Houston Cop Lied for Warrant, Married Couple Killed, 4 Police Wounded

Houston Cop Lied for Warrant, Married Couple Killed, 4 Police Wounded
Houston Cop Lied for Warrant, Married Couple Killed, 4 Police Wounded

Houston, Texas -(Ammoland.com)- The lead investigator and long term Houston Police Department undercover narcotics Officer Gerald Goines lied to obtain a no-knock warrant. The no-knock warrant lead to the death of a middle-aged couple, their dog, and the wounding of four officers, at 7815 Harding Street on 28 January 2019. From abc13.com:

The search warrant clearly shows the initial information used to obtain the no-knock search warrant involved a number of lies.

In the original warrant obtained on Jan. 28, the lead case agent, Officer Gerald Goines, wrote that a confidential informant bought heroin at the house the day before the drug raid. The informant also allegedly saw heroin and a weapon, which appeared to be a 9mm handgun, as he was buying the suspected drugs at the house.

In that warrant, the informant allegedly returned to Goines with a brown powder substance, telling him that it was called “boy,” which is slang for heroin. The confidential informant also said the substance he allegedly bought at the home was packed in a large quantity of plastic baggies.

The Houston no-knock raid was characterized as an ambush by drug dealers. The evidence did not support that conclusion.

The two homeowners killed had no criminal record. Dennis Tuttle was a Navy veteran. His wife, Rhogena Nicholas, was a supporter of President Trump. They had been married for 20 years and lived in their modest home in Houston for the same 20 years.

Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas were the victims.
Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas were the victims.

The gun battle started when police broke down their door and shot their dog. Dennis started shooting back, wounding the officer that shot his dog.

Police claim Rhogena attempted to take a shotgun from the wounded officer.

They shot and killed her. Dennis continued to fight, wounding three more officers. It is unclear what firearm he used.

The exact timing of events is uncertain because no officers were wearing body cameras. Surveillance video from the house next door was confiscated by the police.

Police Chief Acevedo has previously talked about the officers “laying down covering fire”. We do not know how many indiscriminate rounds were fired, or when, precisely Dennis Tuttle and his wife Rhogena were shot and killed. From abc13.com:

“After we had two officers down and another shot, the remaining officers … started laying down cover fire, left positions of cover themselves and, I believe, they heroically pulled their fellow officers out of harm’s way,” Acevedo said.

Originally, the police claimed Dennis used a .357 magnum revolver. No revolver showed up on the inventory of items seized from the house after the raid. No Heroin was found. No “large quantities” of drugs in plastic baggies were found.

In addition to long term narcotics officer Goines, another officer has been suspended. His name has not been released.

Good forensics could clear up many of the unanswered questions in this case. What was the sequence of events? Who fired what, when, and where. Who was shot by who, when?

The only thing we know for certain is that lies were made to obtain a no-knock warrant. A gun battle resulted. Two innocent homeowners are dead, and four police were wounded.

A small amount of drugs were reported to be found at the house, along with four firearms, such as exist in over half the households in Texas.

As drugs were lied about (and small quantities were found in the lying officer’s vehicle), can we trust the drugs found at the house, in two small baggies, were not planted by an officer, to cover the botched raid?

Many police, as well as other citizens, are angry over the corruption and needless loss of life. Actions such as this corrode the fabric of a free society.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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The lying cop obtaining this warrant has 10 or more disciplanary complaints in his personnel file. He has been suspended numerous times but somehow remained on the force. The City of Houston’s taxpayers will now pay out millions of dollars for not throwing out their trash.


no .357 found? one of the officers pocketed it. happens all the time. I lived in Houston 35 years. the PD and SO are CORRUPT. Recall in 1976 when a drug dealer was “shot trying to escape” and then fell into the Bayou and drowned? He had about 40 shots in him. the officer had to RELOAD.

Chris Mallory

I doubt he is going to pocket the weapon supposedly used in the shooting. I do know cops steal guns any chance they get, but not one that has been used to shoot other cops.


The citizens should take charge of this PD as far as daily operations and all disciplinary matters are concerned. Citizens panel should co-manage with police leaders. Any raid must be cleared with the citizens panel. And 100% body cams.


Based on bullsh^% amateur-hour-police work, these cops geared up to raid this home. One envisions them in their “ready room” putting on Kevlar vests, pumping up, and slapping each other on the ass. These cops then went on to slaughter every living being in that house. This was NOT honorable police work. There are many unanswered questions. Some may never be answered because this corrupt PD chooses not to allow their actions to be recorded. How convenient. BUT, the question the public should be considering is: whose house is going to be next?


Also at fault: 1) The judge who issued the “no-knock” warrant with no credible evidence of felony drug dealing. The purported “confidential informant” apparently didn’t even exist, so clearly wasn’t identified, much less demonstrated to be reliable. 2) Our government’s failed “War on Drugs”, which treats even possession of minor amounts for personal use as criminal. 2) Civil forfeiture laws that permit the seizure of property suspected to be used in the commission of a crime. That police departments can seize property on the basis of suspicion, NOT proof, liquidate those assets and keep the proceeds encourages the use of… Read more »


Looks like a “HIT” to me. Someone willing to dig would find the real answer.

Get Out

GWD do you still support ERPO’s? Many on here have posted these ERPO’s will be abused.

Dave churbuck

You are on your own playing Alamo with no happy ending,
society and the country are beyond repair .
Wonder what the children think of the Adults ?

Allan Morrison

To Skeptical: Change your monicker to Police Ass Licking Dumbell, then I’ll believe whst you say.

Ron Smith

The police chief also authorized KPRC channel 2 to be present as a ride along. Then chanel 2 did it’s best to obfuscate the issue and cover for the cops. Chanel 2 KPRC is now officially relegated to officially being a fake news, fear mongering, democrat communist propaganda channel… The national enquirer of Houston! Next-KPRC will be telling us that little green men did it according to their numerous, well informed sources inside the HPD. Let’s clean this up and get back to work!

Conservative in exile

I hope the judge that signed off on this warrant thinks twice next time the HPD ask for one.

A.x. Perez

Can you imagine how much press this would get if the people had been black? There would be a huge investigation, public outcry, protests against the police department and an outraged mainstream media demanding answers. It’s interesting……

Jim Mackey

The double standard is real.

Jordan A Brown

Damn right. The fact that this is barely given any air time is disgusting. These “officers” should have had body cams on (the city of houston has tons of them) and no officer should ever be out of uniform in a raid!


Pretty big news locally, I was in Houston a few days ago and it was everywhere.

A story like this should be a huge deal no matter what, unconditional raid based on a like, drugs didn’t get planted because the officer got shot. Heads are going to roll for it.

Deplorable Bill

Fact-wrong address. Fact- no body cams. (that by itself is telling) Fact-“cops” in civilian clothing. Fact-two innocent people are DEAD and four lying, stealing, covering their a$$ cops are wounded. What would you do if somebody broke into your home and started shooting? In Phoenix there have been several home invasions where the attackers introduced themselves and were actually dressed as police. A tree is known by it’s fruit and people are known by their words, actions and inactions. When someone breaks open a door and starts shooting, peaceful, lawful intent is out the window. Cops are NOT supposed to… Read more »


It’s Houston, one of the most politically corrupt cities, not just in Texas, but in the entire nation. Corrupt politicians for decades appoint corrupt Police Chiefs &/or Commissioners who in turn hire and blindly support corrupt police officers and detectives with the only concern if for statistics making them look good and more under-the-table money. It’s a shame and disgrace for the many honest and dedicated LEOs working there, but the system is ingrained.

Phil in TX

Yes, JPM. Houston is long overdue for a good “flushing”. Unfortunately, the same can be said for almost every major metropolitan area of Texas. Sad. Time to clean house!

Phil in TX

Roy D.

Sounds like all those Katrina refugees probably felt right at home with their new digs.


13 years later and you still have Katrina on your mind as the root of a problem? Move on and look around, you’ll find better things to whine and hitch about.


Police Chief is not appointed.


Wrong. All police chiefs are appointed in TX.


All police chief’s in TX are appointed, not elected.


No. He was “brought in” by the mayor.


I would think honest law enforcement members would be enraged by the perjured testimony of a member of their profession. The public will become suspicious of the motives of police, and doubt the honesty of all law enforcement.
Judges should look at the evidence submitted by the police, with a requirement for more stringent proof before issuing
a search or other type of warrant.


No knock warrants should never be used in this manner. They are meant for extremely dangerous criminal organizations, not street drugs sales or “red flag” gun confiscations. 2 people lost their lives and 2 officers may have permanent debilitating injuries. This was abuse of our legal system by those sworn to protect it.


So officers who have information that people inside are armed and selling drugs are supposed to knock, then wait a sufficient time for those inside to flush their drugs and make sure all of their guns are loaded up and pointed in the right direction, then enter? What are you basing your comment on?

Wild Bill

The officers can have the water and electricity turned off. Surround the house. Coordinate with close neighbors to leave. Call and give the warrant subjects an informed opportunity to surrender. Then jam cell phone traffic. There are many things that can be done to safeguard the uninvolved public.


These are drug dealers we’re talking about. Drug possession charges require possession. You can flush, burn, eat, or otherwise make disappear a whole lot of drugs in the time it would take to do the things you’re talking about. Turn off the water? Okay, I’ll keep a bucket of water on standby so I can still flush my toilet. If this was a chop shop with a bunch of stolen vehicles in the back, then sure, let’s try your way.


Your comments are clueless and childish.


The whole point of the story passed right over your head. This was not a drug house. The people killed were not drug dealers. The dog was protecting his home. The cop that started this is as crooked as a snake and I think they need to take a look at the judge, too. It is past time to bring a neutral investigation into this and hang them from the highest tree.

Chris Mallory

If they have enough drugs to worry about, one tank full of water or even a couple buckets full is not going to flush them.
And if the residents have guns pointed at the cops? So what. Let the cops negotiate a surrender.


You should change your tag to “Clueless,” it’s more accurate.


Beats barging in and killing a bunch of innocent people that they were oath-sworn to protect, doesn’t it?
Especially when they don’t actually have that information, they just made it all up.


These were low level drug dealers, now to me they are the scum of the earth, but it’s no excuse to play Navy SEAL busting down Osama’s door to take him out. Just put a GPS tracker on their car, when moves, nab the guy. No need to murder him and his wife. If someone busted down your door in the middle of the night, what would you do? I know what I would do, and it would not be pretty. This was abuse of our justice system thsi was not a good reason for a no knock warrant. There… Read more »

Jordan A Brown

they were not drug dealers. These “officers” raided this home with out body cams or police uniforms and lied so they can murder these people. The questions we need to ask is why these two people? what did they know?


What???? They were not drug dealers! Why are you calling these victims “scum of the earth “?!?! They didn’t have money. But they were good, peaceful, quiet animal lovers. They did not do one thing that would even have gotten them arrested! You obviously have no clue that it was dirty cops who caused this chain of events and caused their murder! There is absolutely no reason why they got raised or killed. Get your facts straight!


First the “officers” running this disgusting charade of a LE operationi did NOT have “information that people inside are armed and selling drugs”. Lets start THERE. ONLY when officers like this dirtbag are severelyh punished for their lies will they stop. Thisdirty copper committed felony perjury when he swore out that warrant. When dirt coppers like this are punished by the same standards as you and I would be (remember, we’re not quite as equal as Pig Goines is….) will other dirty coppers even hesitate to invent such a piece of “enhance my service record theatre”. This cop’s lies have… Read more »


with today’s low volume flush toilets, now long do you think it would take to flush the pule of ziploc baggies full of the dense powder down the black pipe? How long, with now limited water flow f=ixtures, does it take for the tank to refill? With maybe four baggies per flush, the coppers would have to be in slo-mo mode to find only half the reported quantity piled next the WC waiting for it to refill to flush anouther quartet on down….. Youre dreaming, and your imagination is a fairy tale. And the guns of people as you seem… Read more »


straight from the horse’s mouth maybe you’ll believe that.


And you realize all the news links have been shut down…1984…just not a correct date for George Orwell..Big Brother is here. Now!

Frank Staples

Hey skeptical…doesn’t it beat the hell out of killing two INNOCENT PEOPLE?? How stupid does one have to be to think this is a good idea? Somebody busts into my house I’ll do my best to shoot the hell out of them. What a crock of crap for the people who are supposed to be fighting crime and defending their populace! Heads should roll and jail time would be a definite possibility if I were mayor of that slimy city!


These weren’t drug dealers. Yes they should have knocked.


To answer your question. Body cams would have at least made it SEEM something decent rested inside their heart n intent.
So knocking or not, they tried to COVER -up their actions.
If no- knock then…state who you are without shooting when you BUST IN!


Your statement should start like this .So officers who lied to get a no knock warrant then you can finish defended theses POS.

rich z

Just look at the arrest of ROGER STONE. It took am army ,a well armed army , to bring in a UNARMED ,i repeat UNARMED , SENIOR CITIZEN. Thank god no one was killed.

Michael R Stuhr

In this day and age there is no reason not to have body camera footage of every operation, traffic stop or public interaction.

Ronald ` Renken



Body cams protect everyone involved, honest cops don’t object.

This is some training day frame up gone bad plain and simple.

Clifford Raymond

Seems like the same thing happened a few years back at Twin Peaks in Waco

Frank Lugo

Shhhh, we are supposed to have forgotten that mass execution

Chris Mallory

And the Branch Davidian compound before that.

Ray Smith

good point! KPRC channel-2, Dominique Sachse reported no less than 22 times that it was an ATF warrant according to her high level source (high=at least a captain) inside the HPD. HPD is a major source of Agent applicants for ATF. So, could this have been a practice run for waco-2?
Or- was this the same HPD hit team that murdered Roland Carnady at the direction of the shin bet for his investigating the 9/11 targeting teams in Houston?


Just looked up that Congressional district in Texas. Congressional district 29 currently represented by Democratic US Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia. Established in 1993 and first represented until January 2019 by Democratic Congressman Gene Green. Anyone notice a trend that a lot of the horrific gun deaths, violence, mass shootings, etc. occur in heavily democratic concentrated or represented blue areas. Recent cases that stuck out in the news include San Bernardino, CA (12/2/2015); Sutherland, TX (11/5/2017); Parkland, FL (2/14/2018); Annapolis, MD (6/28/2018); Aberdeen, MD (9/20/2018); and Torrance, CA (1/4/2019). Democrats will continue keeping blinders on to proven facts and statistics in pushing… Read more »

Randy Locher

Hang these Bastards!!! Publish their addresses.


Here’s a new title for this article… “Click-Hungry Author Uses Current Anti-Police Sentiment to Get People to Click on his Article Without any Facts Whatsoever.” Well, you got me, Mr. Weingarten. I clicked. I’m not the type that’s pro-police no matter what, but there are some glaring mistakes, oversights, and some obvious opinions stated as facts in this article, so much so, that in fairness, you should have put “Editorial” or “Opinion” on top, in bold letters. I’ll point out just a few examples. “The Houston no-knock raid was characterized as an ambush by drug dealers.” – Uhhhh, what drug… Read more »

Roy D.


Perhaps you should read something more than that which is printed in Ammoland. That will allow you to write in an informed manner instead of spewing the crap you spent several minutes crafting. Ignorance is not a blessing it is a curse.


Well, I got you to read my “crap”, so I might have somewhat enlightened you. Win for me.

Heed the Call-up

Skeptical, enlightened us? Not hardly. Your rant only showed us that you appear to be an idiot that is too lazy to do independent research and would rather just rant – aka a troll, and not a good one.

Gina Mero

No matter what you say as an old ace cop – this couple may have had a little bit of personal use MJ – many do…but u and the media just lie. What I believe is the cops murdered these people and we will never know why because the cop lied for the warrant and no one had their cameras on…that’s enough for me to instinctively know something smells from the top cop down. They murdered these people and worse they murdered the dog. Shoot my dog in my house and you can believe I will pull a gun and… Read more »


I can tell by your comments you were no cop of any sort. If you think officers would risk their lives to bust into a house trying to bust an old couple with a little bag of weed, knowing that everyone in Texas has ten guns in their house, you’re a fool. Per this article, they had a confidential informant which led them to believe the couple were selling drugs out of their house. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want people in my neighborhood selling drugs. If only there was someone around to do something about it…

Wild Bill

@Skep, I think that we can all agree that the safety of uninvolved citizens must come first.


Skeppy, have you read the feedback from the folks who have lived in that neighbourhood for many years, their reports on the two that were murdered? Seems NO ONE in that neighbourhood ever thought they were in any danger by this couple, nor that anything illegal or harmful was going on in that house. NONE had any hint the couple were dealing the large quantities (or any quantities) of drugs as described, under oath, in the affadavit supporting the warrant.

So, now what will your sick imagination vomit up through your fingers?

Chris Mallory

Well Skeptical, the HPD has interviewed every street snitch the Narc unit uses. EVERYONE of them has denied making any drug buys at this house or from this couple. The cops lied to get the warrant. PERIOD.
The lead cop was found to have both undocumented drugs and firearms in his official vehicle and rumor is he had a illegal drugs concealed in his assault vest.


I read it too and am shaking m head wondering HOW any one could be so deluded, and so apt at twisting the content of the article. The ONLY “contribution” yo’ve made to the content of the article is to QUESTION its contents. NOthing to COUNTER, quite a different critter. Paid troll? Most ikely. I’ve been reading Dean’s articles for as long as I’ve been getting Ammoland.. he is VERY thorugh, brings paw enfrocement experenice to the situatioin, does not jump to ocnfusioins as you do. Perhaps YOU could do some through research and investigate this incident on your own,… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Skeptical, so where are your facts to prove what he wrote is wrong. Just because you imply that it is wrong, doesn’t make you right. I have not followed this story closely, but I have seen other news reports that have stated much of what he stated here came from police sources. You might want to do some independent research if you want more information than what is presented here, but I guess that would be too much like work for you. It’s much easier to just rant and say he is wrong. Another option is stop reading this site… Read more »


The problem is that to actually do your own research, you’d have to actually talk to the neighbors, read the police reports, internal investigation reports, etc., which I don’t have access to, or time for. Any online “research” is bound do be heavily skewed one way or the other, kind of like this article. But if the author of an article is going to state his opinions like they are facts, I expect the author to do his job and vet his “facts”, not just repeat what he dredged up on the internet or saw on the local news. Also,… Read more »

Phil in TX

All of the information in mr. Weingarten’s story has been confirmed in multiple press outlets and been admitted to bythe HPD. I’ll just wait for any criticism of Mr. Weingarten’s story until the Department of Public Safety finishes it’s investigation and publishes it’s findings. Meanwhile, two HPD officers/detectives are suspended until that investigation is finished. I very strongly suspect that the report from the DPS will find the truth and the appropriate persons will suffer their punishment. This entire episode could have been avoided and two citizens would still be alive if the police conducting the raid had SIMPLY GONE… Read more »


He did, officer Goines.


“From abc13.com:
The search warrant clearly shows the initial information used to obtain the no-knock search warrant involved a number of lies.”
It’s all down hill from here.

Do you really want to defend these cops unilaterally, regardless of the truth?
You’re part of the problem.


Nope, I don’t want to defend them blindly, nor do I think these people deserved to die even if they were selling drugs. If the officers did lie, then they should be punished accordingly, but I certainly am not going to take what the mainstream media says for gospel truth, and will view it with the same healthy skepticism everyone else should. Who do you think pays for the advertising on all the news channels? You don’t think they have a vested interest in making people afraid of the police for their own political and financial reasons?

Chris Mallory

That doesn’t come from the “mainstream media”. It has been stated by the HPD in both press releases and press conferences.


sweetie, if you think this article is false, you don’t know Houston.


I’m leaning toward ‘statist cum-guzzling douchebag’, rather than ‘skeptical’ or ‘clueless’.
The cops are NOT our masters, asshole.
And neither are the politicians and judges that have made such constitutional violations possible.
This goes way beyond “they might flush the drugs”.
What an appalling fool.

Ura Dumass

Hey everybody, I found Acevedo! He’s making up crap again so we’ll back down from his anti constitutional agenda.

Michael Breeds

Sounds like charging a Army Sniper with Premeditated Murder for performing a sniper mission, someone wake up the the Media, or Slow Bus section, because hell yes it is PREmeditated, one of the references for premeditation is Sniper. While he may have lied to obtain his warrant, his leadership approved it, therefore validating it as true, or at least checking the proper boxes in order to get approved. And let’s face it , that is the most important thing, sending a document to a judge that is approved the first time and not rejected for lack of satisfying judge so-in-so’s… Read more »


As commented above, nothing will happen to the Chief who is ultimately responsible for the deaths. We tend to place LEOs on pedestals as paragons of virtue, exempting them from a variety of laws us regular folks have to abide by, including gun control. They are people too, with their own agendas.

Crazy 1

Well it is so sad for these poor folks, because they will never receive the justice they deserve. It will be covered up and the parties responsible will walk.,And it may very well happen again. RED FLAG LAWS! The murders of this couple should be investigated by the highest levels of our government, but wait, they are corrupt too. There is no justice for these folks and what has happened here. This police department and these criminals can be glad that these folks were white because this would probably turn out different!

phil morris

to all who read this story/tale of woe , and tell themselves this cant/wont happen to you/your family , and the perpetraters who just happen to be trusted/above the law public servants are just doing their job , sounds just like what the Nazi,s all said ” I was just doing my job” , while we all stood around and watched rome/our neighborhoods burn whilst nero played his fiddle.

Craig Smith

While attending graduate school in Houston I had a personal experience with corruption within the Houston PD. I experienced a very drunk police officer, on duty, in uniform getting serviced by a local prostitute. His car was blocking my parking space and when I questioned him about it, he became belligerent and combative. When I noticed he was drunk I questioned him about it and asked who his watch commander was (I have a background in law enforcement subsequently retiring from ICE). He quickly fled before I could get enough information to identify him. I later found out that Houston… Read more »


Why do this to some random couple though? That makes no sense. Something must have been going on. Maybe someone was having an affair and broke it off… I’ll be interested to see how this plays out. Generally, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.


Haaaaa ! First a Houston ggiP comes out and chastises the public for being against dirty cops, only to see the sentiment justified YET AGAIN ! What Else Is New. Fire Fire or Fire Worse

Aaron Jefferson Johnson

Point missed- The officer had the affidavit in support of the warrant certified as true by his Sgt., by his Lt., by his Captain., and by the DA before it went to the judge. Why are fingers pointed solely at the low man on the totem pole, when the actual responsibility is above him? The crook who was working off the “HPD contract” (not necessarily the “CI” referenced) should be charged with murder for setting up the Tuttles. The officer who compiled the affidavit in support of the warrant can never testify again, or author another legal document. The Sgt.,… Read more »


Hats off for these home defenders, they acted like Americans.


To say that “the forces of Law and Order”,so called screwed up big time here is something of an understatement, a masterful understatement at that. Regarding the seeming lies of the originating officer, perjury is a felony, isn’t it, or are “special allowances” made for a chosen few?


Give him two counts of felony murder. This level of purjury is a felony in Texas. It’s felony murder if someone “commits or attempts to commit a felony, other than manslaughter, and in the course of and in furtherance of the commission or attempt, or in immediate flight from the commission or attempt, he commits or attempts to commit an act clearly dangerous to human life that causes the death of an individual.”

Executing the illegal warrant is absolutely “immediate flight” and “clear dangerous to human life”.


And for the record, felony murder for perjury actually has some history, including in Texas. I fully support the death penalty for the perjurer. Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent!

Get Out

IMOA LEO’s lied to obtain a sketchy warrant has lead to a raw sewage backup coming out of the police department, which could lead to significant coverup what really happened.


nothing will happen to the gun-control police chief, he came from austin

Fthe Nazis

Let’ s start with the fact that ALL drug laws are unconstitutional. The government has no right to tell free people what they can eat, drink, snort, smoke, inject, or insert into any of their orifices. It is your body, not theirs. Now as to what the Constitution says about warrants. The 4th Amendment The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects,[a] against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched,… Read more »


99% of the time I side with the po-po, as that’s about how often they are in the right–doing their jobs to make communities safer. This is horrendous. This is out & out murder. That’s the charge that needs to rest squarely on the head of officer Goines. REAL police officers have got to be sickened by this abuse of authority, just like REAL FBI agents must be truly appalled by the conduct of their politically motivated superiors in their criminal abuse of the system in order to overturn the will of the people by attempting to unseat a duly… Read more »




That is what I keep thinking? Where are the people marching? There was q town hall meeting. But we must demand justice! These peaceful, quiet people and their dog were murdered! And I am so angry, horrified, DISGUSTED, etc.

Henry Lewis

Your question should be why isn’t your ads marching instead of crying why the black people aren’t marching

Cornelia Culler

You’re probably on to something.