Cleveland Man With Shotgun Scares Off Burglar

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Cleveland Man With Shotgun Scares Off Burglar

USA –-( reports on 09-21-18 in Cleveland, Ohio, a resident told police he woke up about 2:30 a.m. Thursday to loud noises that sounded like someone was breaking into his home on Lakeshore Boulevard and Landseer Road in the city’s Collinwood neighborhood.

The 68-year-old resident grabbed his shotgun and waited for the burglar at the top of his stairs. The burglar started walking up the stairs and the resident pointed the shotgun at him and said: “I will shoot you,” according to police.

The burglar saw the gun and reacted by running back down the stairs and climbing out of the kitchen window.

The resident did not chase the burglar. He reported that his camera, cellphone and car keys were stolen.

Police say they found the burglar used a screwdriver and hammer to pry open a kitchen window and climbed inside the home.

He left those tools on the front porch. Police collected them as evidence.


Perfect! The resident did everything right. Waited at the top of the stairs where he has some cover.

As the intruder moved up the stairs, he warns him with clear, direct commands.

When the intruder reacts to the warning by fleeing, the resident does not pursue but rather calls 911 and waits for the cops.

Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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Wild Bill

I wonder what all his home owner’s insurance covers. Maybe in addition to his “… camera, cellphone and car keys …” his golf clubs and portable TV set were taken.

Barry Hirsh

Good outcome, but definitely not ‘perfect’.

The challenge should have been, “Unless you drop whatever it is you stole and leave immediately, I will shoot you.”

At least he’d have taken a shot (pun!) at keeping the pilfered items.


this is NOT a happy or good outcome. Should have positiined himself to the thief would have got past him, then step out and force the thief to decide which of the following would be the least bad outcome: get shot;, be forced to wait for the police to come collect him, attempt escape/assault and risk getting shot. As long as dirtbags like this face no real consequences beyond brown shorts they will continue upon this career path. The man would have been fully justified in pulling the trigger…… stranger INSIDE house in middle of night, unauthorised…… deadly force IS… Read more »


The only thing better would be the sound of a 12 gauge pump being racked. The intruder would have become a track star leaving the home.

Douglas Kuykendall

As the intruder was coming up the steps,last thing he’d remembered was the sight an sound of that double barreled.He wouldn’t have made it past the bottom of the steps.


I’d of shot the SOB, twice!

Roy D.

So now the thief has his keys. Presumably that means his house keys, car keys, and the keys to any gates, sheds, or other secured places. Now the home owner gets to spend some money and or wait for the return visit.

Herb T

The victim has his camera, car keys and cell phone stolen and an untold amount of damage to his kitchen window by the bad guy and the good guy did everything right! That means as long as the bad guy retreats after being discovered, after committing one or more crimes, everybody is supposed to be happy because there is no penalty by the good guy. Kinda like the liberal mobs that attack people and destroy property because of a difference of opinion – those who exercise restraint get punished while the hoodlums get away free. Let’s hear it for liberal… Read more »

wayne n howell

I know Herb. Somehow things are backwards these days