Kentucky Man Keeps Committing Crimes… Gets Shot and Killed

Kentucky Man Keeps Committing Crimes... Gets Shot and Killed
Kentucky Man Keeps Committing Crimes… Gets Shot and Killed

Arizona -( On 8 August, 2018 in Lexington, Kentucky, at about 06:30 a.m., Shawn Michael Woods is reported as breaking into multiple apartments in an address near Martin Luther King Dr.  He is said to have broken into one woman’s apartment and tried to crawl into bed with her.  A business owner in the area said he had multiple problems with Woods. From

Lexington police say the shooting happened around 6:45 a.m. Wednesday. The person who shot Woods lived in the apartment complex.

Investigators believe Woods was breaking into multiple apartments throughout the morning after talking to witnesses.

A neighboring business owner told WKYT he had several run-ins with Woods in the last few days.

At first, local reporting was that Woods was the victim, because he had been shot and killed in one of the residences. He is said to have lived at the apartment complex. Police investigated the shooting and determined it was self-defense, only a few hours later. The district attorney could make a different finding, but it seems unlikely. The finding by the police was quick. It was aided by multiple witnesses who corroborated violent criminal behavior before Woods broke into the residence where he was shot and killed.

A business owner, interviewed near the scene, said that he appreciated what the defensive shooter had to do.  He felt sorry for the difficulties the shooter would be going through.

This case illustrates the mathematical problem of people who repeatedly violate the rights of others.

Most people do not want to become involved in violence. But violence only takes one party. Violence can come to people if they want it or not.

Eventually, perpetrators run into someone who fights back. Sometimes, the perpetrator does not survive the encounter. Smart criminals learn and decide not to continue their criminal acts. Some learn to carefully evaluate victims and choose those who are helpless or unwary. Successful burglars learn to commit crimes when no one is at home.

A lot of crime is committed by people who are intoxicated on drugs or alcohol. Judgment is reduced, actions become less inhibited. Some drugs induce paranoia and/or hallucinations. Many break-ins occur when someone on drugs believes they are being pursued and threatened. Victimization studies in the United States indicate about a third of the perpetrators were under the influence. Crime committed by people under the influence can be particularly frightening because the perpetrators do not act rationally.

It does not take a lot of criminals to create a lot of crime.  In Sweden, one percent of the population commits 63% of the violent crime. I have not found similar statistics for the United States.

Removing a few criminals from society, either by shooting them or putting them in prison, can lower the crime rate significantly.  Fear of arrest, jail, or of being shot can cause criminals to reduce the number of crimes they commit.  The most effective way to reduce crime is to have a society where crime is not tolerated and where the rule of law is respected and expected.

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About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Cynthia Campbell

Do you know why repeat criminals and stalkers aren’t common in the South and Midwest? Because they don’t live long enough to become problems. Liberal areas that create snowflakes and gun free zones attract criminals. Statistical fact.


They also “protect” criminals who are lightly punished and tossed back on the streets! They are “catch and release” states!


Suicide by DGU.


“In Sweden, one percent of the population commits 63% of the violent crime. I have not found similar statistics for the United States.” Then you’re not looking. According to FBI stats, blacks committ 51% of all murders in the US. They comprise only 13% of the total population. But…. slightly more than half of the population is women. So, that leaves about 6% being black men. About half of the black male population is under 14 and above 40. Essentially, that means about 2 to 3 percent of black males between the ages of 15 and 26 are committing the… Read more »


Exactly my thoughts @ TBSoL. But, writers and others cannot comment on that much truth, otherwise they would be blackballed and lose their jobs. Much as those in Sweden cannot comment on their Muslim population.


Yes, the FBI crimes stats are quite telling. However, if you point out the numbers you are immediately ridiculed and branded a racists.

Facts only matter to liberals when it supports their position. Other than that, facts are ‘out of context’, ‘incorrect’, ‘biased’, ‘racist’, etc.

Similar stats show that actual gun-related deaths, once suicide is factored out, comes down to a very small percentage of folks, mostly associated with thug life in one form or another.


100% correct !


Fear of arrest, jail, or of being shot can cause criminals to reduce the number of crimes they commit. The most effective way to reduce crime is to have a society where crime is not tolerated and where the rule of law is respected and expected. I would add that the deeper meaning of “not tolerated” MUST include being willing to use whatever means are effective in communicating that intolerance to the putative and actual perpetrators. Per the Mother’s account above, this individual had been aware of the outrageous actions of the recently deceased criminal for some days, and proximally… Read more »

James Evans

Sweden – are the 1% who commit 63% of violent crime Islamic and/or Somalis, etc?
Also watch YouTube: Barbra Lerner Spectre

USN Veteran

I have 4 Pitbull/Rottweiler mixes in my home, and a loaded 45 acp for backup. Beware of DOG signs in the windows.

For some reason, I have never been broken into my home, and I really don’t expect to either.


Word of wisdom, remove the BEWARE OF DOG(S) signs and replace with DOG(S) ON PREMISES. The “BEWARE” part of the sign will hang you in a wrongful death, liable case, because you have POSTED and KNOW that your dog(s) are dangerous. You loose before you get started ! Dog(s) on premises, just lets those thinking about entering that there are dogs there, good or bad, they have been told. You didn’t know they were going to tear the perp in half… X wife worked in a law office. Just sayin…


How about a better “Word of Wisdom” – DON’T POST ANYTHING! Why waste time warning criminals that you have guns or dogs, our dogs and guns need practice!!!!!


Criminal FORFEITED his life by his own actions, no life was taken.


God gave three instances where the killing of a man has no “bloodguilt” – 1)War, 2)Judicial punishment, 3)Self defense

Mark Zanghetti

I had to read and consider what you wrote several times before I decided I disagree with you anyway, I would only change the wording slightly to make it totally correct Criminal lost his life (aka his life was taken) homeowner given no choice due to criminals own choices. In other words: His life was taken due to the criminals own choices that put in the idiot slimeball in a situation where his life was taken. Okay? Life is still life, no matter how stupid or lacking in morals it is.


Love happy endings!


Barbara, I know how you and your son feel. I’m a disabled senior and some years ago I had a violent, drunken ex-con try to(as he said)kick the living Shit out of me. Luckily for him, he backed off when he saw a 9mm 3 feet from his face. He made a hasty retreat.

Pistol Pete

That’s one we tax payer want have to feed and he want commit anymore crimes

Barbara Hodges

I am the mother of the young man who shot the criminal who broke into his apartment in Lexington. What you should know is he is only 21 years old and had recently received his CCP. He has hunted since he was 8 years old and has been raised to have a healthy respect for all firearms. His father is a USPSA competitor and although this is a difficult situation for us we are so grateful that we were not the recipients of a phone call telling us our son was in the hospital or worse – murdered by this… Read more »


Our prayers are with you (and SMW) who, from the brief background in the article, seemed troubled. No one who carries defensively wants to use their firearm anywhere but the range. I don’t, but I have four daughters, my wife, and myself to look after and I’m prepared if someone brings violence to us like SMW did to your son and others. God bless.

Barbara Hodges

Thank you so much – prayers are definitely appreciated. Right now our son seems fine but we know there could be some issues down the road and we have discussed this with him in detail. BTW Not reported in the article is the fact that this guy had stolen the master keys from the apartment manager. Prior to entering my sons room he entered a woman’s room next-door and my son heard her screaming at him to get out. A few moments later his own door lock started jiggling. He said the man came into his room looked at him,… Read more »

VT Patriot

Amen Mrs. Hodges. I believe we are all here to help you and your heroic son. Please keep us informed should the need arise.

1776 Patriot

Thank God your son was able and prepared to defend his life. Our prayers are with you and him. One word of caution: Given the litigiously prone society in which we live, be VERY CAREFUL and circumspect about what you say and share on any social media, even posts such as this. Just because government authorities have already deemed, or may deem, your son’s actions as justified, even laudable, doesn’t stop some ambulance chasing low-life lawyer from taking advantage of misplaced punctuation or a less than artfully crafted phrase in one of your posts into a civil suit on behalf… Read more »

Barbara Hodges

Yes. Noted. Thanks

Clark Kent

The civil suit will be against the SHOOTER, not the mom of the shooter. Nice try; no cigar.

1776 Patriot

Clark Kent, that was exactly my point as well when I said, “Don’t give them the ammunition to ruin your son’s life with costly court proceedings;” The issue I was communicating to Ms. Hodges is that statements made by folks close to a defendant, or seen to be speaking on behalf of the defendant, in a criminal or civil trial can be, and often have been, used to impugn and damage the credibility and veracity of the defendant, thus damaging the defendant’s chances of prevailing at the trial. No one with any connection to a potential defendant should be saying… Read more »

Wild Bill

Dear Mrs Hodges, engage a skilled criminal defense attorney to nail down witnesses, statements, and other evidence, anyway! Don’t wait. The gun should go, secretly, into the lawyer’s safe and properly identified and recorded. And tell your son to never comment on this incident again. Any discrepancies in more than one version can form the basis for prosecution by an over zealous county employee.

Mark Zanghetti

First let us thank God your son is alive and healthy after such an encounter! Thank your son for his brave actions defending himself and his neighbors as well, thank you as well for writing and giving me and I hope many others the opportunity to both thank and support him in what he will go through in the future due to this incident.



@ Ms. Barbare Hodges,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Thank you for your insight, but no need to comment further.

Scotty Gunn

When your son is troubled by it, remind him that he was just reacting to some one else’s actions. Your son did not choose to do this, the deceased caused this to happen. God gave your son the ability to protect himself and family. No decent person wishes to cause harm to a human, but sometimes they make you have to do it.


Please stop commenting. NOW. There’s NOTHING to be gained here by doing so. You’re not helping anyone. You’re preaching to a sympathetic choir here, but you are potentially exposing your son to “difficulties”. Consult with your attorney. And if you’ve already been doing so, do it again.

James Higginbotham

my prayers are with you and your family, just GLAD your Son survived and wasn’t HARMED.

Green Mtn. Boy

Not No More,Thankfully.


At one time it was said a burglar committed up to 50 burglaries before he was caught for the first time.
Most crimes are committed by repeat offenders.
Ask any LEO that has worked an area for awhile and they can tell you most of the bad guys and the families they come from.