CNN’s Gun Hating Snowflake Reporters Never Disappoint ~ VIDEO


Ft Collins, CO –-( CNN’s “sheltered perspective:”

Today, two female CNN reporters were “shocked” to see a photo of our General Scott Miller openly carrying an M4 as he is walking (in uniform, with others also in uniform) on the streets of Afghanistan. Miller’s M4 actually has a magazine inserted, and this really “raised eyebrows” in the hallowed halls of CNN.

An American military officer, in uniform, in an area of active fighting, openly carrying an “assault weapon.”

CNN finds this “shocking” enough to report on just this.

I wish I were surprised, instead of merely revolted.

Snowflakes at CNN, who in their entire sheltered lives have never had to fight-off anything more dangerous than a mosquito, so self-righteously, so piously critical of this wonderful fighting general.

CNN is too accustomed to interviewing our aging gaggle of remaining grandiloquent “peacetime generals,” who (like CNN reporters) are frightened to death of guns, don’t trust their own troops (even fellow officers and s/NCOs), and are themselves “veterans” of nothing more threatening than polite arguments in university faculty lounges.

Scott obviously represents a new generation of military officers who aren’t afraid of going armed, and CNN can’t stand it!

In September, a WY hunting guide was attacked and killed by a grizzly bear. The deceased guide was carrying a G20 (10mm) in a shoulder-holster when attacked.

Investigators subsequently found the (unfired) G20 in question and discovered that it was unloaded (no round chambered)

There can be no doubt about it:

“Administrative procedures,” that are designed to render soldiers and civilians alike absolutely defenseless, and any firearm to which they may have at least some access, essentially useless, will get that gun-owner, or soldier, stone-dead when nature or evil, uninvited and unexpected, suddenly shows up

… as we see.

These stupid “rules,” designed to do nothing but generate victims, have filtered-down from the edicts of grass-eating “administrators” and “managers” (who care far more about their next promotion than they ever will about your safety), to endanger even those who knowingly go to unsafe places, and should thus know better.

CNN, along with their self-important, liberal flunkies, need to stop presuming to dictate politically-correct “proper procedure” to us who actually do own guns, and do go armed, sometimes in dangerous places, and go back to eating grass in their ivory towers.

We neither need, nor want, their non-authoritative, indeed laughable “advice.”


Defense Training International, Inc

About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc
As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or in-actions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr. Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit:

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George Washington

These people are pampered rich elites that have no idea how to actually take care of themselves…. It’s amazing they can even function enough to take baths and show up to be on TV…
Once Americans learn to stop listening to these people, then and only then can we live in peace…
These people are so brain dead…. And Americans actually give them the attention they crave by watching them and talking about them… These people see ANY exposure as good exposure…

Tyrannosaurus Rex

I’m just truly sick and tired of the news media the mothers against guns CNN all the fake news. It’s a travesty that are children how to pay the ultimate price while trying to learn in school my heart really be bleeds for those families. But as a three tour veteran of Vietnam who was also in Search and Rescue to try and find down pilots in enemy land I know the difference between an assault rifle and a sporting rifle. An AR-15 is a semi and I reiterate semi-automatic sporting type rifle the same as a 10/22 is just… Read more »

Jack Carter

Damn good thing these moronic snowflakes weren’t around when Gen. Patton was commanding troops in a combat theater. They wouldn’t have been able to finish their sentence before he backhanded them into the next week.


WOW! It’s “fully loaded”. If it weren’t fully loaded it would be called the USM4 Assault Stick.


Poor little Snowflakes…. Must be really difficult for them trying to hold a job as a “so called” journalist with their HEAD IN THEIR A$$….
Just Say’n… JP …

Wild Bill

, Better that those people are where they can not do much damage. Would you want them in your squad? As your electrician or plumber? I would not let them stack hay! They probably can’t even whore with any degree of competence. Merry Christmas, patriots, and to all the libtards a permanent good night.


Competence at whoring? They can’t even spell it!!


Why would a “News” org even “create” a story of a military General carrying a weapon in a war zone? Why? Why? Because the 24/7 news cycle has to make useless information seem like pertinent information. Totally useless information comes from today’s “journalists”.


The stupidity at CNN never improves!
The C*NT NETWORK NEVER has been accused of smart reporters! Smart assholes for sure! They are Urinalist, not Journalist!
It’s sometimes hard to tell what stinks worse, the CUNT between their legs, or the CUNT between their nose and chin!
One thing that can be counted on is their knowledge of any single thing at all!

J. Grimes

These stupid women are really a piece of work. First, they are ignorant. Second, they are reporting on something that they absolutely know nothing about. So much for putting a woman in an important position. The men at CNN aren’t any better, either.


At least the pentagon representative had the story straight, and if you pay attention to the eyes of the CNN reporter you will see she was caught out and had nowhere to slink off to.
The pentagon version was correct, measured and logical.

American Patriot

I wasn’t aware that there were any men working at CNN the company is a BFZ. (Balls Free Zone)

Wild Bill

First, General officers have the authority to establish their own uniform of the day, including weapons. What I find interesting is what I am not seeing. Where is the aide-de-camp, whose duties include protecting the general officer that he signed for? GOs usually have a driver, RTO, and a few spare hang-arounders, all of whom would be armed. There should be enough armed men around the GO to shock CNN into apoplexy!


Battle zones require you to be armed.

L.L. Smith

A friend observed that the 1911 I was carrying was “cocked an locked”.
He asked if that wasn’t dangerous. I replied that of course it’s dangerous. If it wasn’t dangerous I would leave it at home.
In a self defense situation we will likely start out behind. We may have to play “catch up”.
I need nothing to do that will slow me down any more.
If anyone goes home I intend for it to be me,

Heed the Call-up

L.L. Smith, I would have added that it is only dangerous to a criminal committing a crime against me or a family member or friend. I have had a few ask, when they found out that I carry, if I carry chambered. I almost have to laugh at that, but I just say, of course, it is useless empty. I prefer my PX4 .45 to the 1911, though I do like the trigger on the 1911, too.


CNN=Communist News Network. Nothing more complicated than that.


Ya’all are a bunch of idiots: the CNN reporters were not being critical and were actually acknowledging the risks in the war zone from turncoat natives. Talk about being triggered.


Been totally indoctrinated long ? EVERY GENERAL during WW2 and the Korean War went about armed; Ever hear about Gen Patton’s pistols?
They WERE being asininely critical and in doing so revealed their total ignorance and stupidity, like YOU.


I would be armed also, It IS a war zone and you would need your head looked at if you did other wise!
CNN along with all MSM suck!


I find it unusual to be on this side of the argument. I dislike the fake news CNN and the like for their bias positions on almost anything conservative and non-liberal. To read this article one would think that this was the case here once again, unless you take the time to play the clip. Whether they are savvy enough to see that it is not only a PR thing, but that he is proving the he himself is willing to take responsibility for his own safety as well as those around him is applaudable. When it gets down to… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Charlie, I watched the video and the CNN reporter was clearly shocked at the idea of him being armed, and worse yet, with a scary rifle.


This reminds of of the soldiers at Ft. Monmouth who after 9/11 were armed with M-16’s . Since school busses passed by the gates there was serious concern the snow flakes would need counseling after seeing this . Complaints led to them being disarmed…….


Any “complaints” SHOULD have resulted in the complainants being jailed or shot. That would be a much better outcome.

Terry Story

The part of the commentary that I saw was supportive of the General carrying the M4. They explained that he was in an area that was not secure and that he was demonstrating that he would go where they were and he would be clearly prepared. It was not a hit piece like you would normally expect of CNN, and although the hostess of the show didn’t say much, the woman that commented on the fact that the General was carrying an M4 did a quite credible job of explaining what was going on and why. First time I ever… Read more »

Greg in Texas

I’ll bet he has it set up real sweet, too! CNN reporters should have a few dark alley encounters. Maybe they will wake up to the realities of life.

Vincent Brady

CNN wants everyone to carry a hockey puck!

phil morris

well at least they finally used the term “assault weapon” correctly even if once again stupidly ;-)p


If the SHTF those two would appreciate more than just that Gen having a deadly black gun.
First hand would behoove them greatly.

John S

Thus article is fake news and misses the entire point of the conversation. They point of the news story is that the Gen, by carrying his M4, is making a statement that he supports both the Afghans, Allies and will not cower to the Taliban. They are not being critical of his for carrying the rifle, but stating the importance behind it. If we’re gonna call out fake news on their side, we better be able to do the same on our own. This article is intellectually dishonest.


Go back and listen to the first minute where the talking head sets up the Pentagon Correspondent. Yes the Pent person has the correct reply. Why does she need to even talk about it? Because of the people referenced in that first minute, who think it strange, and encompasses most of the Leftard Enemedia and leftards in general..


General Miller makes me proud to have been a soldier and to be an American.


Are the reporters really that dumb to believe that a soldier carrying a weapon in a war zone is a bad thing?

Jon Dough

why yes, yes they are… it has really gotten that bad….
All of them “educated” in America’s finest communist universities.

THIS is what happens when the Americun public has been previously dumbed down
in the past 3 generations to the point now where 80 to 90 % are in a fookin’ COMA


Yes, they are.
Or even much more than silly dumb …

Green Mtn. Boy

“An American military officer, in uniform, in an area of active fighting, openly carrying an “assault weapon.”

I have news for the Communist/Clinton News Network,they most likely told the truth. In all actuality the M 4 is a true assault weapon as it has the capability of Full Automatic fire and not a Semi Automatic carbine,however they remain clueless and satisfied in their ignorance.

Mike S.

They wouldn’t last a week in a hot zone and we all know it. What do they think happens if you try to hug it out with an AK47? Dumbasses on teevee, talking about that which they do not know. No surprise there! The only benefit is that we now know two more slugs we won’t be competing with when the balloon finally goes up. They’ll be toast in a week or two. It’s how I get through my day having to deal with snowflakes… just that many more people I don’t have to worry about in an emergency because… Read more »

When you're right you're right

The General always travels with a carbine when going to dangerous or questionable areas. In this photo he had dismounted from his helicopter and didn’t have the usual staff hand-off for the weapon. He therefore carried it with him for a short distance until he could pass it on in an acceptable manner. Nothing remarkable here. Just a lack of fact checking and a desire for a talking point.

CNN needs to hire a vet or six or at least have a couple on speed dial.

Jack Mac

Guess CNN’s opinion of Vets.


Who cares what a bunch of blonde info babes with skulls full of mush think or say. When they spend a tour In-Country in a hostile war zone. I might at least listen to their point of view. Until that happens. They are just white noise.