Fireside Chats Ep11: Austin Jones Creator of The Legal Armor Piercing Handgun Round

Fireside Chats Ep11: Austin Jones Creator of The Legal Armor Piercing Handgun Round
Fireside Chats Ep11: Austin Jones Creator of The Legal Armor Piercing Handgun Round

U.S.A.-( In 1982 NBC ran a “Prime Time” special on Teflon-coated bullets labeling them “armored piercing” bullets. Their “expert” claimed that the Teflon increased the bullet's penetration power by 20%. The news show argued that these bullets were a danger to police. In this special, NBC created the term “cop killer” for all armor-piercing bullets.

In August of 1986 HR 3132 — PL 99-408 was passed by Congress and signed by President Reagan. The new law would ban any handgun round that’s core consisted of tungsten alloys, steel, iron, brass, bronze, beryllium copper, or depleted uranium. It would also prohibit any handgun round whose jacket weights more than 25 percent of the total weight of the projectile.

Libertarian aerospace engineer, Austin Jones, didn't like the fact that the government had access to the armored piercing handguns rounds, but the government prevented the general public from owning them. He viewed the law as tyrannical.

Austin started the Atlas Arms non-profit with the goal of producing an armor piercing handgun round that didn't violate the ban by using the knowledge of material sciences and engineering that he acquired from designing micro shielding for spacecraft. He plans on releasing how to make the round to the public domain.

I talk to Austin about his libertarian views, the projects of Atlas Arms, his background, politics, and Steampunk.

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  • 8 thoughts on “Fireside Chats Ep11: Austin Jones Creator of The Legal Armor Piercing Handgun Round

    1. without the bill of rights this country would descend into a 3rd world shit hole .the bill of rights is what makes this country a unique entity through out the world

    2. As soon as word of this gets around, the BATFE will just change the definitions of “armor piercing” to include banning whatever they come up with. The precedent has been set! All of you who said you didn’t care about bump stocks should keep an eye on this case, maybe you’ll begin to see the ice on the slope you helped wet down while it was hot.

    3. here’s my issue… several months back he posted a you tube video looking for investors, I asked some questions about further information as a possible investor, and he was basically arrogant. so I left him to his own volition….
      Good luck I hope he succeeds but he needs an attitude adjustment first…

      1. You raise a valid point and possibly he’ll respond here. Never a good idea to alienate those you wish to support you.

        1. Hi guys. To be sincere and frank:
          We will be happy to entertain investors in the future for the manufacturing operation. However, right now, we are only a nonprofit operation desiring to give the technology to the public. WE NEED DONATIONS, NOT INVESTMENT OFFERS. We all here very much appreciate your faith in us and in the project to offer your capital, but you literally cannot invest in a non-profit. It has been very frustrating that everyone wants to buy the Dagger or profit from it, but many fewer are interested in simple donation.
          If you’re excited about it, please donate! You can’t buy it, nor can you invest in it until it’s fully-developed, and that will happen much faster with full funding of our donation drive. We are working hard and steadfastly to bring it to a point appropriate for investment and sale, but we need help to get to that point. We realize that our approach is unorthodox, but we believe critical to long-term legal and philosophical strategy.
          We don’t mean to alienate anyone, but it seems that people only interested in the financial promise were never with us in spirit.
          Toomanyhobbies: I am very happy to discuss the project with you more. Please do email me, my door is always open. We will need investment capital in the future, and those who have helped with their time and donations will be first in line. I hope you read this and to see an email from you soon.

    4. As with so called “3-D printed” guns, technology will always be one or two steps ahead of wannabe tyrants. (Yeah, I mean you NY, NJ, CA etc)

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