Is France Fed-Up with Being Good Little Victims?


Is France Fed-Up with Being Good Little Victims?
Islamic Terror Victims Islam Radical Killings

Ft Collins, CO –-( At least some in Western Europe are finally fed-up, as reflected in France’s recent elections.

Fast-moving French police have arrested four in connection with an explosion a week ago Friday on a street-corner in the city of Lyon, which injured thirteen.

Curious that we’re seeing a definite shift in the way incidents like this one are being reported in the French press:

In local news reports on the incident, there is suddenly zero sympathies for the Islamic/Algerian suspects. This is in sharp contrast to the way Islamic terrorist attacks on Western culture have been reported in the past.

Previously, “enforced victimhood,” as currently practiced in CONUS and promoted by the leftist media worldwide, crowded-out all other viewpoints.

No longer.

The leftist mantra, “Let’s all be good little victims,” has suddenly lost its appeal, at least in France, after decades of battering at the hands of radical Islamic jihadis.

Islamic terror attacks have been responsible for over 250 murdered French citizens since 2015, Twenty times that number injured.

In America, our leftist media still gushes with sympathy over Islamic terrorists, but in other parts of the world, Islamic radicalism has worn-out its welcome, as we see.

Yet, radical Islamic jihadis are alive and active in every corner of the world, from France to Sri Lanka, to CONUS, always promoting “violent evangelism.”

Western Civilization tolerates this at our peril!


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    1. @ DeplorableBill…I agree with everything you said except for the 911 bit. Those buildings were loaded with incendiaries (nanothermite, thermate, thermite) and conventional explosives such as RDX, Gelitin, old fashioned dynamite. And the built in shaft going down 50 meters below the basements had a SADM (Special Atomic Demolition Munition) carefully placed just for the event. NO MUSLIMS DID THAT ! It’s very funny how Silverstein and Lowy, bosom buddies of the Nutty Yahoo from Fake Jew Land, just happened to buy the 2 Towers just 7 weeks prior to the event. And during that time they allowed the “Gelitin Art Students” to operate freely inside, and even allowed them to remove a window on the 91st floor and erect a pirates plank extending outwards as part of their “art”. Look it up, it was photographed and written up in the New York Times. They even produced a book with a kindergarten drawing of people diving off the pirates plank. Sorry to say, but the “hijackers” were assets duped into thinking they were part of one of the many war games that were going on that day. Some of the hijackers are still alive today, flying airliners in Saudi Arabia. Getting back to Silverstein, why in gawds tarnation would a savvy New York real estate developer want to buy 2 buildings that were on the verge of being condemned and shut down by the City of New York because they were loaded with asbestos that needed a $BILLION OF REMEDIATION work ???? What, was he high on crack, or what ???? Rumor has it that Lucky Larry has been lawyering up since the SPECIAL FEDERAL GRAND JURY in the Third District of NY received their 50 page complaint with 50 exhibits, and their addendum naming PERSONS OF INTEREST not too many months ago. If I was him, and other persons, I would be having a diarrhea attack every time I thought about it. Check it all out at, that is the website of the Lawyers Committee for 911, the group of lawyers who are handling the case. Whatever would the motive of the Khazarian Mafia be ? Well, just go look at a map. The Khazars lost their empire a thousand years ago, and now they want a new one. And, posing as descendants of Abraham, they are telling the world that Palestine belongs to them. But, they are FAKE JEWS, with no Semitic DNA, which makes them world class liars.

    2. From the French national anthem…
      “Form your battalions,
      Let us march, let us march!
      That their impure blood
      Should water our fields.
      Sacred love of the fatherland,
      Guide and support our vengeful arms.”
      I’ve been hoping they’d remember the words one of these days.

      1. St. Arnulf of Metz would be spinning in his coffin, as would his G-G-G- Grandson, Charlemagne. They need to call on the aid of the Saints, and the power of their ancestors, to deliver them from this scourge.

    3. Have the French finally started to come around the circle? When they had colonies that were Muslim where these acts were committed or in France they developed a response: Go into the cities, villages and places of trouble, then line up all of the males over the age often and shoot them. This did the trick and cut the violence for about twenty to twenty-five years.

    4. ***They view America as the great satan and Israel as the little satan. They are avowed to kill any professing Christian and Jew and anyone else who refuses to convert to islam.***

      In this you are slightly incorrect. islamists have been at war with every religion, and those with no professed religion. They are also at war within their own murderous cults and show no tolerance for those muslim sects that eschew violence.

    5. There are no moderate muslims. They are only benign as long as the jihadist have not taken control. Once the jihadist is in control, even the so-called moderates jump on the band wagon or suffer the same fate as infidels. Wake up World, Wake up America…..time is running out.

    6. I don’t doubt your veracity…..I just don’t have enough time to read your entire manifesto…. ….err , sorry…. entire comment

    7. Coming to a house, apartment, street corner, market, shopping mall, place of worship, government office, school etc..near you… This is not a war against nations, it’s a war against ideologies. The want to be jihadist, plain and simple, want to dominate the world. They say they want peace and they are really just looked upon in a bad light because of “other” extremists. The peace they want refers to everyone being islamic or dead. The other extremists they blame for the bad light they are in are ALL SWORN TO THE SAME alla AND THE SAME koran AS EVERY OTHER muslim. The plain, simple fact is if they are muslim they are sworn to kill everyone who doesn’t convert to their specific brand of evil. Women and girls are “property” to the islamic man. They also say it is ok to rape a goat if you have a sexual emergency–as long as you kill the goat afterward. The drinking of camel urine will make you well.. things like that. Look it up for yourselves. Does any of these beliefs sound even remotely righteous to you? The “religion” called islam is nothing more than a book of excuses for evil people to justify the evil they do. They view America as the great satan and Israel as the little satan. They are avowed to kill any professing Christian and Jew and anyone else who refuses to convert to islam.

      To those who would say “they seem friendly enough”, I would say if you fancy keeping poisonous snakes loose in your house, sooner or later you are going to get bitten no matter how nice or pretty they seem. That is just the nature of the animal. If you think you can make friends with someone who has religiously sworn to kill you, I have some ocean front property in Arizona I’d like to sell to you.

      The islamist want to wipe Israel off the map and they know they can’t do that with America still standing. Like it or not the world’s economy is run by America. Like it or not, the world revolves around Israel. Why do you think 911 happened? Look up bin laden’s stated goals for the attack and subsequent war for yourself. If you still believe the push to disarm America is just a demoncratic/socialist ploy I still have that property I mentioned earlier. If you want to know the foundation for the hate these people possess, look up Ishmael, his half brother, his half brother’s mother, his mother, his father and the promises made to all of them by some “visitors”. That is where it started. It is written that Ishmael will be against every man and he has the disposition of an ass. Look it up for yourselves and make your choices. That is the truth about the world we live in.

      If you have any doubts about the varsity of what I say here, look it up for yourselves. They, the islamist, murder men, women and children. Soldiers, airmen, truck drivers you name it, they murder them. They even murder other islamist for not being islamic enough. Most every American soldier who has served in the last 50 years can tell you of the evil that is islam. Some poor misguided soul will say “I thought they would just tax you”. That is true, they can be “nice” and tax you. They will also treat you as a second class citizen for as long as you have enough money to pay them. When you are out of money–they kill you. If you think the muslim brotherhood has peaceful aspirations, I still have that land…

      There are many reasons to be armed, not the least of which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happyness. The mandate to be armed first came from the very same SCRIPTURE this nation is founded upon. The right to be armed is further guaranteed by our constitution, the bill of rights and the amendments. ANYONE who wants to deprive you of that GOD given mandate and constitutionally guaranteed right is either misinformed to say the least or is just evil. If you are not armed–get armed. If you are not trained as to how, when and when not to deploy and engage a threat–you will never learn any younger. It is a good idea to train. Maybe a combat pistol league, cowboy shooting match or three gun match is a good idea. Any of these will show you your abilities and lack of abilities. They will also give you a good idea as to how fast things can go sideways. Seconds matter. When seconds make the difference between life and death-the police are just min’s away. The average mass shooting is finished in 4 min. The average response time for the police to arrive on site is 9 min. Cops can’t be everywhere all the time, nor would we want them to be. I have no desire to live in a police state. All of this is to say YOU are responsible for the live of your spouse, children, friends, neighbors, co-workers, the innocent person on the street and yourself.

      Stay alert. Be aware of your surroundings. Look at things as what they are– not what you think they are or what you want them to be. These things can save your life. Arm up, carry on.

      1. It is not often I can say that I agree with every word someone here has written but I can say that about your post. Thank you.

      2. @ D. Bill, Good article with truthful content. If anyone does not agree with your conclusion of the Islamist all they have to do is look at the two half-wit Islam females in congress. They both hate anything about us even though we allowed them to come here, partake of the free stuff and now they stomp on our beliefs and way of life.

        1. Just a few days ago, over 100 African Muslims were dumped onto the streets of San Antonio, Texas. I do believe they were part of a group of 500 that walked across the border a few days earlier. And I do believe that 500 was part if a group of 1400 who staged a mini riot at the immigration center at Chiapas, Mexico a few weeks earlier than that. How they all got across the ocean and into the southern border of Mexico is anyone’s guess, but somebody financed and sponsored that initial group of 1400. Now, they will phone home and tell all their friends to come, and they will tell all their friends. And before long, America will look like Paris France, where urine drenched mattresses and piles of trash line the streets and sidewalks for miles. Where it is common to see humans defacating on the sidewalk, and the stench becomes unbearable at high noon. Brace yourself, America, the Kalergi Plan has been visited upon you.

          1. Put in your search engine, “Mattresses Line The Streets Of Paris, France”. You will get tons of hits, many with pictures of what was once a tourist attraction, with high end shops and artists busily painting the city scapes and sunsets. Now, there are piles of trash, urine soaked mattresses, and other filth. Gangs of invaders prowl the streets, and no one with any sense can be seen for miles. This is what awaits America. Unless, of course, America says “No Way”, and they head for the border loaded for bear. But don’t hold your breath for that to happen ! My gawd, it’s baseball season, you know ! And they might get called a rascist !

            1. Yeah, Beto (beatoff) yells “tear down the boarder wall, let everyone in!” and “ban all guns in America” we can’t let anything happen to our illegals, oops ,,”political refugees”

            2. Don’t be fooled. The feds will arrest every person at the border loaded for Bear stopping the invasion but yeah it sounds like a good idea should be fun. I can’t think of a better federal charge to get than one saving my country. Let’s go I can’t save the country by myself. Shout me out at 555-555-5555.
              Heck I can get called a racist right here on tyrantland no need to travel.
              Will there be phone reception there so I can continue tweeting?

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