Urgent Legal Update: Defense Distributed vs US State Dept.

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- In July, you may have heard that Defense Distributed won a settlement from the US Dept of State to publish gun blueprints online. We, in fact, received a license from the federal government to publish our software, and we consider it a landmark victory for the 1st and 2nd Amendments, hard-won after many years in federal court.

I had hoped to spend at least a day in celebration. We were prepared to show you a number of incredible things as a result of this victory. But on the day we began publishing files at DEFCAD.com, we faced a tidal wave of lawsuits from Blue State Democrat attorneys general. We are being sued by 21* states across four venues in this country.

Defense Distributed
Defense Distributed

I’m reaching out to you as my longest and truest supporters. The Defense Distributed Wiki Weapon members have always answered my call. Would you please watch the below video, hear the message, and share with your friends and family?

Thank you.


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Gregory Romeu

THIS is what I always preach and talk about across any open forum, STEPPING UP TO THE PLATE no matter the size of the battle. It’s OUR responsibility, it is OUR duty as United States citizens to directly mount these battles against these treasonous bastards. These 21 States Attorneys Generals should be immediately indicted, prosecuted and immediately removed from office for direct and Willful Neglect of their Statutory dDuties as per their Oaths of Office! Cody Wilson and The Second Amendment Foundation are fighting the good fight for our 1st Amendment rights which will also bleed over to our 2nd… Read more »


Insist that ANY action brought against you which names any State or States as parties MUST be only brought directly to the Supreme COurt of the US. per the Constititon.. Article 3 Sectioin 2 Paragraph 2.

That will end any attempes to go judge shopping, which has already happened. I am thinkinf specifidally of the case brought to a corrupt judge in Seattle which named eight states as plaintiffs…… READ that section of the Cosntitution, and you will understand my point. FORCE them to go directly to SCOTUS.