Cover Up In VA Beach: Victim Feared Mass Shooting by Coworker, Wanted To Be Armed

Bloody Hand Glass Window Shooting
Cover Up In VA Beach: Victim Feared Mass Shooting by Coworker, Wanted To Be Armed

Virginia – -( Imagine this happening to you. Your spouse is extremely frightened that either a just-fired co-worker who made threats as he was escorted from the property or another co-worker who had shown past violent tendencies, was going to come to work and start killing people.

You tell your spouse to take a gun to work just in case. Your spouse has a gun and has had training, but ends up making the fateful decision not to break their employment agreement by bringing the gun to work.

The next day, the co-worker with violent tendencies comes to work. He has a key to secure access areas of the building, where police have no access, and ends up murdering your spouse and eleven other people.

That’s what happened to Jason Nixon, whose wife, Katherine, was murdered in cold blood. Katherine was made defenseless by the City of Virginia Beach’s employment agreement.

If the above scenario is accurate, Virginia Beach is in the middle of a coverup, as the City claims that the murderer showed no signs of being dangerous, was in good standing, and not about to be fired. And the City also apparently made no effort to increase security after the verbal threats by the fired co-worker.

(BTW, a trusted source with an inside track told me shortly before this article came out that the murderer had indeed been fired the day before and had made loud, threatening remarks as he left the property. Based on the article, I now believe the source’s inside track was not talking about the murderer, but the other employee in question.)

A litany of “what if’s” surely haunt Mr. Nixon. What if Katherine had taken that gun in her purse and defied workplace rules? What if she had called in sick that day? What if she had left work early?

All we can do is pray for Mr. Nixon and work to fix the wrong that stripped his wife of her right to protect herself. We need to outlaw “gun-free zones” once and for all. No law-abiding Virginian should be required to die helplessly at the hands of a workplace killer in order to have a job. And the government, of all employers, should be upholding the Constitution and the protections in the Bill of Rights.

Here’s an article by Kerry Dougherty on the alleged coverup by Virginia Beach:

More articles, including a call to release the employment records of the murderer:

Virginia Citizens Defense LeagueAbout Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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Many, if not most, gun-free zones do not scan or do body searches.

Jim Wiseman

I hope her husband sues the local government for disarming his wife. This sounds like a good case against gun free zones.


I work for an employer who’s policy disarms it’s employees. I does not, however, disarm it’s customers in what is often times, a crowded and busy retail environment. I have the distinct pleasure of working in the department with the highest rate of theft and l’m mandated to provide “customer service” to these individuals. I often wonder how desperate they are and if they carry weapons, would they use them. I know of verbal threats made indirectly while they’re on their cell phones. Of course all employees have to view the “Run, Hide, Fight” video on active shooter situations. Like… Read more »


Even if it did disarm customers you would be less safe as law abiding customers would not be armed and able to assist employees and unlawfully customers would be armed anyway.

Old Handloader

This may be slightly off topic, but HAS ANYONE….ANYONE …. SEEN A PHOTO OF EITHER WEAPON AND THE SO CALLED SILENCER ????? I’ve heard numerous reports on radio that one of the guns was a MAC-10 SEMI-AUTO equipped with one of those iconic FAKE SILENCERS from the 1980’s that acted as merely something the shooter could hang on to with the weak hand while pulling the trigger with the strong hand???? THESE FAUX SILENCERS WERE A COSMETIC ACCESSORY that did nothing to reduce the sound in any way. NOTHING ! ! ! They were not SILENCERS!!!! They were just a… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

Any government official ( congress, judges, lawyers and enforcement) who has anything to do with stripping people of their GOD given mandate to be armed and their constitutionally protected RIGHT to keep and bare arms is just as culpable and guilty of murder as the shooter is. Somehow, someway some really smart and rattlesnake mean lawyer is going to prosecute government officials and enforcement personnel for treason and being accomplice to murder. The penalty for treason is the same as for murder, last I checked it was death. You might want to mention this the next time you happen to… Read more »


Jury nullification: The tradition of jury nullification in the United States has its roots in the British legal system, specifically in a 1670 English case where Quakers were acquitted by a jury of violating a law which only permitted religious assemblies under the Church of England. In 1735 a journalist in the colony of New York was acquitted by a jury who nullified a law making it a crime to criticize public officials. In the 1794 case of Georgia v. Brailsford Chief Justice John Jay’s nuanced instructions to the jury have been cited frequently in discussions of jury nullification: It… Read more »

Daniel Schwager

Democrats have to blame something now it is the suppressor never the murder or the Gun Free Zone.

Tad Pole

I’ll Always Take The Chance. Lot Rather Be JUDGED By Twelve Than CARRIED By Six

Michael J

Lies are always reported first, then the truth comes out later.
The anti-gun movement is counting on people to remember the headlines and down play the facts. Apparently the eventual truth reveals how ineffective guns laws are at stopping killers intent on ignoring them. Disarming people who follow the laws doesn’t make murderers less dangerous.

Old Law Prof

Yup. Lies to get the headlines on page A1. The truth comes out months later and is relegated to the B section.
Can’t muddy the anti-gun message of the Left.

Army Retired

Had that sweet woman carried her pistol to work that day, she might have saved a lot of lives, including her own. Of course, then she would’ve probably been brought up on charges for violating the policy. It’s time for all the nonsense about those nasty inanimate objects (read: “guns”) to stop. People kill people, it’s been going on for long before the invention of a gun. Nobody’s screaming for the outlawing of cars, frying pans or baseball bats, are they? People are killed by them too. No, they only want guns gone, so “they” can have total control over… Read more »


I would rather be alive and jobless due to gun free zone. Comply and loose your life!


Citizens need to stand up and nullify ( find them not guilty) and criminal case brought on unlawful carry.

Clark Kent

How, exactly, does a jury nullify a policy? I’m waiting….


Imagine that, someone covering the TRUTH to protect themselves. Funny how the facts ALWAYS appear after the lies and cover up have been used. Makes things MUCH worse. Sue these lying P.O.S. into nonexistence ! They KNEW he was a viable/possible/probable threat and did NOTHING. One AGAIN the “no firearms on company property” management rule has cost many lives AND prohibited someone who COULD have stopped it from arming themselves. These companies and areas MUST be held liable for their decision to disarm all on the property, thus making a gun free SHOOTING GALLERY for anyone who gets the urge… Read more »

Michael J

You are absolutely right! Politicians and bureaucrats who impose these restrictions on society are an accessory to the shooting and must be called out.

Douglas Kuykendall

Don’t know if you can legally make them accountable,but you ought to be able to have a civil wrongful death suit against them. Maybe enough of winning them would break these gun free zones up by getting millions from them.


I was thinking the same thing. When local ordinances are used to violate Constitutional rights, and it results in death or bodily harm, then the authors of the ordinalce, enforcers and anyone else culpable should be held accountable in Civil court for the maximum allowed. We are seeing more and more local and state entities passing laws that violate the Constitution and getting away with it. It needs to be stopped at ALL government levels.

Clark Kent

Except that it was not an ordinance, but a policy. Learn to read.

CPT Taggart

Municipalities are legally responsible for their policies. Your comment about differentiating “policy” which is directed at employees from “ordinance” which as a law affects the general public , is objectively “true”, but it absolutely irrelevant to a discussion about injured employees.

Loyd Mack

Whenever there is a shooting in a school where there is a “Gun Free Zone”, the school board and superintendent should be immediately be sued for dereliction of duty and failing to protect the students, by refusing to allow concealed carry by teachers and admin people. The misguided decision to deny people the right to defend themselves against wackos and idiots with grudges is helping get innocent people killed. Until these low-information bureaucrats are held accountable in court for their actions, nothing will change. Sue them!

Clinton Manning

End gun free zones


” He used a ” silencer ” , take our word for it. ” … ” No , you can’t see it ”

Everything else gets ignored.

Big Jim

Same as the “So called bump stock in Vegas”
I-phones have cause thousands of car accident deaths.
Ban those first. Or only receive data when not moving for more than a minute. We must stop this nonsense now!

I Haz A Question

Exactly. Still waiting for actual official confirmation from the Gov alphabet letter agencies that the bump stock “found” in the alleged shooter’s room was actually used. There were about two dozen guns brought in to that room, and most were never fired. All I’ve read is that a bump stock was found among the accessories.

Scotty Gunn

A crime scene picture shown on line showed two rifles with bump stocks on them. The guns also had bipods, which kind of defeats the purpose.


A suppressor… is like a muffler on your car. Reducing the noise levels. Dose not silent the shot.


Find whoever created the requirement she be disarmed and throw every single workplace safety violation charge possible at them. Make an example of the tyrant.


I hope Mr Nixon successfully sues the City of Virginia Beach into bankruptcy. It is no secret that close to 100% of mass shootings occur in Gun Free Zones in the USA. This is nothing but negligence on the part of Virginia Beach.

Pistol Packin Preacher

Yes and amen brother the US Constitution is violated when anyone is made to sign the agreements and when the people who own the no gun policies have to pay out the yin yang then it will hit where it hurts and our rights can have some more teeth to them. It is a shame what our country has come to in this respect. Way to go Ammoland.

Ansel Hazen

Whatever happened to “eye for an eye”?

Seems like the appropriate thing in this case.


I have always advocated for full accountability for ‘gun free zones’. Anyone involved in the establishment of these farcial entities, be they government officials or private business owners or what have you, should bear full responsibility (legal, financial, even criminal if it applies) when anything occurs involving bodily harm or death,