Gun Free Policy’s America’s Silent Killer


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Gun Free Policy's America's Silent Killer

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Gun-Free Zones,” the “Silent Killer” of our generation.

Misrepresentation of guns and gun-owners by leftist politicians, and in liberal media articles, is rampant and acutely dishonest. Guns are always “high-powered,” “automatic,” and “high-capacity.” Small-arms ammunition is “explosive.”

All guns are “assault weapons” and “preferred by criminals.” Honest gun-owners are ever “paranoid,” “unstable,” and “looking for an excuse to shoot someone” This “assumption of criminality” on the part of all American gun-owners is the overarching theme. No alternate view is ever permitted.

Credulous, but naive, belief in that false, but suffocating, narrative proved fatal for at least one Virginia Beach homicide victim.

She wanted to carry a gun for self-protection on her way to work that morning, but was dissuaded by the City’s, and her employer’s, “no-gun policy”

As a result, she died (along with eleven others), regretting that decision.

In the aftermath, media snobs and politicians alike, safe and secure behind their veritable army of heavily-armed bodyguards, piously wring their hands and predictably describe this multiple homicide as “senseless” (as if they were aware of some “sensible” murders).

While victims’ unarmed bodies are still warm, they immediately launch into their well-rehearsed anti-gun tirades.

  • They insist all honest gun-owners, who have never committed a crime, need to be punished.
  • They insist “gun-free zones” be expanded.
  • They insist a whole new layer of restrictions needs to be imposed, so that it becomes nearly impossible for anyone to acquire a gun legally.
  • They insist effective ammunition, normal-capacity magazines, and any gun that can conceivably be used effectively to protect oneself need to all be banned from private possession.
  • They insist concealed-carry laws all be revoked.

What they never reveal (their “Dirty, Little Secret”) is that none of these new proposed restrictions will ever apply to them personally, nor to their families

They, along with their bodyguards, will always be exempted from observing “gun-free zones.”

Restrictions on ammunition, weapon type, and magazine capacities will never apply to them, nor their bodyguards.

They know and understand just how effective guns are in protecting their lives. Accordingly, they take no chances when it comes to their own safety.

Ours is obviously unimportant.


Whenever a politician proposes some new restriction on your individual freedom as an American citizen, “for your own good,” never believe it, particularly when they conveniently, cynically exempt themselves from ever observing any of it.

All such proposals are designed, without fail, to benefit them, not you.

“Gun-free zones?”

Observe them at your peril. You can be certain our politicians don’t!


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