IV8888 Range Day: Dream Guns, Top YouTubers and Great Companies

IV8888 Range Day: Dream Guns, Top YouTubers and Great Companies
IV8888 Range Day: Dream Guns, Top YouTubers and Great Companies

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Now in its sixth year, the guys at IraqVeteran8888 have put on yet another amazing display of firepower and American freedom! There are plenty of range days you can find out there, but not many have what these guys can throw down in a weekend. Walking along the firing line you will notice guns that you have only dreamt of shooting and you can stand shoulder to shoulder with YouTubers that deliver some of the best firearms content to the masses. What’s more some of my favorite companies in the industry made sure to show up with not only guns but even some swag, and cigars.

There really are few places in the world that you can shoot an M60 machine gun, followed up by a full-auto CMMG Mutant, and top that off with one of the original mass produced submachine guns the MP18! By far the most impressive part of the day was watching a 450 Chytac rip through a piece of steel rated for .50 BMG. At 100 yards, there were visible holes in the steel, it was amazing to watch.

It is hard to convey the sheer volume of fire that was produced in the very first minute of the event, appropriately named the “Mad Minute”. Gunfire and explosions ripped through the morning air as hundreds of triggers were pulled simultaneously. Looking on you can see as each firearm is run through their individual manual of arms and then proceeds to send lead flying down range at an array of targets. For those shooting it would be almost impossible to recognize the sound of your hits on steel except for your reliance on a steady trigger pull and a good zero.

Which is where we all have to step back and thank those who set up this shoot. Eric, Chad and all the other people at Moss Pawn Jewelry & Gun made sure there was not only enough ammo but enough water to survive the hottest day on record in October for Georgia. IV8888 also brought out the big guns by inviting some of the biggest companies in the firearms industry.

“I love coming to the IV8888 Range Day every year,” said Roy Hill, Public Relations and Media Relations Specialist at Brownells. “I get to hang out with some of my favorite people in my gun-industry family.”

Over at the Brownells booth the guys were handing out magazines for their new BRN-10 rifles, as well as some great cigars! Speaking more of those rifles, I gotta say I love the retro charging handle located in the carrying handle!

Check out some of these videos from the people who were there!

NFA Review Channel

MrGunsnGear Channel

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