Oregon Crime Statistics Don’t Justify Gun Control Push


Oregon anti-gunners want to declare new legislation regulating so-called “assault weapons” to be considered an “emergency.” (Dave Workman)

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- When the authors of a major gun control bill in Oregon inserted a paragraph at the end of their legislation declaring that an emergency exists requiring House Bill 3223, which deals with so-called “assault weapon” regulation, to take effect immediately, they apparently didn’t do any homework.

But pay attention to how this legislation moves because, just like in neighboring Washington, Beaver State anti-gunners are using Oregon as something of a petri dish to experiment with gun control schemes that, if successful, could be altered and tried in other states.

Kevin Starrett at the Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF) told Ammoland via telephone that the legislative session so far has been somewhat chaotic, but that Democrats are pushing all kinds of gun control measures.

The backers of this “assault weapon” legislation are being called on their effort by a website called Klamath Alerts, which is comparing traffic fatalities and other leading causes of death in Oregon with firearms fatalities. It was essentially no contest.

In 2017, the most recent year for which FBI data is available, Oregon experienced 100 homicides, of which 58 involved firearms. Of those, 34 are known to have involved handguns, but only two each involved rifles or shotguns. Another 20 were committed with unidentified firearms.

But to have the authors of HB 3223 declare that an emergency exists seemed over the top for Klamath Alerts.

In 2016, according to an Oregon state government website, there were 498 traffic fatalities and 44,629 people sustained injuries. The leading causes of death in the state are cancer, heart disease, accidents (undefined), chronic lower respiratory disease and stroke. Far more people die from complications from Alzheimer’s disease than are fatally shot, and even diabetes claims more lives than gunshot wounds.

Under provisions of HB 3223, the owner of a so-called “assault weapon” must register that firearm immediately or within a year take some other action that might include moving the gun out of state, selling it to a licensed firearms dealer, rendering it inoperable or surrendering it to the state police. Violators would face fines and imprisonment if the bill becomes law.

Last year, murder declined more than 11 percent in Oregon, raising even more questions about the motivation for legislative anti-gunners in Salem to want an “emergency” declared by passage of the bill.

Another piece of legislation that Oregon rights activists are watching is Senate Bill 925. It’s got the attention of the OFF and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. OFF has a web page devoted entirely to current legislation now in the works.

Under SB 925, there would be added restrictions on where Oregon’s legally licensed armed citizens can carry. If this measure becomes law, Starrett warned, a person could be arrested for having a firearm in the parking lot of an airport, if they just happen to be picking up or dropping off somebody.

As of this writing, hearings had not been held on either HB 3223 or SB 925. He said it is not uncommon in Oregon for a bill to contain an “emergency clause,” and there have been attempts to pass laws prohibiting the practice. It now appears there may be a ballot measure in 2022 to stop bill sponsors from declaring emergencies for their pet causes, Starrett noted. It will apparently be dubbed the “Stop Fake Emergencies” measure.

Starrett predicted that Oregon gun owners are in for some rough times ahead, and he is aware that at least some gun owners are looking to move out of the state.

“It’s so crazy here right now,” he said.

About Dave WorkmanDave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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    1. The ppl that think we have a gun problem are serious idiot’s lol.
      First off firearms are not alive lol,they do not breath or talk!! They sure dont have legs and hands lol. So instead of pushing for gun control why haven’t you mentioned maybe let’s say mental illness? Maybe if this country actually cared about its citizens!
      Both parties are dumb at this current moment. Democrats also yall have alot more shit to worry about. Like education, homelessness, sex offenders, real criminals, foster care, CPS, giving Oregon more budget for education would be great

    2. You know, I hear all of these people talk about how guns are killing people (which is impossible) and I wander what they have to say and what arguments they have for alcohol and tobacco? Two things that I never see people raising heck about, but yet they kill way more people each and every year. Anyway, I feel like there’s going to be civil unrest and contempt when they start talking about taking and then moving on to taking Law Abiding folks constitutional rights to bear ARMS away. Freakin Idgits!!

    3. Some of the least cogent but most strident arguing I have seen on this site. It smacks of propaganda adherence, but very little logic, or common sense. It parallels the national discussions, which currently are so extreme in their insistence that reason is non-existent. In fact, the national mentality lacks reason at present. That makes me sick, thinking how much I and my fellow comrades put on the line for this nation in order for reason to prevail.
      I am convinced that the insistent ignorance among the two extremes in this country will soon envelop the entire nation in a civil conflict, including the poor dumb sheep in the middle, many with no inkling of what is coming, or otherwise refuse to accept we have gone so far in the extremes. Nonetheless, my Oath, taken as as Marine and as a federal officer, obliges me to side with the more intelligent element that finds our Constitutional foundation still valid, and by Oath, our commitment. That supercedes ANYTHING coming out of a deeply-biased and fear-mongering Oregon Legislature, and myopic state government.
      My predecessors are buried in Oregon soil, and like me, worked and invested and were taxed as Oregonians, so I’m going nowhere, no running away. My fight, when it comes, is right here in this state I call home. Why I intend to be in Salem on March 23, protesting in the strongest sense the draconian, morally-corrupt measures coming from those who possess that mindset, and the ignorance behind it.

    4. If the Oregon government enacts these bills which are clearly destructive of the rights of free people and starts enforcing them I predict far more deaths will occur because of these laws. Many Oregonians (and obviously free people from other states such as New York and New Jersey) are all too aware of the consequences of the state having the sole power of the sword so they will not comply. Having toured concentration camps where German soldiers legally executed innocent, unarmed citizens and having read such books as Death by Gun Control and The Black Book of Communism the thinking man will never (can never) surrender his firearms because some ill informed wannabe tyrants passed a malum prohibitum law making him a felon simply for exercising his right to be prepared to protect his life, his family and his property.

      Justice Joseph Story eloquently articulated the ultimate reason for an armed citizenry. Sadly that reason is becoming all too apparent in the tyrannical actions of the communists in power in Oregon.

    5. Does any one else see that Factsovertruth/truthoverfacts is switching his name forwards and backwards?

      Let’s hope the Sun will rise so the Troll turns to stone…

      1. LOL, good catch, thanks. I believe I only did it once and that was a typo. I am not used to having to type in my handle every time.
        Why am I a troll? Because I disagree with you and even providing some facts to back up my statements? Sounds like you would rather have a forum where you can all agree with each other. I like guns and own them, but I also know that things have to improve and too many people have been fighting to stop any changes.

      2. Thanks for pointing out my ONE typo. Not used to typing in my handle every time.

        So anyone that disagrees with you is a Troll? Too bad for you. I have tried not to be rude expect to people who are rude to me. I have provided some hard facts and tried to have a reasonable debate.

        I would have loved to have a further discussion with Austing Miller III, but I can’t reply to his post. Oh well.

    6. These idiots know absolutely nothing about guns or whatever they happen to be talking about. They listen to CNN and their liberal teachers and college professors and think they are well informed. Well guess what? My hunting rifle is a single shot gun. That means it holds only 1 bullet. My assault rifles hold 5,10,30, or 40 bullets depending on which clip or magazine I decide to put in them. But, what so little do you know is that my hunting rifle can do 200 times more damage to a person than any one of my so called assault rifles. Those big bad mean looking black guns shoot a tiny little bullet barely bigger than a BB. And I bet if someone were shot with one they would probably have about a 90% chance of living depending on where they were shot and how soon medical care was given. However, my shiny pretty silver stainless steel hunting gun that only holds one bullet would probably kill someone 90% of the time and probably irregardless of where they were shot. Because, my single shot rifle shoots a huge bullet and it goes very very fast leaving a giant wound cavity, and also from a whole lot further away with a ton more accuracy. So, I am sick of these uneducated liberals who get all their knowledge from CNN trying to tell me what I can and cannot have for the sake of the whole nation, oh and its children. A GUN IS NO DIFFERENT THAN A HAMMER OR A SCREW DRIVER, NO DIFFERENT!!!!! It can be a toy to be respected or it can be a tool. And guess what? Both toys and tools have killed people. Whether intentional or unintentional.

      1. Any liberal reading your comments about your single shot hunting rifle will want to ban that too. We known the difference between calibers. The libs are clueless. Lets leave them clueless or all guns will be banned.

    7. This is total b.s. brought on by kommiefornians moving here and pushing thier democrap agenda like they do in any state they move to and the big cities they live in. We need to change the voting rules for all states so it goes by the majority of counties vote rather than the majority of people in two counties that are the big cities running the entire state. Screw Lane and Multnomah counties and all the liberal college idiots that live there. Boo on the ducks, go Beavers.
      WARNING. If you see alot of Subarau’s in a town, its commie country. Figures, shows how they support our country by buying foreign cars. Almost all of them here still wear thier Sanders or Hitlary bumper sticker.

    8. Every one of these bills is unconstitutional, both federally and locally. Making law abiding citizens into felons overnight simply because they own a physical item, is asinine. This will create hundreds of thousands of bastardized children (orphans) and overcrowd the prisons with non-violent people.

      Thank you Oregonian liberals, for voting in comminists to run the state. The pending civil war is all your fault, and it will not end well for anyone, especially you.

    9. In order to implement a Socialist Government, the people have to be disarmed so the new Regime can rob the people of their property. Their continual struggle to obtain the nations wealth demands that the people obey. The quest to transform capitalist property into social property will be the outcome if they succeed. A Socialist Offensive seems to have been givin the green light…..

      1. We have already been robbed of our property. Can anyone on here say they own their own homes? Well don’t pay the rent to the state or county every year and you’ll find out who owns it. Oh, wait, in communist countries they call it rent. Here we call it property taxes (1st plank communist manifesto) How about that progressive graduated income tax we are saddled with? (2nd plank communist manifesto) or how about asset forfeiture?(4th plank communist manifesto) or the unconstitutional Federal reserve system? (5th plank communist manifesto) or how about that free education (indoctrination) for all children in government schools? (10th plank communist manifesto)Think you own your car? The state gets the MSO, you get a “certificate of title” which just means the TITLE is somewhere else, but you don’t have it. Do you have to pay personal property rent? Errr…property taxes? I think what is really happening is that the ARMED SLAVES are waking up to what I just wrote, and they are getting PISSED.

      2. To have a Fascist regime, like Trump dreams of having, guns are a big no-no. Ask Putin or Kim Jong-Un. Sadly, gun nuts on the Right, again what to believe that Democrats want to take away all the guns. Just like Obama did for 8 years (NOT!). Gun Control is not banning all guns, even though your comments are great scare tactics for the uninformed.

        1. YOU are the uninformed one.

          Didn’t Dianne Feinstein say “if I had the votes I’d say Mr. And Mrs America, turn them ALL in”? Yep, she did.

          Or how’s about that kinyun guy…. before his re-election did he not tell the Mad Mamas “after the election we can do more….”. But by then the tide had changed, and he realised he had NO CHANCE of disarmement, though that’s what he wanted to do.

          And didn’t the kinyun sign the UN Small Arms control treaty? The Senate never ratified it, so Trump gave it the dump.

          and HOW can you claim Trump wants to have a fascist regime? Do you even know what the definition of that term is? I rather think not.

          You and your fellow bloomie trolls can mutter and holler all ya want…. I’ve read too much history to ever part with MY guns. Not as long as I still have breath, anyway

          1. Hate to break your bubble, but I have guns too, but I still believe in better gun controls!! And Seriously, because Diane Feinstein said it, the entire left feels this way? Obama was President for 8 years, two with total control of Congress, and introduced ZERO gun control or gun banning measures – FACT.
            As for Trump – who does he have an ongoing Bromance with. the leaders of the two top Fascist regimes in the world: Putin and Kim Jong-Un. And what is a Fascist you ask? It is a radical, Right-Wing, Authoritarian UltraNationalist, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, including the press and strong regimentation of society and of the economy. That is Trump to a tee. Problem with that is Putin and KJU both know that an armed populace is very bad for them

            1. Question for you sir, what “Controls” do you seriously think will do what you espouse? You refer to the universal background check but can you name one single mass shooting (which you used to suggest controls are required) where the gun was purchased through such a “Loophole?” I am not being sarcastic, I am serious here. I am getting pretty old and maybe that accounts for my lack of understanding but I am interested in why some people (and it SEEMS you are one) who think more regulations on law abiding citizens will somehow affect the behavior of the unlawful. Just as confusing to me is the thought that additional laws will deter mentally ill people such as the crazies that have attacked schools and church’s. I think most all of the 2A community would support mental health initiatives, enforcing many of the laws that are currently on the books and we would be really excited if the actual truth about how often firearms are used to prevent crimes but these aren’t good talking points to the left it seems. If indeed you own firearms I would politely suggest to you that your glee at the idea that “Assault” weapons are in jeopardy might not be the best idea because if they get those they will be after yours too. I really am interested in what you think would work and satisfy both sides and I would be interested in knowing if you believe possession of firearms is your right or something the government allows you to own.

            2. @AMIII, that one is just another first rung useful idiot. He is desperately trying to get responses to fatten his paycheck.

            3. Facts Over Truth,
              On this forum, you will quickly find that the ultra right gun activists will swear that the sun rises in the west, if you disagree with them with supporting facts. I support the right to bear arms. However, it comes with responsibilities. Overwhelmingly, the majority of Americans support responsible gun. The Green Byte Watch Dog.
              To caution you, The revelator is insane, and goes on repetitious rants.

        2. I know that you will not pull our head out of the sand regardless of what I say, so I will not waist much time here…….I would like to convey my thoughts on one subject though,……YOU are a MORON! and the problem with this country is YOU!.

        3. So….you’re saying that the Leftist Progressives in Oregon are in cahoots with Donnie Trump? Because that’s what it sounds like you’re saying. You can literally go read the printed Bills in their detailed description online about how they want to take semi-auto rifles, all semi-auto guns that take over 10 rounds (which is most all of them), limit ammo purchases to 20 rounds per month (WTF?) … but you STILL believe that “ThEy DoN’t WaNnA tAkE aLl ThE gUnZ!!” You’re in serious denial. And no Obama didn’t get gun control laws because any attempts were blocked by Congress. If he were able to serve a 3rd term, we’d be seeing these laws getting passed by Dems through the House and then RINOs passing it through the Senate.

          1. Strange that you read that because that is not what I said. Trump has his own agenda,

            What you people fail to realize, especially Manning the Moron, is that you and the NRA have been unwilling to compromise for so many years, and yet so many people continue to die each year from gun related deaths. More than ANY other Civilized country. Yet you all have fought so hard to make sure that nothing changes. Well guess what. the American people are fed up with that and that is why we are seeing change.

            And all you who believe that the Democrats want and will take all your guns are paranoid delusional

            Funny that the two gun laws signed by Obama actually expanded the rights of gun owners in the United States. Yes he wanted to change the gun laws after the Sandy Hook Massacre. Wow, Universal Background Checks, what a concept. Just closing a loophole on about 20% of all gun sales. Why would so many people be opposed to that? And high capacity magazines? At least 3 mass shootings were stopped when the shooter was reloading. And clearly having to carry 3-4 times as many magazines would make a huge difference, as well as having to reload 3-4 times as often.

            Well, the times they are achangin’ I wouldn’t hold your breath on the banning of all guns, but assault weapons are definitely in jeopardy.

            Finally, the limit of 20 rounds per month is truly ridiculous and won’t survive. But there are other states that have implemented the other changes. It would have been better to work together to fix the problem rather than fight every attempt to introduce change.

            1. “is that you and the NRA have been unwilling to compromise for so many years, and yet so many people continue to die each year from gun related deaths. More than ANY other Civilized country.”
              Ok first, nothing here is comprise. You guys simply take. You never rescind your failed gun laws and you never give us anything in return. Just take take take. That’s not compromise.
              Second, obviously we have more gun related deaths than other countries, we have more guns. But what they don’t tell you is the majority of those gun deaths are suicides, and we have about the same suicide rate to many countries in Europe. Our suicide rate is actually lower than France’s and Belgium’s, among many others.
              The states with the lowest murder rates are all constitutional carry states, or at the very least very permissive (in the case of Utah). Take your gun control and stuff it.

            2. There will be no compromise. Why do I need to compromise my Constitutional rights? Should you compromise the freedom of speech you so enjoy? GFY

        4. To accuse Trump of being a fascist, you must first gain knowledge of what fascism is(You really have no clue)…Try reading “the Big Lie”, by Dinesh D’Souza, so you can learn what it is, and from where, true fascism comes…You sound like all the other Leftist-duped sheep who can’t see the forest for the trees…If you recognized gun control for what it truly is, you’d be embarrassed for posting such a comment.

          1. I know what gun control is and I know that Trump is most definitely a FASCIST wannabe. That is why he loves Putin and KJU so much. He wants to be just like them. And in their world, you definitely do not find ANY guns in civilian hands.
            Sadly you sound like one of those that refuse to see what is really going on.

            1. He loves Putin so much? Is that why he’s slapped him with tariffs and pulled out of the nuclear arms treaty? Is that why he dropped an MOAB on his allies the Syrians?
              Come on man, switch off the CNN for a bit, like your mind detoxify.

        5. Dude, you have been living with your head up your ASS! If you think Trump is a Fascist, then what is Hillary, Booker, Sanders………..the list goes on, Angels to save us from who?….You!

    10. Gun control or whatever catchy name the Leftards impose upon the infringement is UnConstitutional,so yes nothing justifies it’s imposition.

      1. Gun Control is most definitely allowed within laws of this Country. Ask the Supreme Court of the United States. You know, that Court that the US Constitution defines as being the ultimate authority on how the Constitution is interpreted. And when did you join a Well Regulated Militia?

        1. Tje CONSTITUTION together with all laws enacted CONSISTENT WITH that document comprise the Supreme Law of the Land. And no, SCOTUS are NOT the “ultimate authoroty” when they abandon the clear meaning of the Constitution in making their proclamations. Many of their “opinions” are seriousl flawed per the COnstitution.

          As to when I joined the militia.. that happened decades ago when I turned 16 and got my first rifle. Despite the fact that I’m well past
          “retirement” age, I can still use the appropriate tools to help assure the security of a free state.
          How aobut YOU? Being of age and male, you ARE part of the militia. Whether you man up and stand in that capacity is YOUR decision. But by the definitioni of “militia” you ARE part of one.

          1. LOL, Very sad. You might want to read other parts of the Constitution besides the 2nd Amendment. Maybe Article 3, which gives the Supreme Court of the United States the ultimate authority for interpreting all laws in this country, including the US Constitution. Please don’t tell me that you support some parts of the Constitution but not all of it. And by the way I didn’t ask if you were part of a Militia. The 2nd Amendment refers to a WELL REGULATED Militia, and having over 300 million guns in civilian hands is anything BUT well regulated. Why do some many on the Right love to ignore those two key words.

            1. @Tio, this new propagandist betrays his insufferable illiteracy regarding the Constitution when he says, “… Article 3, which gives the Supreme Court of the United States the ultimate authority for interpreting all laws in this country, including the US Constitution…” because Article III says no such thing.

            2. Well-regulated means well trained and well equipped at the timing . This has been repeated ad nauseum when people such as yourself post here.
              Nowhere in the constitution does it specify who trains the militia. The original intent was the states but it is not inconsistent with the constitution for the militia to train itself. Well-regulated does not mean “gun control”.
              Try reading the Federalist papers or something.

        2. @Factsover truth
          Your handle is an oxymoron to begin with and the songs you are singing have all been sung here before. We have heard trolls over the years spout the same lunacies. Hm, I guess you are just one of those pure and simple. Your statements are like a sieve and everything leaks out of your untruthful posts. So far you have said nothing of notable importance.

          1. Tomcat, actually it’s not. There is only one set of FACTS, but many versions of the Truth. I understand that what I am saying you have heard before, just like all that you are saying is the same silliness that I have heard before. The 2nd Amendment does not give you the rights you claim and the Left is not trying to take all the guns (including mine). What’s sad and pathetic is that we have a problem in this country and people like you fight so hard to do help address it. Now the tides are changing.

          2. Actually my handle is anything but an oxymoron. There is only one set of FACTS, but many versions of the Truth. You can believe that what I am spouting is lunacy, just like much of what you all spout I believe is too. But nonetheless, we all live in the US of A and are bound by it’s laws. Sadly, any attempts to change the laws to reduce the number of gun related deaths and injuries have been met with incredible resistance by people like you, and therefore things have not changed in a very long time. Well, guess what, the American people of tired of this and now demand change and it is happening. Many states are now passing more and more gun CONTROL laws, and instead of working together all that you all have to offer is opposition. So you don’t have much of a say as these new laws get passed. I own weapons and I believe in protecting me and mine, but I also believe we have an out of control situation in this country

            1. Want to see a civil war? Ban semi auto black rifles. I’m sure everyone will gladly turn them in. Everywhere they have been banned there is the issue of the people already not turning them in. New Jersey hasn’t had even on magazine turned in by the date that it makes folks felons. So that means there may be hundreds of thousands of new felons in NJ. I look at it like this…keep it up, make the penalty so hard that folks will just say screw it, I’ve got nothing left to loose and then they go out HUNTING. A whole bunch of individuals led by their very own conscience ridding the US of the communist support base. So yes, ban semi auto black rifles and large capacity magazines on the federal level and then sit by and watch what happens. You think there are lots of “gun related” deaths NOW? Wait until THEN.

          3. @Tcat, another boring, irrelevant propagandist desperate for responses. If only they could find a real job!

          1. LOL, the word according to Garp. Well that is your opinion, even for a MORON (lol).. But 300 million guns in this country is anything but well regulated. But be that as it may, the Supreme Court has ruled that regardless of whether you are part of a well regulated militia or not, you DO have the right to own firearms, but they are most definitely not unlimited and certain weapons can be banned, and also certain people can be banned (criminals, mentally unstable) from owning firearms.

        3. Maybe you missed the fact that there is already plenty of gun control in this country. You can’t threaten imprisonment over owning a gun that was legally purchased…or a magazine (a piece of polymer with a spring in it) that was purchased legally. That’s called a right. This doesn’t account for any violation of the 5th amendment. Where does it say in the Constitution that you have the right to restrict access to arms for everyone because a small, minute, percentage of the gun owning population ends up using a gun to commit a crime? There are already laws that prevent felons from owning firearms.

          1. There are lots of gun control laws out there. Sadly, many aren’t being enforced, but also they aren’t enough. Love to understand why so many are against expanded background checks. I though everyone wanted to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. I guess not.
            And yes you can threaten imprisonment for owning a now outlawed gun or magazine, just like you can for a switchblade or gravity knife if the laws changed. jPeople who owned a sawed off shotgun or automatic weapons, after they became illegal were subject to imprisonment. Many of these laws have been implemented in other states and made it through the federal courts already.
            As for what is a criminal? What did we call Stephen Paddock, right up until he pulled the trigger and killed over 50 people and wounded over 500? He was called a law-abiding citizen. So were the vast majority of the mass shooters in this country. They were all law-abiding up until they weren’t. Guns are the only ‘tool’ that was designed for one thing, and that was to kill, and probably the least regulated tool in this country.

        4. We the people each join the well regulated militia at birth. Obviously you are not a well regulated person not to know that. And just a reminder to all those who don’t know what it means, let me quote one of the authors of the Constitution:

          “I ask who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people, except a few public officers.”
          —George Mason, Address to the Virginia Ratifying Convention, June 4, 1788

    11. Now Dave, don’t confuse the “control” gun advocates with facts, yes credible facts as they care less. If a thousand folks died in a month by car wrecks and one person died during that same month by another person pulling the trigger on a handgun, the Armalite Rifle 15 would need banned (if it would just save one life); not the handgun mind you, let alone the cars!

      Pro 2nd Amendment legislatures have this last decade or so went on the offense. They use to however, and in some cases still, seem to wait till the “control” gun crowd file their test bills (just to see how far they can go) and then scramble to defeat and as history shows, to little to late.

      Whenever the “control” gun crowd file their experiential firearm ban (infringe) legislation, a simple bill should be filed by “pro” gun crowd to forever ban the purported ban, all the while attacking other current bans on the books, such as gun free zones, large capacity magazine bans, etc.

      Moreover, public servants who advocate (file legislation) making criminals of those who previously engaged in legal commerce when purchasing a product, themselves should be charged and tried by a jury of their peers for violation of their oath of office. (Rep Eric Swalwell comes to mind, threatening nukes upon the citizenry).

      1. LOL, clearly lets not let FACTS get in the way of a good story. How much auto related legisation and controls have been passed over the last 30+ years. How autos are manufactured, seat belts, air bags, abs brakes, crumple zones, etc. Mandatory training and recertification, licensing of drivers and vehicles, heavy enforce and speed limts and so much more. You want to compare regulations related to automobiles with guns?? LOL, good luck with that. And lets not overlook the FACTS that auto related deaths have been cut in half since the 1980s. Not perfect but getting a helluva lot better.

        Oh and BTW, guns are the only tools designed for ONE things and one thing only, and that is to kill. So comparing them to anything else is disingenuous. The NRA lemmings have been successful for years in stopping all gun control legislation from being introduced, and now the American people have had enough of all the gun related deaths in this country. So while laws may not pass at the Federal level (yet). We are clearly seeing more and more gun CONTROL laws passed at the state level. And by the way, it has been proven that reducing the capacity of magazines makes a real different.

        1. gun related deaths have also halved in about the same time period….. even still counting the daily Shooting Gallery madness in places like Chicago, Baltimore, etc. And the number of guns in non-government hands has more then doubled since the kinyun first ascended the throne. Further, the number of legitimant defensive gun uses (where a gun in private hands is used to stop a crime in progress, whether being fired or not) nas risen from a few hundred thousand to near three million such incidents per year. Has the use of cars to save lives done anything like that to the death stats involving cars?
          Nah, didn’t think so. SO not only are gun deaths dropping steadily, gun LIFE SAVING has increased exponentially, and that does not even take into consideration the FACT that since the increasing probability that criminal action will be countered with lethal force anytime and anywhere has also helped many putative criminals to make informed decisions as to their prospective actions.

          You need to get with ol Mikey BloomingIdiotBurg and tell him he needs to come up with a new batch of taling points for his minions. We’ve seen through the old ones, they don’t work so pretty good no more

          1. See: FACTS over Truth. The FACTS are Gun-related deaths reached 40-year peak 2017, according to the CDC (that was on FOX News). Or we could check with the FBI. So not sure where are getting your info that gun related deaths are halved, there are no facts to support that. And there are few documented cases of of legitimate defensive gun use. It is most definitely NOT growing exponentially.. There is most definitely some but it’s nowhere near what the NRA and the Right want people to believe. How many times did an armed guard make zero difference and was one of the first to get shot? How many cops die or get shot in gun battles. The answer is not to arm more people, I know of many cases where guns have stopped a shooter as he was trying to escape, after the fact, I do recognize that guns definitely help in home break-in’s. that is why I own weapons. But an AR-15 is most definitely NOT a weapon intended to stop people breaking into your home. You need to work on your supposed facts.

        2. And by the way, it has been proven that reducing the capacity of magazines makes a real different

          then WHY do LE and military conitnue to use standard capacity mags in their hand-and long-guns?

          Parl;and school shooter, Sutherland Springs, the Charlotteville church, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook,
          all used standard capacity mags. Oh, so did the San Bernardino Christmas Party shooters.

          1. You misunderstand me, reducing the capacity of a magazine makes a huge difference in Saving Lives in a mass shooting. A shooter has to change mags 3-4 times as often, has to carry 3-4 times as many mags to have the equivalent amount of ammo. And there have been several mass shooters who have been put down while they were reloading.

        3. Sounds like you need a source check. Auto related deaths have been cut in half since the 1980s? They have dropped…but not by half. Source?
          Reducing the capacity of magazines make a real difference. Source?
          Did 10 round magazines make a difference in the Parkland, FL shooting? No, they did not.
          Were “assault weapons” involved in the Virginia Tech shooting where 32 people were killed and 17 wounded? No, they were not.
          For that matter did the Federal Assault Weapons Ban in the 1990s stop the Columbine shooting (the one that many people believed that subsequent school shootings were copycatting) ? It did nothing.
          What would have actually done something is having a couple of trained armed guards that were able to engage the shooter putting an end to it….and perhaps discouraging further potential mass shooters from carrying out their plans.

          1. Sorry Dude, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that in 2017 there were 11.40 motor vehicle fatalities per 100,000 people. In 1980, there were 22.85 fatalities per 100,000.

            Tucson, Az shooter Jared Loughner stopped while reloading. Jaylen Fryberg, 15, went on the rampage in the campus cafeteria at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, Washington State – stopped while reloading. 2009 Ft. Hood mass shooting. Cops only able to put down shooter while he was reloading. There have been many other cases.

            Where have we seen trained armed guards make difference in a mass shooting? The florida night club where 50 were killed had an armed off-duty cop as a guard. He went down first. We have had armed guards at schools that haven’t made a difference either.

            And I am assuming you are talking about the same Federal Assault Weapons Ban that did nothing to prevent the use of existing weapons.

        4. Hey, FACTSOVERTRUTHBOY. How can you say that guns are only made for killing? My blood is boiling out of my skin. A gun is made to do one thing you are right. And that one thing is to make a shell go “pop.’ A gun is not made to kill someone you simpleton. I have at least 20+ guns. I have been collecting them since I was 8 years old. I am 52 now. I bet at least half of them have never killed anything except money and time. Which I figure is very well spent and so do my daughters. When we are shooting guns out at the farm they are not out ratting the streets, doing drugs, or drinking. We are having good quality family time in the outdoors. We are NOT killing anything. And if we were, it would be to eat while we were hunting. Another quality family time together. If “the American people have had enough of the gun related deaths,” as you so eloquently inserted into the mouth of every American, then the powers that be need to put the “KILLERS” in jail idiot. Not the guns. So when were you elected to speak for every American anyway? You don’t like guns. Fine, no one is making you buy one. You can always move to a country that doesn’t allow guns. We would be happy to see you and all the people who think like you leave this great country. I’m sure you would rather live in N. Korea. They won’t let you have guns there. A gun is a tool or a toy. No different than a hammer or screw driver. ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE WHAT SO EVER. If I wanted to kill you a gun would be the last thing I would use. It would be a whole lot easier to take away your welfare, food stamps, and medicaid to get rid of cockroaches like yourself. It would be a waste of a good bullet to put your liberal, socialist, lazy communist butt down with a gun. This great nation was founded on guns and if you don’t like them simply GET OUT! Change the channel and leave. Don’t babble on about my gun rights like you speak for me or anyone else in America. Just shut up, put your bong down, and move away, please! By the way your so-called auto related death fact is total BS. In 1980 there were 53,172 deaths. In 2017 there were 40,231. Not even close to half there brainless. That is a FACT according to The National Safety Council. And when it comes to the number of gun related homicides in the world, the US ranks 30th WORLDWIDE!!!!!! That is ANOTHER FACT from The institute for Health Metrics and Evaluations. And I would be willing to bet that that number is grossly inflated due to other countries not recording accurately and leftist psychos, like yourself, grossly exaggerating our numbers.

          1. GUNS were DESIGNED to KILL! That is a FACT. You CANNOT say that about ANY other tool. How you choose to use them is up to you. But to kill animals or to kill people, that is what guns were designed for. You can try and blow smoke up someone else’s backside. Good luck with that. A car was not designed to kill but does. A hammer was DESIGNED NOT to kill but does. But good luck massacring 50 people with a hammer. The big difference in these tools is that the one that was designed for killing is probably the least regulated. And by the way, I don’t speak for all Americans, I am just observing how most Americans are now responding to gun and the lack of gun controls. You are apparently seeing it too since the article is about new gun legislation. And please help me understand how to find a killer that has broken no laws right up until the moment he or she pulls the trigger and shoots someone. You can jump up and down all you want but more guns mean more deaths and injuries. Your SILLY comment that that the US is 30th WORLDWIDE means what? WE ARE #! in gun related deaths in the CIVILIZED or INDUSTRIAL World. Maybe you feel so highly of this country that comparing it to some 3rd world countries is a valid comparison, but I guess you don’t think much of this country. You think comparing the USofA to Venezuela or Honduras are good comparisons and should make us feel good? Seriously? Even Mexico has less gun related deaths per capita than this country #MAGA lol. And by the way, my auto related deaths numbers are spot on and I gave you the source. It’s it funny that I specifically specified the deaths per capita (not sure you know what that means), but that is the number of deaths per a finite number of people. Your grasp of FACTS is pretty sad. To that point, while in 1980, there were 51,000 total auto fatalities, the US population was only 227,224,000, which means there 22.485 deaths per 100,000 people. In 2017, there were 33.133 auto fatalities, but that was compared to a US population of 325,719,000, or 11.4 deaths per 100,000 people. So, yes, the percentage of people dying from auto fatalities was cut in half. FACT!

            Another sad fact, according to the FBI, pretty much all home grown terrorist organizations in this country are Right-Wing Fanatics like you seem to be. Not leftist psychos as you want to believe. Have a great day.

            1. so, guns are for killing? According to you. So, here is the question that you need to answer: How many have you (a self-professed gun owner) killed? Since the gun is bad you must have a long list of the dead that Your gun caused…
              Definition of a Democrat ” I know best and you HAVE to do what I say. Everyone else: Do your own thing and think for yourself.

          2. @Tee, trolloverfacts is trying to get people to reply. That is why he writes his daily propaganda in outrageous ways. That is why I try to avoid replying to prevaricators. Instead, I try to respond to others about them. Shun them, and they starve.
            I do have to say, though, this one is unusually ignorant and disrespectful. I could get a better conversation from a garden slug.

            1. Let’s drop our drawers and moon the GWD, and see if he howls like a wolf in sheep clothing or not!

    12. Maybe someone, like an interested Government agency, should define what an Assault weapon actually is. Oops they have and they are already banned. A look a like is NOT an assault weapon any more than. Daisy BB gun is a .30-30 rifle.
      What ever happened to good old common sense?

      1. I wonder why they are banned? Oh, I know, so that our “public servants” can be better armed then who they “serve”. Yeah, right, huh?

      2. Curious, what is the difference between an AR-15 and a new M-16? They shoot the exact same ammo, use the exact same accessories, have the exact SUSTAINED RATE OF FIRE, and both were designed to be used by the military. The ONLY difference is that an M-16 has a switch that enables it to fire more than one bullet at time with each trigger pull. BUT how does the Marine Corp teach infantry soldiers to shoot? They practice and train to shoot ONE BULLET AT A TIME WITH EACH TRIGGER PULL. EXACTLY LIKE AN AR-15. And why do they train that way? Because of conservation of ammo AND accuracy. Guess it’s a little bit more than a look-alike. I wonder what Stoner intended when he developed them in the first place.

    13. The thing is and surely mr. Workman must know this, these gun control measures are not about Crime Control in any way shape or form. Gun control is always about this arming the American public to ensure compliance with the progressive agenda. They are afraid of an armed Insurrection or Rebellion. And like it or not a civil war is brewing and actually inevitable.

      I am strongly urging people to start forming local Shadow governments who will send representatives to a national Shadow government, all of this covertly of course, and engage any of your local sheriff’s who are constitutional. They can B the regimental Commanders of malicious that need to be forming in training and preparing. If we are unorganized when you know what hits the fan, we lose!

      And just so we are clear, it’s not just about preparing teams who can shoot, although that is important, but we need groups who are capable in Information Systems, engineering, Telecommunications, medicine, Intel and more.

    14. My wife and I both moved out of Oregon —both in part because of the liberal politics in the west coast

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