Democrat Kathleen Williams Proposes A $200 Million Tax On Montana Gun Owners


Kathleen Williams
Democrat Kathleen Williams Proposes A $200 Million Tax On Montana Gun Owners

Montana – -( Dear Friends,

On August 29th, 2018, candidate for Congress Kathleen Williams told a Kalispell audience that she wants to levy a $200 million tax on Montana gun owners.

Really! Although that’s not the way she put it. She said that “high capacity magazines” (over 10 rounds of ammunition) need to be treated legally the same as “sawed off shotguns” and “machine guns.”

These items, you may know, require an application to the BATFE, a nine-month wait, and a $200 tax for each item registered, in order to legally possess them.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation estimates that there are 132 million high capacity magazines in private ownership in the US. Given the high density of firearms in Montana, there must be at least one million of the magazines Williams would target in Montana, probably many more.

One million magazines in Montana and a $200 tax for each one by Williams is where Williams’ $200 million tax on Montana gun owners comes from.

Wait, you say. Williams is so ignorant about gun laws that she didn’t know that her proposal to legally reclassify hi-cap magazines as NFA items would levy $200 million in taxes on Montana gun owners.

Well, if she gets her way and you don’t pay the tax on your magazines, some judge will inform you that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Not for you and me, and not for Williams.

If Williams should get elected and get her way about the tax on Montana gun owners, one of the people who would have to pay that tax is Greg Gianforte, our sitting congressman who Williams is trying to unseat. I don’t know how many hi-cap magazines Gianforte has, but I know he has some.

It is because I know Gianforte to be a very pro-gun guy, and because of Williams idea for a $200 million tax on Montana gun owners, that I urge you to tell all your friends to support Gianforte in the election that is going on right now.


Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana

Montana Shooting Sports Association
About Montana Shooting Sports Association:

Montana Shooting Sports Association is the primary political advocate for Montana gun owners. Visit:

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Kenn Foundation

Kenn Org is a ponzi scheme cheating investors’ savings. Kenneth Kam has cheated investors millions of dollars. MAS is sleeping


Relax. The fool lost by 25,000 votes.

John Simmons

Unfortunately, they never gave up trying. Pelosi has already said gun control will be part of her new agenda.

Wild Bill

, I think that Pelosi is going to have her hands full just keeping Ocasio-Cortez lead protesters out of her office.
What the old, left over democrat party does not understand is that the new violent democratic socialists are going to get rid of the entire DNC, on the way to power.

Douglas Kuykendall

@Wild Bill I think she didn’t win the same reason Testor’s opposition didn’t win.They are transplants.She was from kalifornia an gop was from Maryland. I think that is the same reason Manchine of WV got back in both by skin of their teeth.WV gop was from NJ. He done great as AG but it’s just that thought from NJ an same for MT GOP. People from Montana I think are starting to find out where these fruits are from


If nothing else, I do believe she stands as a good example of why it is not a good idea to drink the bong water.

Gene Rey

Just when ya think it’s going to be a boring day, some liberal goes & says or does somethin’ stoopid…never fails!


No explanation needed. Just another blatant and obvious slippery slope that Congressional Sozial Demokrats are on record as wanting for the sole purpose of making citizens incapable of defending themselves from the vicious lawless acts of intolerant tyrants


To make a statement like that in Kalispell, where last time I looked had around 30 firearms and accessory manufacturers, was beyond stupid.

Douglas Gault

She’s a little bit off the California reservation for bunny and tree hugger isn’t she. I’ve know a lot of folks living up there where family hunting sns subsistence hunting are a traditional ways of life. I’ll bet she’s completely in the dark when it comes to firearms and would be unable to describe a maginzings function on a firearm. These city raised people really shouldn’t escape to the outdoors if they’re unwilling to adopt the life style that goes with it. And there’s Enough civil discord without having too prove one’s ignorance in this proposal. What ever happened to… Read more »

Adrienne Bond

She is off her freaking California rocker! Go home lady, you are drunk and highly disliked!


You got that right!


Where do these people come from and why do so many people listien to them? Americans can not be that stupid?


Respecting your “Americans can not be that stupid”, perhaps “ignorant or ill informed”might be more accurate, regarding what might be a significant number thereof, would you care to make a nominal wager, say $1.00? Let me know. The election results in Montana might provide an answer.


When you are indoctrinated with it as a child, you don’t know any better as an adult. If you were taught as a child that trees eat people, as an adult you’d stay out of the woods! We are seeing the result of communism and the pot heads of the 60-70s that infiltrated all forms of government.


Let’s see how she fares at the hands of Montana voters.

Tim Cogswell

Another camel’s nose under the tent.

John Simmons

Another example of how far the Democrat party has degenerated in the last fifty years. I have no doubt that common sense voters in her district will reject this lunacy.

Richard R. Pope

communist party aka democrat party!! Enough said!!
America: Love it or Leave it!
GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

Daniel F X Dravot

It’s Ms. Williams who can sod off…

Capt. Nemo

Magazines don’t have serial numbers. How will the Gestapo know who has them ?

Conservative VOTER

They used to throw sickos like this down the well never to be seen again. The DEMONrats have finally peppered the American political system and every state with their puppets. The Saul Alinsky plan is working…unless we do something to correct it.


don’t vote for d-rat d-suckers anywhere


I would agree with the statement that there is NO difference in having a Ten Round Magazine or a 20 per say. The only difference is the ability to be able continue engagement with the target or duration of Firing at a given Target. When using an extended Magazine weight becomes an issue for accuracy. Depends on situation an extended Magazine is being used FOR.


Were you aware that the parkland shooter had a backpack full of 10 round magazines?


You’re as dumb as she is! All this is is more regulation of law abiding citizens who are KNOWN to be responsible gun owners. Prohibitive laws do NOTHING to stop the crazies, which are nearly ALL leftists, from committing their crimes. We have laws against insider trading, yet ALL politicians do it. There are laws against sex with minors and sexual assault, yet leftist actors, politicians, athletes, teaches, and priests still do it. We have laws against using certain drugs yet opioid use is rampant. Prohibitive laws do NOTHING but create a massive, rotating door, fraud legal system and prison… Read more »

Keith W

And how many criminals/Dumbocrats register their weapons??


Keith W, it looks like you either can’t read or suffer from poor reading comprehension! But as far as your question goes, why should they register their weapons if it isn’t required in their state or by federal law? I know a lot of law-abiding/conservative citizens that don’t register their weapons because it is not LAW in most states, and it is an ILLEGAL/UNCONSTITUTIONAL law in any state that requires it.

Robert J. Lucas

Mandatory Drug Testing of this Woman…What illegal or prescribed Pharma is she on?


That insane cat lady just got off the crazy train from Cali, I would run her out of town before more show up. Now I am going to have nightmares


She seems to be One Crazy Bi___

American Patriot

Well she can just suck my 15 rd D**K.

H. Spires

Where are all of these idiots coming from? Are the demoRats brainwashing their candidates? We have one just as crazy running for Governor in Georgia. She is as nutty as squirrel poop.

Giant PIA

That fat slob doesn’t just want a tax she wants them gone!


Exactly, the magazine deal is just one step towards total confiscation. Anyone knows that the capacity of a magazine has no effect. Anyone who thinks that it does is delusional. Did I just describe her?

Wild Bill

@HS, They come from the educational system. We send normal kids to kindergarden and 16 years later they come out programed with an appropriately designated BS degree.

H. Spires

Another cookie cutter replica just like Christine Baloney Fraud. You can look in this woman’s face and see that she is deranged. She reminds me of the area 51 scientist in the movie “Indepence Day”. She needs to be locked away in one of the old mental health hospitals that we used to have many years ago. She would have been a good one to use the electrical shock therapy on. From the looks of her hair she may have already been there done that.


Could it possibly be that the pained expression on this woman’s face is the by-product her idiotic, quite possibly illegal, in the unconstitutional sense of the term, ideas? One is given to wonder.


I guess this person has no idea what a Class III firearm tax is. She represents what happen to WA State and Oregon. Liberal statist from Kalifornia moved north and totally FU’ed the Pacific Northwest. Now they cash out their overpriced west coast properties and move to the Heartland, Montana, and ruin it. Ted Turner, the “Mouth of the South” bought up a bunch of Montana land years ago. Perhaps he is selling it to fellow lunatics.


Sheriff shows there is no difference in 10, 20 or 30 round magazines.


I’m surprised leftists haven’t used this video to prove that ALL magazines should be banned. We are in a time that God/Jesus warned us about – he told us about those who would see good as evil and evil as good; he warned us of behemah (negros) creating chaos and wanting to be equal with man (they are NOT of Adamic lineage); he warned us of the many who would come in his name and deceive us; he warned of wars and rumors of wars and earth quakes in divers and various places; he warned of the famine and pestilence… Read more »


I guess the woman has no idea what a tactical reload is.

Douglas Kuykendall

They are coming in,Montana, you need to find out where these fruits come from. You didn’t check on her,there is also one in Missoula,President of board.He slipped through the cracks.Ckeck these people out before you vote


These “people” just can not keep their mouths shut!


just another crazy,kommunist kunt,run her out of your state!!!


She looks like she combed her hair with an egg beater.

Wild Bill

@THC, Yeah, her curry comb is in the barn.


She’s a “Fukarwee” Indian, must related to Chief Warren.

BillyBob Texas

Guns…? Naaahhh…don’t have them anymore……all mine fell into the lake last time I went fishin’. BUT…I will vote with you current ‘gun-owners’, just because I am so nice………

250 savage guy

Another far leftist from kalifornia trying to destroy our rights. It never surprises me with the far out drug induced ideas they come up with. Some, if not all of these gun banning commie groups are being funded by george soros and micheal bloomberg and foreign governments that want to desyroy and then take over America. Now they are brain wadhing teens to become the new Hitler Youth, do your neighbors have guns? Turn them in! Become a snitch. Now there is a group of women who dont want the usa to go to war with any cpunyry, surrender first.… Read more »


It is the “Kalergi Plan” in action. Do you see all those South Americans caravaning their way here ? That will be the army that will be sent door to door to confiscate your guns in a few years. All those reading this had better google “The Kalergi Plan” so you will know what’s going on. This is what they already did to Europe with turd world people. Now it is our turn. If you want to know who is behind it, google “Mrs. Specter From Sweden”, and you can hear her tell you who is behind it, from her… Read more »


Thank you for this information. I have also been very disturbed Trump really has done nothing. Send only 800 troops to the border? Against what is now about 15,000 invaders? They are outnumbered. Add to that, most are males, 15 – 35; how many are drug cartel members; how many are gang members; how many are full bread terrorists and how many have weapons training? He goes around to rallies, criticizes everyone, makes fun of them, gets the audience worked up but when it comes to actually DOING something here…… thank goodness I can carry. I will not hesitate to… Read more »


She is the former wife of a person I knew for years, now deceased. The stepson she helped raise has been institutionalized several times, a true mental basket case, and she is a complete flake herself. She insultingly claims herself as a hunter because the husband hunted birds occasionally. No word on what she did with her husbands guns. She hasn’t the least understanding of firearms or freedoms, just tows the party line anti-2nd Amendment platform as she is told to do, much like Tester. I know her and wouldn’t trust her to feed my fish.

Craig DeSteiguer

What is so stupid about this argument between having a 10 load mag or a 30 load mag is there IS NO difference…just a few more bullets….I makes NO difference between the two mags…

Wild Bill

It strikes me that Williams does not want to win the election. Or perhaps she has made self defeating decisions her entire life. It also strikes me that she is not cognoscente of the danger of using the power to tax as a way to prevent people from exercising their Constitutional Civil Rights. I know … how about a Political Speech Tax!

NRA Benefactor Life Member

Voting is really overrated. We didn’t become a “free country” by voting, and we will not remain one by voting. The “assault weapons” bans, and “large (!) capacity magazine nonsense…we are dying the death of a thousand cuts, my friends. And sooner or later, we all know what is going to have to happen. I don’t want it to, believe it. But those brilliant, well-read, and prescient dead white men did not include the second amendment if they did not fear a mobocracy (also known as a democracy) running the circus. They read (something few Americans have time for, with… Read more »

Clark Kent

You are the one who does not ‘get it’ and I doubt you are a true American.


Don’t vote for Fu demacrats


How about a 200 million dollar tax on all the Libtards moving to Montana.

Missouri Born

This woman looks like a holdover from the Hippie days, fight back Montana gun owners get this woman out of politics.

Wild Bill

@MB, Yeah, she just does not dress or hold her bearing like someone that I would want to turn over power to. I sure hope that the Patriots of Montana have good weather so that they can get out and vote.


W. Bill and MB actually she looks like a homeless bag lady that sleeps under the bridge. Is this the best the democrats have to go along with their no platform?

Wild Bill

@Tcat, Nope, there is Hillary!


W. Bill that’s funny but could be very true. She is chomping at the bit to get back in there. Three strikes and you’re out.

Charles Ginetto

Yes, she does look like a Hippie. I don’t miss the sixties at all.

Joseph P Martin

From the look of her, if they’d put a tax on cats she’d probably wind up bankrupt. Damn liberals.


Montanans, get out and vote or lose your rights to these left wing freaks. Anyone that thinks reduced capacity magazines will do anything to deter crime or violence is deluded. Don’t fall for the ‘fake news’. Vote!

Cap'n Dave

I’m not a Montanan, but after numerous visits, I wish I was.
I propose that all former birkenstock-clad Californians (who have moved to western states) be grabbed by the scruff of the neck and hurled over The Wall ….back into the sh*t-pit they’ve created there.

Any that remain will have a bounty on them, hunted down like the socialist vermin they are.

I hope you read this, Kathleen Williams.


Where did that slick ass bitch get that poncho? And is it biodegradable dude??


As the immortal Frank Zappa said, “Is that a REAL poncho, or a Sears poncho?”


“Going to Montana to be a Dental Floss Tycoon”…….

James G.

It’s no wonder that a useless Democrat feminist wants to restrict the rights of the people who made this country great. Here’s another reason why conservative men need to be elected to Congress.