Scathing Response from Citizens Committee to VA Guv’s Gun Control Scheme

Sacrificing Northam Will Not Be Enough
Scathing Response from Citizens Committee to VA Guv’s Gun Control Scheme

U.S.A.-( Almost immediately after Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam unveiled several gun control proposals in reaction to the Virginia Beach mass shooting, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms fired back, accusing the anti-gun Democrat of exploiting the tragedy to push “the same ragged old gun prohibition agenda that has been…rejected time after time.”

Northam traveled to Virginia Beach to announce he will seek “universal background checks, bans on assault weapons and suppressors, extreme risk protective orders, child access prevention and other restrictions.” His agenda also includes reinstating the Commonwealth’s one-handgun-a-month restriction and requiring people to report lost or stolen firearms, according to USA Today.

But CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, who also founded the Second Amendment Foundation more than 40 years ago, was having none of it. He essentially threw down the gauntlet.

“We’ve got a news flash for Northam,” Gottlieb said in a prepared statement. “The killer in Virginia Beach had already passed multiple background checks, including an enhanced check to legally purchase a suppressor. The incident didn’t involve a so-called ‘assault weapon,’ but two handguns. There was no indication that the gunman was an extreme risk to anybody, and this awful event didn’t involve a child gaining access to any firearm.

“So tell us, Ralph,” the veteran gun rights advocate challenged, “just what part of your extremist gun control wish list do you think would have prevented what happened in Virginia Beach?”

CCRKBA's Alan Gottlieb had a bristling reaction to Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's gun control proposals in response to the May 31 Virginia Beach shooting. (Dave Workman)

Northam has been struggling to put a “blackface” scandal behind him. That surfaced earlier this year when a blackface image showed up in a medical school yearbook, allegedly showing a young Northam, who is now a physician. At first, the governor issued an apology, but then claimed it wasn’t actually him in the photo, as noted by USA Today.

Friday’s shooting left a dozen people dead. The gunman, identified as DeWayne Craddock, was fatally wounded in a shootout with responding police. Several days after the shooting, investigators are still trying to determine a motive. He was a civil engineer who actually had worked for the City of Virginia Beach for the past 15 years. Various reports say he had tendered his resignation earlier Friday, but people who saw him prior to the shooting did not indicate any alarming behavior.

According to Virginia authorities, the gunman legally purchased two handguns recovered at the crime scene some time ago. One was bought in 2016 and he bought the other one last year. He also legally purchased the suppressor that was attached to one of the two pistols.

“This was no spur-of-the-moment decision that might have been averted by any of Northam’s recommendations,” Gottlieb insisted, “including the governor’s one-gun-per-month purchase limitation scheme.”

Northam called a special session of the Legislature, declaring “We must give Virginians the action they deserve.”

According to USA Today, Northam “rejected claims that it is ‘too soon’ after the tragedy to address the issues.” Gottlieb pounced on that remark.

“It’s never too soon to show the emperor has no clothes,” he said. “Northam has dusted off the same ragged old gun prohibition agenda that has been proposed (in the past). None of the things he wants would have made even the slightest difference, and he knows it.”

Virginia House of Delegates Speaker Kirk Cox reportedly told CNN that majority Republicans will put forth their own proposals, which will apparently focus on tougher sentences for armed crime rather than slap new or revived restrictions on law-abiding citizens.

“While the Governor can call a special session, he cannot specify what the General Assembly chooses to consider or how we do our work,” Cox said in a prepared statement.

Cox recalled how lawmakers responded after the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007, taking a “deliberative approach” that produced bipartisan reforms.

“We believe addressing gun violence starts with holding criminals accountable for their actions,” Cox said, “not infringing on the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. When the Special Session convenes, Republicans will put forward a package of legislation to stiffen penalties for those who use firearms to commit crimes, including mandatory minimum sentences. These steps, combined with our ongoing efforts to strengthen the mental and behavioral health system, are the best ways to keep our communities safe from those who commit violence with guns.”

About Dave WorkmanDave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

  • 45 thoughts on “Scathing Response from Citizens Committee to VA Guv’s Gun Control Scheme

    1. Northam may have removed the black face, however his slave owner mentality is still there. Each and everyone of these proposals of his is that of someone that thinks he owns us

    2. “The Bumpstock and Accessory Ban Precedent” has only just begun. The ‘Red Flag Laws’ all have just begun.

      “I’ll say it again. We cannot increase our lot by ceding ground.” It is not us whom are guilty… well not most of us.
      Only our leaders who commit these acts and those that say they are “us” that support it. GUILTY!!!!!


    3. Unconstitutional laws are NULL and VOID, and are not to be obeyed. The Armed Civil Disobedience playing out in the many states that have passed these intolerable acts proves that it frightens the wannabe tyrants into inaction. Ever hear of “consent of the governed?” WE DO NOT CONSENT!

      Also, once again, this incident provides proof the the “Gun-Free Death-Zone” designation needs to go away. The only place I would make an exception is where there are metal detectors manned by armed guards, like court houses and federal buildings. I personally ignore the designation, even when I have to go to the local school, and NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN HARMED!!

      1. When speaking about court house why isn’t there a side door with lockers to accommodate individuals with rights so they can legally carry and place their property so as to never be without hidden guns in cars could be a issue.create safe space in our government buildings or everywhere that requires it.

        1. And having your weapon locked up in a locker at the door helps you exactly how? Might as well leave it at home or locked in your car trunk. The only workable solution is constitutional carry – everywhere.

    4. Gun violence? There is not such thing as “gun violence”. Inanimate objects can do NOTHING in or by themselves. It takes a PERSON to USE any item to harm others. These self-appointed IGNORANT RADICALIZED WANNABE PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS KNOW THIS FACT!!!!!!!!!
      In the Federalist Papers of the Founders of OUR Republic understood this fact. The only advise they gave about disarming an individual was, “If a person is WANTON to harm others, he should not have ANY weapons.” That is the only piece of advice the Founding Fathers gave.

    5. Ralph Northam is doing nothing more than trying to grab our guns while trying to recover from his embarrassing Blackface incident in order to pat himself on the back.

      There isn’t one damn law that could be passed that would have prevented this man from killing all those people. A suppressor is mentioned as being used but we know they don’t make a gun go “psst” so it’s effectiveness isn’t proven.

      These opportunist politicians need to go and leave our rights and freedoms alone. An electoral college is needed in Virginia. because the liberals in NOVA have controlled every election we’ve had in the past 20 years and do NOT represent 80% to 90% of Virginia. This needs to change not gun laws.

      1. Tell me about it.
        I haven’t had a representative represent ME in 30+ years.
        All I get is lies, evasions and BS.
        I don’t even have a Republican, running against the incumbents, to vote for.

        1. @Dave in Fairfax. We’re still Republican strong in Southwest Virginia, but we’re endangered statewide if the Democrats take our “small” House Majority. They really don’t want more control of our firearms, they want our firearms period. Northam, Herring, and the Rapist at large, Fairfax, are a plague to our History and Heritage. They are so many recent transplants and government toll dependents in NOVA that it has become a bastion of immorality and insanity. I have always said I will support my State, and I will,,,,,,,but Tennessee is looking better all the time……………

      2. An electoral college is exactly what we need! Well said! Eventually, we will lose all of our individual freedoms due to the overwhelming voting block of the metropolitan crazies.

        1. @Dave in Louisa. County wise in Virginia, we are a red conservative state. With small town and rural life being a precedent of many of us as individuals, but the crazies in our larger cities are determined to control even the smallest communities. You are correct in your opinion of the present importance of many of our votes in rural Virginia, we will soon have no vote. It does not bode well for us true Conservative Southerners in The Old Dominion.

    6. Whatever graft and corruption was going on leaves 12 people dead. If it was not a Biden (gun free) zone it may not have been as bad or the perp would have thought twice about doing it. As far as the baby killer goes, he is a low level want to be power grabber. I listened to him speak and it is not hard to figure out that he is a room temp. IQ idiot. What mail order firm gave him a license to practice medicine? Yea Virginia, you sure did a good job at the last election, this guy has to be a politician because he is definitely not smart enough to be a doctor.

    7. “GUN FREE ZONE” How’s that working out for Gun Control. My question is how many of those killed or working there had a permit to carry, but left their weapon in their vehicle so they could Honor the Gun Free Zone signage.

    8. Our basic problem is that a large portion of our population do not want the responsibilities or rights of citizens, and do not want the rest of us to either. This portion is electing politicians that do not consider anyone as rightful and responsible citizens. Too many of our political regimes are organized crime and should be treated as such. We need to strengthen our pro-rights organizations to defy these laws and advance on the lawmakers. If we do not then our 100 million armies of one will be no more then dead fish in a barrel.

      I suggest that the NRA be totally reorganized, even if it requires members coup.

      Good show Gottlieb, I will send you my membership application today.

    9. Northam called a special session of the Legislature, declaring “We must give Virginians the action they deserve.”

      But Northam has NO CLUE what that action MUST be.

      The REASON the body count went to an even dozen, more wounded, is that NO ONE in that place could SHOOT BACK. And the perp KNEW no one would be able to, because he had worked there and was well aware of the Certified Defenseless Victim Zone in which he would be unrestrained in the working of his horror.
      I cannot call that government facility a “gun free zone” because ig obviously WAS NOT gun free. Otherwise the perp would not hav ehad HIS guns either.

      We ALL know that until TSA style security is in place, as it is in the courthouses, no place will truly be a gun free zone. And even then.. how many handguns make it through the security theatre that is TSA?

      What this Mr. Cox needs to propose, then push hard to enact into law, a system where any venue that imposes a “gun free zone” policy, which then plays host to an incident such as this, is held crininally and/or civilly liable because they FAILED to provide the protection that was denied those present, who perhaps otherwise COULD have defended themselves and/or others. THEN let;s see how many places will keep riding on that circus train of “gun free zones”.

      Simply allow anyone who is already vetted, trained, skilled, who already carries his personal defensive weapon everywhere he goes (bank, park, shopping, Charbux, Costco, Lowes, church, synagugue (consider the different outcomes between the synaguge in Pittsburgh and the one in Poway, and what the definitive difference between those two otherwise similar incidents is), McDonald;s, Safeway, Sears, LA Fitness, out cycling, hiking, walking the dog, or the cat…. ) to ALSO have with him that same level of protection inside that now-in-theory-gun-free-zone.

      Imagine, had Mister Tough Guy Shooter prepared to fire his first round at his first victim, and someone else nearvy had seen his gun being drawn, drawn his own, and fired at Mister Shooter, we’d have the same body count on the Bad Guy side of the ledger, but a big fat ZERO on the other side.
      WHY does not this nutjob Northam address THIS issue?

      1. Failure to enforce policy and selective enforcement is the problem. Organizations and government entities believe that their responsibility ends when they make the policy, it does not. Every gun inflicted injury in a ‘gun free zone’ , where no practical steps are taken to actually prevent guns on the premises, is the fault of those who made the policy and failed to enforce it. Let’s blame those at fault, those who make policy but fail to enforce policy and the person holding the gun.

    10. All law abiding,constitutional people that believe that it is a persons God given right to defend him or her self should convene on Richmond and demand that murdering communist so called gov.ralph Northams immediate resignation,for him and a few others are not fit to serve.

    11. Hey, Gottlieb, ……NEWS FLASH…..BREAKING NEWS……he doesn’t give a shit about stopping these tragedies. They are golden opportunities not to be wasted. The bodies are merely overhead….the cost of doing business. He be doin’ the Progressives’ work to git those bad guns away from The Little People so the Progressive mission can be safely….for the Progressives….implemented.
      A politician with a law never stoops a bad guy with a gun.
      He only controls the good guys, which is his true agenda.

    12. Another pitiful example of what is happening to this nation; electing professional politicians who only want wealth and personal power and who are bound and determine to destroy the Constitution.

    13. In a man’s way I love the bow tie gunguy! I’m half a century old but I remember him fighting for our rights since I was in my teens! I’d stop a round for him!

    14. In Northam case you can’t fix stupid and he proves it every time he opens his mouth. Northam put on your black face, glove and get drunk at a party, leave us alone!

      1. Northampton isn’t stupid. He, like Pelosi, Schumer & company and predatory Marxists and they know EXACTLY what they’re doing. Gun confiscation and slavery/elimination of the masses. “Lies told often enough become truth.”- Lenin. The people who are the ones who are brainwashed, dependent and stupid for putting them in office. Watch the Rocky and Bullwinkle Movie with the caption with the semi-comatose people saying with their eyes glazed over: “We will follow Fearless Leader.”

    15. Northam is a clown in bad makeup. He needs to stick to something he knows about, if that exists. Thanks to Mr. Gottlieb and Mr. Cox.

    16. Thank you all for standing for our rights .its not the guns fault.its the person behind the weapon . a knife don’t stab a person a person stabs a person. They talk guns there are a million things a person can kill another person with besides guns. That is our right .law abiding citizens shouldn’t suffer laws or restrictions because bad people choose to do bad things . if more good people were armed in these situations maybe would lower fatality rate. And let the bad people know that good people won’t tolerate it. Thank you for you guys fighting and taking up for our rights.thanks to all who fight an serve our country for freedom and rights you are heroes. May God bless the families through this terrible time bless our country thank you

    17. Hardly convincing that Northan wants to save lives, that murderous piece of dogshit. Snipping a newborn’s neck is fine, so long as a no guns were involved. Unbelievable.

    18. Northam needs to go back to the blackface makeup and deal drugs on a street corner, much more fitting for his mentality.

    19. Virginia Beach is an absolutely corrupt gangster city. Shooter was a quota hire loon. Was he fired? Was he in good standing? Was he resigning? The mayor’s office has released all 3 versions in a matter of days, which is it? This will be an “active investigation” for years so the people of VA will NEVER know the truth.

    20. The rumor is he was told either resign or be fired for taking money to approve developer’s plans. Va Beach has had issues with flooding in rather new housing developments. Someone had to sign off on the plans for Ashville Park part of VB. If he was the civil engineer that approved the plans it would explain his insane actions. Not like VB mayor who was also a bank president had to resign in the past few years or how public tax dollars are poured into studies or projects for yet another grand idea, NBA team, arena, The Cavalier hotel. A review of projects he was involved in should be too hard to see if his spending/bank accounts increased after they were approved. Maybe it’s just a rumor.

      1. Detailed rumors such as you recount often have more truth than the “official” releases. I wonder if those he killed were supervisors or subordinates in his department? Could it be that he knew of their involvement in corruption?

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