H.R. 7115, New Attempt to Ban Building AR-15s and Lower Parts Kits

Present Arms AR-15 Gunners Mount
H.R. 7115, New Attempt to Ban Building AR-15s and Lower Parts Kits (Image by Yamil R. Sued)

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- If your hobby is building firearms like AR-15s then your favorite pastime is in jeopardy. Rep Frank Pallone Jr (D-NJ) has introduced House bill H.R. 7115 which is also known as the “3D Firearms Prohibitions Act” into the US House of Representatives. Contrary to the bill’s name it does more than just ban 3D printed firearms.

H.R. 7115 reads: “To prohibit the sale, acquisition, distribution in commerce, or import into the United States of certain firearm receiver castings or blanks, assault weapon parts kits, and machinegun parts kits and the marketing or advertising of such castings or blanks and kits on any medium of electronic communications, to require homemade firearms to have serial numbers, and for other purposes.”

What is disturbing about the proposed law is how little it has to do with 3D printing of firearms. 3D printed firearms is the latest buzzword that anti-gun advocates are using to scare the uninformed masses. By attaching “3D printed firearms” to the bill, its chances of passing with popular appeal increases. If H.R. 7115 fails, the Democrats will rail against Republicans for keeping 3D printed guns legal.

The bill will ban the selling and all forms of advertising of parts kits for modern sporting rifles. Upper and Lower parts kit allow a user to build their guns using a stripped lower or upper receiver and upgrade existing guns.

In a vast majority of these situations, the user buys a serialized lower receiver through a licensed gun dealer. These serialized lower receivers are considered firearms and fall under all state and federal firearms laws. They require a background check like any other firearm.

By preventing the sale of parts kits, the bill would make it almost impossible to repair a rifle. When something breaks, the gun would be useless. The bill doesn’t seem to exempt licensed gunsmiths from the law. It would make all semi-automatic rifles impossible to repair even by a licensed gunsmith.

The writers of the bill also did not specify their definition of a parts kit. A drop-in trigger could run afoul of this new law if the federal government decides to define such a device as a “parts kit.” It leaves the door wide open for more gun bans by redefining “parts kit.”

Gun rights groups see this bill as a way Democrats are using scare tactics to inhibit our Constitutionally protected right to bear arms. Gun Owners of America has already taken up the fight to defeat this bill in Congress.

“While most gun owners were focused on the midterm elections, anti-gunners in Congress snuck in a “Parts Kit Gun Ban” (H.R. 7115) that is a one-two punch on the First and Second Amendments, ” said Erich Pratt, Executive Director of GOA. “Not only does this bill go after parts kits, which typically aren’t the choice of criminals, it attempts to restrict speech about these items on the Internet.”

The bill would also ban the sale of 80% lower receivers. An 80% lower receiver is a lower receiver that is not entirely milled out and therefore not considered a firearm. The user needs to use a CNC machine, drill press or router to complete the process before the owner can turn it into a working firearm. These lowers are big among the hobbyist, but most gun owners do not purchase these receivers dur to the extra work.

AmmoLand News searched for cases where a criminal used one of these non-serialized lower receivers in a crime, but we couldn’t find but a single case. Most likely there are easier ways for a criminal to get a gun rather than using an expensive CNC machine or drill press to make one at home.

The bill would require a dealer to serialize any firearms that a hobbyist makes. The dealer would only be able to charge the actual cost of assigning the serial number and running the background check. The dealer would not be able to charge for things such as engraving the serial number, or for the time it takes for the paperwork and contacting the agencies. Essentialy forcing them to work for free.

Since businesses need to make a profit to stay open, we can assume that most if not all would not offer this service since they would be losing money on every transaction. This clause seems to be put in place for this very reason.

Where is the actual part of the bill that deals with 3D printed guns?

There isn’t any part dealing with that subject matter. Much like Democrats in the 80s using “Die Hard 2” claiming that Glocks can defeat metal detectors to pass a gun control bill, they are doing the same thing with the irrational fear over 3D printed guns.

With Democrats coming to power in the US House of Representatives there is a good chance this or a similar bill could pass the House. The Senate will be the Second Amendments firewall and we have seen who weak the Republicans can be. All gun owners need to contact their representatives and urge them to vote against this flawed bill.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is an NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot-News Podcast which can be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnews. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at www.crumpy.com.

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Rudy Parayo

What next, will the Democrats introduce legislation forcing ALL NRA members into re-education camps to indoctrinate/brainwash them to believe that firearms are bad and that we should pledge eyernal loyalty and unconditional obedience to the beloved Democratic legislators who are “striving” to protect us from harming ourselves and others. Never mind the Constitution.


I used to know a Rudy Parayo that went to FLETEC in Glynco, GA. Would you be him?


The NRA Lost $55M last year! They have an ad at the top of Google when you do a search. Every time you click on that add, it costs them $6.50! We’ve got about a thousand people clicking it 30-40 times each!!! How soon before they have to get another $30M from Russia???


You actually think that you and your horde of snowflakes is causing the NRA to go bankrupt? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The NRA has been losing ground for many years. WHY? Because true 2nd amendment supporters are sick of the political compromising that the “overpaid” NRA board members are engaged in. The federal government and multiple states continue to add to the unconstitutional laws that violate our unalienable and constitutionally protected right to bear arms while the NRA sits on their thumbs! I’ve been a Life Member since the early ’80’s but they lost my support at least 20 years ago because of… Read more »


Who is editing these article? There are grammar errors all over the first several paragraphs.


Who gives a F$&k about grammar?
Pay attention to the article!!


That’s the solution, make excuses for why you’re ignorant or uneducated. There was a time when “perfection” was a sign of pride, but today’s America wants everyone to know just how STUPID they have become!

Gregory Romeu

@rattlesnake, I have told you before about this issue that things look good grammatically on the end of the sender but when they push the SEND button, resident memory in the programming switches things around and back to any error that may have been corrected. PAY ATTENTION TO TECHNOLOGY & SOFTWARE ISSUES! Much like why Ammoland can’t give us the option to EDIT our prose!


Yeah right, blame the software! Funny that no one else is having that problem, they are just writing like 3rd graders. Today’s America – NEVER accept your fault, blame inanimate objects like guns, software………. oh I forgot, it’s Trump’s fault!

Gregory Romeu

@rattlesnake, I have told you before about this issue that things look good grammatically on the end of the sender but when they push the SEND button, resident memory in the programming switches things around and back to any error that may have been corrected. PAY ATTENTION TO TECHNOLOGY & SOFTWARE ISSUES! Much like why Ammoland can’t give us the option to EDIT our prose!


Yeah right, blame the software! Funny that no one else is having that problem, they are just writing like 3rd graders. Today’s America – NEVER accept your fault, blame inanimate objects like guns, software………. oh I forgot, it’s Trump’s fault!

D Bruce Smith

If you want to grade papers you should have been a school teacher.


“Who is editing these article? (sic)” Maybe you should learn grammar/spelling before you try correcting others!


Who gives a $hit, about Grammer errors, what’s the point here, English test or nra conversation. ‘RD’-TIDE!


If America is supposed to be the land of the free then our constitutional rights are constantly being attacked. Our elected officials are pushing us to being like we are under communist rule. So how can they say we are the land of the free. I am a tax paying citizen and a responsible gun owner and I want to protect my 2nd ammendment rights.

Brandon o

Let’s keep going with these liberals train of thought, first they ban one type of fire arm, than another and another, soon they will be trying to ban bows then knives and soon we won’t be allowed to think for our selves, and we will be back with a tyrannical government just like the one we left when our fore fathers took up the gauntlet and set out for a new world to pursue their Christian faith, and how did they win their freedom? With 4 things – GOD, Hard Work, Sacrifice, and Guns. The forfathers knew one day liberty… Read more »


What a drama queen! Grow up!!!


Brilliant comment. Did you stay up all night composing that cupcake?


– It took Ray a lot longer than all night! LOL


Another one who needs a gun to make of for his physical deficits for satisfying women…

Wild Bill

You know a lot about that, do you, ray? I think that you are projecting.

Johnny Reb

The word is out that ray and gay rhyme …


Ray, Your man-toy says otherwise. Seems you can’t find the hole no matter how much fudge is around it!

Gregory Romeu

, The forefathers even envisioned somebody like you coming along, making the comments you’re making right now. That’s why they drafted such an iron clad document!


It’s amazing, I didn’t know you had Wi-Fi in the mountains… other than the 2nd Amendment, can you name the other’s? Let start with the 25th, so we can rid ourselves of that Commie loving traitor that’s in the WH! But I imagine all of you where knee pads for that Commie loving traitor and believe all the crap he shovels every day to America! If you were a REAL American, you would do everything in your power to rid us of that moron who is putting out country on the path to financial ruin! But you are correct, you… Read more »


Are you a Russian by chance, cupcake?


That Commie loving traitor Trump has Russia loving him…you guys better get your guns ready, it”s only a matter of time before we get invaded by the Russians thanks to that Commie
loving POS we have in the WH!!!


@Rambo Well you sure are now what your name says! Commie loving Trump? Sounds more like you are looking in a mirror and trying to cover up what you see!

Wild Bill

@Rambo, Russia’s economy is about the same size as the state of Texas. Putin may invade Estonia, but not the US.
Now, why is Trump a POS? He lowered federal income tax rates on the middle class, reduced regulations so that the steel industry is back and other businesses are hiring, and does not take a salary. What is the problem?


You obviously need a gun to make up for your physical deficiencies with the ladies…


Your mama didn’t mind about my deficiencies …


is your alter ego named Nomad? Sure sound like it. And what’s your excuse? Even a gun would not help you!


Yo I disagree

I won’t say on what that’s for you all to figure out


McClellan – Did you really think liberals told the truth?


@Bubba Trumps Asshole- you think the forefathers didn’t have the foresight to know forearms would progress to where one day someone would invent a repeating, multi-round capable capable firearm? They had the foresight to prevent a tyrannical oppressive government from taking over here so they put that clause in the constitution. They weren’t stupid, and if you think they weren’t smart enough to know that firearms wouldn’t progress with time, your stupid. Everyone knows everything progresses in time. I know one day cars will be able to fly, guns will eventually be projectile-less or be some sort of laser type… Read more »

John Timmins

Ain’t that the TRUTH

TJ Kardozza

Seems how back then the first rapid fire rifle was called the defence rifle that was made in the 1700’s id say that that was more or less the first sport rifle ever introduced into the world. I think this is just a stepping stone for then to take make us be the lambs that will be sluaghtered. What happens when u disarm legally armed citizens??? The criminals win and the rest of us have no choice but to stand by helpless. This is completely bullsh*t and they know it. Great job America, now here comes the next civil war!

Ray D.

The Puckle Gun invented by James Puckle in 1718

Ray Morris

To argue most regulation is garbage, just one topic. I find it insane that people push for gun control and say regulations and restrictions are lawful or even helpful. The Revolution was started over gun control….2A was meant to be absolute, the people as armed as the state, and a “hands off” description to Government Officials….but they dont interpret it that way…our officials need to read the Federalist Papers and look into what the Founders thought and practiced. The supreme court should do the people a favor and do some research before signing anything that infringes a right of their… Read more »

Jack von Bloeker IV

VERY well said Ray. Thank you for your comment. This is 1 of the most well thought out, intelligent arguments I’ve ever heard to support the 2nd amendment.



Gary McClellan


Wild Bill

@Hiwayman M, The lineage of “moronic control freaks” goes back almost to the day after the Constitution was written. Alexander Hamilton posed the question (paraphrased) now that you have given these people all these Rights, how will you control them. Shumer, Pelosi, the Clintons and a lot of other wealthy, elitist, would be tyrants ask themselves the same question every day. Hamilton looked at the pubs and came to the conclusion that ordinary people are incapable of controlling themselves much less governing themselves. The political history of the US is replete with politicians, from both “parties”, that have come to… Read more »

Rusty russell

It’s funny how so many anti gun activists are on here. You would think they would have something better to do.

Wild Bill

@R russell, It is their job. Not much of a job, but they do get paid per response, which explains their outrageously wrong pronouncements. This was first admitted by the “hiLIARy for Prostitute” campaign, and admitted to by past trolls on this very site.


And let the panic buying again.


It’s clear that (like nearly all of these stupid ‘assault weapon’ bills) this one was written by someone with no understanding of firearms. However I do want to point out that that the perpetrator of the 2013 Santa Monica mass shooting used an AR built on an 80% lower since he was ineligible to legally own a firearm – not sure how Ammoland missed that one in their search… Must not have looked very hard.


It has NOTHING to do with understanding firearms! All I hear in all of these comments about gun law articles is they don’t understand ….! YOU’RE WRONG! These leftist asshat legislators know exactly what they are doing. This is NOT about preventing murders, shootings, or other crimes, and it is 100% about preventing people from defending themselves against government. An unarmed populace makes it very easy for government to become a dictatorship! What IS true, is that the leftist sheeple that go along with these laws, they are the idiots that don’t have any understanding of the leftist agenda. These… Read more »


Well I with defending our constitution and the right that is gives us ! 100% to defend it would and should be a job of a true american ! And if you go against it your not a american ! Our constitution was a declaration if unity ! Isn’t thats what being a american is ? And if you against unity you must stand for only your self and not your neighbor! Whitch makes you unamerican and then you do not matter nor does your opinion!! I find that being armed in today’s world gives me the ability to protect… Read more »

Samuel Bakke

Who told you you needed a CNC machine to complete a 80 percent lower,,,ever heard of a jig? (Anderson’s $60.00.)
Ya know, I get drawn in to what appears as an informative article , and you posers drop the ball with bullsihit information,,,,, frustrating…
Stay off the internet,,,Crump


Obviously you haven’t built one trying that method Sherlock Holmes it’s not as easy as just buying a jag you fucking dumb shit Get back to me after you build one Gene StonerOr collect the information -link that backs your Bolsheviks story comrade


Really A jag? Exactly what is that?! And if you think you can’t use a “JIG” to complete an 80% lower, you show how ignorant you are! No one said it is “easy”, it takes a little skill to do it right, but there are thousands that have been done!


No, you are the IDIOT! Technically he is correct that either a CNC or a drill press with a jig can be used. The Ghost Gunner by Defense Distributed is a CNC mach. designed specifically to finish 80% lowers (if you want to pay the price) without the need for a jig.

Donald Trump's Asshole

The founding fathers did not envision the rate of fire in an ar15 or AK-47. Your rights are to a black powder musket. Having bolt action rifles and pump shotguns is pushing the limits. Semi-auto pistols are to be confiscated also. Black powder pistols are in order. What’s that you say? You want a laser guided rocket launcher also? We need to eliminate your family and friends from the shallow end of the gere pool.


OK cupcake, you’ve made your point … now go back to the basement and continue playing whatever it is you do with yourself. … and by the way, read a history book … if you can read English.


The founding fathers also couldn’t have for seen the arrival of the internet, so the 1st amendment shouldnt apply to that as well? Pretty sure our constitutional rights evolve with technology.


Stfu: applying your stellar understanding of things, die to the founders failure to incission the internet, your 1st amendment right to free speech doesn’t extend to the internet, it’s limited only to a feather ink quill and parchment which served as the only media of its day.
Out of curiosity, did your patents have any children who lived?


The founding fathers had the foresight to see and prevent a tyrannical government taking over here so they put it in the constitution that can’t happen. You think they didn’t have the foresight to know that guns would progress as time went on?? They knew one day there would be someone to invent a firearm that could fire rapidly. Just like I can see there will be flying or floating cars one day. Someone will invent a family truckster personal use vehicle that will fly. The forefathers weren’t stupid and to think they didn’t have the foresight to know everything… Read more »


And as far as gene pools go?? The best part of you apparently stayed on the sheets. Go do a lobotomy on yourself, don’t worry though, you can’t screw it up too bad, your already half zombie. A functional dead body just limping along in life believing everything BSNBC, amd CNN say. Brainwashed idiot!!


The founding fathers didn’t envision Commie assholes like you Sherlock Holmes trying to take over the country/ trying to use240-year-old historic /Logic or
theory is just plain stupid- Like we’re not supposed to advance as a civilization -if it was up to you bolshevik communist do boys ,,perverts and dope on every corner would be the norm And thanks to you democratic socialist assholes you almost succeeded keyword is “almost”-See you in the street sweet meat -don’t forget to bring your Sears and Roebuck peashooter


Trump’s Asshole – Looks like your name says everything about you! You have the brains of an asshole and that’s all!


Are you for real? If you actually believe that barf you just regurgitated, why don’t just move to a country that prohibits guns and is “socialist”? Just for ONE year and see how you like it; I doubt you’d last ONE month. Might I suggest Venezuela, or El Salvador, N. Korea, Cuba, or South Africa …. What is true is that our founding fathers were far smarter than an asshat like you will ever be. WHen they wrote the second amendment, you notice that they didn’t specify what arms we could bear; WHY? Because they knew that at one time… Read more »

Shall Not Be Infringed

The founding fathers did not envision the rate of production for a modern newspaper press or website. Your rights are to a manual flat printing press. Having digital cameras and smartphones is pushing the limits. Tumblr is to be confiscated also. Calligraphy sets are in order. What’s that you say? You want a blog also? Perish the thought.


Guys…come on. I love my second amendment, and I’m all about keeping our current rights, but who is the editor of these articles? “If your hobby is building firearms like AR-15s than your favorite past time is in jeopardy.” “than” should be “then.” “past time” should be pastime. (Past time means you are beyond your due date; a pastime is a hobby.) I don’t mean to sound snide or come off as rude, and if I come off that way, I apologize. That said, when I can’t even get through the first paragraph of an article before coming across a… Read more »


Man I honestly agree they really couldn’t get the point across correctly with all the errors in their freaking own article


– Your STUPID is showing again!


Lay your nasty commie dumbass down go to sleep nobody gives a shit what your communist ass thinks on this thread.Or did you figure that out yet Sherlock Holmes?


Just think, after Mueller gets Trump, Pence, and Turtlehead
For collusion, it’ll be Pelosi running this country, your
worst nightmare!!! LOL!!!


Commie fools “hey Lyrics”fuk you pusssyboy I’d like to shove my weapon up your ass /your bobblehead talking Marxist excuse for human being /See you in the street sweet meat

James G.

Ray is the idiot of idiots. I guess he had a problem with his insignificance and meaninglessness.

Johnny Reb

ray has a gender id problem … and may be tansgenic too … wants to be a goat

Tim Lenz

Not a chance in a billion…
Mueller’s got nothing. He has resorted to extortion to frame President Trump & that hasn’t turned out well either

Stand and fight

Time for an uprising. Time for these libtards to be removed forcefully. If they aren’t. Then they will be in the same shit hole when Americans and America is under United Nations control thanks to HRC Obama and some previous demonrats administration.


Been saying this for years. They need to fear us again. We do outnumber them. They are just a loud miniority who btw have you noticed, do not allow any debate either in person or on their websites.

Its time to stand, or be rolled over and your guns stolen.


Or… you could just call your representative, which I give a 98% probability you’ve never done.


Call your representative what a joke how about a fair voting scenario never mind a friggin representative can’t depend on them or anybody else in the government you can depend on you your friends and local law-enforcement if you’re luckyAnd pray for martial law so we can clean up the streets

Wild Bill

@Stand and fight, Well … it may be time for a libtard uprising against the great Swamp Drainer’s administration. But libtards do not have what it takes to actually revolt. For Conservatives, everything is going our way, so why a conservative uprising? For us it is time to prepare for when the libtards return to power.

Gregory Romeu

@Stand and fight, have you e we actually felt the sting and hell of battle?


serial # is a joke bcuz n e body can deeply scratch off serial #s anyway so if the left want serial numbers they need to see how many ppl been charge with the crime of DEFACED FIREARM which basically is a firearm with serial# scratched off and yes sometimes they can retrieve the numbers with acid but not if theyre deeply scratched im guessing but my point is if someone wants NO SERIAL #’s then there wont b serial #’s on the gun regarless if it was made with or without!?!! These gun laws r ridiculously added to hinder… Read more »


Infringement: whittle, whittle whittle & little by little by little! The left has clearly stated that this is their game plan to abolish private gun ownership. Must stack the courts first before we can make any headway.


u r right! now try convincing about 40% of the U.S.A.


Why are you typing in all caps?

Edward Crutchley

To simulate yelling or talking in a louder tone.

Ricky. Johnson

Ban us government demorats u don of bitchs wount take hack shit without s fight Mills say bring it on pass gun kit bills bullshit demorats needs ban courp government ban ur ass’s load lock and load nra guns God freedoom Trump’s here now u wount get our guns z revolution is here Hillary o smas clan of thugs gsoros money scew I’m LL we ready nwo is trump God guns keep um


Bro. Two words – Period, Comma. Learn to use them.


Periods and commas wouldn’t help him! How in the world would you know where to put them in that chicken scratch? He needs to learn how to “proof-read”! Or maybe stop texting while on a roller coaster!


In order to be a true GOP, you have to be in the 1% financially!
How many of you Repubtards actually are in that category??? Probably 0!

Robert Thomas

Shut the pie hole trollatard.

Johnny Reb

Ray has sexual identity issues … it thinks it is an intelligent human female … but it’s really a farm animal.

Wild Bill

, I have never read that requirement before, anywhere. I want to read more, where did you get that? And you know, of course, that the Repub party is just a currently useful tool for safe guarding our Second Amendment enumerated Civil Right to keep and bear firearms, right?


I guess I’ve been faking my republicanism all this time. WOW!! I’m surprised they even allowed me to sign up as one since I’m not in the 1% income bracket. Damnit!! I knew I should have invested in technology instead of ceiling fan stocks.


Hey Ray I know this must be a shock to you but we’re all not Republicans and if your check clearly president Trump didn’t really want to be a republican he was kind of forced into it we are a party of the Constitution of America -either get with us or get behind us /
Because freedom is going to happenAnd it doesn’t have anything to do with your annual income comrade

Danielle Newcomer

Well said


In order to be a true demotard, you have to be 100% void of brain matter!
How many of you demotards actually are in that category??? 100%!


– again you speak out the wrong hole! NO you do not HAVE to be in the 1% to be Republican, but you have to have about 1% brain matter working to come up with your BS!


You create a definition of the GOP that no one in the GOP fits. Now, isn’t that brilliant? Whack job.


you are losing

Tim Lenz

You are terrible at pointing fingers…
The 1% are all Democrats…Hollywood, facechat,Amazon, google, NFLBLM owners Microsoft, Soros ext…


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hey Ray, All of us intelligent people know that those in the GOP who are in the top 1% are all RINOs!! What that shows is that leftists will do just about anything to be on the right, but you won’t find ANY true conservatives, irrelevant of financial status, wanting or trying to be on the left! Conservatives are NOT driven by the love of money, only satan’s spawn (the left) are.


I am so so tired of the far left trying to take my freedoms away. They keep saying that a civil war could be likely in the next five years. I say bring it and we can rid the world of them and then live in peace.


@Mortz You are an idiot!


TRUMPS A NAZI! Give the government all your guns! -Liberal NPC439540


If Trump’s a Naz, wouldn’t you want guns to save you from agent orange….


Shut up Stupid,better yet go suck start a Shotgun!

Martin H

Their is no other way to look at this but these people think they own us. Anybody that supports this is either ignorant as to what freedom is or supports a slave master relationship. Just how is the government telling you you are allowed to do something vs a master telling his slaves what they can do?


>supports a master slave relationship

It’s no coincidence that liberals are mainstreaming BDSM (and other forms of sexual deviancy), of which a large component is the master-slave relationship. They are attempting to influence and prime the human mind to accept enslavement.


Liberal \Lib”eral\ (l[i^]b”[~e]ral), a. [F. lib[‘e]ral, L.
liberalis, from liber free; perh. akin to libet, lubet, it
pleases, E. lief. Cf. {Deliver}.]
1. Free by birth; hence, befitting a freeman or gentleman;
refined; noble; independent; free; not servile or mean;
From Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)


u d-rat d-suckers can try to get taquiyya-bama back in the former white mosque, re-run h r. clit-on, or maybe wait for howdy-doody.

Samuel Jones

Ever notice that when gun control bills go into effect that’s when more bombers go nuts. Just saying seems like there’s a trend

Nathan Williams

I support the second ammendment fully and always 100%,if the 2nd was to be taken away from us then we might as well not have any laws !! stupid right!! exactly. some ppl believe we shouldn’t have guns but do a study on how many ppl call 911 every year,see what you think.Just because you own a gun doesn’t make you a bad person or make you do bad things,people with troubles and issues have hard times” we all do””! but we don’t pick up a gun and slaughter others.These rights at the time put in place so “we the… Read more »


– I’d call you and IDIOT, but that would be bring IDIOTS down 10 steps!


I don’t build em, I like buying em made. Time for 5 or 10 more.


Up yours Ray you and Mike beane are closet communists /Watch out for friendly fire comrade


You snowflake President is the one sleeping with Putin!!!


Oh know not Putin! Its funny how you libcucks hate people who dont go ahead with your globalist agenda. Your a NPC. You have no original thoughts. Your nothing more than a brain washed NPC. Now go watch CNN and download todays propaganda.


If you commie propagandist think you’re going to take away our weapons with some bullshit laws ,, not going to happen to real Americans /you better pack a lunch -a whole tractor trailer full of lunches

Ray Morris

It has been proven that it wasnt Trump that was in cohoots with Russia, it was Hillary. Dismissing that and listening to media that still propagates this fallacy is asinine. Trumps moves since election should be enough to show that he has no loyalty nor care for Russia. Look into Uranium One….that should give you a good understanding of the duplicity. Want to see observable VOTER FRAUD? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNbmfO1_4_4 These are just a few of the links I can send to show that its not a fallacy, it may not be a conspiracy-I believe its just the nature of people that… Read more »


Trump can’t repeal anything! Only congress can do that! That is why it is such a problem, considering that congress has been completely against Trump since day one, and that includes the worthless fauxrepublicans!

It’s just like the border wall. Trump can only push for the wall but unless congress shits the funds he is fighting a losing battle. People think we lost the house in 2018, but that is bullshit – we haven’t had the house at all during Trump’s term. Guys like McLame and Lindsey MinnieMcLame Graham are/were not really on the right!


Oh, c’mon Ray – you know that democraps love dictators, so what’s your problem with Putin?


Wild Bill that sounds pretty good in theory but Americans will not stand up for anything… Just look how they’re destroying the voting process here in Florida no respect no honor no dignity that means my vote doesn’t count so why should I give a shit about anythingThe enemy comes knocking on your door everybody wants to be so damn independent- well ,,you see what independence gets you /it’s like a snake with nine heads/Where do you start chopping?If It’s not us ,then who ?if not now ,,then when??


– Looking in the mirror again?


Guys with AK 47’s parachuting into your backyard??? Have another hit and another snort!!! Snowflake’s!!!


Take our guns and find out what happens. We dare you


The bill is bad, BUT it will have to pass both houses of congress and be signed by the president. Who believes that will happen. We can’t do anything state by state (the people in that state have to lay in their own beds), but federal BS like this will never pass as long as we have pro gun in one of the three seats of power. Ask yourself a question, if this was such a great idea and would save some many people WHY didn’t the Obama cabal do it when they had all the power for TWO years?… Read more »


@MacofJack……You do realize that if EVERY State were to Adopt and implement a Bill such as this then it essentially becomes Federal by default.


– And when do you see that happening? Not in my life time and I don’t think in my children’s life time. If we hold strong in the Red states the plan will fall apart because they WON’T control the country.
Vote and stop it!

Wild Bill

, No, not federal by default. Every state would have to pass the exact same wording. Not likely. Even if the states did, every state has their own courts, and soon there would be fifty interpretations.
Nor would any one of the states’ version impact the federal courts, congress, or bureaucracy.
Suppose the Texas courts quickly interpreted their exactly the same worded statute in ways that neutered that statute. Would the courts of gun grabbing California or New Jersey be bound by those decisions?


Trump is a Nazi at heart ❤️!!!

allan hill

ray eats a dick


You have no idea what a Nazi is. Has Trump rounded up 6 million Jews, sent tanks into Poland, Invaded Russia, or bombed London? Trump is more like Churchill.


I wish.

Robert Thomas

Maybe. But clearly you have a sphincter for a brain. HuffPost is missing it’s idiot. Run along.


Every one, stop feeding the troll. Ray probably lives in her s parents basement, because who else on this planet has time to troll Ammoland this much that doesn’t have to work for a living.

Jayson Denham

We The People need to stand up for our rights! Tell everyone you know about the injustices that we’re about to suffer and urge them to stand together to preserve what we have left of our constitution.

Raymond E Burby

This goes way beyond AR part kits and receivers. There is language in this bill that also applies to semi auto pistols and shotguns as well. Under some of the language in this bill, total reclassification of firearms is also discussed. A lot of it is very broad and open to interpretation. Many semi auto firearms will end up being reclassified as assault weapons including shotguns and pistols. Take some time to read through the bill and then start contacting your congress critters and reps. This bill MUST NOT PASS.

Jim K

Sayin Hi! Second attempt to comment here. Might b this dumbphone is a POS. Glad that legislation at the federal level has some checks and balances and the President has veto power. Hopefully 7115 is DOA much like Oregon’s IP 43 which contained the same ludicrous bans.

Mark Barton

The government telling you what you can or cannot do have or cannot have doesn’t sound like freedom to me. Meanwhile they stockpile arms of all type and build giant underground bunkers.and we pay for it. You pay for their armies bombers and nuclear arms and they wanna tell you you can’t have a rifle. We are the ones who are supposed to tell them what they can and can’t have.

Sean Bulka

Well put, BUT it seems as though the government will do pretty much whatever it wants!
By the people for the people… My ass!

Those trying to make laws like this NEED to be snuffed out of ANY sort of work in OUR government!! These are the worst of the worst, power and control freaks that have no business being in any position of power!!
These sneaky, corrupt, evil communists that want to tear the Constitution up- NOT uphold it!!!!! They make me sick….

Mr. Walkker

Garbage. There is no other word for this issue. Big and bold these collectivists/gun grabbers have become. Idiots run amuck in and around the beltway. Out of touch with the average layperson across the former Nation named Amerika. Out of touch Garbage collectors is what they really are. Hiding in plane sight. A badly broken approach. Why is it that these Garbage Collectors always want to strip us of our rights.? Why is that? Amnesia anyone?


It’s about control. They make it illegal for us to have firearms because WE the People are the Threat to their power… Guns control has never been about criminals having guns.

Gregory Romeu

@Brandon white.va , RELAX! IF and WHEN it comes time to march on anything, we have well over 22 MILLION trained and at-the-ready Veteran Military personnel, (Not including Veteran Police, Fire, First Responders, CERT, and Patriots) that will do most of the, “marching” for you. The only difference is, we will be doing it with a shit-load of noise and mayhem with no focus on losing. The end results would probably wipe-out the majority of t hose that attempted to interfere with our freedom and,liberty.


Mass shootings are a conspiracy by the left. Sacrifice a few innocent people to get their agenda accomplished. If more of us were allowed to freely carry our weapons for our own defense things would be different. It still takes at a minimum 15 to 20 minutes for police response.

Sean Bulka

You’re absolutely correct on that one Sir!
I can still hear President Ronald Reagan telling all Americans that there are people on this government who do NOT have the interest of Americans at heart, and we will see false flag events to try to change the opinions of Americans to suit their sick, Un-American, hidden agenda..
We need to be vigilant in exposing these criminals, and they need to pay at the strictest level of the law for their treasonous actions!

Mark Barton

By the way people killed each other just fine before the advent of firearms. A sarecen archer once fell from his mount and killed two enemy fighters with his bow before he hit the ground a feat a modern soldier would be hard pressed to duplicate. Trust me if the government outlaws firearms bows and arrows will be next along with anything else you could use to put up a fight. Look to your souls even better look at your child and ask yourself if you’re content to be a powerless slave and have your children inherit a totalitarian government… Read more »

Mark Barton

99% of us cannot afford to hire bodyguards. Hear that Rosy . I believe the second amendment is clear, it is in plain language and no militia does not mean military or law enforcement. It is an ary of civilians for the protection of our country our countrymen and more importantly our constitution. When after a long train of abuses and usurpations the people have the right the duty to throw off such government and reform a nw body and provide for our future securities. It doesn’t say except this person or that person ‘shall not be infringed ” means… Read more »


Ok my personal opinion of this is 80%shouldnt be legal or be harder to get and no I’m not going against it I own 2 myself and a “legal” registered lower but they work the same and all but that 80 can do so much “crime” without any trace or a criminal milling their own that’s nit saying that person can buy one off Facebook or something along the lines of that


Hey Doug your average FELON/gangbanger doesn’t have a milling machine or a drill press Or the gray matter to proceedAnd no name lowers basically have nothing to do with ballistics /forensics everything is taken from the bolt carrier and the barrel The second Amendment shall not be infringed in any manner -against all enemies foreign and domestic or a tyrannical government Which ever comes first1776

L.L. Smith

Since when does sodomy bother a liberal?


His name is DONG, but considering how poorly he writes, it could be Doug. I can’t make heads or tails out of his comment – maybe he needs to stop huffing for a day or two.

Martin Hoer

Nazism, fascism, progressivism, Marxism, communism, socialism are all schisms of authoritarianism. Not really seeing Trump proposing much to put us under the governments thumb unlike the Democrats and their various isms.

Martin H

What else should the government decide for us? This is a freedom issue pure and simple. Can I buy and sell, can I make what I want without governments permission? If not how is that any different than any other slave / mater relationship?

Cliff Poe

We are all missing the bigger picture here!!! We should be completely enraged, more so the we are even now! What we aren’t seeing in the wake of years of manipulation and lies to try to rid the honest free people of the ability to protect ourselves, is the truth. One that most have believed to be a conspiracy theory for a long time.. the truth is that democracy and freedom are not valuable to governments!! Governments subjugate and control and make money off of their people! Throughout our American history our country has tried to build a system of… Read more »

Mark Ruebel

Those jews didn’t just hop in those cattle cars on their own free will, Our country is full of leftist, only one cure for that , TRB!


Yea the Germans told them there was a penny inside.


By the time the got to Auschwitz it was a dollar!


Come and get them let’s roll 1776 on steroids what’s the hold up you need a paratrooper dropping in the backyard with an AK-47 before you wake up AmericaAnd stop censoring people’s comments Or “we the people” will go elsewhere

Wild Bill

@Greg T, while I hold your enthusiasm in high esteem, I would like to point out that this is no time for conservatives to do 1776, all over again. If we could get the libtards to revolt, then we could, happily, help the current administration put down the revolt. Currently, we have things going our way. That gives us breathing room to prepare for what might happen when the libtards get back in power, and the libtards will, someday, get back in power. So rather than having formation at your house, along with the FBI and BATFE agents all looking… Read more »


Bill we’re going to be fighting in the streets here in Florida it’s only a matter of time hope you’re safe where you are/keep your powder dry and your back to the wall We are a republic ,not a democracy-FREEDOM

Gun guy

All these guys are in it together. There’s an abundance of gun parts online and they need to sell so lets scare all the folks into buying them. You will stock up, and their stuff gets sold, a couple of guys make a bunch of money. Follow the money people. Democrats have guns too. There’s about 4 major companys that would go belly up if they stopped making and selling military items. Look at the 4 major government contracts and what company’s own them, then look at what else those companys own. Those f$#!ers aren’t going to lose a dime… Read more »


Actually it will decimate the entire firearms industry, including the companies that sell to the police, federal agencies, and Military. The ironic part is that almost all advances in firearms have come at the small manufacturer or home tinkerer level – companies that do the major supplying of arms (Colt as an example) have kept the same designs and not improved much over decades. So if in the end, only a few large government suppliers are left, our military will fall behind in small arms within a decade. Stupid ass liberals.


Liberal \Lib”eral\ (l[i^]b”[~e]ral), a. [F. lib[‘e]ral, L.
liberalis, from liber free; perh. akin to libet, lubet, it
pleases, E. lief. Cf. {Deliver}.]
1. Free by birth; hence, befitting a freeman or gentleman;
refined; noble; independent; free; not servile or mean;
From Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Mike richter

Well since you refused to show what I wrote last time I’ll try again ,these same gun control folks have the nerve to call Mr trump a Nazi ,this practice of disarming the people ,then he did as he damned well pleased with them,and they couldn’t fight back against a corrupt government,don’t for one minute think these crooked politicians wouldn’t do the same to us ,look at the double standard the dems push,,,,,,,,if you see these Republicans out and about go up and get in their face!when they go low we kick em! Do you remember these comments because I… Read more »

Michael Bean

I don’t think Comrade Trump is a Nazi! He does seem to be a bigot, a mysogynist and, lacks a moral compass..One thing he can be counted on is to be a perpetual liar. Remember his promise regarding his tax cut? He said it wouldn’t benefit him and that some of his billionaire friends were angry with him. Well, guess what- he and his fat cat friends have saved millions while this ill advised tax cut has racked up a trillion dollars plus deficit. So now the plan is to raid social security aand Medicare. Mitch Mconnell recently confirmed this… Read more »


So… do you now feel Hillary was a better choice?


Yes, inquiring minds would like to know? I vote for Trump, can’t stand to see a gun grabber in power. However, now I can’t afford to finance all my firearm aspirations. Adversely, I still have that right to persue those aspirations. Conundrum


You have a vivid imagination, Michael. Maybe you should be writing kid’s books.


So by what your saying, you feel Hillary was a far more reasonable gun rights supporter?? WOW!! Give ME some of that shit your smoking!! It sure as hell makes you delusional!! I voted Trump proudly. And will again. His tax cut of course benefited the rich. Tax cuts always benefit the rich. But it’s better than being taxed to death by the dumbasscrats!! They firmly believe in tax and spend, Making laws that affects everyone but them, and trying to always take away someone else’s rights and properties. I ain’t rich. But I ain’t stupid either. The left have… Read more »


Are you really that STUPID, Michael? It doesn’t matter WHAT is done to the economy or by whom, the rich will ALWAYS get richer. But the fact is that the tax cuts helped the people who needed it more than anyone else. People who always bitch and complain about people with wealth are just bitter and jealous that they aren’t wealthy too. People like me, on the other hand, could care less about money. I live on a meager military retirement (less than 30k a year and still pay a 1k/mo mortgage), drive a 25 year old truck, raise most… Read more »