Florida Governor DeSantis has SIGNED SB-7030, Bill to Arm Teachers

Opinion by Marion Hammer

Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis
Florida Governor DeSantis has SIGNED SB-7030, Bill to Arm Teachers

Florida – -(AmmoLand.com)- Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis signed SB-7030 within hours after receiving it. SB-7030 contains the language that authorizes local school boards to allow classroom teachers to go through training and carry firearms on school campus.

News reports suggested that “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America” and another Bloomberg group, “Students Demand Action for Gun Sense in America,” were apparently pushing on Governor DeSantis to veto SB-7070 — the wrong bill!

According to News Service Florida, the “Demand” groups delivered a stack of signatures to the Governor’s office urging the Governor to veto a bill that would armed classroom teachers. It further reported that a DeSantis employee was asked by the group to tell the Governor to veto SB-7070 because it expanded the “guardian” program. THAT’S THE WRONG BILL!

Not only is their anti-gun reasoning flawed, their legislative information is wrong. SB-7070 is the K-12 Education Bill.

We are pleased that Governor DeSantis signed SB-7030.

When seconds matter, law enforcement is minutes away and law enforcement recognizes it! That’s why the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Commission, Chaired by Sheriff Bob Gualtiere, recommended to the legislature that they pass legislation to allow classroom teachers to be armed.


SB-7030 Implementation of Legislative Recommendations of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission – Requires sheriffs to establish a school guardian program; requires the Office of Safe Schools to annually provide training for specified personnel teachers; requires district school boards and school district superintendents to partner with security agencies to establish or assign safe-school officers; revises requirements for school district zero-tolerance policies; provides standards and training for classroom teachers who choose to go through training in order to be armed at school.

The vote in the House was 65 – 47 with five (5) Republicans voting AGAINST the bill. The five are all newly elected freshman and probably not Republicans at all. They are: Vance Aloupis (R-Miami), Mike Beltran (R-Valrico), Mike Caruso (R-Boca Raton), Chip LaMarca (R-Lighthouse Point) and David Smith (R-Winter Springs).

The Senate vote was 22-17 with Sen. Anitere Flores voting against it (along with the Democrats).

For those who want to contact Governor DeSantis and thank him for signing the bill, his email address is below: [email protected]

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P. More

Yes, stop saying that this legislation will “arm teachers”. It will not. It’s entirely voluntary, and it has to be approved by the local/county school board. The school boards of the most populated counties are extremely liberal. You will never see any “armed teachers” in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach or Pinellas counties. Democrats rule there, unfortunately!


Why use idiotic and misleading language like “Bill to Arm Teachers” that only fuels the opposition? The point is to give teachers the OPTION to carry their own gun. The only source suggesting that we want actual forcing of teachers to carry guns and even equipping them with guns is the intentionally misleading anti-gunners who love a good straw man. I see the phrase “arming teachers” used by our side too much. Too many people only look at headlines and listen to sound bites. Why hand the straw man to them on a platter? I keep hearing that the left… Read more »


The email listed in this article for the governor is incorrect.
But you can email him from here:


He not only signed a good sound bill that will save lives, but he also fired that chickensh*t Broward County coward sheriff whose deputies would not confront the school shooter and sat safely behind cover in the parking lot while children died. I wish we had more governors across the nation like him.


Fuck Yeah, America!

greg s

I am so unhappy with the lack of representation we have here in south florida. almost everyone I know does NOT want more gun control measures imposed on law-abiding citizens, but law makers like flores and murcasel-powell don’t care what we think, they just do what their puppet masters tell them to do. voting for democrats is committing suicide. leftists “demand” when they do not want or like something.


I met Ron in Tallahassee last year at a pro gun rally. He impressed me and has kept his promises so far!

Mark R

Finally, a republican politician with balls and is actually doing something besides talking.

n r ringlee

Gov DeSantis has also asked for and the Florida Supreme Court has convened a Grand Jury investigation in to the circumstances surrounding the Parkland shooting. Someone will actually be held to account for their dereliction of duty.