Oregon Anti-Gunners Launch Attack; 20 Rounds a Month in One Bill!

One bill now in the Oregon Legislature would limit people to purchasing 20 rounds of ammunition a month. (Dave Workman)

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- While gun rights activists across the country have been focusing considerable attention on the war being waged against Washington state gun owners, because that state is something of a “test tube” for gun control schemes, there’s a second front in the effort to erode the Second Amendment going on south of the Columbia River in neighboring Oregon.

Perhaps the most onerous of these is SB 501 sponsored by a pair of Lake Oswego Democrats – State Sen. Rob Wagner and State Rep. Andrea Salinas – that would require a person to secure a permit before purchasing or otherwise receiving a firearm. This was legislation submitted at the request of the anti-gun Students for Change. The Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF) declared this bill to be “the most extreme” of the anti-gun measures so far before lawmakers in Salem, and the group maintains a roundup of all gun-related bills introduced in Salem.

Under provisions of SB 501, receipt of a firearm without a valid permit could land someone in jail for up to 364 days, and impose a fine of up to $6,250. Failure to secure a firearm with a cable or trigger lock, or in a locked box, could result in 30 days behind bars and a $1,250 fine.

But the most alarming tenet of the bill is a restriction on the amount of ammunition someone can purchase in any 30-day period. SB 501 would limit someone to getting 20 rounds a month. Critics say this ammunition limit is nonsense, as it would effectively preclude practice for competitors, and would be a burden on hunters, especially those who hunt waterfowl or upland birds.

The bill also “Prohibits transfer of firearm by gun dealer or private party until latter of 14 days or Department of State Police has determined that recipient is qualified to receive firearm.”

Then comes SB 87, which would raise the minimum limit at which someone can purchase a firearm to 21 years of age.

Anti-gun Democrat Gov. Kate Brown requested HB 2251, which defines an “assault rifle.” The definition is hardly as sweeping as the one adopted by voters in neighboring Washington last fall with passage of Initiative 1639, but it specifies scores of firearms that would be prohibited. OFF says on its website that the bill “defines ‘assault weapons’ as any long gun you can hold with two hands.” It also would prevent transfer of a handgun or an “assault rifle” to anyone under age 21.

Even though Initiative 1639 passed in Washington State last fall, several county sheriffs are refusing to enforce it because they believe it to be unconstitutional. (Dave Workman photo)

HB 2251 also requires a gun dealer “to post notice concerning obligation to prevent minors from accessing firearm without consent of minor’s parent or guardian.”

Another measure, HB 2546, would create a credit against the personal income tax “for (the) cost of (a) criminal history record check required by state law for the transfer of a firearm.” The bill, sponsored by Monmouth Democrat Rep. Paul Evans, would apply to tax years beginning this year.

Beaver State gun owners dodged the proverbial bullet last year when an initiative effort to completely ban so-called “assault rifles” was derailed. But a new version has been refiled as IP 16.

Meanwhile, the fight over enforcement of anti-gun I-1639 now has about 20 county sheriffs declining to enforce the new law on the grounds that it is unconstitutional and unenforceable. However, the drama has taken on a sinister aspect with the posting of actual threats on social media to kill sheriffs that do not enforce the law. Singled out for special attention is Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, who told reporters this week that information about the threats has been turned over to the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

There can be no doubt that the Evergreen State has become the petri dish for gun control experimentation, especially since Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat acknowledged as much in a piece published back on Dec. 7, 2018. But the experimentation appears to have crossed the Columbia River and spread up the Willamette River Valley to the Oregon state capitol.

Dave Workman
Dave Workman

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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    1. I just don’t get it. I was born and raised in lane county. Graduated high school in Eugene, joined the Army and served 22 years. When I retired I came home, bought a house out by Fern Ridge and started getting my fishing tackle ready. I have my weapon with me 24/7. But guess what folks… I’m not a big fan of the NRA. The only Republicans I know are almost 90, mortified by what their party has become and stare speechless at their whiskey glass when the conversation turns to the president. I respect Patriots, not nationalists. You can disagree with the left for their policies, you’d be well justified in doing so much of the time, but don’t pretend the right isn’t equally ridiculous. Selling the rule of law, the separation of powers, and the values Americans have cherished and defended for generations, cheaply in the name of political survival and to poke a stick in the eyes of Democrats. These more extreme proposals for Oregon will get nowhere because Oregonians are sensible people for the most part. I support rational legislation that prevents the unhinged from getting weapons. We all should,that’s a no brainier. Quit running around with your hair on fire…you make us all look like assholes. We have our granddaddy’s guns. Our grandkids will have them too…Even if they have to wait 10 days.

    2. its a pure numbers the libs/dems are out breeding/raising republican children 3 to 2 out of every 5 kids.

      its only a matter of time before the numbers are too stacked
      and if everyone moves to montana…the numbers are the same it will just take a little longer

      the whole thing is a pile of BS

      by the way Trump is the last republican pres we will ever see. the new dems are so crazy and the republicans are too worried who is goes to church more than actually getting something done, which is why the dems run rings around them every session.

      the middle of the road dems like pelosi and schumer will become the “new republicans” in 15 years, and the super left of today like bernie will become the normal dem.

      just watch….

    3. This is quite simple…the anti-American communist democrats DEMAND the communist America Hillary & Bernie promised. Gay rat obama set the government up and Hillary was to become Dear Leader Hillary.
      Hillary said “I will be the last president”. THIS is who anti-American communist democrats are.
      TRY acting like Americans.
      A disarmed American is a slave.

    4. Idiocy in full bloom. We went from students sucking down tide pods to their expounding new found expertise in 2nd Amendment and Commerce Clause policy. Especially concerning is public servants who use these educated derelicts to push such an idiotic agenda.

      Our Founders, when drafting the 2nd Amendment, just won a war for independence. They firmly believed, evidenced by its wording, to keep liberty and freedom alive in our new found Republic, the citizenry could at any time be called up to protect America, hence the Right to Keep and Bear arms SHALL not be infringed became the cornerstone of Americas greatness.

      The 2nd Amendment guarantees weapons of war remain in the hands of the citizenry, to keep and bear, to have and to hold – after all – who are the final defenders of America, the citizenry or the military? I suggest to you it is We The People.

      This was proven true when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, and not the mainland, not being fearful of the military, devasting the Navy, instead fearful of every American hiding behind a grass blade with his/her rifle.

      Now imagine if this idiotic agenda continues, Americans will be reduced to pea shooters and limited ammo to defend the homeland. America’s enemies are patient!

    5. I wouldn’t have a problem on limiting ammo to 20 rds/mo but only in the months that it’s open season on Politicans….

      1. Limiting interstate commerce purchases of ammunition to 20 rounds per month sounds like that state is usurping Congressional interstate commerce power. Why would that state’s voters elect such taxpayer money wasters?

        1. I’ve been asking that question since RINO Knute Buehler was defeated by incumbent Gov Kate Brunhilda. Now they’ve decided it’s best to punish the law abiding and give criminals a pass once again. Nobody has approached this as “hate legislation” or discrimination against a group of people who use firearms for sport or hunting. Buying ammo across state lines will be like buying the fireworks illegal in Oregon. Idaho here l come!

    6. Just like Brown, the whole thing is a joke. If and as soon as it passes it will be challenged in court. In addidtion, my has already voted and past our own law that our sherriff will only enforce laws that are meet federal rewuirements. As for people trying to kill my sherriff, there are alot of us with carry permits that will back our sheriff and any of our law enforcement, fire fighters and medical staff if need be. They need to realize what the full scope of having a permit entails. Kommie Californians have already messed up Oregun and voting rules need to change to the majority of counties rule, not the amount of people because here two counties rule all of Oregun and they are the left. Lane which is Eugene and Multnomah which is Portland.

    7. As a Californian i can say all you fuck are a bunch if morons. You want to complain about California and ouwer shity laws but yet there arevstates with laws way worse then owers so you blame Californians. Go fuck your selfs. How about stop being little whiney bitches and fight for your rights instead of passing the blame.

        1. Edgar said FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS. I will bet you vote anti-American communist democrat.
          YOU, painter, would never fight for your Rights. Craven, yellow coward.

          1. Thats because all the californians that voted all your stupid laws in have enough money to relocate after they have messed up your state. They then move to Montana,Idaho,Colorado,Texas and Washington and try to screw them up also. Look at how many relocate from California and New York. Hey but dont worry it is a sanctuary state.

    8. California political and economic escapees are moving into Arizona, Ore. Wyo., Idaho, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Montana and Texas. They are bring their insane left wing politics, which they ran from into these states (they just cannot help themselves–they are Democrats and liberals, and worse). Their numbers will soon politically overwhelm the “natives.”

      1. As a natural born Texan and a resident of several Western states, due to my work, I can honestly say the California threat can be compared to a virus. Something that latches on to a healthy host, then infects and destroys it as it turns it into a copy of itself. They leave to get away from it and spread the virus.

    9. I wonder how many gun owners voted for these power crazed, gun banning politicians? And this is what happens when the sheep vote women into office. Most women are anti-gun. I’ve talked to women about supporting our right to own guns, and get nowhere. I get the usual guns are bad, nobody should own them execpt the police and on and on. Nothing one says changes their mind. How in the hell is 20 rounds of ammo a month going to do anything? Gun owners will travel to Idaho or Nevada to purchase ammo. And why do these politicians listen to the new Hitler youth? Mouthing off about adults shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. Just ask them when they are in their late 20’s what they want to protect their home and wife and kids with- a handgun or a hankie? Or maybe they can just cry when the criminal is raping their wife and daughter. It seems to me ever since the democrats got into power in the w1960’s all they have done is to try to ban guns. In the 1970’s you had Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy to deal with. Now we’ve got Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, Bloomberg and Soros to deal with. Only this time its harder because they have tons of money and the sheep follow them blindly. Look at how powerful the NRA is with 5 million members. Just imagine if they had 10 or 20 million members. People criticize the NRA and yetr they are not members. If you don’t like what they are doing, call up their office and explain what you’d like them to do. The gun banning cults are laughing their asses off at gun owners who bitch and complain about the NRA. Do you think by yourself that you could do better? Most of these politicians won’t listen to individuals, but will listen to powerful organizations. And quit B.S. ing about “oh I’ll kick anybody ass who will try to confiscate my guns”.. If the police showed up at your front door, you’d hand over your guns or what are you going to do? Get shot and killed in front of your wife and kids? Get real. And this wont stop with guns. The politicians will go after archery equipment and knives next and camouflage clothing ( military uses that) gun books and anything related to that. Quit voting for power crazed gun banning politicians. We need term limits not lifetime politicians! Support the NRA. Remember, gun control. = people control = you locked away forever in a gun control concentration camp! Don’t fotget, the USA had concentration camps back. in WW2.

    10. IMOA this smells of Bloomberg’s unconstitutional soda ban. It should be stricken down before time is wasted trying to enact the 20 round limit.

    11. This is unconstitutional, none of us should allow this to fly! Article VI: Defund, Disbar, and Discharge them from office!

    12. So much for buying a box of .22 LRs (50) and teaching your child how to shoot and safely handle a firearm. Forget marksmanship.

      1. ONLY if you ALLOW it.
        The US Constitution overrides and overrules these so-called state “laws,” which renders them null and unenforceable.

    13. The west coast as a whole needs to drop off into the Pacific during the next earthquake.
      And yes it is worth sacrificing Alaska.

      1. Except that the Casscadia fault zone when it goes off will actually raise the west coast UP (as the pacific plate is going underneath of the American Continental plate), hence giving the west coast MORE land, not less.

    14. The weenies are mad. Better watch out they’ll kill you with their harsh language, or maybe a law that makes it illegal to do the illegal things. Yeah that will do it. Weenies.

      Good guys shoot back… and come to each other’s aid…just sayin…

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