H.R. 7115, New Attempt to Ban Building AR-15s and Lower Parts Kits

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H.R. 7115, New Attempt to Ban Building AR-15s and Lower Parts Kits (Image by Yamil R. Sued)

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- If your hobby is building firearms like AR-15s then your favorite pastime is in jeopardy. Rep Frank Pallone Jr (D-NJ) has introduced House bill H.R. 7115 which is also known as the “3D Firearms Prohibitions Act” into the US House of Representatives. Contrary to the bill's name it does more than just ban 3D printed firearms.

H.R. 7115 reads: “To prohibit the sale, acquisition, distribution in commerce, or import into the United States of certain firearm receiver castings or blanks, assault weapon parts kits, and machinegun parts kits and the marketing or advertising of such castings or blanks and kits on any medium of electronic communications, to require homemade firearms to have serial numbers, and for other purposes.”

What is disturbing about the proposed law is how little it has to do with 3D printing of firearms. 3D printed firearms is the latest buzzword that anti-gun advocates are using to scare the uninformed masses. By attaching “3D printed firearms” to the bill, its chances of passing with popular appeal increases. If H.R. 7115 fails, the Democrats will rail against Republicans for keeping 3D printed guns legal.

The bill will ban the selling and all forms of advertising of parts kits for modern sporting rifles. Upper and Lower parts kit allow a user to build their guns using a stripped lower or upper receiver and upgrade existing guns.

In a vast majority of these situations, the user buys a serialized lower receiver through a licensed gun dealer. These serialized lower receivers are considered firearms and fall under all state and federal firearms laws. They require a background check like any other firearm.

By preventing the sale of parts kits, the bill would make it almost impossible to repair a rifle. When something breaks, the gun would be useless. The bill doesn't seem to exempt licensed gunsmiths from the law. It would make all semi-automatic rifles impossible to repair even by a licensed gunsmith.

The writers of the bill also did not specify their definition of a parts kit. A drop-in trigger could run afoul of this new law if the federal government decides to define such a device as a “parts kit.” It leaves the door wide open for more gun bans by redefining “parts kit.”

Gun rights groups see this bill as a way Democrats are using scare tactics to inhibit our Constitutionally protected right to bear arms. Gun Owners of America has already taken up the fight to defeat this bill in Congress.

“While most gun owners were focused on the midterm elections, anti-gunners in Congress snuck in a “Parts Kit Gun Ban” (H.R. 7115) that is a one-two punch on the First and Second Amendments, ” said Erich Pratt, Executive Director of GOA. “Not only does this bill go after parts kits, which typically aren’t the choice of criminals, it attempts to restrict speech about these items on the Internet.”

The bill would also ban the sale of 80% lower receivers. An 80% lower receiver is a lower receiver that is not entirely milled out and therefore not considered a firearm. The user needs to use a CNC machine, drill press or router to complete the process before the owner can turn it into a working firearm. These lowers are big among the hobbyist, but most gun owners do not purchase these receivers dur to the extra work.

AmmoLand News searched for cases where a criminal used one of these non-serialized lower receivers in a crime, but we couldn't find but a single case. Most likely there are easier ways for a criminal to get a gun rather than using an expensive CNC machine or drill press to make one at home.

The bill would require a dealer to serialize any firearms that a hobbyist makes. The dealer would only be able to charge the actual cost of assigning the serial number and running the background check. The dealer would not be able to charge for things such as engraving the serial number, or for the time it takes for the paperwork and contacting the agencies. Essentialy forcing them to work for free.

Since businesses need to make a profit to stay open, we can assume that most if not all would not offer this service since they would be losing money on every transaction. This clause seems to be put in place for this very reason.

Where is the actual part of the bill that deals with 3D printed guns?

There isn't any part dealing with that subject matter. Much like Democrats in the 80s using “Die Hard 2” claiming that Glocks can defeat metal detectors to pass a gun control bill, they are doing the same thing with the irrational fear over 3D printed guns.

With Democrats coming to power in the US House of Representatives there is a good chance this or a similar bill could pass the House. The Senate will be the Second Amendments firewall and we have seen who weak the Republicans can be. All gun owners need to contact their representatives and urge them to vote against this flawed bill.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is an NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot-News Podcast which can be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnews. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at www.crumpy.com.

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    1. You don’t need CNC mill to finish an 80% receiver.
      And a drill press alone wouldn’t be a great choice, but it’s possible.
      A cheap drill press can run around $100, not exactly a major expense.
      This “journalist” is as uninformed about finishing a lower as most gun grabbers are about firearms.
      And that really doesn’t look, looking as foolish as the grabbers.

    2. What next, will the Democrats introduce legislation forcing ALL NRA members into re-education camps to indoctrinate/brainwash them to believe that firearms are bad and that we should pledge eyernal loyalty and unconditional obedience to the beloved Democratic legislators who are “striving” to protect us from harming ourselves and others. Never mind the Constitution.

      1. The NRA Lost $55M last year! They have an ad at the top of Google when you do a search. Every time you click on that add, it costs them $6.50! We’ve got about a thousand people clicking it 30-40 times each!!! How soon before they have to get another $30M from Russia???

        1. You actually think that you and your horde of snowflakes is causing the NRA to go bankrupt? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The NRA has been losing ground for many years. WHY? Because true 2nd amendment supporters are sick of the political compromising that the “overpaid” NRA board members are engaged in. The federal government and multiple states continue to add to the unconstitutional laws that violate our unalienable and constitutionally protected right to bear arms while the NRA sits on their thumbs! I’ve been a Life Member since the early ’80’s but they lost my support at least 20 years ago because of their half-assed political stance.

          I still wear NRA hats and shirts, and still prominently display NRA bumper stickers. WHY? Because it drive the left insane!

        1. That’s the solution, make excuses for why you’re ignorant or uneducated. There was a time when “perfection” was a sign of pride, but today’s America wants everyone to know just how STUPID they have become!

          1. @rattlesnake, I have told you before about this issue that things look good grammatically on the end of the sender but when they push the SEND button, resident memory in the programming switches things around and back to any error that may have been corrected. PAY ATTENTION TO TECHNOLOGY & SOFTWARE ISSUES! Much like why Ammoland can’t give us the option to EDIT our prose!

            1. Yeah right, blame the software! Funny that no one else is having that problem, they are just writing like 3rd graders. Today’s America – NEVER accept your fault, blame inanimate objects like guns, software………. oh I forgot, it’s Trump’s fault!

        2. @rattlesnake, I have told you before about this issue that things look good grammatically on the end of the sender but when they push the SEND button, resident memory in the programming switches things around and back to any error that may have been corrected. PAY ATTENTION TO TECHNOLOGY & SOFTWARE ISSUES! Much like why Ammoland can’t give us the option to EDIT our prose!

          1. Again:
            Yeah right, blame the software! Funny that no one else is having that problem, they are just writing like 3rd graders. Today’s America – NEVER accept your fault, blame inanimate objects like guns, software………. oh I forgot, it’s Trump’s fault!

    3. If America is supposed to be the land of the free then our constitutional rights are constantly being attacked. Our elected officials are pushing us to being like we are under communist rule. So how can they say we are the land of the free. I am a tax paying citizen and a responsible gun owner and I want to protect my 2nd ammendment rights.

    4. Let’s keep going with these liberals train of thought, first they ban one type of fire arm, than another and another, soon they will be trying to ban bows then knives and soon we won’t be allowed to think for our selves, and we will be back with a tyrannical government just like the one we left when our fore fathers took up the gauntlet and set out for a new world to pursue their Christian faith, and how did they win their freedom?
      With 4 things – GOD, Hard Work, Sacrifice, and Guns.
      The forfathers knew one day liberty would be challenged, that is why the Constitution was written, so that those in power would be kept in check.

            1. Ray, Your man-toy says otherwise. Seems you can’t find the hole no matter how much fudge is around it!

        1. @Ray, The forefathers even envisioned somebody like you coming along, making the comments you’re making right now. That’s why they drafted such an iron clad document!

          1. It’s amazing, I didn’t know you had Wi-Fi in the mountains… other than the 2nd Amendment, can you name the other’s? Let start with the 25th, so we can rid ourselves of that Commie loving traitor that’s in the WH! But I imagine all of you where knee pads for that Commie loving traitor and believe all the crap he shovels every day to America! If you were a REAL American, you would do everything in your power to rid us of that moron who is putting out country on the path to financial ruin! But you are correct, you will need your guns when that Commie lovin’ traitor allows Russia to invade us!!!

            1. @Rambo Well you sure are now what your name says! Commie loving Trump? Sounds more like you are looking in a mirror and trying to cover up what you see!

            2. @Rambo, Russia’s economy is about the same size as the state of Texas. Putin may invade Estonia, but not the US.
              Now, why is Trump a POS? He lowered federal income tax rates on the middle class, reduced regulations so that the steel industry is back and other businesses are hiring, and does not take a salary. What is the problem?

    5. @Donald Trumps Asshole- you think the forefathers didn’t have the foresight to know forearms would progress to where one day someone would invent a repeating, multi-round capable capable firearm? They had the foresight to prevent a tyrannical oppressive government from taking over here so they put that clause in the constitution. They weren’t stupid, and if you think they weren’t smart enough to know that firearms wouldn’t progress with time, your stupid. Everyone knows everything progresses in time. I know one day cars will be able to fly, guns will eventually be projectile-less or be some sort of laser type or even something else not invented yet that will work just as good. So if you think the forefathers were ignorant to think all future generations would be stuck with black powder, flintlock muskets you really are an idiot. And as far as gene pools go, your gene pool apparently is a low, uneducated sperm count, and the best part of you spilled onto the sheets.

      1. Seems how back then the first rapid fire rifle was called the defence rifle that was made in the 1700’s id say that that was more or less the first sport rifle ever introduced into the world. I think this is just a stepping stone for then to take make us be the lambs that will be sluaghtered. What happens when u disarm legally armed citizens??? The criminals win and the rest of us have no choice but to stand by helpless. This is completely bullsh*t and they know it. Great job America, now here comes the next civil war!

      2. To argue most regulation is garbage, just one topic.
        I find it insane that people push for gun control and say regulations and restrictions are lawful or even helpful. The Revolution was started over gun control….2A was meant to be absolute, the people as armed as the state, and a “hands off” description to Government Officials….but they dont interpret it that way…our officials need to read the Federalist Papers and look into what the Founders thought and practiced. The supreme court should do the people a favor and do some research before signing anything that infringes a right of their citizenry. Government infringing on the only insurance policy the people have against Government is a Conflict of Interest…there shouldnt be any regulations as intended. The only people those regulations effect are the average citizen who has done nothing wrong, criminals dont follow the law and thats why after 130 years of increasing gun control and legislation/regulation/restrictions/taxing there has been no dramatic positive change. There is not a crime that you can commit with a firearm that is not a crime without the firearm, just about every gun law is unnecessary, if they want to punish criminals then penalties are whats called for….which would not effect those that obey the law.

        A “compromise” means we also get something out of the deal…what we have had arent compromises.
        If I have a pie and you come along and demand to take my pie, then tell me to give you half….thats not a compromise, I only lost what I had…I didnt get anything out of your “deal”.

        The Tyrants should all be hung for intentional deception of the people to get these disgusting people into power to force their own personal agendas onto the people…when its clear the people dont want it. This is disgusting behavior. When you try to become a Public Servant, you are supposed to REPRESENT THE PEOPLE WHO ELECT YOU and obey the Constitution, all officials should be Constitutionalists through and through- it should be a requirement.There should also be a protocol that evaluates and then removes them from their seat if they confess or show evidence they are against the Constitution or using their seat to implement their own agendas.

        The gun debate is often one Ive gone on and on with debating others and they dont seem to have any real argument that isnt just emotional or knee jerk. Many times their “solution” wont even change anything other than infringing on the rights of the law abiding (which are obviously not the issue). Rights should not be infringed on, unless all other methods and paths have been exhausted, and only then if its justifiable-meaning if the change to the rights leads to actual improvement by a large sum. There has yet to be any gun law or infringement on the 2nd Amendment that had given results, and IMO – Every gun law is unconstitutional and should be repealed. There isnt a crime that you can do with a gun that isnt a crime without the gun, murder is still murder and assault is still assault. Having strict penalties for crimes committed with firearms would be all that is needed, anything more has no effect on those with intent to break the law.

        Those who push for this should get the rope along with all the other Public Servants looking to edit the Constitution, or endlessly restrict, regulate, tax or find other ways to implement unlawful laws and manipulate the masses to agree with it.

        This is dangerous and treasonous, if the Supreme Courts “interpretations” will lead to change in how the Constitution is interpreted, while the interpretation is ever evolving, then the Constitution means nothing as the interpretations could say one thing and they can “interpret” whats written as something else and go from there. This is how the ATF has been criminalizing law abiding citizens since their conception and we’ve seen how dangerous that becomes (See: WACO and Ruby Ridge)

        What the Founding Fathers practiced and what they wrote should be weighed and valued, not how people “interpret” it today as the new age views seem to be radically different than what the Founding Fathers practiced themselves, easily seen in the firearms sector for an example of what Im talking about.

        Feinstein herself interprets the 2nd Amendment as a person has a right to self defense, that military rifles are not for citizens and that the militia is the state. Which is almost the opposite of what the Founding Fathers actually said and practiced.

        The Constitution and our Founding Fathers wanted us to be AS armed as the State, that we should have any bearable arms we could want, as a deterrent to tyranny. Civilians owned Warships fitted with explosive and multiple cannons, the Fathers contracted to build the first automatic rifle but couldn’t afford it and they were doing it for the people. There were a slew of “advanced” firearms during the time: Puckle gun, Belton Flintlock, Chinese rocket arrows, Hand cannons, Chinese lever crossbow, Duckfoot pistol, German wheel-lock rifles, Rampart guns, Volley guns, Death battery, German axe pistols. They had rifles that carried a handful of rounds also like the Girandoni Rifle that held 22-25 shots. (Mag limit argument). To suggest that the same mentality that civilians couldn’t own any small arms today and that the Constitution didn’t cover them is preposterous, do you believe that they didn’t envision that technology wouldn’t advance? If you don’t agree with these claims then Free Speech is also limited to goose-quill pen and an iron gall or carbon-based ink if that argument is consistent.

        Richard Henry Lee: “A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves…and include all men capable of bearing arms.” (Additional letters from the Federal Farmer, at 169, 1788)

        James Madison: “A WELL REGULATED militia, composed of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country.” (1st Annals of Congress, at 434, June 8th 1789

        Politicians should actually READ the Constitution, and then the Federalist Papers and other readings by the Founding Fathers themselves. How can you swear an Oath to something you know nothing of? How can you protect or interpret it without reading it or understanding the writers views? The Constitution is not a “Living Document that ever changing” and its writings should be seen as simple, vague, and set in stone. This is the only way a Citizenry can be protected by the claws of any Government that looks to infringe in every manner they can.

        2A should be Absolute

        Studies on Firearms/Homicide surveys worldwide.
        They start off with countries with largely different population sizes. The google charts, and other studies do the ratio by a certain amount of people, though the area and type of people within the area matter just as much. These along with others are small variables that matter greatly when conducting a survey like this and its pretty easy to manipulate them to fit your needs, especially when your needs are also parroted by corporations that control other news/media organizations that all work together to push the same narrative. They dont point out that those surveys are not to up to date (about 4-6 years old info) and that the USA has had a steady decline of murders/deaths overall (including firearms) while the countries they point towards with positivity have had a significant increase in every negative aspect year after year.

        Whats funny is the media and news have skyrocketed purchases and owners of firearms in the USA but the decline in violent crime and murder is still there. London just surpassed the Homicide rate of one of our worst cities (NYC)…and that’s with strict firearm laws. https://www.thenewamerican.com/world-news/europe/item/28652-londons-rising-murder-rate-raises-questions-about-gun-control

        Guns aren’t the issue in today’s society and its stunning people believe they are with how much information is now available to anyone with the internet. Guns are an inanimate object and have no control over the person wielding them, they are nothing more than a tool. The numbers being pushed around by the media for “Gun Violence” and “Mass Killings” are manipulated to get you to believe they happen more often than they actually do.

        In the USA where 400 million Firearms are in the Hands of 100 million Gun Owners (1/3 of the US Adult Population) you would think that there would be more than 12,600 Deaths by firearms per year (Excluding Suicides), especially when most household and daily use objects kill many more times the amount of people per year. Most of that 12,600 Deaths are from Gang Violence, Police Kills, and Accidental Deaths, less than a 3rd of those deaths are from Legal gun owners using them against others. That kind of percentage is insane when the media constantly floats “Gun Violence” (nonsensical term) so often.

        FBI Study on Firearms during Obama’s Presidency

        Hammers, Fists, Knives, Chainsaws, Toothpicks, Cosmetics (Make-Up), Food, Cars, Alcohol, Smoking all kill many more people per year than all firearms combined and Doctors are the 3rd leading cause of Death in the USA (250K) but you don’t see any of the movements the firearms industry sees to ban them or regulate/restrict them.

        Do you fear that you will perish getting a physical by your doctor? An intense rage and emotional outburst in terror if you have to get a checkup? Most likely not as there isn’t nonstop negative media to strike fear into your heart telling you that doctors kill more people than almost anything else around you. Now imagine if the news/media reported every death by a doctors hand every day – all year long for 2+ decades. People would then have that immense fear for doctors. This is what’s been done to firearms and firearm owners since the mid 70’s and for what ever reason the average gun owner receives the blame for any one person’s criminal actions.

        What is also crazy is that people think police should have firearms and not civilians, they fear gun owners but studies have shown that firearm permit holders are 30% more law-abiding than the police. Guns save 250K to 3 Million people per year in defensive use against violent crimes (Rape, Muggings, Robbery), many times not even firing a shot.

        Is there any other object that SAVES so many people per year? That takes such a small percentage of lives? That is as demonized as firearms? Now on to Mass Killings, these people are MURDERERS and murder is against the law, yet they are still doing it, they use all types of methods to commit these atrocious behaviors but when its not firearms its usually not reported by the media. The majority of these Mass Killings are done by those on the “Left”, though the Media never presents that fact.

        There have been 38 Mass Killings with Knives alone since 2006 and the average death count is much higher than the average death count of firearm-related Mass Killings. There are many more with Bombs (Already regulated heavily and Illegal to own without permits), cars, baseball bats, and other objects but when have you seen a report within the USA about these Mass Killings?

        There is a agenda and a narrative, there is no other reason for the selective reporting of information. They paint a picture on the media that certain guns are worse than others, preaching some are “military assault weapons” (false made up term). They say the AR15 is one of them but the AR15 is not inherently military and nor does it have select fire function. It is a tactical looking hunting rifle and has been used in just a handful of Mass Killings, most are committed by handguns and rifles that shoot no more than 5 rounds before reloading. The firearm isnt important, the persons intent, mental stability, and nature is, especially when every Mass Killing has a trend that can easily been seen if you look at the details. All Mass Murderers have been medicated with Psychotropic Medications, due to having mental instability issues. They (Mass Murders) go to areas with little resistance (Gun Free Zones) that are largely populated, this is why restricting the access of more people to firearms will only lead to more defenseless victims.

        1. VERY well said Ray. Thank you for your comment. This is 1 of the most well thought out, intelligent arguments I’ve ever heard to support the 2nd amendment.


      1. @Gary M, The lineage of “moronic control freaks” goes back almost to the day after the Constitution was written. Alexander Hamilton posed the question (paraphrased) now that you have given these people all these Rights, how will you control them. Shumer, Pelosi, the Clintons and a lot of other wealthy, elitist, would be tyrants ask themselves the same question every day.
        Hamilton looked at the pubs and came to the conclusion that ordinary people are incapable of controlling themselves much less governing themselves. The political history of the US is replete with politicians, from both “parties”, that have come to the same conclusion.
        Now it is up to us to destroy that notion and get back to the constitution. Trump > S. Ct. > lower courts> declarations of federal and state statutory unconstitutionality.

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