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USA –-( Trump VS Bernie!

In this era of Ocasio-Cortez politics, Bernie Sanders is the old white male to beat. “We believe in the American Dream, not the socialist nightmare.” ~ Donald Trump

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  • 14 thoughts on “Trump VS Bernie! ~ VIDEO

    1. Good video, I thought for a moment that Bernie was going to win. If we want to spend the rest of our lives giving to the non working and welfare champions then Bernie is the way to go. By the way who keeps electing this do nothing communist to public office. The best we can hope for is that he gets all red faced at one of his speeches and keels over. That would save the country and the state of Delaware money. When does his wife have to face her “misappropriation” of the college’s money charges. And you wonder why he could buy another house and a sports car?
      To Sarky: Get real, in your long defence of the communist you misstated a lot of information just like a Kool Aid drinker would.

    2. Dear Sarky. As I started to read about the president lying, cheating, profiting off of America I thought for sure you were talking about Obummer because that is exhactly what he did and he screwed America worse than any other president in history. More national debt, giving money to terrorists, giving weapons grade plutonium to the enemy, covering up for hitlary and the list goes on and on and we have just begun to scratch the surface. So, my logic tells me you are a democrat and upset that the president is republican becsuse if what you say about President Trump is true, you should be really happy and not having TDS. Go MAGA.

    3. I find the stupidity of the American people to be unrivaled in the world. We have a sitting president who is a crook, lied to the American people and is profiting off of the taxpayers, and they are just fine with that. That same president who screamed that he would drain the swamp that is DC has not done so, in fact he has stocked it with incompetents, and greedy industrialists. He isn’t draining the swamp, he is stocking it with super predators. He is the laziest, most gullible and easily manipulated president in our history. The same stupid Americans can not rap they head around the fact that Bernie simply wants the taxpayer dollars spent on the taxpayers, instead of on the welfare mega corporations who pay no tax at all. How the hell did we get here? Well that unqualified appointee of trumps Betsy Devos helped as well as those like her who came before her. I would like you to remember 3 things, Nixon made medicine “for profit” to pay back a debt he owed to Kaiser, Reagan decided it was a great idea to tax Social Security our money that we put into a trust fund and lastly the republics have embezzled millions of dollars out of the Social Security trust fund. Yea, you’ve been screwed! Just remember who screwed you!

      1. “… a crook, lied to the American people, and is profiting off of the taxpayers”??

        You have NO proof, not a single shred of anything even close to actual evidence for that position. Thus you have absolutely zero credibility or credence. Stop mindlessly parroting liberal hogwash… it really calls your intelligence into question.

        1. @JoeUS, Amazing, this fellow knows the IQ of not just every American, but everyone in the world He believes that accusation is proof and alleges a bunch of unconformable gabble. So is he a paid propagandist, useful idiot or Russian bot?

    4. The Demo-Communist Politburo is busy taking Biden out right now. Good ol Bernie best be watching his back. If things proceed as usual, he is next. The Dems are becoming fratricidal now. They are using the tactics that they have used on Conservatives for years against their own now. It should get good before long. Break out the popcorn and beer. Let the games begin.

      1. @GMB, I think that the young national socialist democrats will push him aside as they are pushing Biden aside. The old DNC is not radicle enough for them and is only in their way on the path to power.

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