Kavanaugh Accusers’ Official High School Yearbooks Detail Sex, Drunkenness & Racism

Photos from Christine Blasey Ford High School Yearbooks
Photos from Christine Blasey Ford High School Yearbooks

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser of Supreme Court nominee Bret Kavanaugh of a pool party groping, own High School yearbooks list in great detail rampant drinking & guns, promiscuity, racism, and sexual predation by the class of 82, 83 and 1984. The years “Chrissy”, as Blasey Ford is referred to, attended the all-girl school of Holton-Arms.

The yearbook title is SCRIBE. The relevant issues are SCRIBE 82, SCRIBE 83 and SCRIBE 84, corresponding to Blaseys’s sophomore, junior and senior years when she and her classmates (and Kavanaugh) were 15-17-year-old juveniles.

You can read an in-depth dissection of the yearbooks on the website Cult Of The 1st Amendment, but the shocking thing is how this detailed description of partying and disrespect could be the featured content of school approved and financed yearbook.

From the report “They [the yearbooks] are a testament to the incredible power these girls had over their teachers, parents and the boys of Georgetown Prep, Landon and other schools in the area. In the pages below, [see link above] you will see multiple photos and references to binge drinking and the accompanying joy of not being able to remember any of it.”

While Blasey Ford is only mentioned by name and in photos a few times, the implications are that in such a small group how we are to believe that she was not caught up in the wild predatory social party scenes?

Binge Drinking & Male Strippers:

Scribe 84 is the yearbook for her senior year. Her name was Christine Blasey in high school, often referred to as “Chrissy.” In the image below, Blasey is pictured at a Halloween party in her junior year. The caption on the right says:

“Lastly one cannot fail to mention the climax of the junior social scene, the party. Striving to extend our educational experience beyond the confines of the classroom, we played such intellectually stimulating games as Quarters, Mexican Dice and everyone’s favorite, Pass-Out, which usually resulted from the aforementioned two.”

Christine Blasey Ford is pictured at a Halloween party in her junior year
Christine Blasey Ford is pictured at a Halloween party in her junior year.

Specifically relevant to the accusations at hand is one section of the yearbook articles that report a regularly occurring pool party:

“10th grade seems to have been a ritual initiation into the “Holton party scene”. Another sophomore girl [named Martha, last name redacted, but we assume to be Martha Mispireta Shannon a fellow class mate, if it is her she could be a witness] threw multiple all night benders, the highlight of which featured an [adult?] male erotic dancer in gold g-string:”

Christine Blasey Ford Binge Drinking Pool Party's
Christine Blasey Ford Binge Drinking Pool Party’s

This info may help Christine Blasey Ford remember the exact details of events or provide info for a line of questioning for Senators trying to get to the facts.

Read the entire report at Cult Of The 1st Amendment.

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Westcoastdeplorable, If we don;t vote GOP think about where that will take us! No Jobs, No Food, No Guns, No Freedom, we better vote GOP and get some other ones as well.


All these democrats that present themselves as so pure makes me sick,
but what is worse is the people that elect them! It is time for us to stand up
to them. We have been pushed the final inch. My wife had of a tee shirt the other day that said
“GOD, Guns and Trump” A woman and I refuse to call here a lady, said she was offended. My wife look
directly at her and said, ‘Your Ignorance offends me”. The woman shut up and walked away.


Isn’t it sad the Dems have brought us to the point of reviewing high school yearbooks in search of character?
My hope is this will ignite voters to get out and support their Republican candidates. The Dems are using smear tactics that Obama helped develop and must be defeated en masse.
I’m NOT a Republican and voted for Obama the 1st time, but we’re at a critical situation in U.S. history and Pres Trump is the only path forward. Let’s vote for a GOP majority and see where it can take us.

Michael J Snyder

So I’m guessing Chrissy was a typical spoiled rich kid, like Brett, but is not held to the same standard. I spent the better part of my police career as a School Resource Officer and I can tell you if a kid at a party was violently sexually assaulted someone, including the victim, would have reported it. My guess she was promiscuous and intoxicated, this did happen, but she did it so many times she can’t remember who was responsible. I’ve interviewed many victims to develop probable cause and so far there isn’t any. For a psychologist with a PhD.… Read more »

Surette Groves

She is not a psychologist , she has never taken the test according to the California Board of Psychologists. She could be in real trouble if she ever publicly portrayed herself as a psychologist

John Burke

I don’t think Kavanaugh should become Supreme Court Justice. But these b.s. allegations have nothing to do with my opinion. Even if these allegations are true its ridicoulous that they are getting any attention. It makes as much sense as having this article in this publication.


You are entitled to your opinion, but why don’t you think he should become a Supreme Court Justice?

Wild Bill

@Jay T, Here is why in his own words, from one of Kavanaughs decisions while on the DC Circuit: “It follows from Heller’s protection of semi-automatic handguns that semi-automatic rifles are also constitutionally protected and that D.C.’s ban on them is unconstitutional. (By contrast, fully automatic weapons, also known as machine guns, have traditionally been banned and may continue to be banned after Heller.)” You can plainly see that Judge Kavanaugh thinks that Americans can not own machine guns. It would surprise him to find out that he could buy one on gunbroker.com this afternoon and only need pay the… Read more »

John Burke

Sorry for the late response the emails notifications went to spam.

I don’t think and didn’t think Kavanaugh should become a Supreme Court Justice because of past things he’s said and done then said has totally contradicted what he said or did in the past. When he was asked about certain things he did lie. I’m sorry I can’t recall specifics but I read about it several places b4 the accusations from Ford came out. They weren’t Democrat puff pieces either.


Then what disqualifies him? I admit not reading every article and I did not attend any congressional sessions, but they had thousands of pages of documents and hundreds of testimonials and his resume reads well….so, what did I miss?

Bill T.

3 strikes….you’re out my friend

White Rose

It started with Operation Paperclip–>MKultra–>part of which clinical studies in mind control via drug therapy such as lsd…Blassy Ford appears to be associated with deep roots with black ops CIA


H. Spires

Now let’s put Dianne Finkstein and her entire personal life all the way back into her teenage years under a microscope and see what we can dig up. I think there would be some real good stuff there just waiting to be aired. How about Hildebeast and her life all the way back into her teenage years? Fair is fair and if Kavanaugh has to be vetted all the way back to his diaper training days then let’s do the same to the accusers. Now they are getting Stormy Daniel’s lawyer and personal handler involved. This is turning into a… Read more »

Harry B

Sure…when they get nominated to the Supreme Court we’lllook into their backgrounds too!

Heed the Call-up

Harry, so being a Senator or congressperson is not a high enough office on which their personal morals and ethics, and teenage years are worthy of investigation as is Kavanaugh’s? Unfortunately we have numerous Democratic representatives that have criminal records, but are still elected by their constituents, and not demonized by the other members of their party, but when a Republican is found with similar issues, is typically forced out, resigns or voted out of office. What other Supreme Court nominee went through such microscopic, outrageous review?

John Burke

Clarence Thomas. Only thing was that when the accusations were made President George H.W. Bush ordered the FBI to investigate before they held a Judiciary committee.

T Curry

Hilldebeast and her crowd hung with the Black Panthers. She marched against the Vietnam War and like all the rest of the leftists were horrible to the veterans when they came home. She is also great friends with Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Ugly and Joy Beyhag of the View. Some of the biggest haters on the left. Then there is Dianne Feinstein, we can just not like her because of her connections to China and the riches she and her husband made off the backs of the hard working American’s that she does not politically stand for.

Gregory Romeu

One third of college students show symptoms of mental health disorder?

Well, THIS makes all the sense in the world! Surely Christine Bullshit FORD has connections at, The Betty FORD clinic”?

Gregory Romeu

If her panties were PROPERLY PROTECTED and she was ACTING RESPONSIBLY for said environment, then there shouldn’t have been any problem whatsoever? SO! The question is, did the birch WILLFULLY drop her panties or not?

Patricia Wein

She testified that she had on a one piece bathing suit!

Gregory Romeu

She also testified that she doesn’t remember the house that it happened in and she doesn’t remember the exact events that surrounded the whole situation and on and on and on ad nauseum

Gregory Romeu

It’s amazing that you have to feed pablum to an adult resident Californian on how to solve their problems with corrupt officials?


And we don’t want to hear any more of this pussified, “wait and vote them out of office bullshit! Now get off your damn surfboards and get to work! Lazy damn deadbeats!

Gregory Romeu

@Wild Bull, of you successfully cut an album, I would be proud to be your Road Manager or even just drive your Entertainer Bus!

Wild Bill

@GR, Thank you. Thank you, very much! I am working on the new Jack Daniels theme song next!


So vote the dems out and stop this madness! That’s the only way we the people can ever get a shot of a fair llife


Quite a few Dems (i.e. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown) seem to hold with, “Let he who is stoned cast the first sin.”

larry b

Would all this BS (so-called) controversy be happening if the [BS] accusations were around “gay sex?” Naaa, ‘that’ would prompt glowing MSM endorsements.


What is with all the blackouts of text and faces in the yearbook? When did public information yearbooks become classified? Who ever has the authority to classify these documents, please classify mine.


We used to down Black Russians at the local bars. NYET to the Ford bogus claim.


This entire claim is a non sequitur, the only reason it to delay the vote, her lawyer has said so on recordings.
“A lifetime appointment’, well he sits on the 2nd highest court in the USA for life now.

No matter, they can pull the Judge, nominate another one, after midterms renominate Judge K.


No way would our yearbook advisor or Vice Principal let any photos like this into they yearbook at the HS I attended.
And I was photo editor and took 70% of the pictures circa 1977.


maybe they will be able to get a DNA sample from the cum in her hair,there may be some loads left there from her wild years,what a whore!

John b

You are pathetic


They would likely find Bill Clinton’s as well


Why doesn’t anyone mention the fact that this “DR’s'” attorney is also an attorney for George Soros? I wonder how much her “paycheck” for this incident was!

White Rose

This is to be expected as a commentary and implied circumstance for Kavanaugh’s accuser. The issue is whether anyone should be held accountable decades later for the frivolity of puberty. Herein the needed distinction of frivolity and malicious predatory behavior. We seem to lack the understanding of the most fundamental principle underlying behavior. Whether we are governed by the end justifies the means or contra, the means justifies the end. The result is that people talk at one another rather than conversing with another. The consequence is that lives are ruined or damaged and there are no winners. I won’t… Read more »


MIchael, your comment is so true. However, this is the new work of politics today. The democrats don’t care about the country, just there desire to destroy it. Their whole plan is to RESIST, to make Trump look bad. They have to be stopped and met with resistance or they will destroy our country. It is amazing that people like Waters, and Schumer can even get elected.


We should all just sit down and shut up. What happens in high school, stays in highschool. Bringing up the past mistakes of anyone from that time of life is just another easy, cheap shot. There is absolutely nothing funny about any of this. Everybody takes a hit and to the rest of the world it looks like we’re raising generation after generation of degenerates. We’re not. This Jack move of the progressive/resistors is going to bring ripples of unintended consequences that are going to cause unpredictable and incalculable damages. Let them without sin cast the first stone. 30


Democrats believe they are without sin and are casting stones.


Dimocrats are stoned and casting sins upon others.


Here is Senator Grassley’s telephone number. I suggest people call and express their disappointment in the way he, and his cowardly republicans are handling this whole thing. Since when does anyone get to choose the day or time to come before a senate hearing? NEVER in the past. His cowardly example ought to bring shame to the GOP. And when does an attorney get to tell a committee or a judge when their client will testify? NEVER in the past. And Kavanah himself…………..why hasn’t he filed law suits against Ford, Feinstein, Shumer et all for Defamation of character and probably… Read more »

Pete Farris

Maybe someone should start a “Go fund me” page.


How low can the left go? I’ve already ordered the bumper stickers!


How deep is the abyss of hell?


About as deep as both your heads are up your asses.

al janssen

Diane Finsteine should be charged with contempt and withholding evidence as she had this information at least seven weeks before the hearings,


The problem is that there is NO evidence.
The accuser states that she don’t remember what year, where, and any other important detail except that it was Bret Kavanaugh who supposedly attacked her. Even who appears to be the only other person who she says was at the party, denies anything ever happened, and that Kavanaugh was even there. This is another political hit job and another Clarence Thomas style “lynching” by the Democrats (Communist) who have used this type of personal character assassination with success over the years, and just recently against Judge Roy Moore. Predictable, and pathetic.

Patricia Wein

She’s really great at acting like a slow learner. She’s a mess! And her lawyers Catz and Dog prodded to even “stand” to be sworn in. She couldn’t put her hand up!
I wonder what her meds are that she needed caffeine to get started.
She was unsure of every ? asked her.
Drama all the way. Hopefully the FBI will drill her a new one and get their hands on her yearbook.
Dig FBI dig!!!!



There is sooo much now being uncovered about this entire pre-scripted hit job, and yes I agree DiFi should be charged, but not only with contemp but sedition, because this letter about Kavanaugh from Ford to DiFi was the SECOND one sent. In the original script the FIRST letter to DiFi told of how Gorsuch assaulted her.

Gregory Romeu

No “crime” ever reported? No charges filed? No newspaper reporting of this alleged “rape” from a teen girl some 30+ years ago? That is all very hard to believe because back then we still had some semblance of moral standards and investigative reporting with TRUE investigative reporters. I Can Only imagine this young woman’s shock and state of fear after this horrible occurance going unoticed by her classmates,and teachers? Then to keep silent for some 30+ years only to await her 15 minutes of reality-tv style, “fame”? I wonder what her parents think of her at this point and the… Read more »

Robert McKenna

Part of the problem is that her parents didn’t think much about her when she was in high school. I am not wealthy.
So my kids were held to a higher degree of disipline than being sent to a party school. Teenagers will experiment with anything they can get away with, but they don’t usually advertise it in their annuals.


This whole thing is a last-ditch effort by the Dumbocraps to derail the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. They will stop at nothing to accomplish this. I agree that things that happened decades ago, when the accused and the accuser were children, have no bearing on the hearings. Especially IF they supposedly took place at drunken high school age parties. I personally do not believe the accusations are true. I also believe that the accuser has been given every opportunity to state her case and she has failed to do so in any venue that matters. The hearings should close, and the… Read more »


The burden of proof is with the accuser, not the accused. She is basically being begged to come forward and tell her story under oath. But she can’t remember when or where, just who! BS! As my wife said, If a woman is assaulted, she would never forget where it happened or when! This is a ploy by the left to RESIST and everyone knows it!
How low can the left go? Say, that would make a good bumper sticker.


……and this is the best the far left could do as to discredit Kavanaugh?
I would believe Miss Piggy on those allegations before this skank.

VT Patriot

I think they did use ‘Miss Piggy’ as their best. And her classmates that agreed with her. Birds of a feather…..

Lisa Parker

Apparently there was a lot of drinking in those students lives. But, you see, that’s where men get off track. Being drunk is not an invitation to be sexually abused. The way these young adults are described it seems that they were not supervised very well. Still, not a reason to be sexually abused. So what’s your point here? Kavanaugh admitted to a lot of drinking and parties, but he’s a nice guy. Ms. Ford admitted to a lot of drinking and parties, so she’s a slut and gets what she deserves? Has evolution left you back with the cave… Read more »


But you see that’s where women get off track, they think once the alcohol hits their lips, all responsibility for their actions are thrown out the window. And BTW it’s Ford that is the accuser here not Kavanaugh.

W. Radford

You are wrong. To my knowledge, it appears as though Judge Kavanaugh was what we called a straight arrow when I was in High School in the 1970s. From all accounts I have read, everyone in Kavanaughs past holds him in very high regard as to his character and behavior. She, on the other hand, seemingly comes from a rather promiscuious past, by her own admission and that of her class(less)mates. Neither of which AUTOMATICALLY means one or the other is telling the truth. Given the evidence so far, such as it is(n’t), and the FACT that she has changed… Read more »


NO you idiot, Judge Kavanaugh did not and HAS NOT admitted to a “lot of drinking and parties”; Thanks for the lies and Bullshyte posting of idiocy and lies.

Wild Bill

@Lisa Parker, Actually drunkenness goes to clear memory of persons and events, or lack thereof. I don’t think that Christine Blasey Ford should have trusted Diane Feinstein, who has dragged Ford into a national level mess. Any way that things come out, Ford’s reputation for credibility will never be the same. Feinstein is using Ford and does not care what happens to Ford after it is over. Feinstein has made Ford into a disposable person.


Wild Bill, you are absolutely correct. Feinstein could care less what happens to What’s Her Ears (the accuser) as long as she (DiFi) perceives an advancement of her political aims. It’s all about power. The Country be damned.

Jim Bob Lassiter

Don’t worry about Ford. Soros has already paid her handsomely to self-destruct.


Evolution? How about devolving into a society of heathens (democrats), atheist, and some pussy hatted women!


So, what you’re saying is that anyone who attends a party school is asking to be assaulted or raped?


Troll. Be bold enough to make a statement instead of this bs question, instead of trying to put words in the author’s mouth on sexual assault. Straight up liberal attack. Serves no purpose but to inflame, just like the current Democrat attack on Kavanaugh. If they wanted the truth, then they could have participated in the hearing but instead they pulled a no show. Remember, make a statement when you post your lame response.

Wild Bill


CA’s trolling on such an Autumn day! (Sung to the tune of Californina Dreaming)

I stopped into a forum. Got high before my sayyy.
Preached to all the “deplorables’… in the libtard way.
… in the libtard wayyy!
CA troll’in on such an Autumn’s dayyyy.

Heed the Call-up

Where did you read that she stated she was raped? Ironically when Clinton was confronted with his actual sexual assaults on women from when he was Governor through when he was president, Leftists (aka Democrats) all stated that didn’t matter. This guy was a kid, and she clearly isn’t pure. Yes, attending a debauchery taints those present. However, I don’t see a teenage party as an example of how that person will act as an adult. His thirty -plus years of public life attest to the fact that it does not. If you were honest, you would agree. Look back… Read more »

Jeff Priddy

Are you really that stupid? Do you really think this idiot can be believed, just because she is female and cries wolf? You are a typical spineless fool. Someone such as she is no more believable than the Clintons. This is very much a Dem witch hunt, and is being used to gain power and position. Maybe you should join the real world.


No,just character.


CA, So, what you are saying is that anyone who attends a party school is a rapist?


No just that anyone acting like a slut or hor is…

Bill Collins

Not at all, however it does there was a free and easy atmosphere at that location and that time period. It is what it is and the documentation can not be denied.


Well, there is something odd about not caring to report a problem for 30 years, until it is suddenly expedient for political purposes, wouldn’t ya think? Why would you believe that this is anything but a last-minute smear and delay tactic? You are becoming far too entranced with a nugget of fool’s gold.


For me, it is not relevant what high schools kids did 30+ years ago if nobody was arrested for anything. This whole thing has been a farce that should have never been in the public’s eye.


Ranks right up there with “collusion” by Trump campaign in 2016 with Russia.

Bill Collins


VT Patriot

But it has been shown that when Trump was in HS, one of his classmates ordered Russian Dressing on his salad. What more proof do we need? Dianne Feinswine will release that shortly.

Patricia Wein

Really? Tell Sen. Whitehouse
He’s a moron