Gov. Bullock VETOs MT’s Preemption Fix Law, Leaving a Patchwork Of Gun Control


MT Governor Steve Bullock
Gov. Bullock VETOs Mt's Preemption Fix Law, Leaving a Patchwork Of Gun Control Laws

Montana – -( Friday, 5/3/19, Governor Bullock vetoed HB 325, the bill to prevent a patchwork of gun control laws across the state. The bill's identical companion, HB 357 will cause the same thing to go to a vote of the people at the next General Election, in November of 2020.

It's no surprise that the Governor was highly disingenuous in his veto message giving his reason for this veto. For example, he says HB 325 would allow felons to bring guns into schools, even though it's illegal under federal law for felons to possess guns. (Yes, Bullock is reputed to have graduated from law school.)

So, Bullock is effectively arguing that a felon who would disregard committing another federal felony and disregard a state law prohibiting guns in schools (45-8-361), would be deterred from bringing guns into schools if only local governments are allowed to enact an ordinance for a local misdemeanor prohibiting that conduct. Right, as if felons spend their time first reading and then complying with local ordinances. Right, nonsensical.

There is much else nonsensical about the Governor's veto message. In a separate effort, I'll dissect and correct it in detail.

However, this veto message clearly telegraphs the exact lies opponents will make about HB 357 in the run-up to the 2020 election. Opponents will say, in various ways, that HB 357 will cause the end-of-life-on-Earth-as-we-know-it if voters vote for HB 357. They will lie repeatedly.

You and I will be fully responsible for explaining HB 357 to uninformed voters. Yes, that will be your job and the job of every one of your pro-gun friends. This will happen in a thousand one-on-one conversations you will have with other Montana voters between now and November of 2020. Anti-gun New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg and his minions will probably spend a lot of money in Montana propagating the same lies about HB 357 that Bullock used in his veto message of HB 325. Only you will be able to convince your friends and neighbors to vote for HB 357. I can't do that for you, nor can MSSA, the NRA, or anyone else. Only you. Get ready.

So, I recommend that you begin to prepare by reading Bullock's veto message below:

Montana Governor Bullock's HB 325 Veto Excuses:

Again, I will prepare a detailed rebuttal of this veto message for your use, and get that to you soon.

Best wishes,

Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana

Montana Shooting Sports AssociationAbout Montana Shooting Sports Association:

Montana Shooting Sports Association ( MSSA ) is the primary political advocate for Montana gun owners.



  • 21 thoughts on “Gov. Bullock VETOs MT’s Preemption Fix Law, Leaving a Patchwork Of Gun Control

    1. This article is confusing, at best.
      The governor is a Democrat AND is in favor of more gun control AND is trying to confuse the issue.
      That should have been made clear in the first few sentences of the article.
      After that, more examples of how the governor is trying to confuse the issue, put in perspective might be appropriate.

    2. It sounds like too many democrats from Kalifornia have moved into Montana. Man, I thought Montana was free and do as you like, now it’s the demon-craps saying you must do what we tell you to do because we know it all and we know what’s best for you! It’s all about power and control of the masses (sounds like the mpvie “The Matrix”). Are the democrats going to turn Montana into New Jersey or New York?

    3. Seems like a lot of angry folks. Handguns are rarely available when needed. Surprise belongs to the criminal. Most guns harm their owners.

      1. John Seilingaaa:
        Read the FBI stats. Most guns are wielded by criminal Democrats and harm Democrats in Democrat cities. The rural and Red State stats are minuscule compared to the Urban areas with the strictest gun control. Take NYC, Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, L.A., and Philadelphia out of the equation, and America has one of the lowest firearm crime rates in the world. . All Democrat run cities are dangerous hellholes, because that’s what their administrations create. Don’t come here and spout your unsubstantiated drool. Check facts.

    4. Kudos to readers NR Ringlee and Minute Man. They summarized the situation perfectly. I would add, the determination of the Democrat Party leadership to enforce the party line on gun control, bodes ill for any Dem with the slightest inclination towards giving the 2nd Amendment anything more than lip service.

    5. Thank you for making clear that WE THE PEOPLE are responsible for debunking the lies told by gun-takers. We must make the truth clear to voters. Otherwise, they will get their ‘truth’ from the multitude of sources that have zero understanding of guns and those that use them – both criminals and the rest of WE THE PEOPLE. Talk to your friends and enemies to make the truth known. If we sit on our hands, our hands may never again hold a gun.

    6. Allowing local communities to make rules appropriate for their own community is a small government conservative position. The state does not always know best. The folks in Hamilton may not always want the same as folks in Missoula. The governor’s veto allows this. Thank you governor Bullock for standing up for local governments.

      1. George Wallace and Lester Maddox are in complete agreement with you. Localities should be able to pass any law that preempts the Bill of Rights in your book. Jim Crow is alive and well today thanks to progressives. The new vilified class is the gun owner. And just a note. Conservatives first defend liberty or they are simply cheap skate progressives. Conservative means one who conserves our Constitution, our founding statement in the Declaration of Independence and our common law tradition. Being a conservative does not mean allowing local thugs to stomp on individual liberty, That is the sole role of progressives.

    7. Bullock has national aspirations. The wants/needs of Montana come second to that. Any gun control move has to be seen in that light. Testor’s the same; his latest actions in the Senate were simply part of his effort to move from soldier up to capo in the democrat power structure.

    8. Bollocks to him! What is it with the Demonrats from Montana (e.g. Testor). Those people should know better.

      1. All Democrats are anti-gun, even if they like to hunt. They are anti-freedom and pro-mob rule. They have voted to prefer the lives of kittens over babies. Sickening.

      1. Who voted for Bullocks?…. Why all those who Californicated Montana since moving into it, fleeing their old miserable life in the DemocRat run State they left behind -who do you think voted for him??? ‘Migration’ of un-desirables has been going on for decades… I saw it myself when I lived there, -30 years ago-… And JUST like the flood of illegal aliens with their exploding birth rates, it’s going to get worse. Haven’t you noticed how the human race manages to ruin anything good? Its happening right before your eyes… wake up and smell the coffee people.

        FAIR WARNING: You ought to live under the tyranny I’m forced to endure in New York -if even for a week; maybe then you would understand where this is all going. The fine, wholesome America we once knew is dead. You’ve allowed Demonic Rats to thrive.

        Now what?

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