

The Left Losing their Minds and Declining into Violent Response
The Left – Losing their Minds and Declining into Violent Response

U.S.A.-( At a recent Friends of the NRA banquet, one of the anti-gun protestors in a white pick-up tried to run over an elderly couple walking up to the event. Last year anti-gun protestors threatened to burn the Reagan Library to the ground with 200 pro-2A guests inside. These aren’t Antifa activists. These are housewives from Thousand Oaks, a bedroom community just north of Los Angeles.
In the past, these events were just shrugged off as the rantings of some whack-a-doodle leftie. Now we have the leaders of the Democrat party calling for violence. Things aren’t getting any better.

The left seems to think that calling for people to be killed and attacked is a good election strategy. A few years ago the left used swatting to harass those they disagree with; several people got killed by these actions. Now they are back in force and for some reason don’t seem to care about who gets killed.

The violence you see on cable is only the tip of the iceberg. Anyone who has organized or helped a Friends of the NRA event has seen the protests and death threats 1st hand. The sad fact is the left knows no boundaries, and hate drives them.

Remember the L.A. Riots?

Trucker Reginald Denny, Nearly Beaten to Death During LA Riots in 1992
Trucker Reginald Denny, Nearly Beaten to Death During LA Riots in 1992

The new face and leader of the Democrat party Maxine Waters called it an uprising and praised the gang banger thugs who pulled Reginal Denny out of his truck and tried to beat him to death. 50 people died during the riots, and the value of the buildings burned exceeded $1 billion. I was downtown during the riots. It was rampant looting and a block party. The breakdown of civilization that only ended when the “locals” realized that their welfare checks were not going to be delivered because the post office didn’t want their mail carriers shot at.

A recent poll shows that 59% of people fear violence from Trump haters. Here is a link to the Rasmussen article.

Why the link? So you can see the raw numbers for yourself. No spin no bias.

Lastly, remember James T. Hodgkinson?

The man who shot up the Republican congressmen practicing for a baseball game. He fired more than 60 rounds before law enforcement stopped. He met with the DNC and members of Bernie Sander’s staff the day before the shooting. The FBI concluded he acted alone. Still – he had enough ammunition to wipe out all the GOP congressmen present. He hated an idea so much he threw away his life and caused immeasurable hardship to many. Why all the hate?

I was going to end this article with a call for all of us to learn to get along, to remind everyone that the ties that bind us are more than the ideology that tears us apart. The fact is I cannot do that. I like most Americans in the poll above don’t believe the left is peaceful, rational or sane. The left in America views anyone who they disagree with as evil; and an evil that must be destroyed. In other words, they’ve lost they're minds.

Practice weekly, I’ve always shot once a week or more, but now there is a purpose to my shooting. Add a battlefield quality rifle to the mix with a respectable supply of ammunition. A bug-out bag should live in the corner of your bedroom, and there should be extra water and a trauma kit in your car.

We may be the targets of the left, but I’ll be damned if I am going to be their prey.

Honestly, I hope not to need these things. I advise you to prepare them all the same. I hope you never need them either.

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA”committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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    1. I can’t stand Donald Trump! Or Hillary Clinton! I did not vote for either evil. I know that the entire system, and everybody in it, is more corrupt and deceptive than people can’t even begin to fathom. However, this is wrong! Just because I know Donald Trump is trash, does not mean that I would ever wish this upon him. What is wrong with people?! Absolutely vile and disgusting! I completely agree with you. I am also pro-2nd Amendment.
      Please change your article, though. It is hard for me to share this with other people, because you can’t even spell “there”, “their”, “they’re” etc., correctly. I would love to share this. But you need to make sure that you are proof-reading and having competent people write your articles, so that people who agree with you, can share them. Without being laughed at, and be taken seriously. Thank you. It does not help our cause, when people who will disagree with us, actually have every right to brush it off and not take you as competent, because you cannot get elementary school spelling and grammar correctly. When you are publishing articles, this is very important for credibility. Even for people who agree with you. That’s not being petty, that’s actually having every right to question somebody’s intelligence. I hate saying this, because I agree with you… But it’s just mind-boggling that so many people can’t get these very easy, basic, elementary school words right. The entirety of humanity no matter who they are, is definitely becoming less intelligent by the day. LOL I am sure that somebody will read this, and their butt will get really hurt – but I am not the one over here publishing articles, trying to get people to take me seriously.

      1. Becca, you might want to proof-read your post, since we also should not view well, based on your grammar, too, based on your statement that only grammatically correct prose is to be taken seriously. I believe the idea is more important, especially in these days in the Internet Age, and also when so many are ESL – we can’t expect perfect grammar, as your post so in-eloquently shows.

        I will point out one error, as you did to the poster of the article, you used the word “correctly”, when the word should have be “correct”. If you can’t tell the difference between an adverb and an adjective, you have no standing to correct a typo. You probably do know the difference, just as the writer does between the “theirs”. It would seem no one is perfect – it’s the message that is important – get over yourself.

        1. @ Becca, oh no another spell Nazi and it took you a full page to make your point while you errored yourself. The only perfect individual that ever lived sits at the right hand of God. Get a grip.

        2. Hey Heed the Call-up…..didn’t your mama ever teach you not to justify your own bad behavior by pointing to others and their bad behavior? Now don’t get me wrong!…..I am no ally of Becca. I am firmly stationed shotgun on the Trump wagon and do not care for her middle of the road ambivalence. But, not fer nuthin…..she has a good point. If you want to put out articles that contain well reasoned, logical ideas and you want other like minded people to share and/or discuss them; you need to take enough self pride in your product/s and abilities to run the spell-check program. Or at least have your wife do a quick read through before you submit. So instead of excuses and finger pointing (which are not conservative or right-wing values), you might just want to man up, apologize or agree…….and then fix ’em up. And if you fellas wanna ream me a new one for my opinion; well go ahead. This is still a free country. I know it is because I paid my dues to keep it that way. Thank you for reading and MAGA!!! Semper Fidelis mates!

      2. Becca, You are part of the problem in this country. Pick a side you agree with and then grow a backbone and stand for it. If you don’t you are sentencing yourself and your possible children to a life that will make what’s going on now look like a tea party in Alice in Wonderland. In making your decision I can only hope that you will do your own research and not listen to anyone. You have all the answers at your fingertips and a vast history of people and laws stored on it. I wish you well and hope that you find yourself for the well being of yourself and family. Don’t accept any outcome without your fight for what you think is right.

      3. Beacca, I bet you had Love Affair With Obama, Wild Willy, and George Soros. But having reading all your Post, I believe you are a Paid Troll for George Soros, and the Liberal Side of the Democratic Party. You are most likely ANTIFA. But you do not have the Nerve, to admit that fact, that’s how chicken sh!t you are

      4. That’s the thing you don’t understand about Donald Trump, he’s not part of the “system” That’s why he’s hated so much. He’s straightforward and gets things accomplished.

    2. The democrats should be hand cuffed out of office ! They are obstructionists and should be DELETED !!!!!!

    3. Donna, apparently you are one of the ones that this story is addressing. Where have you read that anyone wants to arm 6 year old school children? However, I probably would have trusted my daughter at that age much more than you. At least she learned firearm safety. She didn’t learn to shoot until 8 years old, only because she didn’t want to learn until that age.

      Statistically, since whites are still about 70% of the USA population, one would reasonably expect that there should be 70% of the criminals and “mass-shooters” to be whites. The FBI crime stats, unfortunately for you, do not bear that out. Spewing hateful, ignorant comments don’t help prove your points, but further show the lameness and idiocy of the anti-rights people and groups and furthers our already ill-regard of opinions from those like you. We would be willing to have a rational, logical debate of facts, but you clearly lack that ability found in mature adults.

    4. What a crock! If you people on the right or in the NRA only had a simple handgun there would be no problem. But you’re so hell-bent on having enough firepower to wage war and that scares the hell out of me. You have a right to defend yourself. But you don’t need a goddamn machine gun or military style rifle. When the second amendment was written people used muskets for chrissakes, so you want to own a closet full of muskets fine with me. Please leave the machine guns and the military style rifles to law-enforcement and the military, civilian or gun enthusiasts don’t need them. Massive firepower and an absurd interpretation of the Second Amendment are the problem. If people were more logical and reasonable I think things would be a lot different. However the NRA and the right are not willing to budge so we are all at a standstill. So until it happens to you, your family or someone you know there won’t be any reasonable or responsible changes in gun reform. I pray that those in control wake up and make changes before you personally witness any gun violence. I want to say one more time that having a hand gun for protection is absolutely your right. Having an arsenal of rifles, machine guns and/or automatic weapons belongs with the military and law-enforcement, because those types of weapons were designed to kill massive amounts of people instantaneously. And if you’re a civilian and need that kind of protection maybe you should rethink your life and shouldn’t be walking around.

      1. I’m from the right and I agree with you 100% about the kinds of guns civilians should have. Although I’m not so sure if I had a gang of MS13 coming at me and my girls with machetes.

        1. Citizens can’t buy machine guns and semi-automatic means as fast as you can pull the trigger over and over. Bump stocks are illegal. Criminals are still going to have what they want.

          1. Margie, private citizens are “allowed” to purchase automatic weapons, they are even more highly regulated than other firearms, but still legal, and much more expensive since the 1986 automatic weapons ban. That ban grandfathered the ones manufacturered pre-ban, made in 1985 and earlier.

            Bump stocks are legal and do not turn semi-autos into automatics – that would be illegal without ATF approval – NFA item.

            I do agree that laws do not prevent crime, quite evident, since even the death penalty isn’t a deterrent.

            1. Heed the call up. Not sure what America you live in but Americans CANNOT buy automatic weapons. Have not been able to buy since 86. In that your right. However bump stocks are now illegal nationwide. Facts are important. You had two facts wrong. And you failed to mention is the NATO 7.62 round used by almost all western fully auto weapons is not available to the public. Also the rounds used in any European fully auto (AK-47) is not available in the west. Remember your beloved open border with Mexico? Lastly, you on the left will never get my weapons. You fuckers are scary, unhinged and not trustworthy.

            2. @Heed, I like everything that you wrote, except “allowed”. Buying, keeping, carrying etc. are a Civil Right although infringed on by the NFA “tax” statute.

          2. Robert Zimmerman, you need to do a bit of research on the 1986 automatic weapons ban. It only banned purchase and possession of automatic weapons to private USA citizens, for those weapons manufactured 1986 and after. Also, with the proper license to manufacture firearms, one can make and possess automatic weapons for sale, but only to government agencies, not to the general public.

            We certainly are allowed to own 7.62×51 ammunition. Your lack of knowledge and inability to research what I posted, which would have shown what I stated is fact, is pure ignorance, laziness, or just plain foolishness.

            Please do us law-abiding citizens a big favor and learn our rights and laws pertaining to firearms before posting any further non-sense.

            1. The AK.SKS ammo is 7.62×39 also called 30 Russian, It is available as imported surplus or factory new ammo.
              The M14/ M1A fires the 7.62×51 NATO round, also known as the .308 Winchester. It is available worldwide in military and sporting and target versions.
              The 7.62×63 is the round fired by the M1 Garand, 1903 Springfield and M1917. Also worldwide as the .30/06.
              The AR fires the 5.56×45 NATO and can fire the .223 Remington. The .223 Remington chambered rifle will chamber a 5.56×45 but it should not be fired because the freebore is longer in a 5.56×45 rifle. The shorter freebore can raise pressures above safe limits.
              The AR has been chambered in almost every possible and several impossible calibers such as 50 BMG as a single shot bolt action.
              NSSF has coined the name Modern Sporting Rifle MSR. I prefer Militia Standard Rifle since sport is not a written guarantee in the Constitutioin ansd Bill of Rights.

          3. WB, very true and I concur, which is why I put allowed in quotes. The government is violating our rights when they “allow” us the RKBA.

            1. @Heed… the quotation marks! I missed the quotation marks. I went back to look and there they were giving a whole new meaning to what I read… Well, hush my mouth… it appears that I owe you an apology.

      2. @Wes Adams
        If you think citizens should only have pistols then it is clear you have no understanding of what the 2nd Amendment means.

        1. @Wess Adams you are definitely a snowflake democrat. I can sum this up for you in one simple sentence. YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO TELL ME WHAT I CAN OR CAN’T OWN BECAUSE I AM A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Go back to your hole troll.

      3. Tell that to WWII Jews. We have the second amendment to protect ourselves from our government who may some day seek to opress our rights.

      4. You should probably get a clearer education about the 2nd amendment and stop being so emotionally unstable.

      5. You do realize that the first machine gun, the Puckle gun was invented in 1718. That was several decades before the 2nd amendment and the Constitution was written. Furthermore the Army Washington commanded used cannons that were owned by private citizens..

      6. Odd that you say the exercise of the 2bd amendment rights of law abiding citizens must be technologically frozen. I guess your argument is invalid since it takes place on something not around when the 1st amendment was written.

        Logic fail!

      7. Wes, (and others) The 2nd Amendment is not about self defense. It is about having a properly armed citizenry to over through any potential tyrannical government. 70 million gun owners owning 300 million guns and plenty of ammo is what we have now. As long as the Government has military style weapons, so will we. (along with active duty military who would uphold the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic.) The U.S Rebels of the time were using military style weapons of the time against the British Regulars.

      8. Then throw your technology away, break out your printing press, and send a letter via point express because our forefathers never foresaw the internet. Your freedom of speech on the internet is hereby revoked. Citizenry cannot own military weapons. If I dress like the devil on Halloween, can I drag you to hell? Looks mean nothing. The AR-15 looks like a military weapon, however it is not, and never had been. Armalite Rifle = AR. Not assualt rifle. Not automatic rifle. It also has a very small projectile. Very small. Educate before you hate.

      9. You think the average “gun nut” owns “military style” rifles and “machine guns”? Do you have any idea how expensive obtaining a fully automatic (not to be confused with fully semi-automatic, which isn’t really a thing) weapon is or how rigorous the vetting process is to obtain the tax stamp for such a thing? Machine guns have been highly regulated since the 1930’s. You should consider educating yourself about these tools you hate so much before voicing your opinion. As grandpa used to say, “It’s better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”

      10. If the military and police get them, then we get them. That simple. Because if and when they decide to commit genocide against us/their own people, we have every right to be able to stand up to them. That is what the Second Amendment is. So if they get those weapons, so do we. If you want to ban those types of weapons worldwide, and make it so that they don’t exist at all, I am with you. But as it stands, if they get them, then we do as well. Otherwise if a tyrannical government decides to get out of control, we will have no defense. That is what the Second Amendment is about. Clearly our government is evil and tyrannical and out of control, too. & If you think the possibility of them doing some crazy stuff is a conspiracy theory, then I’m sorry you had better get real. Anytime there has been a gun grab or weapon grab/ban//limit in the history of the planet, guess what? The government that did it, always has immediately followed that by genocide against its own people. There are many timelines you can look up, that prove this in history. If you are egotistical enough to think that the United States government is going to be any different LOL you’re a fool.

        1. Ronald, people do legally own machine guns and many other military assets. We are “allowed” by our government to exercise our RKBA, the text of the 2A states arms, not firearms. Do a quick Internet search on buying a machine gun. It’s very expensive, but legal.

        2. @Ronald B, I tried hard to find one thing correct about your assertion. Congratulations, you have a subject, a verb and two direct objects.

        3. There are over a 1/4 million legally owned full auto weapons owned by civilians in the USA. Police and sheriff departments also own a bunch. American also own tanks, .

      11. can you show me anywhere, where what you said is correct?
        the 2nd was never meant for hunting, it was always written to have an well armed militia. specifically to ensure the govt doesn’t become like England.

      12. If you’re from the right you should have a better understanding of the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment wasn’t written for self-defense, or for hunting game. It was written so as to allow us to resist a tyrannical government, kind of like we have currently. Therefore our right to have comparable firepower as the Military is a guaranteed right. It would be worthless if we fought with muskets against a government using machine guns. The unintended benefit has also been that our ownership of guns has been a great deterrent to another country attacking us in a military fashion. Three hundred million guns will do that.

    5. Don, thanks for the honesty. We are way passed “can we all get along”, it’s boiling and will soon boil over at the rate it’s going. There is no stopping it at this point.

    6. I’m chill. Watching these antics and hysterics from the loonie left just means we’re winning. When you lose the game you kick over the table and turn out the lights. That’s how they “cope”. All this talk about civil war is just wishful thinking and virtue signaling. By the time the libtards agree on their secret handshake and shove a few firecrackers in their backpacks the whole fiasco will be over in time for lunch.

      1. Farce Book is – can be – used as a tool for/by ‘Big Brother’. Too much info. Accessable by too many. Usually about too little.
        Past time to stop aiding the enemy. If I want to know Anything about you – and you have a FB account – it’s no problem finding you.

    7. The Democratic party is “clearly and overtly” backing Maxy (the wig) Waters to incite violence against duly elected and Presidential appointees and their families. The MSM, especially CNN, gives 24/7 coverage to her illegal activities and promotes her agenda. The MSM has become the propaganda tool of the Democratic party. Make no mistake, these are disturbed people who want a confrontation. It IS just around the corner, and it will be violent. I think this will occur when President Trump nominates a Supreme Court candidate to replace the retiring judge.

    8. When we stopped agreeing with the left they turned up the violence. They have gone as far socialist dictatorship as we were willing to accept. If we turn things around the left will get more violent. This is why there is an Independence Day. The Founding Fathers wanted to turn away from the socialist dictatorship of the Norman monarchs. They wouldn’t be subjects will we?

    9. beware of the end game! they are not crazy. they are baiting us to act first so they can cry to the UN WHO REALLY IS THE EU, to disarm America. that has always been the end game. news flash.. WE DO NOT NEED GUNS TO CRUSH THESE COMMUNIST, EU, SOLD OUT SCUM… MANY OTHER ALTERNATIVES TO END THEM. Keep up your mind and physical abilities.

      1. @dg. I agree. The America hating crowd has revealed themselves, and don’t have many alternatives. We need to keep our heads because everything is going our way.
        Even the libtard trolls have been absent, lately.

    10. “Maxine Waters called it an uprising and praised the gang banger thugs who pulled Reginal Denny out of his truck and tried to beat him to death”…..WTH!? and you are in an elected job! Your ass needs fired!

    11. The national news media is to blame for bashing everything Trump does or says and the crazy BS of this Russia story that we have had to put up with for over a year is driving the democrats to a fever pitch and they have flipped out.

    12. And always remember the police cannot and in some cases as evidenced by Parkland, FL will not protect you and yours. It is your responsibility to protect yourself and your family. In any assault the police are always the second responders. You as a potential victim are the first responder. Shouldn’t you as the first responder be at least as well armed as the second responder? Of course you should. Molon Labe.

      1. So kids in school should be armed? Even the little kids at Sandy Hook? The day I need to buy a gun for a 6!year old is the day we need to stop public schools. Do you notice most of the mass killers are white, Nazi & White Supremacists; I’m pretty sure Maxine Waters didn’t direct them to go kill.

        1. @Donna…..Who said kids should be armed? And it is true that the Parkland Police did not react appropriately to the murderer. Your insane rant is typical of the liberal left. An emotion driven drivel based on no facts. And most of the mass killers have been registered democrats. Maxine Waters is too stupid to hold Dog Catcher position let alone a congressional seat. Grow up.

        2. Nobody has ever suggest that the children should be armed, That is a phony claim made the anti-gun crowd.
          What we want is for adult teachers and school staff to be armed if they want to carry weapons to defend the children.
          We’ve been trying gun free school zones for decades and school shootings have increased as copycats feel empowered by the news.
          There is evidence that having armed defenders present immediately stops school killings, often before anybody is killed. Waiting only 60-90 seconds for police to arrive means that a killer will have killed at least five people even if all they have is a duck gun.
          The Second Amendment is intended to protect the ability of citizens to prevent tyranny. Read the Declaration of Independence [everybody should on Independence Day]. It say the people have a right and a duty to resist tyranny by force.
          The states had their militias included in the basic Constitution, in Article One, Section Eight. Patrick Henry and others did not support ratification of the Constitution that did not protect the right of the people to form militias, patterned after the Minutemen. The Minutemen were not approved or sanctioned by the British Governor. They were an independent body that formed to overthrow a tyrant.
          The Second Amendment asks and answers a question.
          A well regulated [trained] militia being necessary to the security of a free state [not a tyranny] ?
          “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
          The hostility of the Left and the left leaning MSM may be honestly intended to reduce crime, but the sad fact fact is that crime increases when victims are easy prey.
          Any person has a right to defend themselves and their loved ones. The law should prescribe punishment for crimes, but the law should not make people into victims of street gangs, or government. tyranny.
          The NSSF wants to call the AR a Modern Sporting Rifle which is a politically correct term that assumes that hunting and sport target shooting is OK.
          But that is not what the Second Amendment is about. The Second Amendment is about preventing tyrannical government. In 1939 the SCOTUS recognized this when they said that the militia was expected to appear bearing their private military arms.
          The AR can be a lot of fun, it is sporting because all guns can be used for sport. But the AR is a Militia Standard Rifle in caliber, which means that should the Minutemen be necessary they could appear bearing the privately owned ARs and the ammunition they accumulated until government could resupply ammunition.

    13. Thinking that any of these “radical leftists” are anything but viciously dedicated communists has not bothered to follow the “progressive”erosions of our freedoms since the end of the Second World War. The end of the Cold War set ’em back a bit, but they never gave up.

    14. Lets not forget the Las Vegas shooter, clearly a political attack, brushed over as a nut-job. Wake up people its obvious!
      They have every intention to cause more carnage and violence when the elections come around. Start carrying, train to use defensively. “I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six!”

        1. The 460 S&W is just a longer, stronger case than the 1873 Colt 45. All the rimmed 45 caliber cartridges such as the 45 Schofield, 45 Colt, 454 Casull can be fired in the 460 S&W. The 45 ACP being rimless can be used only if the gun is modified to use moon clips or a second cylinder that is chambered to stop the shorter 45 ACP case just just slipping an inch below the cylinder.
          Cops today carry an AR because it is more impressive than a little can of MACE.

          1. Jim Macklin, true the bullet diameter is still just .45 cal, but the cartridge is larger and much more powerful.


      1. Amen YankeeBill! I am armed at all times, and it seems that one pretty much needs to keep his head on a virtual swivel whilst out mainstreaming. Safer along the streamside fishing. The bears are not as vile or vicious.

      2. @Yankee, We are going to retaliate … at the primaries, the polls, and with intelligent and close adherence to the law of self defense (if necessary). Let the Libtard Socialist Democrat (LSD) party make the mistakes while we photograph them, testify against them, and maybe even imprison them.
        We have everything going our way just now. There is plenty of time for mayhem, later, if necessary.
        The libtard socialist anarchists are not our only enemies. The Grand old Prostitute party is corrupt. The bureaucracy is corrupt. The Soros/Bloomberg crowd is corrupt. The judiciary is corrupt. With this many enemies arrayed against us, we have to be smart.

    16. Folks, it is very simple at this stage of the game: the only way to deal with the Left is crack their empty heads literally! Yes, it has come to that point. You cannot reason nor talk to the vile mentally deranged trash know as DemonRATS, Progressives, Liberals, whatever in the world you care to call the crazed buffoons. Wake up America – we are in a completely different stage of the game now and in the very near future.

    17. Take a hard look at history, seriously. The Left ALWAYS Loses their Minds & Descends into Violence – it’s what they do. The other thing they do, when they achieve power, is to kill off the Old Left that put them into power. Sux to be a Dem after they achieve their goal.

      1. @Dave, Gee, I would hate to think that I was working to achieve the unintended consequence of saving the lives of the Old Left! That is depressing!

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