Ohio Supreme Court Proposes Rules To Seize & Destroy Guns

UPDATE: The Justices are hearing us. Keep it up. ***

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Ohio Supreme Court Proposes Rules To Seize & Destroy Guns

Ohio – -(AmmoLand.com)- Dear AmmoLand,

In a shocking move, the Ohio Supreme Court has proposed amendments to the Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio that will empower law enforcement to seize guns.

Many of these changes usurp the role of elected lawmakers and represent the most significant changes to Ohio law of our time.

The rule changes have been posted for public comment. We MUST convince the Justices to STOP this process NOW or there may be little hope to reverse the changes later on.

Deadline for public comment is Oct. 12.

Over the last 33 hours, we’ve asked that you contact the Ohio Supreme Court to voice your concerns about rule changes that will affect our Second Amendment rights.

Sources tell us the response to our call for action has been overwhelming. It’s possible that we’ve crashed their servers with the number of emails we have generated on this matter.

The good news is the Justices are hearing us. But we need to continue our effort to change their mind on this urgent issue.

If you have not contacted the court, you have 3 more days. If you have contacted the court, please do it again, perhaps with a phone call or written letter.

Click here to read the summary of what’s going on and why we need to continue working together to STOP these rule changes NOW.

The write-up includes complete information on what the court is proposing, our analysis, and instructions for contacting the court with your polite but firm request to NOT make these changes.

Buckeye Firearms Association logoAbout Buckeye Firearms Association:

Buckeye Firearms Association is a grassroots political action committee dedicated to defending and advancing the right of Ohio citizens to own and use firearms for all legal activities. Visit: www.buckeyefirearms.org

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Jim Dill

Whose great idea was this ? What purpose would it serve other than confiscation of firearms ? Who ever coined this idea needs to be put to rest from all political life.

T. Rogers

That is completely unconstitutional and lacking in due process of law.


I think Ohio was a pro gun state. It looks like the leftists wormed their way into this court. Vote these illegal judges out, they are supposed to enforce laws rather than write new ones.


If you folks in Ohio have the ability to put a Constitutional Amendment on the ballo,t you better get busy taking this power away from that bunch of anti-constitutionalists! Thankfully I live in a state where judges don’t get to make up laws (YET!). Unfortunately I live in a state where there isn’t much difference between Rebubli-scams and Demo-rats (Florida), so now we have an unconstitutional red-flag law and you can’t buy any kind of firearm until you’re 21, but at least we can vote against the traitors!


Get a rope!


What business does a SSC have in producing or formulating legislation?

(Is this thing on? Seems like my comments never appear? Have I been banned for some reason?)

willy d

This whole thing is really out of hand, it is boiling down to anybody can just say that someone said or did something with no proof, no investigation, guilty, and you have to prove that you are innocent, I always thought it was innocent until proven guilty, of coarse I guess that doesn’t follow through if you are a Demo-Rat, they can do no wrong!!!!!!!!

Lynn Callahan

Say no to proposed changes. Enacting laws is the job of the legislative branch and not the courts

Wild Bill

The patriots of Ohio better get their a … ahem … check books and votes in gear.

Douglas Kuykendall

These people take an oath to uphold the constitution why in the hell can’t they be brought up on charges of treason or something


Another reason to get rid of activist judges looking to legislate from the bench.

Geary Mcdevitt

This whole country has gone crazy. The distinction between the three branches of government are in their names only.


The left wants our ability to resist and defend ourselves when they try a violent takeover of the country.

Keith Christy

Again I’m in awl from another attempt to remove our protection from us in order to fill the lefties agenda !!
I guess the old saying is true ,YA CAN’T CURE STUPID


Good Luck


Since this would be it direct violation of the 2nd amendment and the bill of rights ,being the law of the land as part of the Constitution, it cannot exist. Just ignore and defy it like we New Yorkers are doing with the “ safe “ edict.

1776 Patriot

Kinda hard to ignore cops busting down your front door because someone falsely alleges you are dangerous and a judge without corroboration issues an order to seize your guns!


The sad part is that the accuser won’t be held accountable with these red flag laws. They can stand by and snicker while you lose your guns and fight to get them back. For those who think the LEOS will not enforce laws that go against their 2A rights had better get a grip. They can and will enforce a warrant, sometimes with extreme prejudice.

Jake from State Farm

I’ve seen the people RPOs (Risk Protection Orders) are being issued against. These are unhinged, bat-shit-insane people that have no business with firearms. I just don’t think you people understand just how crazy some people in this country are.

I’m a massively pro 2A person, but the fact that our side (The so called “Right Wing”) want lunatics with guns just doesn’t make sense to me, never has.


Any time I see a comment with the word ‘but’ in it I immediately assume whatever came before it was a lie. Who gets to decide who is ‘bat shit crazy’, you, some activist judge, some ‘bat shit crazy’ ex, some over zealous neighbor? No one is proposing that lunatics have guns. If you look at the panel of mass shooters, until they committed murder no one considered them ‘bat shit crazy’ just odd. Where does it stop, do we take peoples cars away because they might run over a crowd on a sidewalk? Do we restrict alcohol for people… Read more »


Then meet them with lead