Short Round Supply Announces SuperSonic Shipping Guarantee

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Short Round Supply

Idaho – -( Short Round Supply, a new kind of online retailer dedicated to excellence, announces their SuperSonic Shipping Guarantee.

“Our SuperSonic Shipping Guarantee is unlike anything else in the firearms industry.”

Said founder, and Supreme Overlord of Customer Experience B.J. Norris “with very few exceptions, any order placed will ship within 2 business days, or the whole order is free.

“My whole competitive shooting career has been dedicated to being faster than the next guy, so it only felt right to bring that same mindset to online shopping.”

Short Round Supply Co. has also done everything possible to make sure you get your order as quickly as possible.

“We started drawing maps with the major carriers and worked together to find the best places to warehouse the products. By doing that, we can reach about 75% of the US population in 3 days or less with ground shipping”

Log on to today to experience the feelings that come with the industry’s best customer experience. With more than 20 Speed Shooting World Championship Titles to his name, B.J. Knows a thing or two about speed, he guarantees it.

Short Round Supply

About Short Round Supply:

Short Round Supply was founded to challenge the way the consumers think about shopping online for their next range trip. Using the latest technology available in e-commerce, Short Round Supply is dedicated to providing an unparalleled customer experience.