Message to American Gun Owners about the NRA Members Meeting ~ VIDEO


USA – -( Some people have been asking WHY several long time Members of the NRA, including several of us who have worked closely with and/or strongly supported the organization in the past, dared to disrupt the status quo at the Member’s Meeting over the last weekend in Indianapolis.

There really isn’t anything nefarious or a hidden agenda behind our call for Transparency. We believe that the NRA can only become what it should be for All American Gun Owners if the curtain is pulled back and our concerns about dysfunction, possible corruption, obvious cronyism and other issues are addressed.

Please SHARE this throughout the gun community and make sure that no one (including those with an agenda from outside our community) spins our actions to suit their narrative!

Also, as this article published yesterday shows, far too many NRA Members have No Idea why we should be concerned:

Thanks to “aargojay” for stopping me yesterday at the NRA Convention and asking me to address this question!

Rob Pincus
Rob Pincus

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Rob Pincus has been educating people about defensive shooting and related personal defense topics for over two decades. He is the Executive Director of Personal Defense Network and the owner of I.C.E. Training Company. He has authored several books, produced over 100 training DVDs, appeared on several TV & Radio shows and trained military, law enforcement and armed individuals around the world. His advice focuses on efficiency and practicality based on his own experiences and continuing research of both real-world events and cutting edge training practices.

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    1. So sick and tired of so called “2A advocates” infiltrating and then knifing the NRA in the back. Also tired of people who whine about donating to the cause because the people doing the work need to get paid to do it. Any of you who want to take a vow of poverty and work for free, step right up!

      Or….Go fk yourselves, how about that?

      Real 2A advocates have work to do.

    2. If instead of continually pandering to their “bubba” base of gun owners, the NRA had instead, twenty years ago, gone all-out to engage more women, minorities, LGBT and urban professionals into the shooting sports … we would not be facing a fraction of the gun control nonsense we now have to deal with!

    3. NRA – If you wish to remain – Get the hell out of New York! LaP can drive a little farther. Quit all the wine lists and bullshit. Put the money into advertising in BLUE states and mainstream media. Quit preaching to the choir and asking for more money that is then wasted. Explain to the masses what your plan is to remedy this cluster F. Make salaries realistic. Reduce the number of board members. Quit urinalizing (peeing away) our hard earned money!

    4. Status – Quo at N.R.A. continues , ” The Song Remains The Same “.
      When your mechanic says your car will cost 10 times what its worth to fix it …. you REPLACE IT. !

      1. They serve their master who pays them big bucks. If they served The People they would obey the Constitution. Patriots no longer work in government and this is why there is no border because it might hinder the trillions of dollars a year in narco products being shipped to the consumer from the cartel (gov).

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