Lawsuit Filed against FBI for Denying Las Vegas Shooting FOIA Request

What “core values” are demonstrated by denying the requested information? (FBI/Facebook)

U.S.A. –( “Today, we filed a lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Investigation over a Mandalay Bay FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] request that the FBI denied,” Stamboulieh Law, PLLC announced in a Thursday media advisory.

Firearms designer and Historic Arms, LLC President Len Savage is the plaintiff in the complaint that charges “Defendant FBI is unlawfully withholding records requested by Plaintiff pursuant to 5 U.S.C. §552.” As reported by this column in April:

The FBI has responded. They claim they have no way of knowing how many “bump stocks” have been used in crimes and the FOIA law doesn't require them to be responsive.

“Contrary to the FBI's position, in a similar FOIA to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the ATF responded almost immediately and has currently produced thousands and thousands of responsive documents,” attorney Stephen Stamboulieh noted.

The latest revelation from those productions, reported Wednesday by AmmoLand Shooting Sports News, was a surprising admission by ATF:

“[O]n-scene ATF personnel were not allowed to physically examine the interior of the weapons for machinegun fire-control components or known machinegun conversion devices… [Emphasis in original]”

Another reason given by the FBI for denying information was “ongoing ‘law enforcement proceeding,’” Stamboulieh observed. “The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department basically said ‘case closed,’ so, what is … proceeding?”

“It makes one wonder, why is the FBI not providing information about the case when, according to LVMPD, the shooter ‘acted alone’ and has no motive?” he asked.

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David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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    1. The FBI has become far too large an organization. Similar to the VA. Until we compartmentalize it and purge out the toxic leadership we will not be able to get unbiased results and get them back working for the American people. For years the FBI has grown unchecked. The growth of the FBI its perplexing and has left the FBI one of the largest umbrellas in the world. It would not surprise me that some of these agents with funding from big banks who wanted Kennedy’s heads on a platter funded and leveraged their resources to infiltrate the FBI and Secret Service and take down JFK and his brother. It all stinks like deep state. JFK spoke about them in his speech, Google it. There’s no way two discreet individuals were unrelated, statistically, this would be an extreme outlier and everything about the entire tragedy wreaks of inside job, coordinated attack, and mass coverup. Many sacrificed themselves to kill the President and his brother. What’s the motive? When JFK spoke of the “deep state” and mentioned the MIC, the big banks couldn’t let it slide. So they used the hysteria and hypocrisy running amuck at the time to murder the President and his brother. If we want to maintain democracy in the republic we need to prevent any federal organization from acting as an umbrella over others: this is the Executive Branch’s job. The FBI has too much power. The FBI is committing high treason by disrupting the office of the POTUS and attacking the Commander in Chief with a bogus investigation sparked by a Russian Dossier bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s DNC attorney? I understand 30% of the nation is butthurt their candidate lost, and the big bank funded media will not stop until Trump is out of office, but you have to be pretty slow to think it’s okay for any fed to undermine the office of the President. If we continue to allow this hysteria in the media, and within the fed, American’s will lose all faith in our democracy and we will see another Civil War. The media can lie all the way to the voting booths but Americans will wise up to this con-game sooner or later. The media has been leveraged as a tool to rob American’s of constitutional rights for too long, it won’t be long before the majority wise up to what the media is doing to US. I had no idea how bad the FBI was until they took a swipe at Trump, and showed their allegiance to Clinton. Now the establishment leadership is scrambling to clean up the scraps, they are losing control and hitting below the belt to maintain their power. Several leaders whom I have had idolized have resorted to inexcusable behavior over the past few years, and it’s a disgrace. I can’t believe the DNC has fostered violence in the streets and rigged the primaries to get Bernie ousted? #WalkAway #MAGA

    2. Very likely more “corporate” malfeasance within an already badly discredited and legally beleaguered FBI. This agency is the black and blue bruise on the Trump administration, along with the puzzling behavior by DOJ and a missing-in-action AG Jeff Sessions, who refuses to clean out the Obama loyalists in Justice who are committed to the Deep State derailment of the People’s choice for President. This is entirely predictable, as a consequence. Because no consequences for criminal activity simply emboldens the perpetrators.

      Did any of you envision this depth of corruption in the federal justice system still going strong this long after Trump’s election? “Deep” state is not a misnomer, for sure. Terrible state of affairs for America, when the once-reliable FBI leads the list of corrupted officials. As a federal officer for another federal agency, my case experience with the FBI prior to the arrival of Obama was relatively spotless. Once I saw what was coming with Obama, I retired within his first year. And my hunches proved right. His eight years in office created some deep ruts in the federal sector’s dependability, still evident.

    3. I have been waiting to see more photos of the hotel room showing shell casings laying on the floor of the hotel room..
      they should have been everywhere.
      the only photos i have seen are of guns placed around the room.
      did i miss something?

      1. if you really search you will find a few pics of the main room with a few hundred rounds of used casings on the ground. i have seen like 2 or 3 photos of the second room with shell casings visible.also looked to be in the hundreds but no way to get accurate count because of all the obstructions in the area that are covering the casings. the pics were out there a few months ago but not many and i went thru lots of other pics before seeing those ones.

    4. Something stinks about this whole Vegas False Flag or what ever you want to call it.
      I find it hard to believe there has not been more lawsuits against the Federal Bureau of Investigation over a Mandalay Bay FOIA [Freedom of Information Act].
      Has everybody been paid off?

    5. This story sure got quiet really quickly, maybe too quickly. I don’t normally get out the tin foil hat, but this one has me wondering. The last thing I saw was the LVPD hiding in a stairwell a floor above the shooter waiting for the gunfire to stop rather than confronting the guy and trying to ‘serve and protect’ as they are sworn to do. Eerily similar to the Parkland shooting where the supposed ‘protectors’ were hiding outside the building or in a closet waiting for the shooting to stop.

    6. This stinks from day one. The FBI telling the sheriff not to answer certain question to the media, and the lack of surveillance video on the alleged shooter.

    7. Has even one chain of custody bullet been forensically linked to one of the bump stock rifles????

      1. ive only seen between 3 to 5 rifles in photos at vegas shooting that i can say probably had bumpstocks on them. 2 did for sure and 3 others did not have clear pics of stocks. several pics that claimed were of bumpstocks were 100% not bumpstocks just regular adjustable ones. lots of bad info put out in regards to this shooting. some from sources that are not firearm literate and some from sources looking to shape the story in a particular direction.

    8. I suspect the motive was “to get a gun law passed.”
      The idea came from a sick mind and the weapons chosen were what hillary, nancy and chuckie were filling the MSM with 24/7 for 750 days.
      The sick mind put 2 and two together and got 0, 4 and 22.
      If my guess is correct they won’t release the fact because that would make the PTB look really bad.

    9. Great job. Keep up the pressure! This sure appears to be a typical fed cover up. Was there a Muslim version of PATCON being run? Did the operation go south after it was discovered like OKC? Was it a gun running op like fast and furious?

      Those of you not familiar with PATCON: Google jesse trentadue.

      1. Trumped, that was a interesting article to say the least.
        What the heck is going on with the FBI? It makes the J Edger
        Era agents look like choir boys!

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