After MD Shooting Now Shotguns are on the Must Ban List


Ban Everything
After MD Shooting Now Shotguns are on the Must Ban List

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Every law, rule, regulation, ‘guideline,’ and directive from government is backed by a conspicuous threat of physical punishment. None are ‘voluntarily.’ No exceptions! That’s the way all governments work.” ~ From a high-level friend in government.

Liberal politicians and commentators are currently inflamed, angry at the perpetrator of last week’s newspaper-office shooting in MD.

Of course, they’re not angry with him for murdering five people. What makes them crazy is that he didn’t use an AR! They’ll never forgive him for using a common, sporting, pump-action shotgun, a gun they had never suggested banning, until now!

Until now, liberals insisted that incidents like the MD shooting were “impossible,” without an AR, Kalashnikov, et al

Until now, liberals piously assured us they wanted to ban only “certain” guns (guns that must be particularly effective because, coincidentally they are the very ones carried and used by their own bodyguards, who will not be affected by proposed anti-gun legislation).

Of course, the “List” of guns to be banned from ownership by us peons grows by the day, but pump-action shotguns were never slated for prohibition, until now!

With the MD shooting, however, many liberals are now finally prepared to tell us the real truth: They Want To Ban All Guns, And Always Have!

This latest incident finally forces their hand (as they sheepishly concede that none of their proposed gun-bans will ever apply to them).

While Maxine Waters (D, CA), joining with a number of liberal university presidents and more than a few liberal professors, is openly promoting physical violence against non-liberals, she has no compunction about herself using guns (the ones she wants to be banned) for self-defense, with statements like, “If you shoot me, you better shoot straight,” with the clear implication that she intends to shoot back at violent criminals, apparently with guns that she can have, but you can’t!

She, like other corrupt politicians, seeks public office mostly because of special privileges that attach, because unreasonable and unconstitutional laws inflicted upon the rest of us don’t apply to her and because people shove microphones in her face now and then.

“No one who aspires to public office should ever be allowed to occupy it. What we need are philosophers, like Marcus Aurelius, who accepted the role of Emperor, not from a desire for power nor privilege, but from a reluctant realization that there was (1) no one else even remotely qualified, and (2) who wanted the job less than he did!” ~ Hudson


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How about the following re those ever present banners. Let’s ban them.

Laird Ralston

Mad Maxine is at it again. She and her cronies have joined the “LETS BAN THE GUN. IT IS INANIMATE AND CAN’T FIGHT BACK” gang. I guess it will be the knife. Some of the Indonesian countries have laws banning the carrying pocket knives. I guess they will get to the jawbone of an ass. The first mass murderer in history used the “jawbone of an ass (mule) and slew 100 Philistines”. I guess the libraturds will next ban the ownerships of an ass (mule)

Kevin Donohue

If you listened carefully to the scene press conferences once the PIO confirmed it was a shotgun a reporter yelled out, “was it an ” ASSAULT” shotgun, or a regular long hunting shotgun”!!! Tells you everything you need to know about THEIR mindset in the commie state of maryland!!!

Mott D Dorn

Ban CARS! They kill a lot more than guns!….But you can’t tell a Demorat that or anything that makes sense!


Have pressure cookers been banned yet?

Sam W

The left are Fabian socialists we can’t deal with them. Today they want this banned tomorrow that banned the next day pointed knives the next day all knives welcome to British rule…
The left never wanted anything less than subjects. They want to trade all our Freedom for security and give us neither.


First, Fuck Maxipad waters. Second. Yeah, blame the gun then ban it, makes total sense! So when illegals commit crimes why don’t we ban the entire race of people. Then when citizen’s commit crimes we ban citizenship. Then when people commit crimes we ban humanity. Then you would have effectively banned everything you could. Now what? Shit still happens so what’s next? Why don’t we just start by banning stupid ass politician’s and let the constitution be enforced and go from there. Good bye Senate and house and the law of the land decides what is done. The president follows… Read more »


Please don’t call this low life “Maxipad”, a maxipad is a useful invention that improved women’s lives by giving them a viable method of dealing with natural bodily functions rather than just staying home. It’s also something to keep in a well stocked emergency first aid kit to be used for applying pressure to large wounds. They have other very practical uses too. The ONLY redeeming quality Waters has is to show the world how truly deranged and maniacal the left has become. I don’t even care for the term “Mad Maxine” because it tends to equate her with a… Read more »


Is the 2nd Amendment not a part of the Constitution she so knows and respects? She sounds like my dog passing gas!

James Andrews

She’s an idiot, and the lefties in Maryland are just as clueless and evil is she is. Maryland is now a Nazi state….I won’t even drive through it anymore!


Please don’t make it sound as if this was the first mass shooting in which the AR-15 was not involved. Try Virginia Tech, Tuscon (Gabby Giffords), recent Texas school whose name escapes me, etc. Go way back to Columbine or the Amish girls in Pennsylvania. Or the Washington Navy Yard. It takes human beings to do evil, not inanimate objects.

E. Bryan Hoover

If you believe Media reports, police were there in 60 seconds. And a person with 100 year old gun technology (no clips, repeat NO CLIPS, – manual load – manual pump) shot and killed 5 people. How did he do it – he blocked the rear door and came in thru the front. The state (Maryland is one, if not, the) most gun control states in the United States. Maryland helped by keeping all of the law abiding people in the building dysarmed. The media owner of the business helped by making this a gun free zone where only criminals,… Read more »


Marcus Aurelius, last of the noble romans. The last of the 5 good emperors. His book, “Meditations” is a great read. He has so many great quotes, like this one “If it is not right, do not do it. If it is not true, do not say it” As for gun control, everyone on our side misses the point. The goal is total disarming of the population. The reasons the banners give are all lies. It has nothing to do with crime, terrorism or safety. Appeals to facts and compromises on bump stocks, magazine limits and the like are useless.… Read more »