Washington State: Is FOIA Request on Bump Stock Turn-In an Attempt to Dox Gun Owners


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Washington State: Is FOIA Request on Bump Stock Turn-In an Attempt to Dox Gun Owners

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)-Someone in Washington State has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to get the names and addresses of residents that have turned in their bump stocks to police to create a publicly searchable database of these former owners.

According to reports that were later verified by AmmoLand, The Washington State Patrol sent a letter out informing former bump stock owners that they received an FOIA request to build an online database. The letter set the gun world on fire. This request harkens back to when a newspaper planned to post a map of gun owners in New York State in an attempt to shame owners out of their guns.  Any publication of this personal information would also act as a map to locations where criminals could likely find guns to steal, putting owners a greater risk.

The request reads: “This is a public records request.

I seek to inspect any and all completed WSP bump stock buy back forms.

I seek to obtain the names and addresses where checks will be mailed for the bump stock buy back program.

My intent is to create a searchable database and map of Washington state to overlay the locations.

The public has a right to know that these dangerous devices may have been in neighborhoods that they live in and who has previously owned such devices.”

I was able to confirm with Gretchen Dolan of the Washington State Patrol that there was a letter sent out to gun owners warning them that someone filed an FOIA request to build an online database. They are planning on releasing the information unless a court ordered is filed by April 26th.

“If a court order is filed, we will hold the information until it is resolved,” Dolan told AmmoLand. “If we don't receive a court order, we will release the information of those that turned in bump stocks.”

Two Names on the Request

The letter listed two separate FOIA request. The way the letter was written it did not make it clear that they request were unrelated. AmmoLand News was able to verify that this was the case.

The first request was from Paul Holgate. According to Dolan, Holgate did not list a reason for the FOIA request. A reason is not required, Dolan explain to AmmoLand on a phone call. The letter sent out by the Washington State Patrol contained Holgate’s personal email and address.

AmmoLand spoke to Paul Holgate on the phone. He stated that he is a Second Amendment Advocate and submitted his request to find out what personal information that the WSP was keeping about those who turned in bump stocks.

“I am a 2A advocate,” Holgate told AmmoLand. “I am trying to figure out what information they are storing on gun owners. I am just trying to keep them honest.”

Holgate stated that he does not know the second person but is getting harassed because his information was put out there by the WSP. AmmoLand was able to verify Holgate's story. He has a history of pro-gun actions.

Fake Name Yati Arguna?

The second person listed in the letter is Yati Arguna. After an exhaustive public records search, AmmoLand was not able to find any information on Arguna. Arguna is the person that wants to build the database.

Arguna does not have an online presence. No one with that name has ever lived anywhere, owned a phone, held a job, or received a parking ticket. The email address that Arguna provided appears to be a “burner” account. It has never been used anywhere on the internet to accept this FOIA request.

Arguna also did not list a home address or phone number. AmmoLand believes that “Yati Arguna” is a fake name. We are unable to determine the real name of Arguna at this time. According to the Washington State Patrol, they are still going to release the information to Arguna.

Many gun owners on message boards are using this as an example of why not to comply with confiscations. Most think a broader organization is behind the effort to expose the addresses and personal information of gun owners.

AmmoLand contacted Gun Owners of America about letter. Executive Director Erich Pratt was outraged.

“Gun Owners of America and Gun Owners Foundation is looking into this matter,” Pratt told AmmoLand. “This is an outrageous violation of privacy to dox individuals who complied with this law. This opens up these individuals to theft and harassment from anti-gun activists.”

At this time information about Arguna is scarce. AmmoLand will keep investigating. Arguna did not respond to AmmoLands emails.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnews. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at www.crumpy.com.

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      1. There’s an old expression my Dad used to say. Keep knocking on the devil’s door sooner or later someone’s going to answer. They’re poking a sleeping giant. American citizens are bending over backwards for these treasonous politicians and the cucks they have working for them. They value ILLEGALS MORE THAN CITIZENS. My theory is that the Dems have been planning with other world leaders to shift the world into a ( change of Guard scenario) Look at the world. They have ” migrants” supposedly fearing for their lives( more like an invasion on Western Cultures and countries to destroy/ dilute the native people and their social structures/economy’s. The Liberals are attacking Christians our morals and values. Any Caucasian who doesn’t go along with their agenda is labeled a racist white supremacists and islamophobe. Well excuse us if we see something wrong with being forced to accept mentally ill people as normal and natural. As if identifying as the opposite sext than you were born as and believing that you’re a different species such as a purple alien dragon from the planet Uranus. Then having a lawsuit against normal people for calling them how they biologically are. Just because I say I’m a rich billionaire with a 13 inch member doesn’t make it so.) Then the “wonderful migrants” play the victim card and force their religion and cultures on people who are told that they should ditch their culture because some bureaucrat says it’s racist and out dated yet the migrants cultures are basically putting us back to the stone age’s were beheadings, oppression, honor killings of women and forced to convert or die are a way of life for them. By President Trump getting elected it out a damper on their plans for the invasion on America. It’s only a matter of time before our city streets are like those of Paris, Brussels, and so on. The ilegals are coming in regardless and don’t have any respect for our laws morals and values. They are killing citizens by murdering them with DUIs in stolen care, shooting them with stolen guns and stabbing them when they turn down there sexual advances. The Liberals are in panic mode to take our firearms knowing what is yet to come when more criminals cross over the border. They don’t want to state the truth about gun violence. It’s in the urban communities where minorities are killing each other at record numbers. Instead of going into those communities and confiscating the stolen guns from gangbangers, criminals and thugs they want to take them from law abiding citizens who are going to need them to protect their family in the event that the criminals do what criminals do. The Democrats can’t allow this to happen because that is there voter base. If my grandparents who lived through the depression, fought In WW2 and worked to the bone till they passed away could see what this country has become after all their hard work. They would be so ashamed. We let the enemy in the back door and gave them positions of influence in government. Hell in California they have mayor’s and other government officials who write laws that aren’t even citizens. Our government gives them $2000 a month plus free housing, food stamps and local churches are donating vehicles to them. All the while US citizens work there asses off , deal with inflammation on housing,high gas prices and more taxes so these criminals can live without any care in the world. Our government cares more about illegals then us citizens. We have homeless vets and others in real need. Their moral compass is not pointing true.

    1. Look at RCW 958.010 and RCW 958.090, Also should look into filing federal charges (with a federal prosecutor) against this yati whom or who they are for violations of constitutional and civil rights. The federal prosecutor can investigate, identify, and charge this person or persons. Once that is done then the lawsuits against yati could start. And should, that is the only way things like this will stop. It quite possibly is why yati used a burner email address, to keep from being prosecuted. I turned one in, but have never owned an AR. It was given to me because at one time years ago I had talked about getting one but never had the money for it. It was still in the box it came in. I am seeking an attorney Monday to take care of this and am wanting to file suit to recoup my cost.

      1. I’m not a lawyer by any means, but I do know how to search. This is what I found about a FOIA request that not only applies to the IRS but all governmental agencies. These are the Freedom of Information Guide Lines directly from the IRS.gov website. Exemption and Exclusions : FOIA EXEMPTIONS, The exemptions protect against the disclosure of information that would HARM the privacy of individuals. Exemption 6 : The sixth exemption applies to personal, medical and similar files the disclosure of which would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy. Only individuals have privacy interest, not companies or corporations. The Privacy Act of 1974 also regulates the disclosure of personal information about an individual. Exemption 7 : LAW ENFORCEMENT The seventh exemption allows agencies to withhold records of information compiled by law enforcement purposes, but only to the extent that the production of such records would cause one of the following harms described below: * recognize that individuals have a privacy interest in information maintained in law enforcement files. If the disclosure of information could reasonably be expected to constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, the information may be exempt from disclosure. * protects law enforcement information that could reasonably be expected to endanger the life or physical safety of any individual. There it is in a nut shell. I live in WA state and had I turned in a bump stock, I would put the WSP on notice to sue, over releasing information that would put my life in danger. April 26th is real close and someone needs to do something. If anyone is or knows an attorney who could talk me through filing the court proceedings, I would be glad to fill out the paper work and file it in court. I should be able to file the paper work for free because of my income. I have studied some aspects of the law. The clock is ticking.

    2. This is so suspicious. Anyone that can not identify themselves requesting FOIA is up to no good. Terrorist would want this to verify their opposition in armed numbers. Making a map of potential gun owners is absurd. May want it for strategic purposes. Draws the question, is this happening in other states or is it isolated to WA State?

      Or could simply be just an ant-gun liberal that wants to doxx which is vindictive with prejudice.

      Either way this is extremely dangerous.

      WSP better not release anything with names or addresses.

    3. Why in the name of all that once was “common sense” did WSP even need to keep any identification information on those people that turn in bumpstocks? So they could give them back if the law is overturned?

    4. Sometimes it is possible to trace out the ISP and actual owner of an email address. Perhaps an FOIA request to WSP to share the actual request from this phoney name guy….. he has to hav provided some place for the data to be sent. That should be part of his request.

      Let’s see if news of this results in sudden end to turn-ins of these illegally banned devices. ANY intaractions with gummit where MY personal ifnormation is part of the action will get minimal response from me. Nunnya Bidniss. And in those cases where information is necessary, wich as for my Mother May I Card to carry, I know state law prohibits any sharing except for certain limited and named government activity. Anything else… no thanks. Phone humber and SSN are NEVER put on the 4473. They are on a “need to now” basis, and they don’t.

    5. First, WSP need to authenticate this request, including to positively identify the one making the request. I belive this is state law.
      Second, WSP and any other state agency is constrained by state law against providing personal data relating to anyone’s Mother May I Card to carry concealed. That is PRIVATE information. So is any information gathered and held by FFL’s. WSP have the authority to redact personal identifying information.

      This request has to have some designated place to send the requested information. WSP need to inf=vestigate WHO that is…..
      These past few years WSP have been morphing from their former friendly, effient, helpful, peace0keeping force to a nasty vindictive we don’t trust or ike the public. I rarely am forced to interact with them, but when I do, lately it has been MOST unpleasant. Their ossifers are becoming obnoxious pig-headed money grubbing goons.

    6. If I lived in the state of Washington, or commiefornia north, I would be inclined to question anything the state government does or is about to do. from what I have read and heard they are just a bunch of brainless idiots with no consideration for any of the citizens.

    7. Ducks. Ducky like. Walks like a Duck, Looks like a Duck, and like most, the issue involves much Quackery.
      Smells like mission creep to many.
      But those others are in the Blind.
      Some wear Muck Boots. Especially when it gets real deep.
      Those sneaky Ducks.

    8. It would be illegal to release this information for two reasons. One, the troll who made the request did not provide proof of WA residency, which is a requirement for a FOIA of this scale. Second, the release of private information, such as addresses, may only be granted if the persons in question have committed a clearly identified and related crime. Neither of these conditions exist, however, given the level of recklessness and socialist behaviors emanating from Olympia, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this granted by Gov. Inslee himself as soon as he has an opportunity.

    9. If the State Patrol releases the information they are participants in the violation of privacy. The simple response to the FOIA request: The data is Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and is not subject to disclosure under FOIA.

    10. The government should not have any lists of folks who turned them in. No record should be kept: out of courtesy considering the government had no right to demand a turn in of private property to begin with, nor any right to confiscate or ban a once legal mechanical device. Completely unconstitutional.

      1. If the people wanted to be compensated-then they are looking for the mailing lists for the reimbursements.
        It’s wrong that the people have complied with the law change and did what they are supposed to do legally, and now are harassed for it.

    11. I thought it was illegal to provide a false identity to law enforcement. I think this person should be required to pick up the information in person. They can then be arrested for the crime they committed. Easy Squeezy.

      1. You are right Dennis, i have to admit like a idiot i did turn in my bump stock because i would never use it. And fell for the dangled carrot. But not thinking about the big picture now I might pay for it. Never again I feel like a sucker I should have known better but cant take it back. Lesson learned my friend. Mike

    12. It then seems fitting for Dolan and any cop or other person who brings a Red Flag against someone, to have their personal info published, right?

      Turn this crap around and it will vanish virtually, overnight.

      1. Thank you!….. I was trying to decyfer something like that as well! Pretty cowardly to ask for private info about others and not be man enough to give your own.

        I equate this to the guy who throws a punch assuming everyone will jump in before he gets the shit beat out of him

    13. If the WSP turns over the requested info to the phantom “Yati Arguna”, the negative fallout will be on them! As should be any liability arising from such recklessness!!

    14. I heard “Yadi Argouna” which is an arabic name.
      This could get someone killed. At the very least WSP should verify in person, this individual.
      We…not just the 1000 former owners…have a right to know who is trying to threaten and cause harm.

    15. Anyone who owned ANY device that the government has now deemed contraband should tell any and all agencies who inquire that they are no longer in possession of that item, period. Companies who sold these items should have deleted their data bases long ago. If they didn’t shame on them.

    16. only a bloody retard complies and hands in anything! I think its hilarious….your unamerican when you obey unconstitutional edicts from the police state…

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