Houston No-Knock Raid where 2 Killed, 4 Police Wounded, Results in 4 Retirements


Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas were the victims.
Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas were the victims.

Arizona – -(Ammoland.com)- There are continued repercussions from the no-knock raid that resulted in the death of a middle-aged couple in Houston, and the wounding of four police officers in the gunfight the raid engendered.  The strike happened on January 28, 2019. Four officers have retired as of 22 March 2019.

Dennis Tuttle was a Navy veteran. His wife, Rhogena Nicholas, was a supporter of President Trump.  They had no criminal records. They were married for 20 years and lived in their modest home in Houston for the same 20 years.

The police broke down their door and shot their dog. That seems to have started the gun battle. Dennis is said to have shot back, wounding the officer that shot his dog. The police claimed he was shooting a .357 magnum revolver, but no revolver was found at the scene.  It seems more likely he was shooting one of the two semi-auto hunting shotguns recovered at his home.

Police claim Rhogena attempted to take a shotgun from a wounded officer. She was shot and killed.  It is not clear if she ever touched the officer's shotgun.

The early police reports claimed Dennis continued to fight, wounding three more officers.

The exact timing of events is uncertain because no officers wore body cameras. Surveillance video from the house next door was confiscated by the police.

It has been claimed a small amount of marijuana, and a tiny amount of cocaine was recovered at the house. No heroin was found, or any evidence of drug dealing.

As the investigation has continued, it was discovered the evidence used to justify the raid, had been falsified.

Reports from Houston reveal that four officers have retired in conjunction with the ongoing investigation. From chron.com on March 22, 2019:

Officer Gerald Goines retired Friday afternoon while under investigation following the Jan. 28 shooting deaths of two residents during a “no-knock raid” of a Pecan Park residence in south Houston. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing more than 1,400 criminal cases that Goines worked on over the course of his 34-year career.

Goines was relieved of duty as questions mounted about his actions leading up to the drug raid, in which a team of undercover narcotics officers burst into a residence at 7815 Harding St. after obtaining a no-knock search warrant. A gun battle ensued that left homeowners Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas dead. Goines was shot, as were three other officers, one of whom remains hospitalized.

All of the officers who have retired had more than 20 years with the Houston Police Department (HPD) as narcotics officers.

Officer Steven O. Bryant, was listed in the warrant, HPD narcotics investigator Gerald Goines, was the lead investigator in the case, and two other unnamed HPD narcotics officers are reported to have retired as well.

Here is a reminder of how far the idea of innocent officers being ambushed by drug dealers was spread before it was shown to be false. From ktnv.com in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 28, 2019 (the head of the police union is Gamaldi, not Grimaldi or Grammas) :

The Houston Police Union did not hold back after the ambush-style attack.

“We are sick and tired of having targets on our back, we are sick and tired of having dirt bags trying to take our lives,” said Joe Grimaldi, with the Houston Police Officers Union.

“We need to have stiffer penalties on people committing crime, there's no doubt about it,” said Grammas.

Grammas said he would like to see mandatory death sentences for cop killers and additional officers on the street to begin to deter the violence facing officers.

There was no ambush. The police fired first. It was a no-knock raid based on false evidence.

There are many unanswered questions about who fired when and who hit who. The missing .357 magnum revolver remains a mystery. No handgun of any kind was recovered at the scene.

I have not heard any more statements from Joe Gamaldi, head of the Houston Police Officers Union, about the raid. Initially, he said this:  From abc13.com:

“Enough is enough. If you're the ones out there spreading the rhetoric that police officers are the enemy, well just know we've all got your number now,” Gamaldi said. “We're going to be keeping track on all of y'all, and we're going to make sure to hold you accountable every time you stir the pot on our police officers.”

That sounds a lot like a threat to anyone who dares to question the police narrative. Joe Gamaldi has been silent lately.

The FBI is involved in investigating this mess. There is a reasonable chance for reform, even though the FBI reputation has suffered much during the Mueller witch hunt.

The police Chief has drastically reduced no-knock raids. Hundreds of cases done by the narcotics officers involved are being reviewed. Some pending cases have had charges dropped.

One retired police officer (not involved with the Houston Police Department), told me if he were in any of those officers shoes, he would have retired if he could. It would make the pension much harder to take.

Texas has a pension forfeiture law.  It only applies to elected officials. It went into effect on 8 January 2019.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30-year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

  • 97 thoughts on “Houston No-Knock Raid where 2 Killed, 4 Police Wounded, Results in 4 Retirements

    1. Were I a blood relative of the two INNOCENT people MURDERED, which I am not, I would hunt down the 4 ‘retired’ “police officers”, and serve them some justice: slowly, painfully, and over a couple of weeks time.

      Happily, for both the four “officers” as well as myself, I am not a blood relative, but the sentiment remains: there is currently, NO JUSTICE for law abiding people, either at local levels (this case and the Jussie Smollett case), or at the Federal level (Ruby Ridge, Waco, Elian Gonzalez, IRS Non-Profit Political Targeting Case, Steele Dossier, Strockz and Page, Comey, McCabe, et al).

      When we look at ERPO’s, both passed and signed, as well as those proposed, the proclamation of Senator Graham on ERPO’s, just how much more can the average person take, before they realize that neither Constitutional nor Civil Rights any longer exist for the average person?

      This next election in 2020 I would argue, will be the LAST ‘peaceful’ and ‘civil’ election to take place in America. The Left and the Federal Alphabet Agencies will have it no other way.

      Buckle up buttercups, it’s about to get real.

      I hoping that my Malignant CHF Class III takes care of me before I see it happen.

      We are are all a bunch of post-coital primates.

      1. The biggest issue..is where is the Handgun.or handguns….it said not one Hand gun….did those Narc cops not carry any…if not how did someone get shot by a 357…yea..they been doin too much ovwr the years….bad cops……plus to who would it matter that this couples.political stance…this Writer should be ashamed to even bring that up….they were murdered……that will stop alot from reading further articles from this writer..stick too facts of the crime..

    2. all police/sheriffs/leo’s should not have qualified immunity. it is an excuse for them to violate civil rights with protection for knowingly doing wrong. if they do wrong they should face the same prosecution as civilians, they should not be allowed to retire while under investigation, they should be able to be sued in civil court for wrongful deaths. they have special protected status and that needs to stop. many police departments review their own officers after incidents, no f-ing way. independent civilian oversight is needed across America to prevent abusive officers from violating the laws they swore to uphold. funny part is leftists want only police and military to have weapons, not civilians to defend themselves, and they hate the police.

      1. Who LIED and have false info? That person should be charged with the 2 deaths, no matter how many years they had served.

    3. i’m usually on the cops side but in this case it’s too bad the husband didn’t kill them all!! they retire with their pensions,talk about having big balls,they should be in prison for this shit.

    4. Go ahead break down my door at 2:00 in the morning, if you get through the 2 dogs that are my early warning there’s me and the wife, in the bedroom is 2 9mm’s, 17 rounds a piece, a 12 gauge with #9 buckshot and a 300 Blackout with 2 magazines. With 12 years military, multiple tours to Iraq and more CQC missions than I can count, you better send in every swing dick on the force cus I’m going to make it hurt real bad.

      1. And if I was a neighbor I’d flank the shit out of them.

        This is ridiculous. If this raid was in fact a result of falsified evidence, the officers should be facing convictions, not retirement. This is gross misuse of police resources. Not to mention giving good cops a bad name. The lead on the warrant should be getting handed an FDM charge. And the judge who signed the warrant should be disbarred.

        I’m a huge supporter of our brothers in blue. Especially the ones who actually use their badge as a shield for the law abiding. But Narc divisions need to be monitored more closely than other divisions as their integrity tends to be lacking. Drugs are a huge meal ticket, more than enough of a temptation for badges that are already on the fence about their loyalties.

    5. I assume the officer who lied on the affidavit for the search warrant is being investigated for “actions that caused the death of innocent citizens” also known as murder or at least manslaughter.

      1. Then ask Einstein why he used it and entire towns used it in the late1800s the cops should be hung by the neck until dead….they killed two innocent people

        1. We in Houston suffer this kind of crime regularly. Police acting above the law, against the law and the rest close ranks and protect them. They are abusive and arrogant. I’m sure there are good cops but I never encountered any as a 36-year Houston Firefighter. They were worthless for assistance and we often had to stand in the sidelines while they took advantage of citizens. The threats Gamaldi made were terroristic yet no charges have been filed and he still has his job. You try getting on media and threatening all the police in the city because the rest of us are “tired of having targets on our backs.” See what happens to you as a non-cop.
          I guess I’ll have to withhold my real name or Gamaldi and other gang members will be coming for me.

      2. Hmm interesting that a NARCOTICS raid, stemming from faulty evidence, that resulted in the deaths of 2 citizens somehow produces illegal NARCOTICS on scene. But, you know, not enough for intent to distribute. Maybe enough to fit in your pocket before you go to kick someone’s door down.


    7. Seems a lot like a red flag policy in effect. Keeps claiming victims and isn’t Mary Jane on the low end of the problem scale now. The warrant needs to be public information as well as the evidences needed to get the warrant. Bust down a door amd fire shots in a man’s home while he sleeps, you will most certainly get a return fire. The policemen that fired on the animal and the couple seems to have found their justice with dying. Then to plant false evidence either by incenuation or physical means is contamination of a crime scene and ethically and morally corrupt. Those alone are a long sentence and pensions forfeits. This was an execution not a warrant being served.

      1. I bet if they look into the officers involved there might be a connection some how. Maybe someone on the raid was trying to settle a score with the couple and decided to use a no knock warrant as their entry. I wouldn’t put it past them. The fact that the evidence was slim to none and the statements about the guns don’t match what was found. Something smells very fishy.

        1. No police officers died. Only the two unsuspecting residents whose names have been released the cops have not.
          No, they only retired ahead of being fired. They’ll enjoy their pension funded by money stolen from the Houston Firefighter’s pension.

    8. Retired hell ? Should be charged with 1st degree MURDER ! And not wearing their body cams ? Another reason to charge them . No justice until these 4 are in prison !

    9. There will no doubt be a hefty fine against the Houston Police for ANOTHER RUBY RIDGE MASSACRE. It sounds oh so familiar with the shooting of a dog as the tripwire.
      One would think that lessons were learned but it doesn’t appear so.

    10. No more no knock warrant u bust in my door u die anyone can say police what bad guys gonna run, cover exit points say u going to say get the money owed drug deal, bikers cover window door exit points nobody gets away wat the FUCK it’s not a military action where break in and kill they even have rules they follow u point a gun prepare to die that’s it, NRA teaches us not to point guns

    11. When people recklessly and ignorantly talk of repealing the Second Amendment– this incident right here is a perfect illustration to explain why we have and why we need a strong 2A. While many on “both sides” like to theorize about “the security of a free state,” and one side will ponder over civil war, and the other will ridicule gun owners for “thinking guns can fight against jets and nuclear weapons,” the stark reality of state authoritarianism has little to do with citizens battling their own volunteer military. Historically, the real way any strong totalitarian state oppresses its citizens is through a militarized police apparatus. It is the police who fight the citizens on behalf of the government, and the police that can enforce state laws by force. Americans enjoy their enumerated Constitutionally protected guaranteed civil rights because we have the teeth of the 2A to back up these rights-in-theory with defense-in-fact. I’ve long argued that the real line or limit to what arms the civilian population ought be permitted to own is demonstrably obvious: American citizens should be allowed exactly the same arms and armor that their civilian police forces have, period. If American civilian police forces are entrusted with enforcing law of the citizenry, to serve and protect their equals, then they must abide the same limitations or freedom of arms… otherwise they are more heavily armed, and thus become a de facto paramilitary force whose only “enemy” is the people… us. Thankfully, many good police and LEOs are understanding of this concept, and responsibly fully support the equality of arms that must exist to have a true free society. When police feel they are above the law and above the citizenry and their civil rights– then the situation in Houston is what you begin to see, as seen in so many historical authoritarian police states. The key difference is that, here in America, citizens can shoot back. This is the 2A “teeth” on display– what keeps all police and LEO from executing No-Knock invasions with impunity… the reality that Americans unjustly invaded will fire back upon lawless criminals. This pragmatic check on power essentially ensures legality, and it forces LEOs to do law enforcement the right way, with probable cause, due process, warrants et al. These kind of incidents are the last bulwark between freedom and an authoritarian police state– the state can never perform No-Knock warrants with impunity in America because our 2A guarantees resistance by defensive violence. Every so often, this will be tested, and an incident like this will lead to terrible consequences… but good police officers will pump the brakes on their peers, armed citizens’ ire will be raised, and the extended consequences of such illegal invasions will be examined, all because we have the Second Amendment to guarantee the security of a free state. Presumably, most police do not want to hurt their fellow citizens, and American citizens want and need their police to enforce law over criminals and societal predators. The 2A gives us that real mechanism to flush out clear dividing lines between right and wrong, and it protects us from the state abusing their authoritarian power. In this sense, the 2A allows us to be on the same side as police forces, when those police and LEOs work for the citizenry, respect Constitutional civil rights, and choose to conduct themselves as equals with the armed American populace.

    12. I wonder about the location of the .357 used against a dozen or so armed assailants. Also, would like to know the caliber size, and number of projectiles removed for the wounded and dead. The investigation of Texas police I had believed to be the responsibility of the Texas Rangers. Why the FBI, did not they send 29 agents armed in battle gear and with machineguns to arrest non-violent Roger Stone. Thank goodness that his little dog and invalid wife was out of sight initially. It is curious where are the fearless investigative news reporters. Is discretion a better part of their valor. They do use a lot of discretion. Texas Rangers normally don’t, and I hope not now.

      To those in authority, please have no concern of me. I am just curious, and my high respect for the police is changing to your desired fear.

    13. Is it just me, or does this “wrong address” crapola pop up way too often? Getting the address wrong when delivering pizza or an Amazon package certainly doesn’t have the same impact that delivering potentially LEATAL force does. These PDs need to ‘study’ how the military does fly-overs, regularly, without doing the fly-over over an empty park, or wrong park. Every place, mine, yours, everybody’s(?), has a Lat/Long coordinate, street address not required – CAVEAT still, some numb-nut has to input the CORRECT numbers into that GPS rig! Some well known NFL dude probably says it best – DISCOUNT DOUBLE CHECK, at all levels, especially the engagement level, before engaging. You know, kinda like two guys getting together to turn individual keys at the same time, BEFORE launching some nuke!! BTW, that initial, incorrect, description of what went down might also indicate how “….a small amount of marijuana, and a tiny amount of cocaine….” we’re ‘found.’ What self-respecting DEA gendarme would not have available to them a dime bag, an/or, “a tiny amount of cocaine” to DROP at some situation that has gone FUBAR? I fully agree with ALL in disagreeing with this “NO KNOCK” procedure. You smash ‘my’ door in, daylight or dark, beware of a recent movie title, & you may as well come in fogging rounds, because, “There Will Be Blood!”

      1. I knew/worked with a “cop” early in my career that admitted to me that he sometimes would plant drug evidence at a scene of some low-level drug dealer(s) to ensure their arrest in order to protect (and increase business) for his drug-dealing son.

    14. The break down the door approach to getting someone is wrong, wrong ,wrong. There can be a more reasonable approach and there needs to be. The more people are killed in these raids means there are that many more people who are going to be ready for them. Besides, they are not going to sneak up if there is a dog in the house. The dog will sense the presences of someone outside no matter how quite they try to be and the owner will be waiting for the door to come off the hinges. Someone will die. As far as I’m concerned, the person in the home has the right to protect themselves and property. Shoot before you are shot. Any reasonable police department could catch you, if you are doing wrong, by means other than Nazi tactics as shown in the movie theaters. We know none of the pansy a** actors wouldn’t do this in real life.

    15. These are the kinds of cops that do not deserve to live and they are all over the country. I am all for extermination of cops like this.

    16. Since the police departments have become militarized we have had needless loss of innocent lives, they are not the army and we are not their target practice.

    17. What gives the right of the police to take the neighbors video recording without a warrant?
      Trying to hide evidence of their mistakes?
      Feds better do something and any heirs should file suit against Houston PD and the city.

      1. John Wick…They will be getting a hell of a lot of bullets coming at them if they shot one of our dogs. There isn’t any reason for it. They need to be charged for this crime along with the murders of the two innocent victims. They had no body cameras on any of them, that reeks of a cover up.

    18. The level of corruption at this dept. is here on display.
      As for the “red flag” “Laws”….the takers best get right with Jesus.
      Cause some folks are preparing for this.
      Shtuff is gonna get crazy.
      The Propaganda will be THICK!
      As a potential juror, i know how i will think.

      1. The so called “no knock ” raids need to stop unless there is hard evidence that armed suspects are dealing or manufacturing hard drugs. In this case this is just another in a long line of bungled police raids resulting in innocent people getting killed ! This needs to stop and those responsible in this case need to be indicted for criminal wrong doing !!

      2. The Hardy street fortifications probably scared the police, it would take bravery combined with stupidly to assault that place.

    19. Dennis is said to have shot back in response to the officer shooting the dog.
      It was a bad deal all around but one shouldn’t shoot at police over a dog.
      If he engaged the police you can’t hold it against them to shoot back.
      Coke and pot? Stellar citizens I say.

      1. @Justista, I agree with you! Allegation is not conviction. Up to the moment of conviction the accused citizens have Constitutional Rights that must be respected by government. Until the moment of conviction we are all stellar citizens. Government is our servant, not our masters.
        In the present case, I think that it is reasonable to conclude that anyone acting this way were not really police; that this was some sort of home invasion; and that they were going to kill me next.

      2. Dogs are family members. No knock warrants ness to be outlawed. Anyone can tell police. A little pot and cocaine don’t require a death sentence although I don’t condone the use of either.

      3. You don’t murder citizens for a small amount of drugs, and if the cops were acting true to form they probably did not announce a search warrant as they broke down the door, and they have a thing for shooting peoples dogs. Cops were wrong, remember they lied for the search warrant or did that get by you.

      4. Justista, I don’t believe there was a Pause between the shooting of the dog and the victim returning fire. I know nothing about this specific raid and what I read here it sounds like some underhanded stuff going on.
        Having participated in this type of activity (Warrant searches) although we never used No Knock Warrants. I suspect the raid was early in the morning and split seconds were involved. I have to say if a no knock warrant was served on my home, unless it was made very clear BEFORE entry (That is not how a no knock works.) there probably would be some gun fire involved.

        1. The presumption that should be that anyone entering one’s home shooting is an intruder. Police need to understand this and knock that ‘no-knock’ warrant s–t off

      5. Any stranger shooting inside anyone’s home for any reason, ought to be shot. How many times do they have to be shown as liars before you stop believing them?

        1. Being awakened from a deep sleep in the dark of night by someone firing shots in your home SHOULD result in your returning fire! People being served a warrant are supposed to be informed of the existence of a warrant and allowed to see it before entry. There really aren’t that many scenarios in which this cannot be done. If you don’t have control of the situation with half a dozen officers with weapons carried at “low ready,” then just what are YOU doing there?!!?

      6. Homeowners, taxpayers, no criminal records; yes they were stellar citizens. Shooting a dog is absolutely a reason to shoot back. They broke into his home and shot his dog, what clearer evidence of hostile intent do you need? In my state the law says, if you believe your life, or members of your family, are in danger you can use lethal force, including against police officers acting illegally. The cops had an illegal warrant, they didn’t announce themselves, they broke into his home and opened fire, killing his dog. Those cops that retired should have lost their pensions at least, prison too would have been better. If there are no consequences police will continue to act this way.

      7. You expect someone awakened from a deep sleep at “dark thirty” on a winter night to instantly identify police officers? Officers who had not identified themselves and had just (quite loudly) shot their dog? He probably could not have even known that quickly in his semi-foggy state of mind that his dog had been shot, just that a very loud shot HAD been fired and there were multiple dark figures in his home with weapons. Given that the average number of intruders in a home invasion situation is three, things would have looked about right for him to conclude that that was what was going on and he had to act quickly and accordingly. WHY would he do anything differently when he/they were not criminals expecting that a police raid might happen at some point in time?

    20. Expect lots of news stories such as this one when ‘red flag laws’ are acted out. Many will die and the LEOs will cover for each other or claim ‘see, I told you they shouldn’t have guns’

    21. They break-in and murder two peaceful people in the middle of the night and instead of the death penalty like anyone else who does this in Texas, they get to go on permanent vacation.
      There’s no white privilege in this country. No male privilege. There is only police privilege. This country began by expelling the Redcoats from our homes and communities with our rifles, and Blue is the new Red. Until these police learn that they work for the individuals of their communities, they are the enemy, an occupying military force under the influence of powers foreign to our communities and culture, free to enter our homes as they please. How many Boston Massacres like this will it take before the patriots of this land shoot back?!

      1. Some of the police knew exactly what the plan was and accomplished their mission. Others were included to try to make the activity appear to be ‘legal’. The lies before, during and after the event are all a part of the cover up. Hopefully, the legal system will accurately sort that out without preferential treatment to a ‘dirty’ cop.
        I think it is time to turn the situation around, if a lie told gives police ‘permission’ to enter a private dwelling in order to commit violence on those (dog included) inside, what is to keep citizens from doing the same to the police/judge/attorney involved in the business of ‘no knock’ warrants?
        Superior policing does not need these errasures of our inalienable rights or the violence it breeds.
        Unfortunately, Dennis and Rhogena paid the ultimate price for the criminal actions of the police. Retirement should not be allowed……….quit or be relieved of duty, but not retirement. Two people and their innocent pet were gunned down in their own home. Misuse and abuse of police powers is inexcusable and any repercussion from that activity should be multiplied for a ‘dirty’ cop.
        I firmly support those that do their best to protect and serve, but for the few bad apples, I wish the worst on you and yours.

    22. This is what the Red Flag laws will bring. How long before the police realize this it madness? I’ve given up on the politicians, there stupidity is legendary!

      1. Just look at NYC voting in AOC, that is definitive proof the people in that area and the politicians are a sham, agreed.

    23. There are many of us old Viet Nam veterans who are very law abiding, but also very prepared to permanently stop anyone who forcibly enters our home. No knock warrants depend on speed and over whelming force to subdue the targets and prevent loss of the officers’ lives. All the targets know is that someone is crashing into their home and yelling ‘Police’, which anyone can yell. There have been very many bad warrants and very many wrong addresses attacked. Many of us are very capable and would defend our homes and loved ones with every ounce of skill and preparation, which would be final to many, if not all, who would dare to enter forcibly, especially at night.

      1. @David, Ok, but remember the case of the old Nam vet that shot and killed a naked, drugged up, “intruder by force” that was attacking his grandson inside the home? The police shot, from distance, through the picture window, without knowing the circumstances and killed the vet. So do be careful.
        The PDs learned the principles of surprise, speed, and violence of action by training with our military. There is no place for application of military techniques in civilian law enforcement because the desired ends are different. The military’s ends are to kill people and break things. The polices’ ends are to gather evidence and arrest live people.

    24. I wonder what other citizens would do if the police kicked their door in and shot their dog? Twenty years in Law Enforcement, numerous successful drug raids, never killed a dog, even through confronted – quick shot of mace and dog retreats. Any paper service person, cop or not, knows this to be true. Just do not understand why these cops thought it okay to shoot the dog, which escalated an already tense situation.

      Yes, if an investigation shows these cops acted inappropriately, violated departmental policy, failed to follow the force continuum and instead excercised excessive force from the get go resulting in the death of citizens they were suppose to protect, then indict and prosecute them and let their peers judge their actions.

      1. 1. I agree with you on handling a dog.
        2. I disagree with with any LEO who says “no-knock” warrants are an effective part of the job, they are not. The risk vs return is overwhelmingly weighted toward risk of injury to all parties AND weighted toward deadly mistakes being made (wrong address etc).
        3. Most are carried out in conjunction with information regarding drugs and NEVER produce substantial results. We have been losing this war for decades because we’re taking the wrong approach.

      2. These police people did not even bother to look up who lived in the house before hand. People willing to take such actions should not be in authority.

    25. Has anyone noticed that people keep dying when these “red flag” laws are being executed? Is it right to Launch “Liberal ordained” commando raids on people instead of just talking to them first about the concerns “someone has voiced? I would say everyone involved here, including police, are victims of pathetic “law”. This is what happens when “do-gooders” pass laws that someone else has to execute….think about it.

    26. They managed to use the #2A for it’s intended purpose. But they needed body armor and rifles though to go up against #BlueISIS…The world and history itself would be best if there were.more cop killers, because the only good law enforcement scumbag is a dead one. After all, in the real world more injustice, theft, and outright murder has been committed in the name of law enforcement than has been committed in spite if it.

      1. While I do not think the police acted wisely here, and charges, not retirement should be in the offing, I also believe you need to look at some serious issues you may have….

    27. Here is the part that is not being reported. The neighbors claim the man and woman cried our for help for several minutes after the police burst through the door and shot them down like dogs.
      After several minutes and some claim longer, the police came through a side area and fired into the man until he was silenced. It is believe the woman had bleed out just before that action took place.

      This information was being reported by neighbors and people in Houston.

      Bottom line ; The couple survived the initial assault but were allowed to die with a little extra help. Its my understanding this story is known in the Houston area but being ignored

      1. The Houston major news outlets are part of the mass media. They want people to ignore it by not presenting it. Besides, what is expected form a city that hired an anti-gun rights police chief.

      2. OMG, that’s horrible if true. Some enterprising reporter should investigate that story and include the autopsy results. If Tuttle has several bullet wounds from the side or back…..

    28. There should have been arrests and prosecutions of everyone on this DEATH SQUAD, and especially the planners.

      I once used to proudly wear a badge and uphold the public safety in my state, but I am glad to be done with it; when I look and see what police have become over the last 30 years, I realize that far too many of them in far too many places are all just jackbooted thugs!! Yes, some good cops are still out there, desperately trying to serve the public, uphold their oath to the Constitution, and keep the criminal element in righteous fear. But those good cops are severely outnumbered by the bad/dirty cops and the quisling cops who “simply follow orders”. American gun owners and patriots need to take a sober look at the policing profession and ask themselves whether they can afford to trust their local police. While a bad warrant service or swatting incident is not the daily norm, the powers that be bend over backwards to justify the bad cops and the quisling cops in our midst, and insist that the law-abiding population “back the blue”.

      We should only support public agencies to the degree by which they strictly obey our state & federal constitutions, and defend/uphold our GOD-GIVEN rights. Any agency or office that makes excuses or provides cover for bad cops and violations of our rights are agencies that we should oppose and resist vigorously!!

        1. waco was the work of the clinton carpet-muncher reno (now deceased?) & the legendary, contempt-of-congress, when-was-america-ever-great dick-holder. tough s**t if you don’t like the terminology. corrections welcome.

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