Another Study Confirms…Wait for It: Criminals Break Laws

Opinion By Elizabeth McGuigan

Illegal Crime Guns
Another Study Confirms…Wait for It: Criminals Break Laws

USA – -( A recent study, funded by the National Institute of Justice and conducted by anti-gun researcher Phillip Cook, takes an interesting approach to the question of how long criminals possess a firearm before they are arrested and charged with a firearm-related crime.

It is well known, and acknowledged even in this study, that for firearms recovered by law enforcement many years typically pass between the first retail purchase of the misused firearm and its illegal use or possession. The average “time-to-crime” in the U.S. is over 9 years according to the latest ATF data.

This study doesn’t examine the near-decade between the legal retail sale of a traced firearm and its association with illegal activity. It does use a survey of Chicago inmates to examine the “last link” or “the elapsed time from the transaction that actually provided the offender with the gun in question.”

Unusual Findings

It is rare to see a study published that echoes our message: enforce existing gun lawsProsecute criminals. But that is just what this study concludes. More precisely, the study concludes that “more effective enforcement of the laws governing gun transactions may have a quick and pervasive effect on gun use in crime.”

Criminals Break Laws Unusual Findings
Criminals Break Laws Unusual Findings

That’s because the authors found that the duration of the last link is about two months. Inmates surveyed reported that most of the firearms possessed at their arrest were obtained by buying or trading from a friend or acquaintance. Few obtained their firearms from a gun store, where they would have had to pass a background check, and “none of the respondents mentioned a gun show or the Internet as a source.” This aligns with prior federal surveys of inmate populations. Criminals break the law to illegally acquire firearms.

Wait, There’s More

Other findings include state laws that require law-abiding gun owners to register their firearms were of no help, as naturally the criminals who obtained the firearm years after the legal purchase, did not register their typically-illegal possession. Also, unsurprisingly, “most or all of the transactions that provided [inmates] with guns were illegal, in that they violated state or federal regulations…The bottom line is all or almost all of the respondents were disqualified from acquiring or possessing a gun in Illinois at the time of their current arrest. Yet, most of them had extensive involvement with guns at that time.”

Let’s give a slow clap for a gun control advocate finally admitting that criminals do not abide by the laws. More enforcement of the existing laws is needed. The firearms and ammunition industry knows this and supports several campaigns to help law enforcement do their jobs and to help our retailers, ranges, and manufacturers on the front lines in preventing criminals from obtaining firearms. We do not support adding more laws onto citizens who already follow the existing laws. These criminals will not be stopped by gun or ammunition registrations, universal background checks, or any irrational bans that the gun control crowd demands as knee-jerk reactions to the real problems in our country with unauthorized access to firearms.

Instead, the industry champions real solutions for safer communities such as Project ChildSafeDon’t Lie for the Other GuySuicide Prevention PartnershipsOperation Secure Store and FixNICS. Learn more about these programs and others for yourself; visit:

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We Have Another MASS SHOOTING In A “GUN FREE ZONE” Why was there No Body there to Protect, Because All The Law Abiding Citizens Left Their Firearms in Their Vehicles. You Just Can’t Fix STUPID.


Lefties will be against guns until they realize they will need one to protect themselves from themselves. Real education comes when you least expect it.


On Good Morning America (ABC) this morning, lying George stated that there have been 246 mass shooting in the US so far this year. The “crawl” from ABC News said the same thing. Where in hell are they getting these bogus figures?


They use a different definition for mass shootings. Instead of 4 dead, it’s four shot, and viola 246 mass shootings.

1776 Patriot

The problem is even worse when one considers that in 2009, the year reviewed for just one study, there was 1 murder per 20,000 U.S. inhabitants. When compared to Mexico’s current rate of 1 murder per 8,300 Mexican residents, an individual runs almost a three-times greater risk of being violently murdered in Mexico than in the United States.

For more information, go to


But the Dems/libs said that the anti gun laws would STOP all shootings by criminals because they would gladly give up their guns to comply with said laws………….. Criminals are ALWAYS good people, just ask or interview their parents or friends after they have been “dealt with”…. Yeah riiiiiight. The people harmed or MURDERED by the Dem/lib anti gun laws are the LAW ABIDING LEGAL citizens or police officer, first responders. Not the criminals or slimy bastards that offer the innocent as a trade for their rights to self defense.


Dumb ass liberals like criminals. Hell, Alyssa Milano is attacking executing a white supremacist baby killer.


A well written article and finally an anti gunner has found out that criminals don’t get their guns from legal sources. Enforcement of the existing laws and there are plenty of them needs to be done against criminals. Sadly the anti gun politicians and anti gun groups never mention using the existing gun laws to combat gun violence or criminal activity, or when a tragedy occurs. The pro gun side of which I belong also need to put this forward why the existing gun laws aren’t being enforced when a politician or anti gun group / groups push for more… Read more »


You are looking at it through the wrong lens.
Gun control has nothing to do with criminals, criminality, terrorism, self defense, safe streets or any of the other reasons given for these laws.
Any effects on crime are completely coincidental.

Gun control is entirely meant to disarm the citizens.
That is the only way leftist laws can be ran down our throats.


“Instead, the industry champions real solutions for safer communities such as […] FixNICS”

Oh look, the NSSF is STILL pushing illegal gun control.