No-Knock Houston Raid Inventory Raises Questions after 2 Killed, 4 Wounded


No-Knock Houston Raid Inventory Raises Questons after 2 Killed, 4 Wounded
No-Knock Houston Raid Inventory Raises Questions after 2 Killed, 4 Wounded

Arizona -( The Houston Police Department has released the inventory of items seized during the execution of the no-knock raid where 59-year-old Dennis Tuttle and his wife, 58-year-old Rhogena Nicholas were shot and killed. The raid occurred on January 28, 2019.

The married couple of 20 years died in a gun battle with police where four officers were wounded, and one was injured while taking cover.

The couple had no criminal records. They had occupied the house for 20 years. Rhogena was as a supporter of President Trump. Dennis was a Navy veteran.

The gun battle started when the police broke down their door and shot their dog. The wife, Rhogena, was unarmed when killed. Police claim she was going for a shotgun held by a wounded officer.

There were no body cameras worn on the raid. Neighbor’s surveillance video was taken by the police.

The guns listed are unremarkable in every way. They are:

  • A 12 gauge model 1100 semi-automatic shotgun, commonly used for target shooting, hunting, and home defense.
  • A Winchester 190 semi-automatic .22 rimfire, a popular and inexpensive hunting, and plinking gun. They are no longer manufactured.
  • A Remington 700 bolt action rifle chambered in 7mm magnum, a popular hunting rifle and cartridge.
Search Warrant

A 20 gauge shotgun is listed as a “Beretta ALS.” I have not found a Beretta of that model, but CZ makes an ALS model that looks a lot like the Beretta semi-automatics.  ALS is sometimes used as an abbreviation for Auto Loading Shotgun.  Here is the inventory document released from the Houston Police Department:

Missing from the inventory of guns is the .357 revolver that Dennis Tuttle was supposed to be using in his gunfight with the officers who broke into his house, and killed his dog and wife.

Wounding four officers with a .357 revolver would be exceptional gunfighting.  Some shooters can do it. Dennis Tuttle was an Air Force veteran, and, it seems likely, a hunter. Given the lack of a revolver from the inventory, my suspicion is he used a shotgun to defend his home. That and the use of buckshot or birdshot would explain the four wounded officers. Also missing is any 9mm pistol, the possession of which was used in the warrant to justify the no-knock raid.

Apologists for the raid have said the informant could have misidentified the .357 for a 9mm. That could be, but there is no pistol or revolver to be found on the inventory list.   Here is a link to the warrant from ABC13.

The drugs that were reported to be found at home are not the quantity associated with drug dealing.  A local attorney noted that no drug paraphernalia was listed on the inventory.  From

“There’s nothing identified in search warrant return as scales or baggies, or anything that would be used to distribute heroin or any other drugs for that matter,” Zuniga said.

As for the gram of cocaine and 18 grams of marijuana found, Zuniga said, “It’s not the amount of drugs that would be associated with distribution. I think in this case the officer probably relied on an unreliable informant.”

No-knock raids are inherently dangerous for the suspects and the officers involved. They eliminate one of the primary reasons for search warrants, which is to assure the suspects the search is legally allowed, and the suspects will have access to the courts.

To accomplish that purpose, the warrant has to be presented to the suspects, and they have to be allowed to read it.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30-year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Felony Murder should include deaths in raids with warrants obtained under false premise. Any death: “Suspect”, officer, bystander or canine.


The problem is that it is the same government that decides whether it was warranted or not. It is also the same government that does the investigation. They own the judges, they own the “law enforcement”, they own most of the lawyers…

Mr. Bill

This judgement from SCOTUS is one step from making police liable for injury incurred during a no knock.

Jeff Taylor

This happens to Black people all the time.

The Revelator


Ok, dropping the race card and ignoring the facts that this happens to people no matter what skin color they have.

Ok, so do you have any totally innocent, no prior record, completely innocent cases where this has happened that you are citing as happening “all the time”?

And while we are at it, since I believe in Consistency, I am very well aware of Botham Shem Jean, so the Dallas incident can already be counted, you should therefore be able to list at least between 5 and 10 other cases.

Roy D.

The latest from the Houston killings:
Just incase the filters didn’t like a specific word I used.

Get Out

Very fishy there were no body cameras worn on the drug raid. The amount of drugs found is weak at best for the reason to raid the house.


Sounds like this couple was murdered.

Douglas L Self

They WERE, although it appears that the cops, especially the lying POS that falsified info to get the “no-knock” warrant, were going in with every intent to commit a summary execution of the persons at the house if they happened to be present in addition to “executing” the warrant. There’s more afoot than a trigger-happy, reckless SWAT team, though that’s bad enough!


Isn’t it the job of the police to find out if this is a legitimate problem and get the address correct? It is without question that a higher authority should investigate this. From all I have read on this the police just plain screwed up and in their testosterone fit took the lives of two people and a dog that did nothing. They are worse about covering up a crime than most criminals are. This reinforces the reason for a gun to be close by and a good dog that will bark when something isn’t right. If cops get shot… Read more »

Michael harris

I 100% totally agree. As opposed to the movies, not all bad guys wear masks. Some of the jackbooted thugs wear tactical gear and body armor and the biggest protection from any real consequences is the word “POLICE” velcroed across the chest of these “heros”. They are more concerned with “coming home to their family” than they have EVER been concerned about we CITIZENS’ right to be safe and secure in our homes and persons. #punkpolice


When will people get it through their thick skulls that the “police” are NOT here to protect the people or their rights. They are OWNED by the government and they do as they are told and enforce laws whether those laws are unconstitutional or not! That is why the are called “Law Enforcement”! Many of these government agents are ex-military and run on the same lies that the military uses. It is all a claim that they are protecting this country/nation and liberty, when it all about being the strong arm of a tyrannical government hell bent on pushing their… Read more »

Jack Mac

We need more then just the conservatives to get their heads out. We have problems with everyday people that are around us. There many who support this type of police actions upon others and want more. There are to many who just do not care and will never care.

Wild Bill

@Tcat, I agree, get two or three rescue dogs. Give them a good home, and they will provide a warning in time for one to make a meaningful defense. Typically the “case agent” writes the warrant application, that goes to the magistrate. Even if he has some other team member, who is a better typist, help with the warrant application, it is the case agent that is responsible. Having said that the entire team should be involved enough to question the details and prevent foreseeable errors like this one. Personnally, I think that video cameras are a better avenue. If… Read more »


@ Wild Bill Yes we have two rescue dogs that know this is their home and they are on duty 24/7. They are very friendly dogs and get along with people unless it is late at night or the UPS guy. They think when he comes they run him off every time because he drops the package on the porch and leaves. The Jack Russell doesn’t trust what he leaves and she watches it until someone goes out to get it and she has to check it out. If it is a small package she will carry it out into… Read more »

Greg K

So, I get that people buy dope by the gram or ounce. The 1 ounce of coke makes sense, and the 18 grams is about 5/8 of an ounce. Maybe it got smoked down to that or someone bought 18 ounces at a per ounce price, however, those amounts would be of user quantities from what I’m told. If that’s the case, is it possible that these 2 drugs were confiscated on the street, and got dropped by the cops for effect? I ask because both drugs require paraphernalia, don’t they? Was there a bong on the list?


You are assuming that the drugs were actually there. It is common knowledge that cops often plant evidence to cover their asses. And the article said nothing about “1 oz of coke”, it said “1.5 GRAMS of an unknown white powder”. It’s bad enogh that the media reports lies, you don’t need to add to it!

Greg K

Rattler, I had to ask someone in the know about this…you made my point for me, maybe without realizing it. You’re right it was 1.5grams. I accidentally wrote the 1 Ounce. Here’s why. I asked a friend about this whole thing. Told him what was found and what wasn’t. He told me that those amounts sounded like personal use amounts and 1 Ounce of coke would be consistent with dealing, but not 1.5 grams. It stuck in my head, so mea culpa. Then he asked, “was there paraphernalia on the list?” I said, “I don’t think so.” He said, “It… Read more »

WV Bill

Cops should not do no knock warrants, no question. But the group that is being left out of this conversation are the judges. They have to issue the warrants. Without the judges there are no no knock warrants.

Greg K

And politicians that allow this Unconstitutional crap.


this is why red flag laws are bullshit,too bad he didn’t drop everyone of these bastards!! maybe it would have made the next bunch of gestapo’s a little more careful. most no knock warrants are totally unnecessary!

Drew Petrlak

Whatever the real outcome is, I have a hard time putting this on the team that was doing the Raid.

But the INTEL appears FLAWED. It’s in a neighborhood, where the probability is HIGH, but…. To Make it Worse the Leadership which called for the RAID and METHODS is BAD.

Oh and this is the Same PD that already been on the Gun Ban soapbox, not to mention the same Anti-Gun BS at his prior job.

Captain Obvious

Why couldn’t they just pick them up when they left the house for groceries or something??
Oh wait, that wouldn’t be “tacti-cool” or require the use of synchronized door breeching, whisper mics, battering rams, level 4 shields, surefire lights, lasers, flashbangs, etc., etc….


STOP IT! your using that common sense thingy again!


This was a bad raid and the cops know it now, hope someone in the family sues the shit out of Houston. Two more mistaken murders,sorry about that.

Wild Bill

@TomZ, The man for the job that you suggest is Gary Wells, of Argyle, Texas!


It could have been a .357 SIG semi-auto pistol. They have some popularity in Texas.


Who the hell cares what gun it was? It makes absolutely no difference unless you’re a leftist pushing an agenda. I have yet to see anything that proves he was in possession of ILLEGAL weapons! The second amendment reiterates your right to possess firearms.


2 DEAD in No Knock Drug Raid based on ” Unreliable Informant ” — Can you see where RED FLAG Laws are going ?


After reviewing some independent investigative reports it looks like they went to the wrong address on Harding Street instead of where they should have been on Hardy Street. But no matter, they should never be allowed to exercise no-knock raids because it is every citizen’s right to defend themselves.


Dennis was a Navy veteran.Dennis Tuttle was an Air Force veteran…What one or was he both as I am?? There are a lot of questions about this, I have a feeling it was the WRONG HOUSE!

1776 Patriot

If ANYONE attempts to break through my ALWAYS-locked doors, my last concern will be what they’re yelling. I won’t be able to hear it over the sound of the shots from my ALWAYS-loaded rifles and shotguns.


Amen Brother Patriot!


Same here, you want to break my door down? Bring lots of mates and lots of body bags.


I pitty the fool that crosses my threshold.

John Galt

Looks like felony murder to me. ALL PARTICIPANTS SHOULD BE FIRED, TRIED and Imprisoned in the general population.

Some nuetral third party (not Houston PD) should look at their bank accounts and their history of harming suspects.

There are SO MANY HOME INVASIONS in the Houston area that the police should NEVER do plaincloths raids.


They made a mistake they went to the wrong house and they got retribution you have to double check those addresses their place doesn’t look like a drug houseNo surveillance no metal bars on the windows or doors /no fenced in dogs/ commonsense would tell you you’re at the wrong place /Captain caffeine and the county clowns will be sued you can bet the ranch on it/


just like loy finkrum that was this is what the american goverment has come to roving hit squads killing american citizens .thanks to nancy and chuck.


Merely providing a correct spelling, “LaVoy Finicum” (B. January 27, 1961 – D. January 26, 2016). – “By Blood and Suffering” by LaVoy Finicum. And we don’t disagree. I only wish it was limited to “Nancy” and “Chuck”. In this case, we have to add “Eric (sp) “never let a good crisis go to waste” Holder”. And lest we ever forget our brothers and sisters, “Sammy”, “Striker” (his dog, again shot first), “Vicki” (his Mother) on August 21/22, 1992 respectively. For the straight story read “The Federal Siege At Ruby Ridge” by Randy & Sara Weaver, hence we remember “Janet… Read more »


Correction: “We’re doing it for the children.” BTW CS gas may be hazardous to young children…

Raymond Hudson

CITIZENS of AMERICA ! Witness the beginning of the End of this Free Country! The Constitution is No Longer a Respected Document of Liberty and Justice! Friends we have turned the corner, it’s Government vs Citizens and blood has been spilled! The idea of “Innocent until proven guilty” has been murdered! A dire warning, do not depend on anyone to protect You! Do it yourself and do it First! We will never know who is next, these decisions are made in private chambers away from the eyes of Constitutionally protected Citizens! I am ashamed for what is happening and I… Read more »

1776 Patriot

Amen, Amen and Amen brother!


It is time that people wake up and read about the Act of 1871! This has been going on for many years, with government slowly taking more and more without the people seeing it. It is now at a point where government has enough control and power that they can up their game. President Trump hasn’t got a chance when you consider that BOTH sides in government are against him.


The couple was murdered plain and simple. Every cop involved should be charged with 1 count of 2nd degree murder and 1 count of 1st degree (Felony murder when they executed his wife, no witnesses, right?).


Sounds like the informant needs to be in jail for his role as getting someone killed over miss information


Unjustified use of force by hpd


I’m a former law enforcement officer and I can tell you why the police was in a shootout.. They killed this man’s wife, and his dog, In Cold Blood…What in the hell did they expect to happen?…I have zero Sympathy for officers that get wounded or killed in cases such as this.. It is what they signed up for when an officer joins groups like that…. Alot of these drug task forces are very shady operations and every cop knows it… The media will downplay this because of the color of the so-called suspects’ skin and their ownership of firearms… Read more »


Thank you,my bed side is a 454,and 44,

Longhaired Redneck

That would be .498… 454+44=498!


He sleeps in his older chevy truck. He has a .44 next to the 454 motor!

phil morris

and for some reason , if this story is the one travesty we are being made aware of how many others are not even going to get a second thought , I,m going to say it again this is just the beginning of the end of America.

I survived one wrong address SWAT raid


Be careful the Thought Police are watching.


IF NOT? then just roll over and go back to sleep.


Don’t worry that thin blue line will protect all the criminals involved in this raid.

And with the NRAs support of Red Flag Laws this will be a lot more common. Look at what the FBI did to Roger Stone, now picture what they’ll do when they know you’re armed and think you’re dangerous enough to remove those arms by force.


This will soon be the norm. It’s happening all over the US, even in states that are know for respecting the police, and the law. What we are seeing is Judicial Tyranny revealing itself because they no longer fear the citizenry. People are in place to combat the God granted freedoms granted to us, and reinforced by the Constitution, and the Bill of rights. Used to be that when a man took an oath it meant something, and still it should, but men, and women think nothing of breaking their oath as long as they get theirs! Unless it changes… Read more »


No knock warrants shouldn’t be allowed. How does the home owner know it is the police and not a home invasion? This is gestapo tactics. And all for nothing but guns and drugs that didn’t exist. Sounds like the “informant” had a beef with the owners.


response, hpd chief a.a.?