Carol Frampton for 2019’s NRA Board Of Directors

Editors Note: Carol Frampton is a great example of the different type of skill sets and leadership required to run our National Rifle Association. Please consider her for your vote.

Carol Bambery Frampton
Carol Bambery Frampton

USA – -( Thank you to AmmoLand News for inviting me to explain why NRA's eligible member voters should support my candidacy for the NRA 2019 Board. I should mention that many readers would know me as Carol Bambery, from before I married John.

I’ve seen firearms issues from every side. I spent most of my adult life in Michigan, where hunting is a way of life, and now live in South Carolina, where it is the same. In between, I had to spend a few years in the anti-gun District of Columbia, where I was denied the right to have a handgun to defend myself, and even rifles and shotguns had to be registered.

I’ve served on the NRA Board for some time, and believe I do my duty to the members who voted for me. In all that time I missed two Board meetings: one due to a death in the family, and one when I couldn’t walk due to foot surgery. The average Board member signs up for 2-3 committee assignments; I’ve taken on five plus the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund and moderator of NRA's annual Firearm Law Seminar. I’m chair of Bylaws and Resolutions Committee, Chair of Hearings, Vice Chair of Women’s Policies and the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund, and a member of the Hunting and Wildlife Conservation and Legal Affairs committees. I’m busy during the Board meetings and enjoy doing the work you have elected me to do on the Board.

As vice chair of the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund, I help to lead the NRA organization that did so much to organize, and fund, our work in District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago. Now, with another Supreme Court case coming up in New York State Rifle and Pistol v. City of New York, that work will be even more important to our rights. We will be backing friend of the court briefs to support an expansion of our Second Amendment rights, and seeking to begin an offensive that will ensure that the Second Amendment is as broad as all our other Bill of Rights freedoms.

The government has no more business regulating our right to keep and bear arms than it does regulating our religious beliefs, our speech, our writings, or who we choose to meet with. I’ll continue with my efforts to protect our Second Amendment rights. Last year, my work for gun rights won NRA’s Sybil Ludington Women’s Freedom Award.

Right now I am proud to serve as the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Chief of Legal Services. In the past, I served as General Counsel to the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. As you might guess, my favorite sport is hunting, and have bagged game with a rifle, shotgun, and bow. My first deer was harvested with my crossbow. In 2017 the National Wild Turkey Federation gave me their Lynn Boykin Hunting Heritage Award. I would appreciate your support for a seat on the NRA Board. Thank you.

~ Carol Frampton

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    1. Carol was a professor of mine at Lansing (MI) Community College. She is the best candidate for the NRA Board based upon her experience, skills and judgement. Her tireless efforts an behalf of all Americans (who actually understand the 2A) is to be applauded. She is the Gun Grabbers worst nightmare.

    2. NRA Flack is really hot today. Does it matter? The rubber meets the road at your front door and who is knocking and what they want. Like your 15 round mag.
      These guys mean business.
      RKBA Forever!

    3. Dear Carol Bambery Frampton, Are there any Constitutional “gun” control laws? I know that your time is valuable so a yes or no will do.

      1. @John …Oh he probably is, He is also a paid bloomberg shill ! ALL the more reason for every NRA voting member to vote !!! Look at how the liberals have infiltrated politics on the west coast , NY and NJ etc,

    4. Know Carol from time she was a classmate in law school. Her activities in Michigan were important to preserving our rights. She is the ideal person to be on the board.

      1. @James C. McLaughlin, Unfortunately the rebutable presumption must be that if the NRA nominating committee nominates someone, then that person is or will be a rubber stamp. If Carol Bambery Frampton was nominated by the nominating committee, then we must presume that she will be a rubber stamp. Ergo she can not be an ideal person to be on the NRA BOD. If I am wrong, I would like to hear about it.

    5. Some people , from the above messages might want to got their FACTS CORRECT. In this world of nations,THOSE who have massive gun control, have MASSIVE MURDER RATES. HONDURAS has 91.6 murders per 100,000 citizens the U.S. has 4.2 murders per 100,000 citizens . SWITZERLAND has NONE( law requires everyone OWN a GUN and KNOW how to use it.

    6. NRA members are lashing out! If the NRA won’t help support the reversal of the bump stock ban, they’re wondering what part the NRA will not support next. That $600 suppressor you’ve been waiting a year for? Remember “they” told you that was legal also! The NRA needs to support ALL of its members, not just the ones that get to go to exotic places and hunt with guns that cost more than most of our pickup trucks. WINE CLUB? I’ll bet my best rifle against $1 that a survey of the 5.5 million members will show that more of us drink beer than wine! Where’s my BEER CLUB???

    7. America has the worst per capita gun violence rate in the developed world. States with laxer gun safety laws have higher gun violence rates (concentrated in the SE,SW and western areas of the US. California has stricter gun safety laws and lower gun violence per capita rates than the entire southern and western portions of the USA. Washington DC has strict gun safety laws so criminal just go over to Virginia to get their guns. Since the ATF is hamstrung in having the computerized gun serial number data base they would need to find and prosecute gun traffickers this will continue until gun safety groups get them the $400 million they need to build this computer registry. Congress blocked such a data base computer system. Until then america’s thriving gun trafficking business is safe and immune from investigation and prosecution.
      Responsible gun owners embrace safety/, So if the NRA is a civil rights organization, it needs to find someone other than a a three time convicted gun trafficker, Oliver North, as its president/. The same goes for Lapierre, who have a speech describing federal agents as “jack booted thugs” six days before extremists blew up the Oklahoma City federal building,
      killing scores. HW Bush wrote a letter to LaPierre condemning his extremist rhetoric after the bombing and gas up his NRA membership.
      Gun safety does NOT mean banning guns, contrary to the “all or nothing” fallacy rhetoric the NRA commonly repeats. It mens taking measures that lower gun violence rates. And it is clear that america needs to do that. When will the NRA move away from extremism and gun sales rhetoric touting fear and myths ? Good guy with a gun incidents are miniscule compared to the 70 odd gun suicides and fatal gun accidents that occur daily in america. “Guns everywhere” simply means more dead and maimed. Thats not freedom.Its the tyranny of the gun. The mass shooters of the past week as usual, were “law abiding” gun owners right up to the point when they committed mass shootings. Don’t drink NRA Kool Aid. America can do better than this and the NRA COULD be part of that process instead of being part of the “guns everywhere” problem. Gun safety is ok.

      1. Gun safety is everyone’s responsibility that owns a gun. The NRA, GOA and other organizations need to work with our lawmakers and the majority of Americans that are demanding change! Change for a safer nation. With partnership we can decrease the needless injuries and deaths dramatically. The GWD.

        1. 99% off gun violence comes from the liberal hell hole cities. Deal with that and the “gun” problem will go away.

          1. @Ben, Yeah, the green rat fink, preaches this gabble, making it sound like violence is our fault. Come to find out that the mass shooters are libtards or come from libtard backgrounds, often combined with prescription psychotropic drug therapies, and has nothing to do with the greater family of responsible gun owners.

        2. Notice you didn’t mention your anti-gun buddies at Everytown for Gun Safety, is that because they only promote taking guns away and don’t care about offering gun safety classes.

      2. “…worst per capita gun violence rate in the developed world” by WHAT standard? By what mathematical formula did you decide that such a statement is even within the same postal zip code as reality?? What color is the sky in your world?

        1. It comes to mind that Och and GWD can be the same liberal idiot that needs to hide behind mommies apron to be able to exist in this cruel world. Both have the same worn out rhetoric and spout it where no one agrees with them. If they are not the same person then they should get married and live in NY or commiefornia and leave normal, God loving people alone.

      3. Oldmarine >>> och
        I believe you have taken a one way look at the problem. It is not about gun safety at all.
        It’s about Freedom and liberty. The Constitution (all of it) is the real subject if you get down to the unity-grity. One must take at leas eight different opinions and realize that all of them have some true value in them. consider each one to see if they really get to the heart of the problem. It is impossible to make everyone happy but decisions have to be made that not everyone will agree on. I am a NRA member and try to look at the mission there of. I see that the NRA has made a major malfunction in becoming a defensive organization instead of an offensive one. Looking from all the angles I can see in the members remarks,will make a prediction that the NRA will eventually fail all the members due to that one simple fact. If the NRA can not get Offensive personnel energized on the board then there will never be a solution to the Anti gun people and the attacks on the Constitution. There are existing laws that are being ignored that the NRA could easily defeat the anti Constitutionalists. It is sad that a good organization will fail because they ignore the law. The NRA needs to become an OFFENSIVE organization, defense will almost always fail. We all need to get the “From my cold hands” attitude in the management.

      4. Och Will…I don’t know where you get your facts…but they are all completely wrong. Just another Kool-Aid drinking lefty who lies. Dumbass

        1. @RO, you are correct … och is full of swill. For example: Each of these facts is firmly based on empirical data:
          1. America is relatively safe, and the trend is toward becoming safer.
          • According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, violent crime has been declining steadily since the early 1990s.
          • The 2011 homicide rate was almost half of the rate in 1991, and according to the Pew Research Center, the 2013 gun-related death rate was half of the rate in 1993.
          • The number of nonfatal firearm crimes committed in 2011 was one-sixth the number committed in 1993.
          • In the past few years, there have been minor increases in certain types of violent crimes, mainly in large metropolitan areas. However, these increases are nowhere near those seen in the 1990s and are largely related to gang activity.

    8. Good to see Mrs. Bambery Frampton’s reference to Board meeting attendance: “In all that time I missed two Board meetings: one due to a death in the family, and one when I couldn’t walk due to foot surgery.” The NRA should be posting that on every person who runs for office. The other activities are important too; but rule #1 is “Show Up.”

    9. Will you vote to remove Wayne LaPierre, who has admitted to selling out the membership to pass gun control he personally supported, from his position?

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