Democrat Praise for Bush Limits ‘Acceptable’ Republican Policy on Guns and More

Democrat praise is calculated to make Republicans embrace “compromise” lest they be smeared as “extremists.” (George H.W. Bush / Facebook)

USA – -( “Condolences pour in from New York state, Hudson Valley with passing of former President George H.W. Bush,” the Daily Freeman reports. “U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., said Bush was ‘a fine man and even when he opposed your view, you knew he was doing what he thought was best for America. His yearning for a kinder and gentler nation seems more needed now than when he first called for it.’”

“New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo … called Bush ‘a statesman and patriot who dedicated his life to serving his country,’” the report continues.

They’ve pulled this act before.

“Sen. Chuck Schumer, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo join others praising John McCain,” Newsday reported in August following the senator’s death. The tributes from the left were effusive – if one believed them, one could believe Democrats admire “good” Republicans, as opposed to the “deplorable” kind. The thing is, when alive, such affectionate warmth always seemed to disappear whenever an opportunity to grasp more power arose. Suddenly “moderates” would find themselves attacked as “rightwing extremists” and worse.

The same held true in life for President Bush, and in death, the less restrained, the mask-off socialists, are calling him a racist for his part in exposing the truth about  Michael Dukakis enabling convicted murderer Willie Horton to commit assault, armed robbery and rape while enjoying a weekend furlough.

The lesson here: No matter how much you “compromise,” it will never be enough, and while Democrats will happily accept every concession you give them, if you balk when they come back for more (and they always will), prepare be smeared and reviled.

And “compromise” Bush did, especially on the Second Amendment. He very publicly quit the NRA (and played right into gun-grabber hands) after Wayne LaPierre referred to ATF as “jack-booted thugs” (with everyone conveniently forgetting the term was coined by Democrat John Dingell.

Why Bush was in the NRA in the first place – aside for political advantage – is a fair question, especially after reading attorney and author Dave Kopel’s Gun World commentary from 1996. He voted for the Gun Control Act of 1968, wanted to ban affordable handguns, imposed an import ban on semiautomatic firearms demonized as “assault weapons,” wished for authority to ban domestic models, proposed “high capacity” magazine registration, offered a deal on the Brady Bill and then turned his back on the people who helped elect him by closing the White House off to gun advocates.

“All the above information …was ignored by the media when reporting Bush’s resignation from the NRA,” Kopel noted. “Instead, Bush was lauded as a solid friend of the Second Amendment who was standing up for principle against the NRA.”

Guess what that made anyone to the right of him?

As we know from experience, for creatures lusting for power – creatures like Schumer and Cuomo – those infringements would never be enough. And that should give pause to any Republican foolishly believing if he only gives his “friends across the aisle” what they want, they and their media promoters will start saying nice things about them, too.

Maybe, temporarily, or when they’re dead – if it serves the agenda of moving the middle more to the left…

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and a contributor to Firearms News, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Don’t forget about “RUBY RIDGE”, brought to you by G.H.W. BUSH, and his Un-Justice Department!
Randy Weavers Dog and Son MURDERED by the FBI & ATF, for a trumped up U.S. Government charge against Randy!
Don’t forget that Randy Weavers wife was MURDERED while holding a dangerous baby!
That was Bush’s doing, leading up to months later Clinton’s Janet Reno’s MURDERING all the people at WACO!
Great Government we have! EH?


Sad but true.

Green Mtn. Boy

Agreed and truly sad the way we have kept or Not our Republic.


“Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.” Barry Goldwater

we have what we have today because we have too many “moderates’ and not enough ‘extremists’, as those words are used by Barry Goldwater.

no compromise is warranted with those who would take your life, freedom and/or wealth.

The Green Watch Dog

Many here need to learn and reflect on history on why he pulled his membership from the NRA. Bush criticized Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s executive vice president at the time. This guy compared our federal agents to Nazis after Waco! In addition, the illustrious LaPierre disrespected federal agents who were on the scene of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. I voted for both Bushes, and as I am a proud American, and Texan. The GWD.


You’re a FOOL! The bushes are nothing but NWO supporters and in fact they voted for hil-LIAR-y clinton instead of Trump – LOOK IT UP MORON. Why do you think GHW palled around the world with slick willie? Hero worship is killing the conservative side, especially when you are worshiping a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Green Mtn. Bo0y

Correct,no matter how one polishes a Turd it remains a polished Turd.

The Shocker

F the ATF and all quislings that support that gang of badgethugs.

Ryan G.

Bush 41 lost in 1992 because of Ross Perot, pure and simple, but there were other factors. It wasn’t because of the lack of an endorsement by the NRA. No, he was no friend to gun owners but many voters voted for him anyway in 1992 because, as Neal Knox put it at the time (referring to who Clinton would put in his administration), “Bush’s worst will be better than Clinton’s best”. Also, Bush alienated and even frightened evangelical Christians who supported him in 1988 with his repeated references to a “new world order”. Bush and his administration had contempt… Read more »

The Shocker

He lost because he was a nose in the air Deep State turd. He was only put on the ticket with Reagan to keep The Gipper in line. When RWR got too popular, the Deep State had a bullet put in him to remind him of his place.

Clark Kent

You need new tinfoil for your hat, amigo. Better change it quick before Santa arrives.


Are you so naive that you didn’t know the massive faults of Ronnie Raygun!? Ronnie, as governor of commiefornia, gave them gun control. As Pres. he amnesties illegal law breakers, he created NAFTA (which slick willie enacted and GHWBush supported. Reagan supported and pushed for a N. American Union. ALL of these last ten presidents were scumbags and lied to the people about their agenda. The Bushes suckered the military by acting pro-military. Sadly, Trunp is being sucked in to believing that Bush was better than McLame , when they were birds of a feather!

The Shocker

Daddy Bush, the world’s biggest drug dealer, did the “pen and a phone” dictator routine decades before Chocolate Jesus. Most Conservatives yawned as he banned almost 150 models of firearms from import without Congress. RIH with McStain, you filthy old monster.

Green Mtn. Boy

Please clap.

Bob Sadtler


For all the mealy-mouthed fawning over pappy bush, this is the first and only piece I have seen that spoke the truth.

Cold, hard fact: Everyone has their central issue. You can serve your country for fifty or sixty years, but if you routinely slight a particular cause, to those who care about that cause, your decades of service are MEANINGLESS!


As a veteran, I disagree! The fact is that there are a huge number of leftists in the military, and if you think they are doing it for patriotic reasons, you’re a fool. Most officers, like both bushes, john carry, and McLame are leftist and use the military to make their way into political office. Nearly everything they do in office is a direct violation of their oath of service, oath of office, and the Constitution. Not a single one of these asshats ever attempted to get rid of the infringements on our 2nd amendment rights by the NFA. None… Read more »


Yes the democrats liked him, remember “read my lips, no new taxes” then they put him in a box and he signed for more new taxes. He shot himself in the foot more than once in his bid for a second term. The fact that he is a globalist is enough for me. Let’s just hope there are no more Bushes or Clintoons in the White House.


bush ran the CIA,he was a globalist and a deep state scumbag,period!


Nothing the demofrats love more than a dead republican.


Bush 41 was one of millions of guys who served honorably in WWII, and earned respect for that. But like so many other warriors turned politicians, Bush 41 showed a petty and vindictive side by his very public denunciation of the NRA – which was nothing more than payback for the NRA’s refusal to endorse him for a second term, a refusal he blamed for his loss. At the time – due to his anti-gun actions mentioned in the article above – someone said that expecting an NRA endorsement would be like an abusive husband expecting his battered wife to… Read more »


Bush’s, Clinton’s, Obama’s….they are all the same people. They just take turns getting into office like the good little neo aristocracy that they are. If they thought they could get away with it they would bestow titles on themselves and each other. Remember the sequence?……Bush then Clinton then Bush the supposed to be H. Clinton, but Obama snuck in then supposed to be Bush but H. Clinton said “I didn’t get my turn waaaaa!” and Trump snuck in. Resistance by one side and then the other is why Obama and trump got in. But don’t forget! Here comes Chelsea and… Read more »


@Cap, What follows is a hypothetical: I knew a farmer that had a rat population problem in his barn. The population was confined to just that barn, and no other parts of his farm. One hot day, that farmer brought out a pan of water for them, and poisoned it. That was the end of the farm’s rat problem. The preceding was a hypothetical for academic purposes only.

G dubb

Great article. Bush1, a decent man and decorated Veteran, unfortunately represented the beginning of the globalistic and socialistic erosion of our Country and Constitution. His soft heart and willingness to appease the liberals opened the Door for Slick Willie, his own Son to a degree, and then Barry Hussein, to continue this degradation to the point we are witnessing today. Luckily for us, there is still Hope to reverse this extreme unAmerican communistic direction. Its up to us to ensure another social globalist does not reside in the White House.


“a decent and decorated veteran”???? You probably think that you muslime neighbor or your illegal mexican maid, or your negro co-worker, or your leftist “white” boss, are good people – THEY ARE NOT! They all have satan in their hearts and simply put on a facade so that you will not see their true agenda. The bushes are the same, why do you think GHW palled around with slick willie all the time, why do you think he voted for hil-LIAR-y clinton (yes he did and it is documented), why do you think he did nothing to try to eliminate… Read more »

Don Baker

His anti gun attitude is why I voted against him


There was no significant anti-gun legislation while he was president. The man he lost to did pass anti-gun legislation whose only redeeming feature was a ten year expiration.

The Shocker

He didn’t need Legistreason ..he had a pen and a phone. Like every other Bush, he screws his own base.

Dr. Strangelove

Oh, c’mon. Everyone knows that lefties love conservatives, but only after they’re dead.

Greenh Mtn. Boy

“New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo … called Bush ‘a statesman and patriot who dedicated his life to serving his country,’”

With friends like that why bother with enemies,None of the Bushes prospered Freedom or Liberty in America,quite the opposite.
The kindest thing I can say H.W. Bush is Well Bye.



Atlanta Scott

Well said. The Bush family are globalist one-worlders who’ve never had an unkind word – to this day – to say about His Mighty Emperor Barry Sotoro, the godless Marxist who set out to destroy this country, but sure can find the time to smear President Trump, the guy fighting the swamp monsters they swam so gleefully with.

Bye bye, Bushie! I hope to never hear the name again.

Mark Zanghetti

Atl. Scott, you’re right, they never spoke out against The Obomination but have done nothing but speak out against President Trump. Their NWO bona fides are well known, but I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Perot.