Local Company Gives All Employees Handguns for Christmas

BenShot Gives All Employees Handguns for Christmas
BenShot Gives All Employees Handguns for Christmas

Hortonville, WI – -(AmmoLand.com)- The father and son team at BenShot, a local Wisconsin glassmaking company that makes the original bulletproof shot glass, whiskey, and beer glasses, gave all their employees handguns for Christmas.

This year’s Christmas gift was one to remember at BenShot. Every employee received a handgun of their choice.

“We are a small, close-knit team at BenShot. I want to make sure all of employees are safe and happy – a handgun was the perfect gift” -Ben Wolfgram, son from the Father and Son team at BenShot.

BenShot makes the original bulletproof shot glasses
BenShot makes the original bulletproof shot glasses.

About BenShot:

BenShot (www.BenShot.com) is a father and son team which designs and makes glassware with bullets embedded into the side. It makes an extensive line of glasses, including the original bulletproof shot glass, whiskey, and beer glasses. BenShot’s unique product has sent them on a fast growth trajectory and currently ranks #1 of over 1,000,000 handmade products on Amazon. BenShot started making glasses in a small garage workshop in 2015 and now employs 16 full time people, including veterans, in their glass shop in Hortonville, WI.

BenShot sells on 30 military bases and have partnerships in the UK, Europe, Japan, and Australia. This local business prides itself on their work with non-profits including: conversation groups, military organizations, and police and fire departments.

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    1. I believe all of us gun loving good citizens should be able to buy a gun or two for protection—even though some people misuse the privege of this. The second admenment says that this cannot be enfringed on and it should not.. Because people get killed every day drfiving cars when they are speeding driving drunk etc. etc… does thst mean they are going to get rid of all the cars out there—no am sure that will never happen—Lib eral people who think that getting rid of guns is going to change this is crazy–look at proabition hell there was more booze around after that probably then before—-and drugs are banned but has that stopped that –heck no—-the fix for our society is just to have better people

        1. Uh, John…what’s your point? Yes, a RIGHT is not a privilege. A privilege is granted. A RIGHT is inalienable. Go read the Magna Carta. You can burn all the paper, kill millions…your RIGHT to defend yourself is something that cannot be taken away. So hang on to your life preserver.
          So John, in closing. a RIGHT ranks far above a privilege. I hope you understand that. Do you?

    2. Donna, every mass killer , with possibly one exception, has passed the background check. The exception is teb Sandy Hook killer who murdered his mother and took her guns.
      Half the police officers killed in line of duty are killed with their own gun.
      There is no brain scan that can tell what somebody will do tomorrow or next year. The Thousand Oak killer not only passed a NICS check but he was cleared by “professionals” when the police/sheriff investigated him.
      You say you’re not TOTALLY AGAINST guns but you feel. You might try thinking.

    3. It is their company so I guess they can give their employees whatever they decide to give. But I could think of better gifts than a gun. I’ve never thought owning a gun makes you any safer, too many different scenarios can happen.True story: one of my relatives has several guns, but their house was still burglarized while he and his wife were sleeping. The guns were locked in a safe. Thankfully, no one was hurt but really what good did the guns do? Maybe the two employees who initially turned down the offer felt they had to accept just because the other employees did.I am not totally against guns, but I do strongly feel we need better background checks, a waiting period ,etc.None of these is a huge burden to a want be gun owner.

      1. @ Donna You are so correct that gun are worthless if they are locked away in a safe. I have not seen one that can pick a lock and start shooting at someone. It seems that better training is in order for all of our guns. Just remember your gun is useless if it is locked away and that it takes someone to get it out, point it and pull the trigger. It seems like it should be easier.

        1. Adam: No background checks are the best answer. They assume you are guilty until you are proven innocent. The overwhelming number of gun owners have never committed a crime. Why should they be subjected to one when they are not the problem?

          I realize your question was to Donna and so was my response, but, in fact, we would be far better off with no gun laws at all. We don’t legislate laws regarding hammers, chainsaws or axes, why this inanimate object? We simply need to vigorously enforce the laws we already have against rape, robbery & murder and allow everyone the means to defend themselves anywhere they so choose.

      2. @Donna, apparently your relatives are unable to give a home to a dog or two, contribute to the defense of home and family in a meaningful way, or plan for threatening future events.

    4. This is smart business.
      Some areas prohibit a prospectivve employee running a background check as a key part of the hiring process. THIS is bogus.. it denies my right, as an employer, to freely associate…… or not, as I deem fit for my business. After all, I will be spending a lot of time with these people.

      I’ve long thought a legal work-around for this unfair prohibition would be to require every new employee, as a condition of hire, to obtain their Mother May I Card to carry a handgun legally. Some would protest… fine. they don’t want to work here. A handy “excuse” would be that some who operate company vehicles may choose to leave their handgun inside the vehicle, locked of course as per state law, then the next operator taking the vehicle might get stopped with the loaded handgun in the car… and without that Mother May I Card, then subject to arrest, as no one can have a loaded handgun in the car without that Card.

      But these guys did my idea one better….. EVERYONE there has to be cleared by NICS to take possession of their new handguns. Free, no pressure, legal backgrond checks for everyone.

    5. Looks like they chose some real nice guns, but Not all of them picked out handguns, I see a few long guns as well. If I lived in that area I would try to get hired at that company.

    6. This company did get it right, from what I have heard they had some turn downs, but the company got everybody training and some of the turn downs are having second thoughts about the gift. This was all done with proper training before the offer, which should be done for anyone who has never owned or shot a gun!!! Just to the point a great idea with it being done the right way!!!!!

      1. you expose your own evil heart by the projection of evil on these folks. As if the ONLY “sensible” thing any of these folks could possibly do would be to canvas their town and find a felon, then give HIM their new handgun……

        Consider this: with well above THREE HUNDRED MILLION law abiding gun owners in this country, and ONLY about 12,000 gun homices per year, YOU figure out the vanishingly small percentage of gun owners who use them for evil. Better find that zero key, cause you’re gonna need it… AFTER the decimal point.

      2. @R A’ Hare, You do realize that the paper you call cash fails the definition of money that is in the US Code, right? It is only currency. Why would anyone trade a life saving device for mere paper with pretty pictures on it?

    7. WOW! I wonder if the fake news picked up on this article? Maybe Acosta should do an interview with this company! Thank you for the article, maybe more companies will follow.

    8. The second sentence of the second paragraph reads “every employee received a handgun of their choice”. And yet, how many people, so far, have written “what gun did they get?”.

      I’m at a loss.

      1. If that photo represents their presents, it looks like they were able to pick any gun they wanted. I see a S$W 442 and 656 revolvers, several styles and brands of semi-autos, a 454 Casull or 44mag revolver with a scope, shotgun, etc.
        Very cool!

    9. ounds like a good company policy. Employees with clean criminal records, a place not likely to ever have a workplace shooting. Should any nut case be looking for “:evil employed people” this place will be on the bottom of the list.

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