ZORE Launches ‘LEO’ Military and Law Enforcement Discount Program

ZORE Launches ‘LEO’ Military and Law Enforcement Discount Program
ZORE Launches ‘LEO’ Military and Law Enforcement Discount Program

Jerusalem, Israel-(Ammoland.com)- ZØRE, maker of the world’s fastest locked-to-loaded gun lock, announced today the launch of its LEO program which offers discounts to Law Enforcement, Military and Veterans on the company’s unique gun lock products. Purchases through the program will receive a 10% discount on the ZØRE X gun lock.

“Those who serve and protect us deserve our respect and gratitude – not just in word but in action,” said Bruno Escojido, CEO of ZORE. “This program is a small token of our appreciation for their service and dedication to their fellow citizens and country. As a company founded by veterans, we believe in giving back to that community.”

The ZØRE X keeps handguns ready to fire at a moment’s notice, but completely safe from unauthorized users through its patent-pending technology. The cartridge-shaped lock, placed in the gun’s chamber, is secured through a unique combination-lock dial, RAPIDialTM, which allows for swift unlocking under any circumstances, including complete darkness. Once a user inputs the code, one simple charging motion both ejects the ZØRE X lock and chambers a fresh round.

“As an early supporter of ZORE, I’m proud that they’ve chosen to provide my fellow law enforcement officers and military personnel a discount on their products,” said Stephen Day of the Maine Police Department. “Law enforcement officers are responsible for keeping people safe, and a product like ZORE, that can help keep kids safe from firearms in the home, is a must for any gun-owner, including off-duty police.”

ZØRE X has already sold thousands of units since its launch in January 2018 and has received significant positive feedback from the gun-owning community. The caliber-specific lock is currently available in 9mm, with plans to roll out .40 and .45 caliber versions in the coming months. In addition, an AR15 5.56 version and ZORE’s Alert series, which will include connectivity feature for increased awareness, are both currently in development.

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ZØRE is an innovative gun safety solutions provider that produces the world’s fastest locked-to-loaded gun lock. The company was founded and is staffed by Israeli Defense Forces veterans. The company’s products combine cutting-edge technology with tried-and-true mechanical locking to create the ideal solutions for gun owners to keep their guns safe from the hands of children or other unauthorized users, but immediately accessible by the owner at critical moments. The company’s RAPIDial technology allows for quick, non-visual unlocking and the lock’s unique design ejects the lock and chambers a live cartridge in one simple charging motion.

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So how do you get the military discount?

CHarles Valenzuela

Yeah, this is really fast I’ll bet! Any of you that had a combination lock on your locker at school will know just how fast you can get the gun into action!
Maybe the governor of Kalifornacation can have his body guards use them for a while and let us all know how great they are, eh?
Maybe you caoul use these on seatbelts in your car as well. Plenty of time to dial in the combination before the accident.


Seems like a clever idea.
They would be smart to get rid of that “the state of California likes it” statement.
If the California department of justice likes it, most gun people will take that as two strikes against it