Gun Control Fails New Jersey

Welcome to New Jersey NJ
Welcome to New Jersey

U.S.A. -(  Two thugs chased a 19-year-old woman across the street, into a store, and then executed her by shooting her 20 times. She died on a weekday afternoon in broad daylight. She was killed in front of witnesses in Trenton, the state capital of New Jersey. The murder was caught on security cameras. Jersey politicians and the news media told us time and again that this could never happen. We were supposed to be safe since the rigorous gun-control laws in New Jersey have disarmed the criminals. That obviously isn’t true and Jersey politicians and the news media lied to us. In fact, honest law abiding people were disarmed while the criminals still have guns. Gun control failed again and today, honest people pay with their lives. Have we had enough?

Gun Control Jersey Style

New Jersey has some of the strictest gun control laws in the United States. The Giffords law center funded by Michael Bloomberg gives New Jersey an A- rating for gun-control. I quote,

“New Jersey has some of the strongest gun laws in the nation.. The state requires the licensing of all firearms dealers and their employees, and requires a permit to purchase any handgun.”

Unfortunately, criminals don’t obey gun laws and they don’t buy their guns from federally licensed dealers.

New Jersey requires a permit to purchase any handgun, rifle, or shotgun. All purchases require a background check. You won’t get your concealed carry permit in New Jersey unless you are a politicians or a judge. Honest law abiding citizens can only buy one gun per month, but it takes months to get police permission to buy a handgun. Add a state-mandated seven day waiting period on top of those delays. Ammunition magazines are limited to a maximum capacity of ten rounds. Jersey gun owners can be charged with a crime if they are late reporting a stolen gun, and honest gun owners can be held liable for the actions that criminals take if the stolen gun is used in a crime.

Jersey gun laws didn’t stop the murderers who shot the 19-year-old woman from getting a gun and carrying their guns in public.

Those laws didn’t stop criminals. It can take an honest person at least half a year to get a firearm legally in New Jersey.  A criminal buys a new one in an hour off the street.

Crime in Trenton

One horrific story is not the same as data. Unfortunately, this story is repeated day after day across the city. Trenton is the 32nd most a dangerous city in the US, though even that does not qualify as the most dangerous city in New Jersey. (That would be Camden at #4.) 94 percent of US cities are safer than Trenton. Your chance of being a crime victim in Trenton are 1 in 26 each year. Even with all the gun laws in New Jersey, the number of crimes in Trenton increased by 9 percent last year. When we look at only violent crimes, Trenton is 249% more dangerous than the US taken as a whole.

Gun Control fails New Jersey

If that is what gun-control looks like, then I don’t want any of it. The reason gun control fails is obvious. In the criminal justice system, only the first crime is expensive: all the other crimes are free. You don’t care if you use a stolen gun or a stolen car once you are going to commit murder. There is no deterrent, no incremental penalty that changes your behavior, once you’re the gang hitman. That is why gun control only disarms honest people..which is what the Dirty Jersey politicians wanted all along.

Gun control works for Jersey politicians but fails for New Jersey. Honest people die because of it.

Have you had enough?

Slow Facts

About Rob Morse

The original article is here with references.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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I was an FFL and the head of security for my synagogue in NJ. When my local Chief of Police told me I couldn’t get a carry permit to protect my congregation after the 2008 Mumbai massacre, I eventually sold my house and moved to TX. The ideologues who run NJ, like all Leftists, are oblivious to reality; their armed bodyguards take good care of them. Meanwhile, the middle class and major corporations (like Honeywell) are leaving NJ in droves. Here in TX, many of our congregants are from the northeastern “gun-free” states. Many already have their CHL (called a… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

Hey Yankee! You watch how you refrence in regards to,your skirmish when speaking about The Alamo!

Wild Bill

OV, Their last man, right. We fight to their last man. Interlocking fields of fire, and fire and maneuver, baby!

Gregory Romeu

@OV, that’s understood. I am just alerting him to the
amount of responsibility, accountability, integrity, fortitude and valor of which he is comparing his group tI with respect tI those that stood at the Alamo. And, welcoming him to Texas!

Wild Bill

@Pinchas, Well, welcome to Texas, but you and your synagogue members should be thinking in more modern scenarios. You all need a plan. Your brain is the weapon. Your gun is just a tool.

Gregory Romeu

Yeah! What he said!


Kudos @WB, we are going to have to get ahead of the frightened masses. It is our God Given right to be able to self defend, but be warned, they will follow wherever you go, to relieve you of that right. We must use our minds and resources to combat this ignorant social abuse that refutes the individual right to self preservation.

Wild Bill

@Rokflyer, You are quite right. They did come to Texas, and it was close. The silicon valley libtards spent nearly $100,000,000 on a failed burglar, failed grunge band, cross dresser’s senate challenge, but those libtards got not a thing for it. Thank God.

Frank Liso

New Jersey sucks!, I have nobody to express my views or vote on. Who’s going to fight for me ? MENENDEZ, BOOKER, MURPHY? He just made NJ a SANCTUARY STATE for Illegals and criminals. POLICE are furious. POT is now legal ridiculous, the AG and Governor are OUT OF CONTROL. NJ has possibly the most corrupt senators and congressman in the union. 10 round mags, no hollow point outside the home. I believe I could be getting stabbed, shoot the bastard and guess who would go to jail. We need Constitutional Carry.


New Jersey gun owners can only blame themselves for our predicament ! I donate to many gun right organisations , and I vote to protect my second amendement rights .Where w did the 1 MILLION gun owners in November disappear to . I guess they just don’t have the balls to put their vote where in counts!

Nathan Hale

Agree ; you get the kind of government you deserve.

Wild Bill

@NH, Unless the fix is in, and the democrat national-socialist committee is really good at putting in the fix.


Captain Jack is SPOT ON!

anthony maccaronio


Gregory Romeu

…and YOU are doing WHAT to provide SOLUTIONS?


Gun regulations, unlike speech regulations, are “before the fact” prohibitions. The gun grabbers love to say that the first amendment allows regulation of speech and so should the second amendment, but there is a huge difference between the regulations. One is not prohibited for speaking liable or incitement, but one is held accountable after speaking, for any damages or consequences. Yell “fire” in a crowded theater and you could be charged and convicted based on your intent. If there is a fire it is no urged for you to yell fire and warn others of the danger. 2A is treated… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

What the Left-Wingnut Libyards are totally clueless about is the monolithic amount of patience always excercised by the Patriots of this nation, in having to constantly put up with all their incessant ignorance and stupidity without striking out and snuffing these little shit-sucking weasles.

Nashoba Losa

Liberty’s Last Stand by Stephen Coonts is a pretty good fictional account of how Texas will eventually handle the Federal Intrusion of the state by the Liberal Left. In the book, we Okies joined the Texans in secession and the heartland looked a lot different after things settled. The book hit Obama directly between the eyes with its presidental protagonist named Barry Soetorro, or something like that. I really enjoyed the book, actuallh have read it a couple of times.

Nashoba Losa

We all thought Constitutional Carry was all locked in for Oklahoma after the bill had passed and was sitting on our Republican Governor’s desk to be signed last session. Then she refused to sign it. She was nor running again and is on the way out, so she probably took some money from the anti-gunner Democrats to let the bill die. Nothing is done till it is done. Rely on no one till the ink is dry.


This is why arguments based on common sense and fighting crime are useless in the gun debate.
Anti gunners want theb citizens disarmed so they can by oppressed and exploited.
The fact that crime increases after gun control is a feature, not a bug.
Our only stance should be not one inch of compromise.

Heed the Call-up

Doc, yes, no compromise is the only rational way, even our federal 2A has words to that effect, “shall not be infringed.”


Gun owners are naive thinking that the constitution will protect their right to keep and bear arms. If it isn’t obvious yet, the constitution has been shredded by states like CA, NJ, CT, MA, HI, NY, CO, and the cancer has been spreading to once gun friendly states like AZ, NM, VT, ME, MT, VA and others. Yet with all the concern, and hand wringing, gun owners still have yet to coalesces into a single committed focused group like the gun grabbers have done over the years. Where are the marches on Washington, or even the state houses where they… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

Look at the common thread between all of these states and then look at the economic conditions and Infastructure of their major metropolitan areas…

All proves one major finding… . Dumbasses travel in herds!

anthony maccaronio

lmao. until there is a revolution it will only get worse. in other words, it will get worse until all legal guns r confiscated because americans would rather obey the law and b disarmed than do what is required. americans r cowards,fact

Gregory Romeu

When I snap, you will be the first to,go!


A few weeks ago a couple of guys were arrested for getting guns in Tennessee and carrying them to N.J. for sale to whoever on the street wanted to buy them. I would think it would be easier to allow guns to be sold through a gun shop in N.J. and they would know where the gun was and who bought it. Of course, they are all genius in the government there so anything that sounds like common sense is not considered.


Hell, I wouldn’t want to go thru the legalities of purchasing a gun in NJ. There is no privacy from the gubmint and they can knock on your door at any time and confiscate your weapons, because they know you have them. The paper trail is there for them to sniff out. Their gun laws are illegal and unconstitutional because they infringe on people keeping and bearing arms. Just the thought of all that Rigamarole is enough to deter gun ownership.


“…the gubmint … can knock on your door at any time and confiscate your weapons, because they know you have them.”

Same is true in CA. Every single purchase undergoes background check and the CA DOJ keeps a copy of everything. The feds don’t, but CA does. Someone responding to a post of mine ~6 months ago here said that’s not true, but it I recently confirmed that it *is*. The CA DOJ has plenty of information, which it could use to go on a confiscation tour, if it wished. It’s a de facto gun *registration* system.

Wild Bill

@gentlemen, here in Texas, there are guns at every garage sale.

Gregory Romeu

The, “gubmint” or, (U.S. Border Patrol) has free access to my place, my ammo and hardware, cannot and coffee whenever necessary… The bourbon and beer only when out of uniform

Bob Shell

The politicians in NJ are a crime syndicate in themselves. Other then Chicago there are more crooked office holders per square mile then anywhere else. However the voters of NJ are retarded as they put them in office time after time. look at Mendez who recently went on trial for stealing among other crimes & got a hung jury. They declined to re try the case & one wonders how much $$$$ changed hands. In NJ someone convicted of a crime counts that as a resume enhancement when seeking office. So if you have a criminal enterprise running the state… Read more »

anthony maccaronio

nj gun owners are the largest group of moronic cowards anywhere on the planet. they will choose to b disarmed b4 doing anything to stop it. fact. a few will type out letters,make phone calls and send emails but 99.5488882% of them will put work beer sports and porn above their 2a rights everytime.

Albert Almeida

this guy^^^^ is so right

Gregory Romeu

“The ability of governments to overpower and destroy those that are governed is directly proportionate to the amount of effort the governed out into maintaining t hier government.” – Gregory Romeu I’m other words, if each,individual has the wherewithal of HOW to maintain their elected and appointed officials, it is up to that individual to seek others of like type and hammer away consistently in doing so and to seek others that need to be taught to do so until that congress of people have reached full control of tnier government, wether or be city, county, state or federal. To… Read more »

Dwight Kehoe

Hi Rob, Great article and very well organized. However, unless the laws have changed in the last several months, and for sure, knowing NJ like I do, it’s possible. You commented that you need a permit to purchase handguns, rifles and shotguns. While it is true, or a least had been, that one needs to get a firearms ID card, which depending on your town can take some time, once you have that ID Card you do not need a specific “permit” to buy rifles or shotguns. You do, as your article says, need a permit to by any handgun.… Read more »