Did ‘Gun-Free’ Workplace’ Rule Cost Virginia Woman Her Life?

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has called a July 9 special legislative session to talk gun control in The Old Dominion. (sCREEN SNIP, YouTube, TIME)

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- When Virginia lawmakers gather July 9 in Richmond for a special legislative session to talk gun control, called by anti-gun Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam, one item not on the governor’s gun-regulating wish list is guns allowed in the workplace, and a story in the Virginian-Pilot might call that into question.

According to the newspaper, a Virginia Beach city employee identified as Kate Nixon had been concerned about the behavior of co-worker DeWayne Craddock “as well as one other person,” and talked to her husband about tucking a pistol into her purse. That was the night before Nixon became one of Craddock’s dozen victims in the mass shooting that was the catalyst for Northam’s renewed push for tighter gun regulations.

But the city, according to the newspaper, has a policy against employees having guns in the workplace. Translation: It’s a gun-free zone, one of those places where, according to John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, the vast majority of mass shootings occur.

Now Northam is calling Old Dominion lawmakers back to work in hopes of capitalizing on the tragedy to push gun control measures that have no connection to, nor would have prevented, the May 31 shooting.

Here are the facts:

The killer, who was fatally wounded in a shootout with police, used two handguns, legally purchased about two years apart. Neither handgun was lost or stolen.

He apparently acted alone.

There were no children involved.

He passed background checks to purchase both .45-caliber pistols, and an even more extensive check to legally purchase the suppressor that was attached to one of the handguns.

Now, Northam has resurrected his gun control package that got no traction last year, and is proposing the following, according to WJHL News:

  • Adopt so-called “universal background checks.”
  • Ban so-called “assault weapons,” suppressors and bump stocks
  • Restore the state’s long-abandoned one-gun-per-month restriction
  • Require the reporting of lost or stolen firearms to police
  • Restrict child access to firearms
  • Expand local authority to regulate firearms within their jurisdictions.

This is “Gun Control 101” as revealed in what amounts to a “gun control playbook” discovered accidentally online by Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation and chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. The 80-page document was titled Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging, apparently accidentally linked to the website of a religious organization. It was actually produced a couple of months prior to the December 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy in Newtown, CT.

Gottlieb subsequently co-authored a book about this titled Dancing In Blood: Exposing the Gun Ban Lobby’s Playbook to Destroy Your Rights.

Long story short: Capitalize on tragedy to move the gun control agenda forward.

However, newspaper revelations about Mrs. Nixon’s misgivings and her reported consideration of taking a gun to work underscore a longtime concern among self-defense and Second Amendment activists. Gun-free regulations disarm the wrong people and make them even more vulnerable to someone intent on mayhem. It has happened before in schools, shopping malls, municipal buildings, restaurants and movie theaters; anyplace where signs are prominently posted that tell people guns are not allowed.

According to The Pilot story, an attorney for the Nixon family, discussed this Monday on WHRV’s “Hearsay” program with host Cathy Lewis. The attorney, Kevin Martingayle, has requested that the city of Virginia Beach “release all records about the gunman and launch an external investigation into what happened,” the newspaper reported.

Would a gun in Nixon’s purse have made a difference that day? It’s a question that can never be answered. It is certain that the guns Craddock brought to the workplace, where he was employed for nine years as a public utilities engineer, were in violation of the policy.

There are already strong hints from Republican House of Delegates Speaker Kirk Cox that Northam’s agenda will face resistance next month. Gun control may play well in communities along the south banks of the Potomac, but the farther south and west one gets, the less popular it seems to become.

Perhaps instead of acquiescing to Northam’s gun ban agenda, state lawmakers might consider a reform measure that would allow licensed citizens to have their guns when they might need them the most; when some disturbed person ignores “gun-free zone” restrictions and brings murder through the door.


Scathing Response from Citizens Committee to VA Guv’s Gun Control Scheme

About Dave WorkmanDave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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    1. Sue ’em, they created a hazardous environment! By obstructing that woman’s right to bear arms they caused her death by taking away her means of self-defense and providing nothing themselves! Funny how these mass shootings always seem to occur where morons have provided the shooter with a bountiful supply of helpless victims.

    2. We can parse out all the individual aspects of this one “Mass Murder” all day long, but at the end of the day, Governments have performed the largest mass murders against their own (generally unarmed) populations…Give that some thought when you consider the “Gun Free” Protectionist Zones.

        1. When it comes to mass murder the US abortion industry with 60 million abortions makes Hitler look like an amateur.
          Margaret Sanger would be proud and joyful at the 18+million BLACK babies aborted.
          Some of her quotes:
          The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.
          A free race cannot be born of slave mothers.
          When motherhood becomes the fruit of a deep yearning, not the result of ignorance or accident, its children will become the foundation of a new race.
          She and Hitler admired each other.

          1. They espouse Abortion and Assisted Suicide; then criticize Gun Deaths by including 20,000+ Suicides per year…Their hypocrisy has no bounds. To be a Progressive, they learn to lie to themselves first, everything after that is second nature.

    3. Northam has shown his true colors, and that ain’t good. How did he ever get elected by the people of Virginia. He is a complete nutcase, racist, baby killer and power hungry. He should be thrown out of office and his medical licence suspended for life. There is nothing good about this idiot.

    4. quote:
      The 80-page document was titled Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging, apparently accidentally linked to the website of a religious organization.

      A link or source for this important piece of propaganda would be most helpful. I’m pretty certain I’m not the only one who would like to read it.

      1. cut and paste the title into the search bar, first hit had very interesting article on the piece and a live link to download free PDF.

        Next two hits also had live PDF links.

        anyone interested, you know what to do.

    5. @ Huapakech, you’re right A “GUN FREE ZONE” is Nothing But A Killing ZONE Because the Response Time For 911 Call is Usually Minutes. Response Time for a 9mm = 1100 feet per second. My Family Was invited to A Wedding Reception and on arrival to the Entrance is a “No Guns Allowed” {Improper Signage} I’ve already walked 100 yards, Am I going back to the car, No I went right in. There were No Metal Detectors, nobody at the doors {several}. This Establishment had Security Guards {several} and they carried No Firearm just a Taser, Can of Mace, Handcuffs and A Radio. Not very adequate in my opinion. I would like to see ALL “GUN FREE ZONES” Rescinded. My Handgun is just like my Master Card, I Don’t Leave Home With Out It.

    6. Dave Workman’s article and commentary are spot on. Opportunistic politicians appear to use these events, fostered primarily by laws preventing legal use of self defense with a gun, to call for more such restrictions. Any wonder we see more and more of these horrible events? Enough is enough!

    7. Gun-free workplace rules anyplace have consequences that most corporate administrators never consider. They think that a rule, sign, or law will prevent a bad actor from doing the bad thing, which of course, it won’t. But it gets even worse.

      I worked in an office where there was a rule that employees could not bring firearms into the office, even if they had a legal carry permit. But since they didn’t own the entire property, and the parking lot was shared among other companies in that location, they couldn’t extend their rule to the parking lot. So I had a safe welded into my trunk, and had to disarm when starting work, and re-arm when finishing work. It was annoying, and I had to continuously watch to make sure nobody was looking when I would unholster my weapon or retrieve it from the safe, so I wouldn’t have a half-dozen cop cars suddenly surrounding me because of some hysterical phone call.

      But having to go through this dance every day turned life-threatening for me one blustery Friday evening. My company required everyone to work late one friday every few weeks, and that Friday was my day to come in late and leave late. By the time I was getting off work, the lot was substantially empty, and the weather was turning grim. It was cloudy, looked like rain, and had horrible wind. The forecasts called for occasional near gale-force gusts, 40mph and higher.

      I went to my car, opened the trunk, and started to open the safe to retrieve my weapon…and one of those gusts of wind *blew my steel trunk lid down onto my head.* The only thing I’m glad for is that the trunk lid hit me a precise angle that did NOT instantly snap my spine, and didn’t crack my skull. But it DID suddenly compress my spine, resulting in three vertebrae in my neck jamming together with so much force that the disks between them *exploded*, and the bones locked together. I blacked out for a moment, and when I came to, I couldn’t move my neck. I could otherwise move thanks to the angle of the strike, and due to shock messing with my mind I did NOT call 911. Instead, I DROVE HOME. (Yes, I know this was dumb. I should have called 911.)

      I did get the damage repaired by an excellent neurosurgeon, but complications set in after some months of physical therapy, resulting in permanent severe chronic pain, limited range of motion, and infrequent, random, and brief interruptions of motor control. In short, it permanently disabled me.

      Because I had to disarm and rearm in the parking lot, I was severely injured, escaped death or complete paralysis by sheer luck, and have constant excruciating pain to look forward to for the rest of my life. If I’d been able to just carry my concealed weapon into the office, I would probably be uninjured and part of the workforce. So I have NO sympathy for companies that restrict guns in the office for lawful owners with lawful permits.

    8. I continue to be amazed that people actually believe the communists want “gun control” to prevent mass murder. On the other hand, the mass murder of communists makes me think they might have a point.

      Of course they want us disarmed. And they will do it inch by inch until we say “Hold, enough”!

    9. In another article in the paper her husband said that she’d had to write up the killer several times for shoddy work and attitude issues. That would seem to contradict the Mayor who said he was an employee in good standing. I’ve seen elsewhere that VAB as a municipality bans suppressors, as do the leftist conclaves around DC, which makes yet another law that was broken by the killer. I’ve also been fairly surprised to hear the VAB police chief say several times that new laws wouldn’t have prevented or mitigated this killing spree.

    10. The AMERICAN People are STUPID!! The keep electing DEMOCRATS and wonder why they pay more in taxes; have less freedom and less choice, EXCEPT for abortion. And paying union dues.

    11. Those responsible for endangering society by creating these B.S. safe zones must be held accountable and should be charged as an accessory to the crime. Elected officials and appointed bureaucrats are never held accountable for the laws and regulations they create and the massive failures that result. You will never be able to legislate to parts of society that will not comply, by passing laws made only for the law abiding to follow. It’s time to remove flawed legislation at the source.

    12. A pro gun rally is being scheduled on July 9 at the Capital building in Richmond Virginia by the Virginia Civil Defense League as a show of force against the proposed gun control measures of Northam.
      Fortunately, the Capital grounds in Virginia are NOT a “ gun free” zone. Wear ‘em if you got ‘em !
      No doubt the “antis” will be there in force also , so be advised.

      1. Nathan, the VCDL has never had any problems at their demonstrations at the Capital, while numerous people were CC and OC. The Capital police actually appreciate the VCDL being there, a much more respectful crowd, and leaving the area at least as clean as when they arrived.

    13. democrats are all about “choice” when it comes to gender (and they are all about indoctrinating our children in “alternate” lifestyles) and abortion (not even a mention in the Constitution), but they are rabidly against the individual 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms to the point of establishing protected kill zones for potential mass murderers to slaughter unarmed citizens unopposed.

      When seconds count, the number of victims rises exponentially during the minutes it takes law enforcement to arrive, even when they don’t emulate the coward from broward county FL.

      I’ll carry my guns in defiance of those idiot signs, and nobody will know I’m armed unless I’m called to defend myself or others. It’s a replay of the old “forgiveness-permission” thing.

    14. There would be far fewer ‘deranged’ people shooting up others, if we all (or most of us) carried guns. How can I say this? It’s simple. These nutters drive right past many ‘target-rich’ locations in order to commit their mayhem in some ‘gun-free zone’ where there is no defense against them. If they were truly crazy they wouldn’t all have the sense to do that, so apparently a strong likelihood of being shot by an intended victim is an effective deterrent.

    15. So the proposed laws by Northam would have achieved nothing and still would not have prevented the shooting. The only change would have been Craddock would have not had a suppressor. Just plain dumb

      1. The killer STILL could have had, and used, his suppressor in spite of all the OTHER new laws they might impose. How may deranged killers had guns that were prohibited them AND were in places where guns were “prohibited”? I’m quite certain the dead victims of those killers truly wished those places had really been “gun free” instead of perhaps maybe could possibly might on some occasions sort of been reduced in the number of guns present by those stupid laws.

        Note well, however, reports I’ve read quoting those who were there indicate even the suppressed gunfire was instantly and readily recognised as gunfire… suppressed, but still GUNFIRE.

        Just like the nutjob accused of the massacre in Las Vegas at that concert, who alledgely fired all those thousands of rounds from the 32nd floor of a big hotel….. the meme is that he used a bump stock….. yet the feds, in their investigation, denied BATF from examining ANY of the guns alledgedly used, and there so far has been NO ballistics forensic examination to establish if any of the guns supposedly fitted with a bump stock were actually FIRED. SOund recordings, evaluated by a number of very experienced experts in these matters, are all declared by these experts to have been full automatic fire, some even naming the weapons used JUST from the sound recordings.

        I’ve read that this is the THIRD incident where a suppressor was involved,ALL of them occurring just before some vote or campaign to remove them from NFA authority. Like we say on the range… one hit could be cumb luck. Two hits could be an even luckier conicidence. THREE hits? That guy KNOWS what he is about.

    16. John Lott, CPRC has an enormous amount of research that the leftist refuse to examine concerning firearms and violence. leftists want to blame an inanimate object for the deaths of people,refusing to admit that it is a PERSON using an inanimate object that causes the deaths. more people die in vehicle accidents than are killed by firearms, but they don’t want to ban cars, only internal combustion ones. they love electric ones that cause more environmental degradation and use fossil fuels to recharge. yea, no common sense at all with these leftists, only control. if they succeed and ban the second amendment, I guess I will be a criminal.

    17. Leave it to the Democrats to propose gun control regulations that will only hurt law-abiding gun owner and do nothing to lower real crime. And this is being proposed by a racist, ineffective governor… It’s time for this clown to actually be a real governor and do something worthwhile.

    18. I love the fact that as soon as the gunman was identified the story dropped. He didn’t fit the narrative of what the press or politicians want in a mass shooter. Even the weapon didn’t agree with them. So let’s not discuss the mental illness he had and what to do with it.

    19. Excellent article. I love it when each time “gun controls” are explained omitted are the connections the proposed controls would have had on a shooting event. Example: “You don’t need a 20-round mag to hunt deer”, when the 2nd A addressed Tyranny, not hunting. We 2nd A advocates must not allow distractions. It’s Tyranny and defence that our Constitution gives us the right to bear arms.

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