Rioting, Coming To A Place Near You ~ VIDEO


Ft Collins, CO –-( Stir not murky waters, when you don’t know the depth, nor creatures that dwell beneath the surface.” ~ Bryan Davis

Last Friday in the City of Maracaibo, Venezuela (Venezuela’s second-largest metro area), during a protracted, nationwide, compulsory power-cut, rioting broke out!

The “permanent underclass,” so carefully created and expanded by Maduro’s socialist government (much as Democrats do in this country), predictably spiraled out of control. In Venezuela, government-ordered power-cuts are nothing new, but this one was nationwide and lasted nearly a week, longer in many places.

On day-five, scattered rioting broke-out, and it quickly descended into a generalized crescendo of destruction. Described as, “… an orgy of violence and wanton destruction,” thousands of semi-organized rioters looted and vandalized much of the private-sector infrastructure of the city.

Destruction and theft of private property was widespread, frenzied, thorough, and barbarous.

Supermarkets were stripped of inventory, then destroyed. Office buildings, hotels, businesses, and private residences alike were broken into and ransacked. Everything of value was stolen or ruined, including computers, furniture, televisions, appliances, fixtures, plumbing, cables, fittings. Even carpeting was ripped-up and carried-off.

In the city, food and clean water are currently very scarce.

All this is taking place in an oil-rich nation that once prospered, until socialists took over, and did what socialists always do!

What happened is not just “vandalism.” It’s terrorism, encouraged and facilitated by leftist politicians.

Friday’s destructive rioting in Maracaibo, like brutal and currently out-of-control Islamic “rape-gangs” in the UK, is largely unreported in the liberal Western media because less-than-honest liberals desperately try to pretend it is not happening.

The creation and expansion of a permanent underclass lies at the heart of the socialist mantra.

Far from helping the poor, leftists strive to keep them poor, perpetually unproductive, growing, and constantly stirred-up, so they can be used to “punish” sectors of society that refuse to support the leftist agenda.

What we currently see happening in Maracaibo could easily break-out in any number of rotting American cities.

As with Maracaibo, it won’t be an “accident!”

“We are in the process of creating what deserves to be called ‘The Idiot Culture.’

Not an idiot sub-culture, which every society has bubbling beneath the surface, and which can provide harmless
fun; but the culture itself.

For the first time, the weird and the stupid and the coarse are becoming our cultural norm, even our cultural ideal.” ~ Carl Bernstein


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  • 21 thoughts on “Rioting, Coming To A Place Near You ~ VIDEO

    1. Only love can drive out hate. Only light obliterates darkness. Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle. Treat others how you want to be treated. Love how you want to be loved. Have a beautiful, blessed day.

    2. There are so many examples of the socialist/commie destroying every country they touch. they are all the same and no one but the elite have any standard of living. Watch this coming to our world. It is, already on our shores and moving inward. Our freedom and standard of living are about to go out the window to one of the democrats running for president or on of their ilk. It has come to a point that we would be better off if they would take the first shot so the ratification of all the commies would be ended and this country could survive as it has since the Founders formed it.

      Quoting Carl Bernstein is a bad thing to do because he is an old, long haired communist that writes and runs his mouth on CNN. He is as bad as the elite in the article is written about.

    3. My rural Texas county voted better than 4:1 Trump over shithead 2 years ago. Any Antifa or other socialist violent protests/rioting here will likely be dealt with swiftly and not to the rioters’ liking. .

    4. Why are the libs trying so hard to a socialist government, what is there for them to gain. I can’t figure that out other than stupid!

    5. They aren’t looking for tacticool gear they are looking for food, medicine, group protection and hardened shelter. Learn the lesson, quit buying morale patches and buy long term food.
      SHTF is too late to prepare

    6. Correct idea, wrong target. They should have target government buildings and strung up those responsible from the nearest lamppost.

      1. They need to look at what the people of Nicaragua did after their third-generation US puppet dictator assassinated a national hero, truth-teller, and liberator. When that dictator Somoza declared that funeral was a closed event, smoe 30,000 Nicaraguan peasants, businessmen, citizens, attended anyway… then followed Somoza the dictator back to his luxurious palace where he lacked nothing (the peasants the whiles lacking almost everything), broke the doors down, entered, seized the rotter, carried him out to a waiting car, drove him to the airport, put him on an old DC 3 and flew him out of the country to no one knew where…. for about ten years. They found out where when reports of a big Mercedes saloon that had been winding its way along a mountain road in a remote section of Uruguay….. and which was mysteriously met and vapourised by a missile of some sort. Somoza finally met justice for his years of selfish abuse of the people he was supposed to serve.
        Removing Somoza from his propped up positioin of authority paved the way for change…..

      1. Forgive my ignorance GMB, but how are we to go against the mob and armed forces that will undoubtedly be on the streets? Who are we fighting other than ALL lying politicians who will be “safe” in their well guarded homes or outside of the country when it hits the fan? THEY, and they alone are responsible for the mess we are in. How do we hold THEM accountable when they won’t even be here? They want a civil war but will be untouched while we are fighting each other.
        How do we bring those in office to justice; hold their feet to the fire?
        We are not organized. We have no “leaders” who can direct the “next move(s)” unless fighting as Francis Marion did during the American Revolution – guerrilla warfare. Even then, who are we fighting other than politicians, the likes of antia or other organized communists? Please offer some tangible ideas and information as we are soon to be in the skirmish of our lives.

        1. @Mark R, As a practical matter, whomever moves on you in a threatening way is the enemy. You may want to keep that rule of thumb in mind. And Second, I and GMB and others were smart enough to get out of the cities early. One’s little position in any city or vill will be indefensible. Third, If we could get the democratic national socialists and their street thug arm to revolt first, we could help the legitimate government “restore order” and use their logistical tail. Is that tangible enough?

        2. Ah! The FIRST rule of combat is KNOW YOUR ENEMY! Secondly, he that has most of his gear at the front lines wins…

    7. Meanwhile people like Maduro and his cronies get 24/7 access to food, water, medical aid, protection and other necessaries while the people suffering under him are dying, starving and being reduced to digging through the trash or eating zoo animals or thier own pets to survive.

      1. socialism/communism only works for the people in power, the rest are like the civilians in Nicaragua. that so many young people think this would be a better way of life tells of their economic privilege. they are not woke. the free market system, like we have here is the best in the world. don’t believe me, look around the world, our economy, standard of living is heads above all others. .

        1. Zackley… And THAT socialism/communism is EXACTLY what the Democrats/libs are pushing. The FREE RIDE society, at least till it runs out in a year or two, then WE turn int Venezuela or ANY other country that has gone socialist/communist…. FACT !

      2. Keep in mind the only reason Maduro and his cronies exist as you have described them is because THE ARMY and THE POLICE are also getting food, water, medicine, toilet paper, etc. It would seem these government Orcs and Orcettes have no problem with the privation and brutality which is being visited on their fellow countrymen and women. And those flag-wavers here who say that will never happen in ‘Murica are delusional.

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