Drug Dealer Ambush or Defense Against Home Invasion?

Drug Dealer Ambush or Defense Against Home Invasion?
Drug Dealer Ambush or Defense Against Home Invasion?

Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- The recent killing of a couple in Houston, Texas, and the wounding of four police officers, has been claimed to be an ambush of police by drug dealers.

Later accounts by officers at the scene show that police broke into the house, and fired first, killing the couple’s dog.

The husband then fired back, wounding the officer who killed their dog.

Officers then shot the unarmed 58-year-old wife. They claim she was attempting to get the shotgun from the wounded officer. From cnn.com:

When Monday afternoon’s raid was over, two suspects were dead and five officers were injured, four of them suffering gunshot wounds.

The first officer fired a shotgun blast, killing the dog. Suspect Dennis Tuttle, 59, initially retreated but returned with a .357 Magnum, shooting the officer in the shoulder, the chief said. The officer collapsed onto a couch in the living room.

As the other narcotics officers charged through the door — which Acevedo described as a “fatal funnel” — the second suspect, Rhogena Nicholas, 58, tried to wrestle the shotgun away from the officer on the couch. Police quickly shot her.

More gunfire was exchanged as the 54-year-old officer who breached the door — the officer who knocks down the door goes in last — charged into the fray, realizing his fellow officers were in trouble.

“He immediately knew his partners were down and he made entry. When he made entry, he got shot,” Acevedo said. “You know your brother’s down, your sister’s down, you go in, and that’s what they did.”

This account differs markedly from what was first released. From  foxnews.com:

At about 4:15 p.m. local time, a group of about a dozen officers with the Houston Police’s narcotics unit responded to a residence they suspected was a hub for drug dealing, particularly the sale of “street-level narcotics” like “black tar heroin,” Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said at an evening news conference held outside the hospital. The two suspects had opened fire on the team of officers.

“Narcotics officers tried to serve a search warrant,” Acevedo said. “They announced themselves as police at the time. Immediately upon reaching the door, the officers came under fire from one or two suspects.” One suspect, according to the police chief, momentarily retreated into the home and then returned to the front of the location to resume shooting.

Early reports are often wrong. We should get more details as an investigation occurs.

Particularly disturbing about this case is information about the married couple who were killed in their home, along with their dog. They were 59 and 58 years old.  So far, there has not been any indication of criminal records. Nor did the police find any “black tar heroin” they claimed was being sold at the house.

This was a planned raid.  We should be able to determine exactly what happened, from the police point of view, from the body cameras.

The police had them and had them turned on, right? It was all planned. They knew there would be action. So they had a video to defend themselves if there was a problem… Right?

There are enough inconsistencies in this raid to want to see the video.

None of the officers’ names are being released… Because it is claimed, they all work undercover.  At least two of the officers are 50-year-old sergeants.

The response of the President of the Houston Police Officer’s Union, Joe Gamaldi, is not reassuring.  From abc13.com:

“Enough is enough. If you’re the ones out there spreading the rhetoric that police officers are the enemy, well just know we’ve all got your number now,” Gamaldi said. “We’re going to be keeping track on all of y’all, and we’re going to make sure to hold you accountable every time you stir the pot on our police officers.”

That sounds a lot like a threat to anyone who dares to question the police narrative.

I hope this was treated like other crime scenes. I want a proper investigation. We should be able to recreate who was where and who fired what.

Show us the video, Joe. Then you may have some credibility.

We now know this wasn’t an ambush by drug dealers. The police admit they fired the first shot, killing the family dog. That is not an ambush.

How much was a legitimate defense of home against home invaders who, as far as the married couple knew, might be simply claiming to be police? How much was criminal resistance against a legitimate police action?

An armed home defender in Houston recently shot and killed three home invaders. He wounded two others. The police told him he did the right thing.

Most homes in Texas are armed. Texas law is designed to facilitate the armed defense of the home.

Show us the video. I want to see where the police knocked on the door and waited for a response.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Jared Bloomfield


Get Out

Can anyone find an update? The cesspool stench is getting more pungent each day.

Jack Mac

Something just release about one of the LEOs being released from duty over the raid. That’s it so far.

Jack Mac

No new news from major news about this raid. Apparently for a lot of people no news is good news about the happening. I expect that a Texas Ranger would have conversations with the Houston PD by now. Well, even Texas Rangers follow orders from popular Texas governors. I sent the Governor an email asking if an investigation is under way. No response yet, I will likely have a conversation with a Ranger instead. It seems that all the powers to be along with all their men and horses will let this memory fade to oblivion. I am old and… Read more »

Get Out

Has anyone seen any updates on the raid? Right now everything smells of a backed up sewer in that the police executed a no knock warrant on the wrong house?

“Police’s narcotics unit responded to a residence they suspected was a hub for drug dealing, particularly the sale of “street-level narcotics” like “black tar heroin,”” yet none was found? Did they make a purchase to confirm they had the right house address?

Timothy Votaw

12 years as a federal HazMat officer, been on my share of warrant “visits”. There have been bad intel, including set-up’s by druggers trying to eliminate their competition via cop. So, there really needs to be a set of facts made available on this one.


I drive uber, yesterday (Saturday) 2-2-19 I took a Houston fireman to the George Bush International airport. He told me that the raid was on the wrong address. He said the firemen from his station had learned of the wrong address raid by listening to the police radio. I had no Ideal about that, so today I google the raid, and wrong address and came here. I watched the videos from this reporter, and it matches what the fireman told me. That’s my two cents. Hoping it wasn’t true, but there it is.


Jack Mac

No news follow up yet. I suggest you and other Uber drivers be cautious during traffic stops, and so should fireman.

Jack Mac

The pictures of the people killed in the Houston PD raid. They do not seem to be mug shots rather more like family portraits. I did not notice photographs listed in the search warrant. I wonder if the news media obtained permission prior to publishing the pictures. I noticed the police chief smiling while holding them in his arms as if they were awards or pictures of hunting trophies. I just think this is disrespectful of the dead and insensitive to family. I feel this way even thou I never knew of these people before they were dead. Apparently the… Read more »

tired dog

Local news had a really quickly put together animation of the events…put together I believe by the cops…or maybe by the same guys who proved via animation that TWA 800 continued its climb for 3000 feet without a nose while falling fuel ignited from the bottom of the stream and burned upwards to disprove a missile strike.


I wonder if this couple was “doxxed” by a neighbor who didn’t like them, or by a confidential informant who got the details of the address or other information wrong that led to this so-called raid. Secondly, why has it become the standard operating procedure for law enforcement to issue a warrant by breaking into people’s homes, rather than calling and then knocking on the suspect’s door? Sure, you may be thinking: “but that will give the suspects time to flush drugs, destroy evidence, get their guns…” But we live in a different world in the 21st century. Our local… Read more »

Ramsey A. Bear

This guy is local and has a take on what happened.

Jack Mac

I have not seen or heard any follow up reports or investigations. Has anyone else? Looks like we are having another news event death.

Jack Mac

In this particular case I would not say that the wife should have never gone for the shotgun or that it was a mistake. Preventing an assailant’s full control of their weapon is a viable (life saving) action. I understand that the wife did not have control of a weapon. It seems that the woman could have been subdued by one, two, three, or more of the men in the assault team easily and safely. Instead, these armed and armored men shot an unarmed, unarmored women to death. Everything else in your writing I agree with. I have to say… Read more »

Wild Bill

I would hate to think that the police confused “Harding” with “Hardy” or just can not spell.

Joe Rabe

Dean, You can’t be serious, It sounds to me like you have slipped a gear here. Considerations are: 1. The officers had a Search Warrant. To get the warrant, you must have made an undercover purchase of drugs from the location. 2. For the officers to want to get a search warrant there must have been (a) a citizens complaint, (b) a nexus to another drug investigation where drugs were seized, (c) a referral from a joint police intelligence data base that indicated drug activity. 3. Shooting “Rex the wonder dog” the alleged family pet, was because the dog was… Read more »

Robert Hartwig

I normally defend police but there is a question of why they did not find any drugs I remember a movie Tom Sellick was in where he was the victim of two crooked cops who framed him for drugs when they realized they had the wrong house and shot him in the process. It is vital that the camera video be released as soon as possible. If it is not what are the cops hiding? The reason they have the cameras is to prove they are doing things right. The good old boy system of covering the ass of fellow… Read more »

Ramsey A. Bear

It’s obvious J. Rabe is a badge licker and or a paid troll.


“3. Shooting “Rex the wonder dog” the alleged family pet, was because the dog was violently aggressive! A “normal” family dog would run under the couch and shit and wimpier. Drug dealers have aggressive dogs for a reason”

BS, a normal family dog would run up to greet new interesting people. It doesn’t know to be scared of cops.

Roy D.

Hey Joe, I seem to remember a Federal Govt Agency obtaining a FISA warrant using less than ethical or even legal methods. I am sorry that all you have ever had has been scared whimpering dogs. But then they say that dogs are like their owners. I have yet to hear an initial police press meeting that got the story right. Reminds me of the bar shooting in California where the perp shot the responding CHP Officer; oops, he was hit and killed by “friendly fire.” Here is a news flash for you Joe, there are plenty of street cops… Read more »

Roy D.

Correction, it was a Sheriff’s deputy not a CHP Officer that was killed.

Geoff Logan

Joe Rahe, 1 & 2) I don’t know what the laws are in Texas regarding the issuance of search warrants, but in a number of States a sworn statement by one (or more) “Confidential Informer” with a statement by an officer stating “Reasonable Belief” of “Suspicious Activities”, is enough for issuing a search warrant. Then you can get into what is Reasonable Belief”, “Suspicious Activity” and the many other catch phrases used by law enforcement to get search warrants. However, what might be sufficient for one judge may not be for another in the same circuit. Law enforcement agencies are… Read more »


Well Joe, it’s really scary that you can be wrong on so many levels. I’m going to go with you being a troll, because a police officer is usually smart enough to stay out of F ups of this nature. Covering your family in blue is one thing but going out of your way to post on a site like this is an obvious tell that you’re just a liberal troll trying to stir the pot. The police on this search warrant should have done their due diligence to avoid something like this. All your doing is making it more… Read more »


“Narcotics officers tried to serve a search warrant,” Acevedo said. “They announced themselves as police at the time. Immediately upon reaching the door, the officers came under fire from one or two suspects.”

YEA – YEA . . .

. . . and the dead patsy in the hotel room in Vegas was the “lone shooter” with no motive.

Move on . . .

turn in your guns.


It sounds like this couple got “swatted”, and the police didn’t do their due diligence after receiving the report that the couple was dealing drugs. And shooting the couple’s dog? My God that would set me off!

Old Codger

We always hear the excuse that cops have a right to go home at the end of their shift and I agree completely. BUT!!! They have no MRE right to that than ANY OTHER working stiff! I do not recall where I read it but the plain fact is that for every LEO who is so much as wounded in the line of duty, LEOs KILL over ONE HUNDRED FIFTY presumably innocent citizens!!! ONE HUNDRED FIFTY!!!!! I am convinced that in any use of deadly force situation what would be a simple defense for a private citizen ought to be… Read more »


Sure does look like someone got the address mixed up AGAIN !!!! This isn’t the first time this has happened so one might begin to think that there is no excuse for this kind of sloppy murder. Maybe someday, one of these Einsteins might want to do a dry run by the target house, or otherwise confirm beforehand, where the F they are going ? Maybe they can start by first checking the names of the streets in the town for similarities ? Very, very sloppy. Very very NEGLIGENT ! Very very culpable. And very very sad.


I don’t see this going any where very fast. After all, the husband and wife were both white. So far all I have heard about it was that the police were ambushed.


Sounds like the informant was Diane Feinstein or Nancy PIG-Losi. They never get anything correct.


Hasn’t anyone figured out, human life is the cheapest commodity on this planet!!!


It is getting worse! In a former life I trained SWAT and CT teams around the world. We are indeed militarizing our police depts. Macho stupid statements like that of the Houston police union moron don’t help. The insane FBI raid on Roger Stone is an example, the initial macho BATF attack/raid in Waco (the full video is pretty much gone) and the Elien Gonzales raid in Florida are the ones we learn of; there are many more. Let’s keep in mind that most of the pure gun shot murdering of thousands of Jews in Warsaw Poland was done by… Read more »


You said this so much more succinctly than I. Thank you for trying to remind everyone to this very worrisome trend in police force examples and the reminder of the history of how Jews and other “undesirables” were treated by city police officers and civilian volunteers.


Without necessarily defending what the police did, when the wife goes over to the couch and tries to retrieve a shotgun from what is very obviously a police officer, instead of raising her hands and submitting, that is a pretty clear signal of intending to shoot it out with identified public officers. Not assuming that drugs were present or that they had committed any crime, but if you want to shoot at police or fight against them rather than being civil and compliant (as long as this is in most apparent ways a legitimate law enforcement procedure), then the results… Read more »


People in plainclothes who bust your door down aren’t “very obviously police officers.”

Although I have to admit, shooting the dog first thing in the door does tend to add credibility to the claim.

Roy D.

What you did there, I saw it.

James Russell Bailey

Badges or no badges, somebody breaks into my home kills my dog and then threatens to kill me?

They had a right to shoot back and that is what they did!

I’m tired of Jack booted thugs what’s badges contravening the Civil Rights, that is constitutional rights, simply because they have the authority because of the badges!

I don’t know what happened there, which is why I’m just like Weingarten, show me the video and walk me through it!


“Not assuming that drugs were present or that they had committed any crime, but if you want to shoot at police or fight against them rather than being civil and compliant (as long as this is in most apparent ways a legitimate law enforcement procedure), then the results here are about as anyone would expect, with some dead and some wounded. To suggest that,within a few moments, this couple could not tell that these were police, and that it might be better to fight back in court, seems a bit overboard.” When the Pigs have already started shooting putting your… Read more »

Jack Mac

I would like for you to try to be civil and compliant, personally visit a police station, and ask how to file a complaint. You do not have to have a complaint. You just want to know the procedure. The person behind the desk should simply give you a form with instructions. Find out yourself what happens and get back to us. There are some YouTube videos on this matter that I suggest you view before you go. I also advise that you tell your attorney before hand, but do not let him talk you out of it. Suggest none… Read more »


Heard about another similar incident years ago. People were in the shower, police broke door down and entered. Husband grabbed a old black powder cap and ball revolver for defense and was killed. Wife was passed around through several police officers naked (as she had gotten out of the shower when it began) until finally someone gave her a coat to put on. I believe the claims were they were illegal gun dealers but nothing was found but antique and black powder firearms. Makes a person wonder where the police get their info.

Roy D.

I suggest you look at the second post on this topic to better inform yourself.

Deplorable Bill

I hope and pray that this is NOT what it looks like. I will reserve judgment until AFTER the body cam video comes out. If it was the correct house, and this seems doubtful to me, then why is the street name incorrect? There have been several home invasions in the Phoenix area where the invaders announced themselves as and were dressed as, police. How can one tell the difference in the very few seconds you have to decide? Is one engaged in nefarious, illegal activity or not? If not, then who is likely to be announcing themselves as police?… Read more »

George Clark

DB, you are so right in that everything about this SEEMS wrong. i hope you and i are wrong but i too have doubts


It’s not like cops pissed about the noise from the apartment above them just show up at a person’s door and gun him down, then claim to have been too tired to realize it wasn’t their own apartment.



Calling intended house first is a good idea & turn water off so no flushing. Not many people will fight knowing 200 cops are outside with 50 caliber & tanks.


You don’t need the water on to flush the first time.

Chris Mallory

Flushing gets the drugs off the street. Better some flushed cocaine than cops kicking in doors.


This is absolutely correct Chris M. Hell have the police go there every day, they flush their drugs every day, sooner or later the police will catch them with the produce or the crooks will simply pack up and move. Then inform the next PD and keep the game going until they are caught or they change their lifestyle. mission accomplished, no lives lost, just pissed off druggys. No knock warrants should never be used except to save someone’s, especially a Child’s life. I could understand that and even perhaps be more forgiving on a mistake. But, killing for illicit… Read more »


No body cameras on? That’s an indictment right there. Either for incompetence or stupidity. I don’t mind giving cops a break, but on the other hand they need to earn it by doing everything they can to do things right. If they’re competent, and smart (which these guys were not) they will document all their pre-planning, signed off by supervisors, and document all their actions with cameras (which, believe it or not sometimes do present un-true accounts). These actions will, at the least, demonstrate that appropriate procedures were followed, and afford a strong defense. And, most importantly, avoid mistakes. I’m… Read more »


Bingo! You nailed it exactly!


If they’re competent, and smart (which these guys were not) Where did you come up with this Joe. where you there?

Gerald Humphry

Only a fool trusts the police at this point in history.
Police are legally allowed to lie to you.
Police departments are known to reject applicants who are “overqualified”.
Police will always close ranks and lie if they are suspected of wrongdoing.
Their own investigations will find them innocent if they can manage it.
Their cameras will magically be non-functional after the fact.
Their words/behavior clearly indicates they believe it is “Us vs. Them”.
They are brainwashed, corrupt revenue collectors who perpetuate a false drug war.


Gerald, I really like your comments here except I don’t feel foolish for trusting law enforcement. I have friends who are sheriff deputies and police officers. I have had to deal with police with my job and even personally on several occasions. With that said, I do retain a certain amount of apprehension in that I wonder sometime how police will respond to my home in a self defense situation or even in a self defense shooting outside my home. Cops have killed innocent people. And they get away with it….So, we must be wise and prudent and take all… Read more »


I [try] to support ALL police. I [try] to hold them in higher regard and remember how dangerous their profession is…….but…..that doesn’t mean that I blindly condone the actions of ALL, by the misdeeds of the few. Plain english. There is an asshole in every crowd. There is always that one douche bag that pisses on the crowd…..and they’re the ones that are used by small minded people use as a “yard stick” to gage EVERYONE by. Typical government responce……”one size fits ALL” mentality. Lump the good in with the bad and condemn ALL! If EVERYBODY would just act right!… Read more »


Steve, I feel pretty much the same way. Thousands of cops in the US. There will be some bad ones. Some will make some bad decisions.

Old Codger

Make bad decisions??? How about they just flat out screw the pooch major league!? To my way of thinking there are two subspecies of law enforcement officers. On the one hand there are “cops”, who enforce the law. On the other hand you have ” pigs”, who consider themselves TO BE the law! One of my grandsons once asked me why government does the things it does. I told him the three word answer is “Because it can.” But the real answer is “Because we LET it.” With apologies to Mr Jefferson, from time immemorial ALL governments have derived ALL… Read more »

Chris Mallory

Thousands of guys doing brake jobs in the US today. Some are going to be bad. Some are going to make mistakes.

We expect pilots and brake techs to get it right 100% of the time, why not cops?

Chris Mallory

There are no good cops. If there were good cops they would spend all their time arresting the bad cops.

Cops are more of a danger to the average American than terrorists are.

Ramsey A. Bear

That’s always been a yardstick for me.
If the ‘good’ cops cover for the ‘bad’ cops then there are no ‘good’ cops.

Joseph Karl Houseman

It now seems very clear that it was a mistaken address. The homeowners were killed on “Harding Street” in a very modest home with no cameras or security measures. The couple had no police records and no drugs were found. The reporter found a house at the same number on “Hardy Street” which fit the description of a drug dealer’s house, with bars over all windows and doors and a very expensive outdoor security system with night vision TV cameras. Things might have gone better if the asshole cops had not shot the dog at first sight. Apparently the man… Read more »


You shoot my dog without provocation- it’s gonna be a whole lot more than a 357 type of retaliation and you can bet the ranch on that Elvis/cops are too busy to google a address just go ahead and kill some people you know the “status quo” /RED flag shark jumping At its finest

That farmer

The raid isn’t newsworthy.
Police killing people isn’t newsworthy.
Police being shot isn’t newsworthy.

The threats of retribution for anything other than worship of police is newsworthy.


Does “Ruby Ridge” or “Waco” bring any memories back? Mr. Barr was involved in one of these actions and he tried his best to COVER UP what really happened.


The narrative seems to be drifting toward a Randy Weaver scenario…………..

Clark Kent

Dean: Why don’t YOU become a police officer and show us all how it SHOULD be done? Put up or shut up.

Joseph Karl Houseman

You don’t have to be a cop to know when a cop has done wrong and a cover up is in place.


Clark Kent is a troll who stirs up s*t. Don’t bite.


That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on this site. Incredibly dumb.


Why do you think they putting cameras on their asses because they all Disagree on just about everything so the video doesn’t lie now does it?

1776 Patriot

With great power comes great responsibility. The responsibility is now on the police to PROVE the claims in their questionable narrative.


Uh, Mr. Kent, I was a Peace Officer for over thirty years in SoCal. I spent a lot of time working as an undercover Narc and investigating major narcotics cases as well as other felonies. A competent, professional will ALWAYS verify the correct address for a search warrant before executing the warrant. I wrote and/or served over forty such warrants in my career. I and my colleagues NEVER hit the wrong house. This is stinks to high heaven. And, it is not the first time the BLUE LIVES MATTER Orcs have shot innocent people and their pets. But, police agencies… Read more »

Bill in ILL

What are you, an idiot cop worshiper? Go lick some boot leather and leave the conversation to the adults.


Clark Kent, can you actually breathe without assistance?

Wes Bielinski

Hey SuperDUMBman, Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer…


Check out news now houston on youtube

Chris Mallory



Looks like the cops got it wrong again. Well past time to start disarming cops. They have shown that citizens are unable to trust armed government employees.


From what I’ve been able to find they did not have body cameras on.

Which is convenient

Roy D.

I am reminded of a man and his wife with the last name Ballew. But then that was before many of you were born. In case you are interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ken_Ballew_raid

Mark Are

The guy who had a black powder revolver…Ken. I remember that story because I was born before then.


Cops killing a dog? No way!


There should be a law that you have to eat everything you kill. All of it.