Virginia Beach Shooter: Law Abiding, Handguns, Former Member of the N.G, Black

Virginia Beach Municipal Building 2 from Google Maps

U.S.A.-( The mass murder in Virginia Beach took place in Virginia Beach Municipal Building 2. Notice the elevated entrance, which prevents drive in car bomb attacks.

The mass murder in Virginia Beach took place inside a secured location. The people inside were forbidden from possessing defensive firearms. It was a gun free zone. The shooter, who worked at that location, had an electronic pass which gave him easy access to the gun free zone.

Coverage of this event was different than previous mass murders in the United States.  I mentioned, in an email, that something was different about this event. It took a little while to determine what was different. One thing different is the police decided to focus on the victims rather than on the killer.  The decision is a positive development. From the nymag:

Police Chief Cervera said, when he released the shooter’s name, that the police would not continue using it in order to keep the focus on the victims. Authorities have not released a photo of Craddock, who is black.

The shooter had no criminal record beyond a single traffic offense, and served in the Virginia National Guard from 1996 to 2002, when he was discharged at the rank of specialist.

I and numerous others have been advocating for reform of media coverage of these events for years. Limiting the coverage of the killer and focusing on the victims are part of the suggested reforms. The purpose of the reforms is to reduce the copycat effect, also known as media contagion. One study, presented at the American Psychological Association, found irresponsible media coverage may be doubling the number of mass killings.

One immediate thought occurred with reduced media coverage. It was that the killer was a minority. For decades, the media deliberately withheld the race of criminals. The lack of reporting became so bad, the common wisdom is, if a perpetrator’s race is not mentioned, they are a minority.

The old media has the incentive to downplay the race of this killer. It contradicts their narrative that mass killers are always white men.

The killer used only handguns, not a semi-automatic rifle. The Supreme Court ruled that the ownership of handguns in the home is a core Constitutional right, protected by the Second Amendment. Those who wish a disarmed population have been working hard to claim that semi-automatic rifles are not protected by the Second Amendment, because they have been used in mass murder. The use of handguns in this mass killing undercuts that narrative. It illustrates that rifles are *not* uniquely suited or necessary for mass murder.

There has been some attention to the killer’s reported use of a suppressor. The use of suppressors in criminal acts is very rare in the United States, and in the world.

The shooter used two .45 caliber handguns. Reportedly, one of them had a suppressor.

Later in the nymag article, it is noted the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, more correctly, BATFE), reported the pistols used in the attack were obtained legally.

On Saturday, an ATF official said that Craddock had legally purchased both of the .45-caliber handguns he used in his attack — one in 2016 and the other in 2018. Police found two more weapons in a search of his home, and the one they have identified records for was also purchased legally. Craddock also used a sound suppressor, or silencer, in the attack, as well as extended capacity magazines.

Details of the suppressor have not been released. There are numerous fake suppressors on the market, and it is difficult, without testing, to know if something that looks like a suppressor actually has any significant effect on lowering the decibel level of the firearm it is attached to. The BATFE has reported the shooter legally purchased the two .45 caliber handguns used in the attack. A legal suppressor would have a serial number and a model. It is interesting the BATFE has not been able to report if the suppressor was legally acquired.

A legal suppressor would have required a background check, fingerprints, and a waiting time of months, as required by the federal level regulations of the National Firearms Act (NFA).

BATFE records for NFA items are notoriously unreliable, but it boggles the imagination that they could not determine the legal status of a suppressor, in the hands of authorities, in two days.  At a minimum, you would think the shooter’s name and address would be readily available in the BATFE NFA records.

There have been previous mass shooting situations where the shooter was reported to be wearing body armor, which later turned out to be simple magazine carriers. Future reporting should reveal details on whether the suppressor was real or fake, legal or illegal.

Suppressors are not difficult to make. The shooter was an engineer. I know people who have made their own suppressors outside of U.S. jurisdiction. It is not rocket science. One was an illiterate Panamanian. The other was a U.S. military member.

Societies where suppressors are sold over the counter without any paperwork, for cash, such as New Zealand, have not reported any significant level of criminals using suppressors.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Rocky Mountain

We need a betting blog to wager where the liberals will strike next and what the body count will turn out being. Everyone pitch in .50 cents and the one who gets closest takes the pot. Trump says they’re pissed at him and are going to be ramping up attacks so it could be a lot of fun.

dog log

morons like you are why the world is so fucked up,12 peopel got killer and all you can talk about is liberals jerk.


There are several blogs locally that have hinted that the killer was not the nice guy as portrayed, that he was fighting with fellow employees and was told to resign or be terminated. I will bet dollars to donuts this is true.

Greg V.

This is the only news source that says it was a gun-free zone. Is there some way to verify this?


VA Beach city policy is that employees are prohibited from carrying firearms while working. That was confirmed by the VCDL and John Lott.

Liz Theiss

It appears that Trump wants to throw another bone to the left on guns. He is tinkering with the idea of banning silencers. After the next mass shooting incident…will he have another bone to throw. I hope the serious #2A supporters QUICKLY dash off a letter to the WH on this. Urge him to spend more time with his sons and educate himself on why people buy these items for their guns.
Google Trump & silencers and see what you think.

Harry Edmunds

Remember the shooting at the valve company in Elgin, IL a few months ago? Both that shooting an the one in Virginia Beach had one thing in common. In both cases, the killer was black. Look at all the shootings in Chicago. They are mostly gang related, but in almost every case, the killer (and victim) was black. Same thing in Atlanta, Baltimore, Birmingham, Charlotte, Detroit, Fort Worth and any other city with a large black population. I don’t know what this all means, but it is something to think about.


Looking from the outside in. It would seem that someone at the top of the food chain does not want it known that the shooters are black.
Perhaps this doesn’t fit a story line that is being perpetuated by the media or the left?

James Richards

Cases like this are why all REAL Americans now put our 2nd Amendment FIRST!


13% do 50% … of the population and of violent crime, respectively.

Roy D.

It is actually worse than that. Since most violent crime is committed by males between the ages of 13 and 35, or thereabouts, it is less than 3% of the population.


“….ownership of handguns in the home….” The SCOTUS ruled a Constitutional Right. What they also did was bastardize the Second Amendment by ‘adding home’ as the place to “keep and bear” arms! Also known as ‘rewriting’ that dastardly Amendment without the benefit of a vote. That simple, non ambiguous, 2nd Amendment, single sentence statement proves how much more intelligent were those Founders than any pretenders, especially those nine magpies in robes, to their level of acumen! That SCOTUS outfit thinks(?) to skirt the issue by adding home in their “finding.” The simple fact that there is NO particular PLACE designated… Read more »


In Heller v DC, Heller was challenging the DC law prohibiting the ownership of handguns even in the home, but SCOTUS’s decision was not confined to home possession of handguns.

Heller and McDonald v Chicago are essential reading and if you want to be an informed 2nd Amendment supporter, as they contain sound legal reasoning and excellent historical synopsis.


; Types of weapons were mentioned by Our Founding Fathers. Their statement can be found in the Federalist Papers. Their statement was something like this; Law abiding People are allowed to own any weapon which the Military possesses or uses. I believe it mentioned “hand held”.

Rocky Mountain

Agreed, the term “law abiding” is nowhere to be found in 2A and everything Hitler did was done legally therefore in the case of Hitler defying ones own death would be illegal and that’s why US Corporation is putting out the term “law abiding” to demand compliance to tyranny. The fake kangaroo court system of tyranny is just that. Tyrants that represent a foreign country not USA. Only those who seek to harm you seek to disarm you otherwise what would be the purpose. History up to this current day does not favor the US Corporations fake lies of… Read more »


The news media stop dead in their tracks when they hear the murderer is a favored minority. nothing to see here lets move on.


Noticed the fact that the murderer was a Muslim was left out of the story!
Why you would ask!

Rocky Mountain

Right and now they are saying fake hate mail is being sent to them and it’s white supremacists sending it so they can push the racial war into violence which is scheduled for 2020 election. Muslim Beast system takeover of USA and Israel per Revelation. Gun control is in fact the Muslim Beast system to disarm Americans for the upcoming conflict with Muslims. Says so in the Bible and USA & Israel are both preparing for it right now. War is coming, be prepared.

Mr. Bill

Notice that the recent Colorado shooting, also committed by the “wrong” perps, using the “wrong” weapons had a very short news cycle.

Rocky Mountain

And when the local politicians rushed to the school with rubber squad gun grabber groups to promote Muslim Beast system gun control before the blood had dried the students walked out on them chanting “mental health, mental health” leaving their posse of communists standing there by themselves.

Bill Nash

The title Engineer is actually used very loosely in city departments. You don’t have to be educated, certified or trained to hold the engineer title as a city employee. For example; Maintenance Engineer 1= Custodian.

Steve Thomas

Notice the BATF knew when he purchased the fire arms. So I guess there is a “gun regestery” and the BATF is not complying with the law to destroy thoes records.


You are correct sir, under Obama BATF started requesting FFL’s to turn in their 4473’s that were more than 20 years old for processing. In other words scanning and cataloging into electronic database. By law FFL’s may dispose of any 4473 over 20 years old as they are no longer required to be kept as part of the dealer logs. Any thing under 20 years of age must be sent to BATF in the event the dealer goes out of business or other event that alters the FFL license. Examples, change in ownership or changing the name of store is… Read more »


If he bought them new, tracing the S/N’s goes first to mamufacturer, then to wholesale distributor, which then identifies the retailer who first sold the gun new. Date range of later retail sale would be fairly narrow, typically. FFL would have that in his Book. The first two levels are easy, online or phone call. Then an ATF appears at the indiecated retailing FFL to search his Book for THAT transaction. Scroll down the relevant pages for the manufacturer, then a quick check to match S/N. Typical local gun store, that should take well under an hour. No database needed,… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

You guys didn’t actually believe they don’t keep a registry do you?

First rule: US Corporation never tells the truth. Ever.
Second rule: US Corporation doesn’t even know we have a Constitution let alone obey the law.
Third rule: US Corporation has never in it’s history destroyed a single shred of documentation about it’s citizens.

Philip Van Cleave

We should avoid using the term “shooter” for a criminal. It gives the word a negative connotation. I, and most of the people reading this, are shooters – we target shoot and practice for self-defense. Call the bad guy what he really is: murder, killer, etc.

RAS 52

Phillip Van Cleave, you are right. Also stop using the term gun violence. People are violent, not guns.


Wanna bet at some point someone will “report” bump stocks were attached to the 45s?


And that they were military style Weapons of War.


Yeah, and now it’s “extended” mags. Call me an engineer! I’m gonna weld me me up some extended mags.


Apparently the shooter didnt fit the ” evil white man with too many guns ” narrative.. that’s why his picture is not plastered all over the news.. summer accidents happened in Louisiana and Dallas.. the identity was kept low profile because it did not fit that particular narrative.. does anyone else see what’s happening here?
The hearing protection law making its way through Congress, legalizing suppressors, is another reason why this happened.. suddenly now suppressors are the new in ultimate Evil.. what a coincidence..


Similar incidents not summer incidents mistake


I was thinking the same thing. The SOB who threw the kid off the 2nd floor of a mall was finally identified, after much delay as black and a Muslim. This may be similar. Let’s call him what he is; a murderer, regardless of the too he used to commit the crime.

Jacob Oliver

Is anybody else tired if hearing the term “law-abiding” get thrown around so much in reference to gun owners? It’s pretty meaningless. Everybody is law-abiding…….. right up until the moment that they’re not. Everybody is law-abiding……. sometimes, and sometimes not. I’m personally tired of hearing people brag about how upstanding and law-abiding they are, only to be followed by “I’ll never give up my guns!” I don’t want to see my guns banned, but if it were to happen, and I kept them anyway, I would cease to be “law-abiding”. If you want to be able to use the “law-abiding”… Read more »

Clark Kent

‘Everybody is law abiding’? Do you actually READ what you post? Hint: not everyone is law abiding. Some have long criminal records.

Michael Johnson



Yes, everybody is “law abiding” up until the time they are breaking the law! And they can return to being “law abiding” when they stop breaking the law, but show me one person that doesn’t break some law at some time. I bet you cannot! There are so many laws on the books now that it is nearly impossible to obey all of them and many break the law without knowing it. Some also break the law knowing it but say that it’s no big deal, everyone does it, like speeding is no big deal until you run into or… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

Yeah, I been running a few stop signs here and there for fun just to be less lawful and yesterday I didn’t wear my seatbelt. Kinda feels good to be less lawful so I’m considering conversion to a life of crime. I might even speed tomorrow since everybody else is speeding. Law abiding is for pansies. Aren’t they meant to be broken?


Such a good argument for kneeling at the feet of Tyranny. Listen up pal, NO freeman will give up his or her natural rights because some Government stooge demands it. So, you can continue to graze and bah with the other sheeple. I chose differently.

Charles Moore

The so-called “laws” are not “law-abiding;” therefore, they are NOT laws and not laws ARE being broken and we are still law-abiding.

Rocky Mountain


Fake laws are not real laws therefore disobedience to them is law abiding.
OMGosh, were making progress now. It’s about time.
Thought the glacier was never going to begin melting.
Quick keep pushing it out into the sunlight.

Fred Lead

There are three types of gun-free zones. 1. Suggestion zones are places like retail locations and schools that kindly ask you to not have a gun with you, but have no real ability to proactively find guns or have any legal weight to the request. 2. Authorized zones like a workplace or church are gun-free until one obtains authorization from the owner/leadership. 3. Actual gun-free zones like government buildings have active security, such as security guards or police manning metal detectors, key-card locked doors, and silent alarms as well as carrying actual legal consequences beyond a simple trespassing charge. This… Read more »

Clark Kent

‘Suggestion zones’ DO have the right to prohibit firearm carriers on their property IF you are discovered and the police are called (and you stick around long enough for them to show up). Churches are NOT ‘authorized zones’ but rather ‘suggestion zones’ unless you are employed by the church. Certain government buildings (read: post offices, libraries, schools) generally don’t have metal detectors or active security and should fit into the ‘suggestion zone’. The ONLY way you can be discovered carrying ANYWHERE where there is no active security is if you blab, your weapon ‘prints’ or you brandish your firearm indiscriminately.… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Clark, the issue is most people, including those that own firearms, want to abide by the laws and do not want any negative repercussions if they are found violating even a trespassing law. Secondly, at work, you face losing your job, much worse than a possible trespassing charge. So, yes, GFZs and workplace policies do deter law-abiding citizens from being armed, CC or otherwise. A number years ago, a person at my job was discovered carrying due to a remark he made. He was summarily fired. More ironically, he was one of newly protected classes under workplace policies and was… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

OMG Clark!
You posted something of value. It’s about time you contributed.
What happen did Superman take over for a minute?
Put the Beast in a bottle?

FYI: Lots of people around here are carrying a firearm at work against policy and I support every one of them. Can get another job but not another life.

Rocky Mountain

The stat’s don’t warrant gun control so don’t buy into the lie.

Here they are since Jan 1, 2019 from JPFO.

1,027,982 lives saved using a firearm current to right now.
5,421 homicides by using a gun

Siegmund me Trzebski

Anti-gunners don’t have a sliver in their head to call it a brain.

Deplorable Bill

Back when I was in the “business” R. Regan was president. Media coverage of terror events was purposely severely limited. The idea being terrorists get no press. It is a good, wise idea to not give out any free press to terrorists, mass murderers etc. These days it is common for the shooter to you tube the evil act live. Still, blocking all possible press serves as to not educate or glorify evil doers. Barring any other explanations, this smells like he was radicalized. There may be more to it. Usually, people tend to give a reason for the evil… Read more »

Larry Fletcher

Very well said. Thank you for the article you hit the nail on the head

Douglas Loy

Excellent response. You covered it all. Thanks.

Rocky Mountain

Reagans shooter came from the house down the street where government sedans were constantly seen coming and going prior to the shooting event. This info not in the news for obvious reasons.
Shooting was false flag event just like most of them today.

Milano Sun

He must have been a Democrat, because if he was wearing a Trump had I am sure it would be on every media outlet…


HPA about to be voted on – GOP Baseball team gets shot at that morning.

HPA about to be voted on Monday morning – Las vegas shooting sunday night.

Suppressor/NFA appeal to be heard in SCOTUS – Mass shooting with a suppressor the week before.

This is pretty much beyond coincidence.


These convenient coincidences are false flag attacks in my book. He was said to be law abiding, but he had a violent streak that was reason he was up for disciplinary action since said violence occurred on city property.
The reason his attack succeeded was that his victims were disarmed and helpless. Hiding and running away are not survival techniques unless you are the fastest person in the group.
Plain and simple it being a gun free zone is what guaranteed the attacker a high body count.

jean-marc evrard

I can see it now, “ban war suppressors” and “only james bond needs one” …

Fred Lead

Actually, that was the prevailing argument that got us the NFA arrangement we have now. The “civilized” Europeans have mostly unrelated sound mufflers, it’s considered a common courtesy, but here they require some extra cash (not counting the high cost due to low production capacity) and a few months for the government to think about it.

William A Barcal

Yeah the change in the media is that , he did not fit the narrative they sling.

ras 52

William Barcal,you are right.

Willie Brown

Blacks commit 3/4 of all mass shootings. The propaganda war continues.


WOW!!!! (Willie Brown) are you serious right now.

Tate Strickland

Black_living_in_america – Yes sir / ma’am, Willie Brown is being serious – in the two weeks prior to the murders being discussed – there were 20+ mass shootings in the US – 3 or more shot in one incident. Only one shooter was white. Check out Colin Flaherty on “the lie that will not die” parts one and two.

Be safe

Rocky Mountain

And don’t forget the Rodney King riots in 1992.

The only people who invaded my home were black. Never had a white home invader to date.
No I’m not racist. Pretty much don’t like anybody. Loool.

This is My BoomStick

That’s not entirely true.

An uninformed populace is what the tyrants want. Arm yourself with proper knowledge in the brain and a proper firearm in your hands.