Firefield Adds Stability to their Rival Foregrips

Firefields Rival Foregrips
Firefields Rival Foregrips

MANSFIELD, TEXAS – -( Added control doesn’t have to come with extra weight. Firefields adds to their line of Rival Foregrips with three new different models; XL M-LOK (FF35006), XL Keymod (FF35007) and a smaller M-LOK (FF35008) version.

Rival Foregrips are designed to be one of the lightest grips possible, weighing in at just under five ounces due to a skeletonized body. An aluminum construction allows for it to be shockproof and can withstand different calibers.

Rival foregrips are made for added stability in tactical shooting, combat simulations and home defense to increase control and accuracy. A textured surface and ergonomic design allow for a comfortable grip and reduces slip-ups.

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Firefields Rival Foregrip
Firefields Rival Foregrip

FirefieldAbout Firefield

Firefield offers force multipliers and accessories for mission-critical operations and extreme shooting sports involving rifles, shotguns and pistols. Designed for next generation shooters, boot-on-the-ground operators and serious gun enthusiasts, Firefield provides products for hard-charging, action-oriented situations. Firefield—Victory Justifies Everything®!

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I have to give it the the Gun Store Sniffers that posted on this item. They really know how to comment on something that is just a slight bit different but odd enough in looks that they have to turn up their noses like a Glocker to a Hi-Point. Its an AFG, Handstop, and spacer rearranged in a way that is almost reminiscent of a video game weapon. One in particular that comes to my mind. At the end of all of it though it just adds another option to the stack of many that we have. I kinda like… Read more »

Glocker Gun Store Sniffer

Hi-Points are ghetto garbage.


Lol, I have never even seen one, but there are people that buy them. Spend your money where you want to. If it isn’t in your market don’t buy it.
EX: My dad brought my old Styer M40 A1 to a CCW class put on by a “Instructor”/Gun store Clerk/ Tactical Ninja. He talked trash on it, up until my mother, who had no time running the gun before that, put more rounds CoM on the target than his mouth. Basic skills, reliable gun, great sights, and he couldn’t say a word after that.


This design will go absolutely nowhere….waste of time, money, resources and development.


Looks like a solution in search of a problem.

American Patriot

I can’t see a purpose for the pictured forgrip, other then its unconventional.

Matt in Oklahoma

Good way to get a broke finger if you fall

EnfieldGlassware bloop com

in Oklahoma You flipped me on it. I was thinking about getting one.