New “Red Flag” Gun Control Bills to be Introduced in Texas

Red Flag Gun Grab Laws
Red Flag Gun Grab Laws

Austin, Texas-( lawmakers will consider anti-gun bills including “red flag” laws, mandatory background checks for all private handgun sales at gun shows, and new regulations on 3-D printed firearms in the next year’s legislative session.

A “red flag” law is also known as an extreme risk protection order (ERPO). An ERPO allows police to remove firearms from a gun owner if a judge determines that the person is a danger to themselves or others. The issue that gun rights advocates have with ERPOs is that the court proceeding is held in secret without the gun owner being able to defend themselves against the charges.

The burden of proof in an ERPO hearing is very low. Any family member, roommate, or neighbor can go to the police to seek an order. Studies show that 98% of all warrants that police seek are approved by the courts. It has cost the accused upwards of $10,000 to get their gun rights back. Gun rights organizations such as Gun Owners of America consider these orders as violating the Due Process Clause of the Constitution.

Last month a Maryland man was shot in killed by police while they were trying to serve an ERPO. That man’s sister took out the ERPO on him on what his niece described as “family being family.” She stated her uncle was not a danger to anyone.

Texas is known as a “gun-friendly” state, but two El Paso Democrats, Rep. Joe Moody, and Sen. Jose Rodriguez, plan to change that with the “red-flag” bill.

The bill would go farther than family members reporting a gun owner for making threats. According to the bill evidence of substance abuse or the recent acquisition of firearms and ammunition would be grounds for firearms confiscation.

Rodriguez calls the proposed bill as “sensible legislation,” but it will face an uphill battle. The Texas Republican Party has made the opposition of “red-flag” laws part of their party’s platform. With the Republicans in control of the Texas Legislature, it seems unlikely that this bill would reach Gov. Greg Abbotts desk.

If the bill somehow reaches Abbott’s desk, it would be highly unlikely that he would be willing to sign it into law. He has said won’t support a “red-flag” bill recently. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick also says he will not support an ERPO law. Patrick controls the Texas Senate.

Rodriguez acknowledges that a “red-flag” bill most likely fail but believes that the passing of the law in the future will be possible.

“On a bipartisan basis, I think the attention that we’ve had to recent shootings spurs public anger that at the Congress level, they’re not doing anything about common-sense gun violence prevention, and the same thing applies here in the state,” Rodríguez told the Houston Chronicle. “I think it’s just the culture here in the state, the gun culture, and it’s going to take a little more time in my view. I’m optimistic that eventually we’ll be able to do it.”

Democrat Rep. Ron Reynolds also introduce a bill that would ban the private sale of a handgun at a gun show without the buyer going through a background check.

Currently, in Texas, only those who are FFLs are required to perform a background check on a would-be buyer. The Missouri City Democrat hopes to change that. Reynolds proposal would make it a misdemeanor to sell a handgun at a gun show without making the buyer go through a background check.

This law seems to be the brainchild of Texas Gun Sense. The anti-gun groups claim that these laws save lives. The anti-gun group does not offer proof of the claims of lives saved. When AmmoLand reached out to Gyl Switzer, Executive Director of Gun Sense Texas, she did not reveal her source of the data but said she would get back to AmmoLand with the source ASAP. [We are still waiting.]

The third anti-gun bill addresses 3-D printed guns. Democratic Rep. Terry Canales wants a metal strip installed in any 3-D printed gun to be mandatory.

Terry incorrectly thinks that 3-D printed guns allow people to defeat metal detectors. These guns still have metal firing pins and ammunition which are both detectable by metal detectors. A metal strip seems to be an unneeded extra step.

Canales is honest about his lack of knowledge on 3-D printed guns, but also states that policymakers need to be well versed in the subject.

“There’s still much unknown about 3-D guns to me, as there is the rest of the Legislature,” Canales stated when proposing the bill. “And as this technology continues to permeate society, it’s important that the people and policymakers are well versed in the subject of it and as laws and regulations are made, they’re done so thoughtfully, meaningfully and with respect to the Second Amendment.”

Although none of these bills seem destined to pass it does show that anti-gun politicians in Texas are pushing into territory that they think they can win on in the future based on National anti-gun successes and ignorance.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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From time to time Blood may need to be shed from Tyrants and Rebels to ensure that the people remain free!
An un-armed populous are slaves!


Amen brother, amen!


These people who want to strip us of our 2nd amendment rights have no interest in stopping there! As long as we have adherence to the 2nd amendment, the rest of our rights are safe!


They need to be removed for violating their oath of office. “Shall not be infringed”. Change the 2nd amendment or stop this unconstitutional crap.

Aliel The Heretic

@AMMOLAND Texas has NOT been known as a gun friendly state in a very long time. Repubs and Dems both fight against open and constitutional carry. Repubs strip away the 4th Amendment rights of LTC holders. The NRA fought us every step of the fricken way (and then took credit for open carry in order to stop ConCarry), even locking arm in arm with Moms Demand Action. Police Unions testifying against the 2nd Amendment. Sheriffs went absolutely SILENT. City cops beating, tazing, arresting and falsely charging law abiding gun owners for YEARS now. Where in the hell have you guys… Read more »

Rick Gearin

In simple terms… These lawmakers have broken the public trust with Texas citizens. It’s unfortunate that they will continue to be elected by the uneducated and unpatriotic sheep. It’s time to come together as Texans, as Americans, as patriots and defend our way of life. Get involved, join a patriot group, participate, call your congressman and express your views. GET INVOLVED and not just behind a computer screen. Get prepared, stand strong for our state and our country.
Rick Gearin
POC Texas Security Force III%


Sadly Rick, This nation doesn’t seem to have the backbone anymore. People are afraid to stand up and be counted for fear of placing themselves on a “government” list. Being a member of groups, organizations, etc like NRA, GOA, III%’S, are being monitored. Would anyone think otherwise? With this “Red Flag” law passed in Maryland and being considered in other states, there will most likely be more blood spilled. I am not discouraging people to stick there heads in the sand, actually there is strength in numbers and many within these groups are LE, Military, Veterans of each etc. Look… Read more »


I can see Texas becoming its own country again
All it needs is a good push

Robert Messmer

The State has no authority to stop anyone from doing harm, including death, to themselves. That right is reserved to the people by the Tenth Amendment. Re: Proposed 3D gun law Another politician that wants to duplicate existing law. “The United States Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988 (18 U.S.C. § 922(p)) makes it illegal to manufacture, import, sell, ship, deliver, possess, transfer, or receive any firearm that is not as detectable by walk-through metal detection as a security exemplar containing 3.7 oz (105 g) of steel, or any firearm with major components that do not generate an accurate image before… Read more »


As the mass exodus of Californians relocate to Texas Constitutional rights will slowly morph into the same mental mindset that turned California into Americas first 3rd world state. Think about it Texas. Do you really want liberal legislators tearing your once independent, common sense state into another laughing stock example of failed socialistic leadership?


as is going on in arizona also.


I thought “elected officials” are sworn to UPHOLD the Constitution. Sounds like treason banning firearms. IMO. Stay Locked and Loaded My Friends!!!

Wild Bill

@WLE, Yep, they do, and it does sound like treason, but it is not. Treason is defined in the Constitution. What it is is betrayal, and there is no crime in betraying their oath.

Jim Macklin

It is clearly an impeachable act but they keep getting elected by printing more money..
The dollar has lost 98% of it purchasing power since 1940.

They stopped teaching USA history in schools, what they do say is false. Is it any wonder that the voters elect Socialists and gun banners?

M. Davis

I’m hearing the Beatles in my head, “GONNA BE A REVOLUTION…”
Benjamin Franklin predicted that we would experience another revolution 2 – 300 years after the first one. If lawmakers keep pushing to disarm the public, that prediction may come to fruition in the very near future.
“An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a SUBJECT.”


I say that gun owners and second amendment supporters take this “red flag” matter into their own hands…

Gregory Romeu

We will, when the time comes.


I would just like to know one thing… WHERE is all the Antifa rage over THESE oppressive Fascist laws? Where’s the #metoo movement when these laws are putting past and future victims at risk? You start taking away law-abiding citizens ability to defend themselves and violent crime rates will skyrocket. Taking away the Second Amendment is like turning off every light in the world and closing your eyes… Something very bad is about to happen.

Gregory Romeu

It amazes me how people do not realize and understand that the very split Nano-Second that the Second Amendment is removed is the very same time that the Revolution begins?

At that point in time there will be no courts of law, there will be no community service, there will be no probation, there will be no Postal Service. Well? We really don’t have any Postal Service now as it is but we will REALLY not to have any if a revolution starts.

Gregory Romeu

Their mothers wouldn’t let them leave until they cleaned up her basement.

L.L. Smith

A REPUBLICAN has announced he will introduce a Red Flag bill here in Tennessee.
I read of an rich man that lifted up his eyes in hell. He only wanted a drop of water to cool his tongue.
The Republican and the rich man as the same chance of getting what they want,

Con Garas

….but the abuse of this is outrages. I have seen this before…but riddle me this batman..I know this for a fact……helping a friend of mine go through this in another state…..So the question I have is what happen when the accuser make a false statement….just to get back at someone, payback or so on? Friend of mine is going through a divorce…….reason does not matter…..but someone decide to get payback because of the restraining order my buddy has on his going to be ex….so she is not allowed in the home , no contact and so on…judge extended it for… Read more »

Amy McGuyer Fox

Absolutely the NORM in Shithole States traitorously defying the USA Constitution to destroy Citizen’s RIGHT to Protect Themselves! Some Shithole Corrupt “Cops” recently used this tactic to confiscate my Husband’s, a NIST Researcher finding ways to prevent Firefighter deaths nationwide, legal locked up Shotguns. The Humor is that the Protective Order was against ME by a Man possibly impersonating a US Airforce Classified Medal of Honor Winner. One of the confiscated Guns was issued to the REAL Medal of Honor Winner, a personal gift from the Medal of Honor Winner to protect his “MOST LOVED FAMILY” and part of my… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

1) There is no such thing as a, “Medal of Honor WINNER”. You are AWARDED The Medal Of Honor. And 2) There is no such thing as a, “classified” MOH recipient. They are ALL publicly listed. ALWAYS have been, ALWAYS will be.

The more I read your postint, the more I think, A), Somebody gave you a good bullshit story to get into your panties! Or, B) You have been messing around in mommy’s medicine cabinet and got into her Prozac?


I recently moved from the shithole known as California. I agree with almost everything negative said about those of us coming to Texas. However I have always been a Republican and moved to the Great State if Texas to get away. I want to live like a Texan not a brain washed Californian. I voted all things Republican and have been enjoying the right to buy and bare arms. Thank you to all the Texans that have opened their arms to me and my family we love you and we love the Great Republican State of Texas. [email protected] off California!


@hotshottertom Texas has the same problem as Colorado! California scum moving in and taking over the place. I spent 13 years in CO and by the time I left Denver was run by the Bloods and the Crips. Then it really got bad and the Donkeycrats moved in!

Jeffery Stutsman

Yeah, Californians are like locust. After they consume and destroy their own States, they descend into another State and vote Democrat. I fled San Diego to Las Vegas two decades ago, until Nevada was invaded and destroyed by Californians. Then I fled to Texas and found prosperity and built a good life. In the past few years I’ve run into many Californians who have fled to Texas. They complain about the guns, the red necks, the lack of services, the racist confederate history. I guess they come here to save our great States the way they’ve saved California, and Illinois,… Read more »




@THE NEW NRA So the NRA is loosing money hand over fist fight for gun right and it’s there fault they don’t spend more. Maybe if less people like you talked a good game and did more to actually do a good game, more would get done! Just sayin’

Fred Witzell

*Introduced* doesn’t mean *passed* in Texas.. Yes indeed… We have some stupid a**holes in the Texas legislature, and they all have a *D* behind their names… Luckily, there are still more than enough Conservatives and REAL Republicans to stop this crap… And Gov. Abbott won’t play games with this trash either… My Facebook page, United States Gun Owners Association, and we welcome American gun owners and 2A supporters only…

R Franklin

Gotta be careful though! This us how they start to test the waters and go from there. Gotta stop them quick and be persistent!

Gregory Romeu

He’ll, Rodriguez” staff can barely take a phone message, if she does at all? It’s high time he be replaced.


Let’s start with Trump. I am a supporter of his programs and the job he has been doing under intense pressure but he was the first to mention taking the guns then going to court. The gun grabbers took ahold of this and ran with it. Tennessee is dealing with their own RINO that is pushing this. At least Texas has a democrat, hispanic trying it on them. These guys would definitely be kicked in the chops by the elite if ever there was a take over, much to their surprise. This and bump stocks make a person wonder if… Read more »

The Revelator

“This and bump stocks make a person wonder if he is a true 2A supporter”

Been Warning of that for three years now Tomcat, but no one wanted to listen back in December of 2015. good comment


I don’t think he really understood what he was agreeing to

The Revelator

@Gregory Romeu Which one are you thinking was the only adult in the room, because I sure as heck did not see that from trump. I have reasons why, and facts I can point to if you are open to hearing them before you try and judge. I have been more than fair as far as Mr Trump is concerned, pointing out successes, failures, and plain old stupidity when the situations rear their heads. So before you try and pick a fight, do you really want to have a discussion about this and are you open to hearing some evidence… Read more »

The Revelator


I’m sorry, but it doesn’t work both ways. He is either a great 2nd amendment supporter and knows exactly what the second amendment protects against, what the true meaning of that right is and standing firm, or he’s a buffoon that doesn’t understand it and we must guard against his inclinations to make deals which will cost us dearly.

Gregory Romeu

Trump had his hands full with debating 15 that were running for the Presidency and that one that was, “the only adult in the room”, so you see, Trump KNEW the importance of his mission and he remained focused on it as he still is.

Dave C

Has anyone noticed that nearly all of the multi-death shooters are Democrats, and they do their business in “gun free zones?” The Kool-Aid drinkers may think that they are trying to make the world safer, but their handlers have a different motive…..


I live in Texas and am surrounded by assholes like this now thanks to the blue state taxes and laws. We have blue state rejects that ruined their states California NJersey etc that bring that crap with them. I find it puzzling that they ran from their state which they destroyed, and bring the exact same legislation here. See, they can’t do a door to door gun grab without having first made a blue flag law Then some jackass democrat supporter that lives near you decides,, hmmm that guy whom I saw putting a rifle bag and ammo can in… Read more »

Ed Sunderland

The problem with this law is time and again police are notified some dude is making threats and they do nothing about those threats. So now innocent people are going to get their weapons taken away at the simple request of another. All they have to do is make the allegation and you lose your weapon of they will kill you. Already happened. This red flag law is unconstitutional on it’s face.


since 99% of crimes are committed by demon-rats, terminology should be corrected to read “blue” flag laws.


The Liberal Democrats are hell bend to destroy this state and this country. RED FLAG laws should be deemed completely UNCONSTITUTIONAL. I do appose back ground checks when buying guns at gun shows. what many peolpe not realize is they are setting this country up to be the BIGGEST GUN BLACK MARKET in the world..


put your d-rat d-sucker fag “legislation” where the moon does not shine, a**holes.


“…recent acquisition of firearms and ammunition would be grounds for firearms confiscation.”

So, the act of buying a gun and ammo would now be grounds to seize your guns and ammo… No catch 22 there at all… Wankers.


Exactly, now the bar is so low that just purchasing a weapon is grounds for confiscation, and evidence of substance abuse? Does that mean you bought a case of beer instead of a six pack?

Jim Macklin

I want a “red flag” law that requires illegal aliens and citizens who are violent criminals to carry a red flag to warn all the innocent, non-violent people [citizen or not] that they are violent and a danger to the peaceful.

Garrett Weston

Yes! I love it

Gregory Romeu

Being that these criminals decided to give up their rights by committing these violent crimes I would think that a red flag tattoo on the forehead would work!


I’m starting to wonder if the good people of Texas are any smarter than the other commies in charge of the liberal states. Wake up Texas!

Jack Mac

Texans need more wake calls. Texas has Democrat saturation of institutions. Especially schools and civil service agencies hire docile people who are easy absorbed in to the Democrat Party. Even many Law Enforcement agencies actively recruits far out of state. Many immigrate to Texas to escape the Democrat control of other states. Most come for jobs, cost of living, and wormer weather. These people do not want to integrate they want to infiltrate. Yes, we have a lot of commies and we do need wake up to take action. Thank you for your wake up call, we will likely need… Read more »


Thanks for NOTHING, NRA: As long as “pro-gun” NRA members allow their “leadership” to continue to push for gun control legislation, this will not go away. Here’s a video of Chris Cox advocating Red Flag Laws, right from the NRA’s own Youtube channel.

Also, don’t forget Wayne LaPeterless and Mr. Coxless joint statement on rate of fire increasing accessories. Isn’t it funny how the NRA’s own vernacular gets used against law abiding gun owners?


I have just went to both of the links you stated above. First I would like to say there is absolutely no reason to resort to name calling if you intend to have a mature adult conversation about a topic. I have watched the Chris Cox Video and on initial viewing, yes, it does give the appearance of NRA support for ERPO laws, but you need to read the comments below the video. I for one do believe the ERPO laws will destroy the 2ND Amendment and it’s only a matter of time before the loudest voice in the room… Read more »


Well Hey Mr. Hall Monitor, Thanks for the lesson in manners and oblique euphemism. Irrespective of your defense of the NRA’s latest leap for gun control, the point of the matter is that the NRA is not resisting the proposed EO that uses the term “rate of fire increasing accessory.” Moreover, you exhibit the myopic view of most of the NRA “leadership.” The Feds abusive and arbitrary decision to designate certain unusual accessories as needing regulation, without any statutory authority should be of greatest concern to all of us. The fact of the matter is Bump Fire Stocks and/or Slide… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

@John Dunlap, @Cody, so, John? You’re going to limit, Cody’s First Amendment rights while you pretend to defend 2nd Amendment rights?


That’s it Greg. Anybody concerned about how the NRA is wasting political and financial capital, by selling gun owners out, are supposed to shut up and enjoy whatever concessions Whiny Wayne, Compliant Chris and Malignant Marion want to throw at the antigunners.

NRA-ILA is nothing more than an enemy within our gates. The Bible has a wonderful passage about scum like them.

“These people are blemishes at your love feasts, eating with you without the slightest qualm—shepherds who feed only themselves. They are clouds without rain, blown along by the wind; autumn trees, without fruit and uprooted—twice dead.” Jude 1:12


@Cody You know what, this is America, at least the last time I looked. You don’t like the NRA or what it’s doing, don’t join, but your assessment in NOT need on your personal decisions. Grow UP!


Oh great. Ms. Manners arrives to defend the Hall Monitor: Well Ms. Manners, Indeed, this is America. America IS founded in Freedom. Freedom is protected in writing by the Bill of Rights. All rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights are of equal intent and force. However, the NRA, for the sake of feigning a continual crisis of pending gun control, professes to be “No Compromise.” All the while the NRA is cutting deals with the sworn enemies of Freedom, by selling out on the 2A. At least in this instance, with the NRA’s support for Red Flag Laws, they… Read more »


@Cody. What are your thoughts about GOA? We need a voice. Many of us realizing that the NRA has been compromised as members are in need of the strength in numbers. Our small voices are drowned by leftist lies and false fears.



Hey Tim, Thanks for asking! I can’t say enough good about GOA. I came in contact with them in 1991, when I was very despondent about how the NRA was crushing some nascent grassroots activism, in North Carolina, that I attempted to get the NRA to support. Not only did the NRA slam the door in my face, they worked hard at undermining local activists by telling the state legislature, that we were too small and too few to have any credibility or enough votes to matter. So, despite the NRA attempting to crush their local no-compromise “competition,” GOA helped… Read more »


Introduced by two Democrats? This is my shocked face.


Let no one forget the greatest threat to good mentall health and stability in our country is the liberal democrat.

Gary Day

It is the old communist saul Alinsky rule book take a little at a time until you control everything the people, their thoughts, their actions, everything the people do in life!! When we sit back and say they will never pass anything like that you need to remember there are thousands of people moving into the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS from both the east and west communist coasts bringing with them the communist ideals that have destroyed the states they came from!! They will either with or without intension DESTROY OUR GREAT STATE OF TEXAS IF WE ARE APATHETIC!!!!!!!


Bingo. Just look at what’s happening in the former Southern state of Virginia! Still, if I weren’t from Alabama, I’d be from Texas, one way or another. If we should ever lose Texas, what hope for the rest of the country?

Gregory Romeu

The exact same scenario of all the illegals coming up from South America. Rather than those chickenshits standing thierr ground and fight for their freedom and liberty, they run away like a bunch of little bitches and bring all their crap with them to mess up our country.


Those in and around Texas State… BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It can happen in your state.! Tell them to f@#k off now or regret it.


come & get it d-suckers

Gene Ralno

The primary problem with this nationwide hysteria to enforce red flag laws is none are crafted with sufficient protections for the accused. Apparently, we’ve been deluding ourselves that the U.S. judiciary would rather let ten guilty parties go free than convict one innocent person. Additionally, these laws generally place enormous responsibility and pressure on police officers and judges to dispense pretrial punishment, just in case. This kind of punishment is overly severe to be based on amateur opinions. Since we’re dealing with mentally troubled persons, the law should include analysis by licensed psychiatrists. Doubtlessly, we all know of judges and… Read more »


Kudos. If I could upvote your comment, I would. Do NOT–everybody, skim over the part of the article that tells of the man killed a few weeks ago in Maryland. If you haven’t heard about it, look it up. It read like a normal family dispute got the guy Red Flagged and he was shot and killed by the police while they were CONFISCATING HIS GUNS. Incredible. How many of us could that have been?

Gregory Romeu

“Since we’re dealing with mentally troubled persons”? Yeah! The designers of these dumb ass bills! I would think that we need to focus on filing grievances and Noticed and Demands to cease and desist against these legislators for wasting the taxpayers’ time and money on ignorant legislation that has no value to the public Trust. This is an absurd, true form of fraud waste and abuse against the taxpayers. This is not representative government. We didn’t empower these dumbasses to sit around and spin b******* legislation like this. We hired them to be representatIve of our VOICE! Therefore, I demand… Read more »


Unfortunately we are not going to be dealing with typical mental health issues here. The ownership of guns has been demonized to the point that some people fear that just possession of a gun is evidence that you are crazy.


Very well put, Gene. People, we need to wake up!