Oregon: Ballot Measure to BAN Modern Firearms & Normal Gun Magazines Filed

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Oregon: Ballot Measure to BAN Modern Firearms & Normal Gun Magazines Filed

Oregon – -(AmmoLand.com)- A ballot measure to ban modern firearms and feeding devices [read normal gun magazines], and make thousands of Oregon residents criminals, has been filed with the Oregon Secretary of State.

The measure is a re-introduction of IP 43 from 2018 which we were able to defeat by preventing it from getting on the ballot.

This new assault on self defense, property, and common sense is currently IP 16. You can get details here.

As you may know, the Democrats in the Oregon legislature have numerous bills to essentially achieve the same end. The most extreme is SB 501, but there are others that are just as dangerous. Governor Brown's HB 2251 defines “assault weapons” as any long gun you can hold with two hands. There are several bills that would require that your guns be locked up and useless. Except, of course, to a thief who could easily defeat the cable locks required. Those locks can get you killed but do nothing to stop a theft.

These “lock up” bills would even hold you responsible for a gun you did lock up if a thief was able to obtain a “device” to open the lock. Around here, we call that a “wire cutter.”

We will, of course, be doing all we can to torpedo the latest right's smashing ballot measure. But for now, please take  moment to let the legislature know you will not stand for more attacks from Salem.

You can see all firearms related bills here.

You can use this link to send a message to every member of the Oregon Legislature. You can add to the pre written message if you chose but it is not required,

It's a full frontal assault. Please take action.

Oregon Firearms FederationAbout Oregon Firearms Federation:

The Oregon Firearms Federation has proven itself to be Oregon's only no compromise lobbying group, OFF takes the same tough stands and serves as a vehicle for educating gun owners, promoting their rights and when necessary, fighting the freedom haters in court. Visit: www.oregonfirearms.org

  • 19 thoughts on “Oregon: Ballot Measure to BAN Modern Firearms & Normal Gun Magazines Filed

    1. These clowns must be wondering why people are buying firearms in these anti-gun control legislation states, have to wonder if they’ll figure it out? Stats have the increase of gun purchases to be up 52% in Oregon, some states are even higher. Wait’ll legislation criminalizing private gun sales takes root, the private market sales have probably gone out of the roof already.
      I observed people lined up at the gun counter in the sporting goods store looking at guns and a few filling out paperwork to purchase. I also noticed the ammo on the shelves were thinning out too.


    2. Senate Bill 501 limits magazine capacity to 5 rounds.

      So you you have a revolver with 6 cylinders or more, you best get them plugged.

    3. I’m a 3rd Gen Oregonian. My people are buried here. I served a combat tour in the Marines, was wounded and out. Then a career with the feds, the last 12 yrs. in enforcement. I have an unblemished record, a lawful man who lives by my Oath.
      I also own firearms, and concealed carry permitted. I’ve always obeyed our laws, broken only a few rules, and will not hesitate to protect the innocent.
      Yet, I’m about to become a criminal by the sick, demented and panicked actions of a few ignorant and uninformed children in some ritzy Portland suburb, along with the deep-state driven, radical-left LGBT governor’s agenda. Oregon is held captive by the liberal-left populations of two or three urban areas, led by Portland and Eugene. As in Washington, we are going to become two states in one, the urban lemmings vs. the rest of Oregon. Will our sheriffs do what Washington’s are doing, and defend our lawful citizens’ Constitutional rights? This year is the crossroads; time will tell.
      I promise this, on my Oath: I will not comply if required to surrender my firearms under these draconian, immoral proposals. They are wrong. I shed my blood once for this country, right or wrong – I trusted with my life. My Marine teammate wasn’t so lucky. I am a man made from my lessons, and don’t like to repeat the hard ones. I also trust God to know my heart in this as well as everything.
      IF it turns out the new socialism in Oregon wins, and they come for my arms, you may never know the outcome, because the sinister forces behind it will suppress and cover it. But I intend that some do know, because each case of such elimination of good citizens for bad reasons must be kept alive. Perhaps, with enough of us taken down, the rest of you will stand up, and do the morally right thing, for yourselves if nothing else. Until then, I don’t expect much, because humans need to learn hard lessons, first. Unless you’ve fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know. I get that.

      1. The biggest problem with the 2nda, Which supposedly was written for the protection of the people and their
        Nature given right to life and the Natural instinctive preservation of it as with all living things,
        In Nature there are No things written, All is understood, learned and adheared to or you die.
        Distrust and verify.
        The 2nda was and is a decption written by the untrust worthy government, Why write something that is known
        and understood and instinctive in nature, Like taking a pee ? Of course you will pee And protect your self.
        The deception IS, They took what is Human Nature { for some } and BS it wth religion and Violated Nature
        and made it a law saying IT Shall Not Be Infringed , Which it was before the ink was dry.
        It made most people think they were protected by a piece of paper and they let theirr Instincts down
        instead of dispencing with the first infringer. Big Mistake, Now many will die in a war on both sides which
        could have been prevented by offing a few misfits as a threat to your life.
        So, now the battle which will be lost, by using ilegal violations of Natures Natural Law, in the courts with more
        BS papers by traitors which could be prevented by good supply of ammo, Which in the end it will come to IF
        the people want their own country and accept that about 2 million + are going to have to die to keep it.
        The parents ? should have brought up the kids like bears teach their kids, You soon learn that the
        continuation of your life is your total responsibility or you die. The kids and much of the world is doomed
        because of the lack of that knowlege and the rejection of it.
        IF the 2nda will serve any useful purpose, IT has identified the Infringers, Your Enemy, Once the enemy is
        known and found in a War, an attempt is made to eliminate it by suitable devices, None of them Ever being
        with court battles. Wars for life and death are never fought in courts for a reason, You always lose.
        luckily I had no known parents and was not adopted , Just passed around untill could get free and make
        my own way, Quite well I will add. I am an Outlaw and a very realist . As in Nature I fly no flag.
        I came from Nature born on planet Earth like all living things, IT is my World, Not the piece and idenity I was assigned to.. Be Well. Share, http://batr.org/utopia/090418.html And, http://www.batr.org/wrack/061911.html
        And, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bOJiTskr6w Iva Gunn, I know the fleetingf flavor of freedom
        and the scent of death that is chasing it, They are now beside each other. IF, you heard the shot, you were not
        the intended target.

    4. This is exactly why people are stockpiling weapons and ammo. According to some legislators modern is anything post America’s Revolutionary War.

    5. Dear Author,

      You forgot to include the quote from Trump condemning this attempted destruction of the Second Amnedment in Oregon. Oh wait, he never made any such statement. Just like he NEVER made any statement condemning the destruction of the Second Amendemnt over the past 2 years in: CA, NY (isn’t he a resident there???), NJ, MA, WA, FL (he liked that gun control), VT or the attempts to destroy our rights in IL, NM, NV, DE, VA, etc. I know he’s too busy to even tweet about it. MAGA?

      1. Why not use your pent-up anger and do something constructive instead of bitch at he president? Would you prefer if Hillary were president? Anyone can gripe but it accomplishes nothing. There’s a link above to use to contact your legislators, try that for starts.

        1. Conversing with any member of the government is from the position of an enslaved prisioner.
          One does Not converse with the enemy, There are mechanical devices for dealing with them.

      1. Please study The Art of War by Sun Tzu , You must find their weak points that will hurt them the most
        whilist not hurting yourself. Remembering you may be on your own on enemy turf and your own kind
        will rat you out. Plus there is no way to hide or not be tracked.

      2. I hear there are snipers who can shatter a pumpkin from almost a mile away, when the wind is right. Silently !

    6. Once again, it must be said plainly; DO NOT COMPLY, DO NOT SURRENDER, AND RESIST!

      For our Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers/Lawmen, Remember your OATH and REFUSE TO ENFORCE TYRANNY.

      1. IF they comply with the Oaths, They will be declared an enemy of the government, and they all have family.
        Plus neither side trusts the other.
        However, the are rumors that certain leo’s have taken the position of, I ain’t looking for it and I did not see it
        so it did not happen.. Lotta people slip at the rivers edge and have been know to steal more than they can swim with.
        You are obliged to dispose of the trash you create. Just good house keeping manners..

      1. I moved from Oregon in 2005 , couldn’t stand the left wing, tree hugging , dirt worshipers politics anymore, they are a bunch of loons, and will turn Oregon into a place worse than California. ..if it isn’t already! This is B.S. and the work of the snowflake Hippies that moved there in the 60’s and 70’s ,still trying to create a utopian socialist society ! Their solution was legalize marijauna, assisted suicide, and now let’s get all the guns !

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