Is the Canadian Government Going to BAN the AR-15? Yes or No?

California DOJ’s Assault Weapon Registration Scheme Heads to Federal Court
Is the Canadian government going to ban the AR-15? Yes or No.

Canada-( Bill Blair, the Minister of Gun Banning, Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction, refused to confirm or deny the government's plan to announce “a sweeping gun ban” next month at the Women Deliver conference in Vancouver.

Instead, he deliberately offered rhetoric and obfuscation (AKA political bullsh*t) where he should have offered precision and clarity.

“Our government remains absolutely committed to taking all the measures that are effective in keeping Canadians safe … there is no greater responsibility for any order of government than the safety of their citizens. We are prepared to consider whatever measures will be effective in doing so.”

It seems Minister Blair put PMO chief of staff Katie Telford's bought-and-paid-for government media gnomes to work right away.

“Justin Trudeau will not be announcing a sweeping handgun ban when he appears next month at the big Women Deliver conference in Vancouver,” Liberal toady Susan Delacourt exclaimed in the Toronto Star.[i]

Except nobody ever said the government planned to ban handguns.

Mind you – in fairness – it is possible that the TorStar's “Beacon of Enlightenment” doesn't know the difference between a handgun and an AR-15. They certainly don't seem to understand that an AR-15 and a police C8 Patrol Carbine are the same gun.

Last week, the CSSA reported two separate, unconnected government sources confirming the Liberal government’s proposed “sweeping gun ban” will include the AR-15 rifle.

Coincidentally, the Canadian Firearms Program is printing firearm licences “in limited capacity” until June 7 – the day after the Women Deliver conference ends.[ii]

Given the gun ban information is leaking from his own Liberal government, perhaps Minister Blair, a former police chief, can find the personal courage to answer one simple question:

Minister Blair, are you planning to ban the AR-15 rifle? Yes or no.

The CSSA, its 35,000 members and the 2.2 million lawful firearms owners of Canada demand your immediate response.

About Canadian Shooting Sports Association:Canadian Shooting Sports Association

The Canadian Shooting Sports Association is the voice of the sport shooter and firearms enthusiast in Canada. Our national membership supports and promotes Canada’s firearms heritage, traditional target shooting competition, modern action shooting sports, hunting, and archery. We support and sponsor competitions and youth programs that promote these Canadian heritage activities.

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  • 108 thoughts on “Is the Canadian Government Going to BAN the AR-15? Yes or No?

    1. Well its time to chime in. I am Canadian born and raised. My Family name has been fighting for its freedoms since the first of my name was recorded by a page in the UK in 1035 AD pledging his family, farm and sons to the King in return for safety from invaders within his castle walls. I have been hunting, fishing and target shooting since I was 5 years old, been a Federal Firearms Dealer in this country for 13 years and have been deemed a Firearms Expert by Federal court in Canada.

      My Father was a responsible gun owner and target shooter back in the 60’s so he passed that passion on to me and I to my children and soon grandchildren. Some how we seem to have perhaps forgotten the cost we have paid over the centuries of war and oppression to give people of all races, colour and religion the right to legally and safely enjoy those freedoms that have been awarded to us by our ancestors sacrifices.

      I have about as much right as a Canadian to tell another Canadian that its mandatory that they have to own and shoot firearms as they have the right to tell me I can’t. It’s a privilege in this country to own a restricted firearm. That privilege takes many steps and a very clean proven history with extensive training and severe restrictions to acquire. It’s these restrictions that set us apart from our brothers and sisters to the south in the United states. Did you know that every firearm owner in Canada is checked EVERY 24 HOURS in real time across the nation by RCMP computer programs for compliance of those restrictions and for anything that would cause concern regarding their actions during the past 24hours. Really ! look it up.

      EVERY DAY 365 days a year. If you as much as slight any of those very restrictive laws and regulations your entire gun collection can be seized without warning on a moments notice and you will be arrested and charged to the full extent of the Firearms Act. To be honest that’s the way it should be. If you have ever been to a gun range in Canada it only takes a moment to see that it is very strict and self policed by its members for everyones safety.

      As for statistics I just have to take a deep breath on this one when I see both sides arguing their points. Check the facts for your self there is no lying in the numbers just make sure when you see how low the actual numbers are per category that your sitting down, they are astonishingly low in favour of the pro gun owners and those are just the facts not opinions. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a friend or family member to gun violence in this Country, we can do better as a society to reduce that from happening to anyone else moving forward, we just need to all get on the same page first. We could start by ensuring every Canadian understands that Handguns and assault rifles are ALREADY banned from criminals, they can’t have them period ! and that has been in place since 1934 in this country.
      So when the Liberal government says in their latest proposal that they want gun dealers in Canada to record all transactions in detail I have to laugh at that one. I was a Federal Firearms Dealer in Canada for 13 years and every single firearm of every class aloud in this country is already recorded with every detail into a master log in every gun store, always has been. The RCMP and Chief Provincial Firearms Office ensures under random inventory checks on every dealer that those records must keep 100% current and accurate every day. Don’t believe me ? ask your local dealer. This includes where the firearm came from, what manufacture, wholesaler or individual it came from and is going to, the serial number make and model along with the caliber of the firearm. The Liberals know this but they want the general uneducated public to think they are the first to come up with this suggestion. Just another Liberal spin on the truth to make themselves look good i suppose. There is nothing in this new proposed legislation that says the Liberals will do anything to reduce firearms related crimes in this country with regards to illegal importation of firearms or gang related crimes, with by the way is 60 % of the infractions of this years crimes. The firearms proposed in this ban will sit in their safes under lock and key as they have been since 1934 under the watchful eye of their legitimate owners and will likely never be used in a firearms crime unless stolen and used by an individual of a criminal nature. BTW I don’t know of anyone who has taken a legally owned registered handgun or assault rifle of their own out of said safes and committed a murder or violent crime with them. Maybe Im wrong so please feel free to share but make sure we are comparing apples to apples and do your homework or this could drag on forever in debate.

      Do yourselves a great favour and read the statistics that are legitimate and sound, you know the ones I mean they are available to all of us in this country. Educated yourselves if this is a concerning issue for yourself and family. Guns don’t kill people, especially legally owned ones in this country of any classification PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE, it’s just that simple. If you can’t wrap your head around that simple fundamental logic then you need to get more informed about the current gun laws and registrations of Restricted and Non restricted firearms in Canada. Trust me compared to the rest of the world we have very very strict laws and regulations when it comes to owning Restricted firearms in this country, (hand guns or assault rifles).

      If you want to stop gun violence in Canada then we need to ask ourselves what are we prepared to do as a prudent society to ensure gun violence is reduced to the absolute minimum by all Canadians. Start with giving local law enforcement the power to do random pat downs of anyone who looks or is acting suspicious without discrimination or fear offending anyone of any race, religion or stature. Part of the reason why innocent people are hit by random flying bullets is that the gang members shooting them couldn’t hit a barn door at 20 paces because they have no license to purchase ammo or are eligible to practice at a local gun range without legal ownership and licensing. Isn’t that a sad but true fact. Give the power to our local police across the country with the guidelines and LEGISLATURE to deal with the core issue. Anyone in possession of a handgun or Restricted firearm that is not properly owned or licensed to that individual should be severely punished not just fall through the cracks of a broken system. Talk to your MP about taking the guns from the criminals not the legal law abiding citizens who follow the rules and enjoy the sports and competitions across the country, its your given right given by every man and woman who as ever stepped up to the front line in harms way to ensure you have it.

      Thanks for listening

      I can almost guarantee that what ever statistic the gun banning parties put forth to legitimize their claim will be so broad and redundant in nature that any prudent well educated moral individual will be able to see right thru the lie. Sometimes its almost shameful to read some of the stories.

      1. Yes I have always said that “GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE “. If it’s not with a gun then a knife or a bat or a bar or piece of glass!!!! Let’s be real here and do the right thing

    2. Are they going to ban this killing device designed to kill numerous human beings as quickly as possible on the 21st century battlefield? One can only hope. And the gun whackadoodles who feel they should have the right to kill scores of their fellow citizens because it makes them fee l powerful can kiss my as/. Trash

      1. So you think law abiding citizens that have a legal RPAL, who are subjected to daily criminal background checks are wanting to “kill scores of their fellow citizens”?
        That idea couldn’t be more wrong.
        I wish they they take the money they spent on this and direct it to the police forces to deal with illegal guns on the streets. This type of thinking will not address those that break the law.

      2. Wow, you talk tough, are you signed up to be the door kicker when confiscation begins? BTW, how many AR-15 semi-auto rifles have you seen on the 21st century battlefield? When were you issued a semi-auto rifle when you were supposedly an infantry officer?

      3. I can only imagine what STRONG PASSIONATE words you use to defend your family from intruders.

        I bet they run for the hills….

    3. Given what the Canadians have elected for a Prime Minister I’d say that the only ones who will be allowed to have ARs if a ban is passes will be either queer or Muslim.

      1. I normally don’t comment on other country’s concerns, but when it comes to gun rights I will be there. My family is from Canada and I was born in the States, but because of my heritage, I have dual citizenship. My heart is with my northern brothers as the libtards in the US are.absolutely going insane about our gun rights, and our constitution specifically states that our right to own firearms comes only from God and not from any law handed down from politicians. Our beloved President Ronald Reagan once made the following statement:

        Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction.
        It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.
        To my Canadian brothers, we, meaning you,and I, are soon to be at a crossroads with our lives. Sadly, Canada does not have a bill of rights, so in effect, you are at the mercy of those in government who really do not want you to own,firearms of any kind. Look only to your sister countries of Australia and New Zealand and with one stroke of a pen took away their citizens right to own firearms. It was the looney in Montreal that caused Canadian citizens to lose many of their firearm privileges, same in Australia and New Zealand. But and powerful will always be allowed protection by armed security that you will never see. If every firearm were to be destroyed in our countries, crime would continue on. Look at what the jihadists have done by simply substituting a knife.for a gun. Has everybody forgotten the Canadian soldier that was.stabbed to death outside of your Parliament in Ottawa? You cannot sit by idly and allow the elitist’s to take away your right to protect yourself and your loved ones. Oh, I’m sorry, your are not allowed to use firearms for the purpose of self protection. Only law enforcement can/should be allowed to use guns for protection. After spending 25 years withe the LVMPD, I can certainly attest to the fact that when seconds between life and death truly matter, law enforcement will be only 5 or 10 minutes away. God bless you, my brothers, as the fight is truly.starting to shape up.

    4. I have only one question.
      How many crimes murders and suicides are committed in Canada every year with an AR 15 style weapon? Or any restricted fire arm other than pistols.

      1. Roger, look to the FBI Uniform Crime Statistics. Hillary, certainly one.of the.biggest liars ever known, shouted there.ard 33,000 murders committed in the US every where. FBI statistics blows that out.of.the water. There are 33,000 deaths.with firearms yearly, but 26,000 are suicides. For handguns, that number is approximately 6500 per year and about 1500 deaths attributed to other with other being rifles, shotguns and other types.of.firearms. In America, class III firearms (machine guns) have been lawful to own since 1934 but are.tightly monitored and have become extremely expensive. There are approximately 3 to 400 thousand like firearms in the.hands of private.citizens. Take a guess as to how many have been used in the commission of a crime and I would would be wrong. The NFA branch of the BATFE can produce only 1 crime of a machine gun being used since 1934 and that was by a cop who offed his snitch. 1 crime in over 83 years. Makes me wonder why I cant.go down & buy one from Sears.

      2. there has to this date been NO, mass shootings in Canada with an AR15. In fact if you want to talk shootings most in Canada are done with firearms that are NOT of a “AR fashion”. The attack on Parliament hill was done with a old lever action rifle. The shooting in Quebec at the polytech was a Ruger ranch style rifle. A last year TO police showed several hundred pistols they confiscated in a raid, all were traced to a gun store robbery in Florida. Wanna stop gun violence crack down on gangs and drugs.

    5. Try not to judge everyone because they might make a mistake in their typing. Some people type rapidly and don’t review their work before hitting send. And don’t just ridicule someone because they didn’t type perfectly. Try really hard to understand what they are saying. If you don’t understand or disagree, then say so and present your views or questions.
      As for your points on gun control issues and our governments, I firmly agree that they should not try to take our guns away. I also agree that guns do not cause crime. Remember, that if the gun caused the crime, then they should arrest the gun and turn me free. After all, the gun committed the crime, not me!
      Yes, that is sarcasm. But it is also the same logic as the gun control people use.
      If you don’t agree with the gun control people, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Don’t just sit around and call them names or insult them. They really could care less what you think. However, the population and the government WILL do something about us keeping our guns (something positive), IF we educate them and present logical and honest reasons.

    6. It’s funny how the new restrictions the Liberals are trying (probably will) bring in don’t mention anything about taking illegal firearms off the criminals….. I’m not sure why anyone hasn’t questioned this?

    7. The Nazis had evil intentions from the start, and disarmed Germany for the purpose of controlling the masses. The liberals who are for disarmament are, for the most part, sincere in their belief that they are trying to protect the citizenry. The argument makes sense to the uneducated. This is where the NRA (of which I am a member) is falling short. They spend so much time and money trying to shout down the opposition, that people who still have not made up their minds are turned off by the personal attacks. Get the information out there so that people can see and understand the facts.

      1. Disagree, liberals in general are ignorant and evil people. They are clearly aligned with the attitude that Mommy Gov knows best and you will obey or we will crush you and destroy your life.
        We definitely have arrived at a time where we need to reevaluate the Republic and move away from the devisive form of governing of left vs right. The two party system is by design an outmoded structure of political combat, a warlike mindset.
        Liberals are the most dangerous humans alive!

      1. nazi’s disarmed germany so the Jews of europe could not defend themselves. the goal of dhimmi-rat goober-ment is to disarm America

        1. And the Nazis had concentration camps and so did the USA during WW2. Some of these gun banning democrats want to put gun owning Americans in gun control concentration camps! And, you’ve got gun owners and hunters voting to keep these same power crazed, mentally unstable politicians in office!

          1. Lock n Load. I am a free man by God’s creation with God given rights to protect my family or stand up against a tyranical government.
            I served freely and my oath still stands. Bring it on.

          2. The US government and the American people admitted the mistake of internment camps for Japanese-American citizens during the start of World War II. The internees were released and many served in the US Army during that war. The murderous Nazis, Communists and New World Order Socialists admitted nothing of their crimes. Most of the latter are still with us and pose a threat to Constitutional Republics and other free societies.

            1. Lip service! Leave things to the liberals/demonicrats and they will zealously and happily lock you away till the sun no longer shines.
              Liberals are the spawn of Satan!

    8. When any government says it want’s to keep you safe by taking away something you can be sure that is the thing you need to keep the most! Guns are a prime example! If the people are stupid enough to buy into the lie then they deserve exactly what they get!
      Lock and load friends!

      1. “We’re from the government. We’re here to help.”

        That statement ought to send shivers down every free citizen’s spine.

      2. When it’s time to defend yourself and your family,and you are counting on the goverment to come to your aid,you better think again!the goverment don’t care nothing about you,so you better have what you need and know how to use it,don’t depend on nobody when it comes to yourself and your family do not hesitate,eliminate the threat.

    9. I think that there are enough gun owners in both Canada, and America, that we should join militia forces, and straight out attack both govts. They have ignored us and intentionally screwed us all so they can be millionaires. I think the whole thing needs to be burned down, and restarted.
      Baby boomers took over, 35+/- years ago, and they have done nothing but destroy our way of life at every level of govt from feds, down to psycho liberal school boards. And talk about hypocrisy… they fought the man back in the 60’s, because they didnt want to goto Vietnam, but have had no problem sending their own children and grandchildren to a non stop religous war that cant be won, unless we nuke and kill Everyone, but, now every single one, is just a social security grubbing whore, hell bent on taking all our rights and leaving nothing for future generations.

      1. @Mike Bolton, Who are all these militia forces? How would you coordinate these groups? Even if you could, what would you and all these people do on the second day, look for something to eat? Got a target list? A plan? G-2? G-3?

        1. @Wild Bill…My latest plan is to bring the boat up to the porch in case I would have to evacuate !
          Seriously I live at the top of the hill water will not reach the house but there may not be a passable road out . 16 inches of rain here since may 5 . Are keeping you head above water ?

            1. @OV, My head is above water, but the heifers are really pissed off. Seriously, the house is on a hill, but boy howdy, the hay meadows and pastures are wet. If a guy took a tractor out there, he would not get it out until sometime in July.
              Regards to Sammy!

    10. ban the AR15? what a joke! those people can do whatever they want…all i know is that they’re like dirty mexicans..just whiter which makes them even worse!

      1. I just took a shower and I’m clean. I disagree with the ban. All you have to do is take one hard look at things happening south of our border to see what a ban on the rifles will do. Vulnerable citizens unable to protect their families from anarchy and are subjected to a well armed but inept and complicit government.

    11. That’s not at all political bullshit. Allow me to translate that.

      He is basically saying it’s the governments job to tell you what’s best for you. And that if the government believes a ban is what’s best, then that’s what it’ll be.

      1. That’s 100% Correct.
        They are following the Venezuela plan of confiscation.
        Good luck Canuks !!!
        Hasta Laveeestah

    12. In the hands in a properly trained citizen the weapon is as safe as the operator. We must protect our families and our rights. Learn everything you can about the weapon getting proper instruction and use it regularly so you are 100% familiar with its operation. Never bring a loaded weapon into the house. Load the magazines and prepare if you need to use it. Do not banned these weapons or any other kind. That would be taking away our freedoms. I hunt with my three grandchildren 7, 9, and 10 years old using Remington 223 PowerPoint ammunition in the Anderson AR built in Hebron Kentucky. We’ve had wonderful memories and have taken two deer with the AR. The letters AR stands for “ArmaLite” rifle they were the first company to develop this style of weapon. It has nothing to do with assult as I could assult you with my 22 long rifle or my pocket knife just as well. God, family and guns. Don’t try and take them from us it’s our right to keep them all.

            1. People who obey gun control from commie goverments are robots keep your guns when confiscation starts your gonna need them to protect you from rape on the next bill

        1. Shane, the only comments I see on here from you are putting others down. Even with my limited intelligence I do not have a problem understanding their meaning. What are you trying to do, stop people from commenting on here by insulting them?

            1. I too understand brother Rankin. I am certain that he has abilities that surpass those of most people. What about knowing a man that has an IQ of 180, but can’t plant a butter bean? Is he then smart. Brothers, don’t put down anyone because they may have a deficiency you lack. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. As for Canada, they will take the guns, and America will follow suit somewhat later.

          1. Wayne, I agree with your response to Shane. I hope John continues to contribute comments. This Shane dud[e] is calling us the same as libtards do, idiots. We now know his beliefs.

        2. I would rather be in a foxhole with him than worrying about proper English being spoken with a idiot like you!

          1. And only an idiot would try and justify ignorance and poor education. There’s always an excuse, yet you’re that kind of individual who will throw a fit over a leftist using clip instead of magazine. No wonder this nation is becoming a bigger shithole every day, there are no standards anymore, we’re becoming just like all the other third world countries.

      1. Never bring a loaded weapon into the house?
        6 Firearms in my house are loaded at all times. 2 Pistols, 3 rifles and 1 shotgun. +1 Pistol if I’m in the house. To each his own.

        1. Bingo! There is only two instances when my firearms are NOT loaded: 1) When I am cleaning/repairing them, and 2) when I run out of ammo!

        2. I completely agree, my stepdad was a ww2 vet and that’s how he raised me. He said “always treat a gun like it’s loaded, because it is”.

      2. Teaching kids and grandkids survival skills / good for you. I do respectfully disagree with your counsel to never have a loaded gun in house or wait till you need one then go load your magazine.

        No doubt misspelled words, repeatedly, such as “assult”, gives rise for readers to miss your points, instead then, criticizing your grammar, as most replies posted convey.

        We all have posted comments and thereafter found misspelled words or commas in wrong place, or improper use of there vs their, its vs it’s, and to vs too. Without ability to edit, those will continue.

        1. On teaching kids…My kids were taught that if they saw a firearm , they should know it was loaded !
          They would not need to check to see . But you have to back that up with being willing to take them out shooting frequently so as to lower the temptation to touch . They were also taught , You Do Not Show to your friends. Your friends may be trustworthy but they may mention to someone else who is not . If someone breaks in and steals it you no longer have it .
          As for teaching kids I taught Young Hunter Safety for 25 years. One question mothers would ask was why should my daughter take this class ? Reply…When she out of your home if she should come across a firearm somewhere else would you not want her to know what to do ?

    13. 90% right. Replace safe and safety with free and freedom.
      “Our government remains absolutely committed to taking all the measures that are effective in keeping Canadians safe … there is no greater responsibility for any order of government than the safety of their citizens. We are prepared to consider whatever measures will be effective in doing so.”

    14. John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln with a pocket pistol. Lee Harvey Oswald (allegedly) assassinated John F Kennedy with a surplus WWII Italian Carcano rifle. No one blamed the gun in either case.
      Why is the blame placed on guns today for the criminal actions committed by people that have no legal right to possess one.
      There are more than enough laws on the books to prosecute and convict those who choose to commit crimes with guns.
      Prosecute. Convict. Incarcerate. Lock up the criminals and end the persecution and harassment of law abiding citizens who happen to own guns.

    15. Guns do not kill, people do. Let’s go back to the hue and cry. That was way back in history when the kingdom and Homeland was being attacked, and the king would send out the call for all able body men to bring their weapons to protect. This is what our second amendment meant. The citizens we’re also part of the well regulated militia. You cannot fight invaders with handguns and they have AR type weapons, you will lose. Let’s do abetter job of keeping guns from people who do harm and care nothing about our great country.
      I am a retired U.S. Army LTC, a retired law enforcement and currently a criminal justice professor, teaching our students how to be good and fair police officers. Police officers that do not violate people’s rights to in force the laws

          1. Shane forget about the grammar and punctuation. If you got a brain you can clearly understand what they are talking about.

          2. Shane! Again your are displaying terrible thinking expressed in a mindless manner. Your comments are those of a libtard. The only reason that I respond to your dribble is to annoy libtards.

      1. Hey, Walter, I think that I know you! Were you a Division Provost Marshal or something? Thank you for your service.

            1. Hey wild bill. Do I know you, you must know me. By the way, I have a Ruger mini 14, love it.

            2. @LTC WTZ, I think that I saw you at a briefing, or officers call or something once, but I was a junior officer and we did not have any business contact. So I don’t really know you. I really know of you. But it is a small Army.
              What just one measly Mini 14? You should come to Texas. We have a Mini 14 at every garage sale!

      2. Walter, I wish the best of luck in your educating law enforcement of rights. We need rights respecting law enforcement officers. We need no more political force agents. Nothing should be done to keep guns from people. People who do harm should be keep from us.

        One of my military instructors taught that in warfare, firepower is bullets hitting people. Firearms of all kinds can be use for this. The purpose of our firearms is to defend our freedom from foreign and domestic enemies. By your reference to handguns and “AK type weapons”, I hope banning handguns is not being suggested.

        1. Jack. I do not in anyway want a ban on handguns. The 2nd Amendment states the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. It does not say some arms or certain types of arms, so I do not in anyway want a ban on handguns or any type that by law we are currently allowed to possess.

      3. Always keep in mind that in some real world situation that little handgun can secure you some real firepower in a carefully executed plan, i.e., secure you some real artillery by surprise ambush. Never count out any weapon, even a lowly knife vs. a battle rifle!

    16. A gun is a gun, if you’re planning to do harm it doesn’t matter what you use. Hmm someone wants to hurt someone with their car. It could be anything from a chevette to a F150. Get this through your heads. Don’t blame what they use blame them for doing it.

        1. @Gentlemen, Yes… when Cain slew Able, no one blamed the rock, and then punished everyone that was not involved.

    17. @Joseph desmond
      Don’t Judge Canada based on Trudeau.
      Trudeau is Canadas biggest mistake and continues to prove how I’ll suited he is as a leader… He’s an incompetent, oblivious, ignorant embarrassment who does support Muslims and puts Canadian citizens, our safety, and our well being Last…
      Please don’t judge our Country or our citizens based on that piece of shit…
      Thx 🙂

      1. Well he IS still in charge up there.. not like we don’t have our own dipshits down here to worry about.

    18. IMOA, Some Canadian citizens won’t turn in their guns or register them if they’re banned just like millions of Americans did when certain guns were banned or were to be registered. I’ll surmise that many of them will be buried in the garden or lost on a fishing expedition.

    19. Fuck canada and your faggot prime minister, a muslim lover,move to america,can have whatever you want.

        1. I agree his comment was excessive. Don’t forget Chiraq. Some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country (maybe world) and still top of the charts for murders

        2. Commiefornia and The People’s Republic of New York are not America. It’s debatable whether they are in fact part of the known Universe…

          1. Remember that there are more conservative, gun-owning, 2nd Amendment supporters in CA than the entire populations of most other states, per straight math totals. Unfortunately, here in the once-great Golden State we have a few uber-blue Leftist metro cities that have tipped the scales in their favor. That, and outright illegal election tampering that somehow gets mentioned in the news and then suppressed, ensures that conservatives are always in the minority. We are a perfect argument for the importance of the Electoral College and what can happen nationwide if it’s ever removed, as the Left wants done.

            So many conservatives are fleeing Kommifornia that its tips the scales even worse to the left, making things harder for those of us who are still here.

            Do not forget us. We are the fellow soldiers hunkered down behind enemy lines and doing what we can to stop the juggernaut, while our supposed 2A brethren in other states call us names and abandon us.

            1. You really should just consider getting the hell out of there. Its a lost cause.

      1. This country is sick it’s ok to send troops over seas to shoot up other counties with what m16saka ar15s and then then say the people are were the danger is bs it’s the government that’s the problem here when the people are dis armed and the government still have full auto guns look out Canada it’s called communist

        1. That’s the plan.

          Disarm the general populace so that only the government enforcers and hired mercenaries can have firearms. They’re just trying to do it through legislation to keep people from seeing them as the tyrants they are, and maintain the illusion of public choice.

          1. Billy, you are right about that. We in the US and Canada have a major problem. That is in that both countries there are too many people willing to be under tyrannical control.

            1. Well, I’m with 99% of you guys and your comments. My father was in law Enforcement his entire life after serving 2 tours in Nam (lost him 8 months ago). He always kept loaded weapons (service or extras) in his top drawer. We never had any rifles bcuz we didn’t hunt and lived in town. Not to mention, shootings were very rare. His slap jack or nightstick was used 100 times more than a firearm bcuz most criminals just “fought” back then instead of being cowards and pulling a firearm. But if all we are left with are slap jacks and billy clubs to defend ourselves ,eventually, the next Maduro (spelling) is sure to be otw sometime in our near future. Before the last election, my wife was the one who sounded the alarm that we needed to make some purchases to offset what was coming or attempting to come. Well, 3 years later and about 10 rifles, 2 shotguns, and a very nice display of 19’s, 17’s, and a 43 (all but the 43 with RMR’s), we are nicely situated if the need ever arise. Plus, we tend to keep around 10k rounds stored. And we live in town, I haven’t even put a round thru 80% of these firearms that they will eventually want to take to keep my family and I safe.
              I saw the “stock up” on ruger mini 14’s cause it’s coming. I suggest either 80% anondized lowers or poly 80’s. That’s where our money needs to go. Either that, or learn and spend some real cash on 3D printers.

          2. Americans own 300 million guns. We have the worst per capita gun violence rate in the developed world. Repeating all or nothing NRA fear propaganda marks you as a gullible clown and a nazi. Gun safety laws work rambo, contrary to your ignorant claims that gun safety means guns will be banned. You are exhibit A for why America needs common sense gun safety laws. Cryoing out for more guns in a nation that owns more guns per cpaita than any nation ion earth is like calling for rain I n the middle of a cloudburst. How stupid. But Bishmaster appreciates your gullibility.

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