Converting Law-Abiding Citizens Into Criminals


Moms Demand gave tickets away for “free” to its event and still drew only “around 40” attendees.
Converting Law-Abiding Citizens Into Criminals

Ft Collins, CO –-(

“Voting, we might even say, is the next-to-last refuge of the politically impotent. The very last refuge is, of course, giving your opinion to a pollster, who will get a version of it through a desiccated question, and then submerge it in a Niagara of similar opinions, and convert them into, What else?

Another piece of ‘news.’ Thus we have here a ‘Great Loop of Impotence:’

Pollsters extract from you a variety of opinions, about which you can do nothing, except to offer them as more ‘news,’

… about which you can do nothing.” ~ Neil Postman, from “Amusing Ourselves to Death

“Sticking-it” to law-abiding gun-owners and others who don’t vote for leftists!

When liberal politicians in New Zealand fulfilled a long-standing aspiration in April of this year by instituting a nationwide ban on all autoloading firearms, all in the wake of the mosque shooting in the City of Christchurch on 15 Mar, it was heralded by hyper-ventilating socialists, Marxists, liberal Democrats, and all other leftist groups around the world as “an example of decisive collective action” that would eventually lead to the complete elimination of the private ownership of guns- the wet dream of all leftists.

Momentum has since began to stammer.

Leftist advocates, who dishonestly claimed they only wanted to ban “military rifles,” have now been shown to be liars. The actual legislation bans all autoloading guns.

Phoney polls indicating that New Zealanders would cheerfully, even enthusiastically, “turn-in” their guns have proved false. So far, the number of guns voluntarily surrendered is fewer than seven hundred.

Gun-owners are pushing back. The legislation is being challenged.

The predictable arrogant leftist response is to threaten honest, law-abiding New Zealanders with even “harsher measures.” A laughable “buy-back” program “compensates” gun-owners for their confiscated property at a pittance of its value. A “deadline” has been set at 20 Dec of this year. That it will be extended is a forgone conclusion.

The government sheepishly admits between one and two million guns, now banned from private possession are impossible to trace, and that many, probably most, will never be turned-in and that a pugnacious black market has already emerged and is growing.

Ammunition hoarding has been reported throughout the nation. Save that brass too.

Honest and decent New Zealanders, like residents of Venezuela and Portland, OR, unable to rely on police for protection, will now turn to the black market to acquire guns they need to keep from being murdered by armed and violent criminals.

This always happens when gun-bans are instituted by arrogant leftists, who hypocritically insure gun-bans they impose on innocent citizens never apply to them.

New Zealanders, nervously awaiting the “knock on the door at midnight,” are suddenly repeating the refrain often heard over here:

“When the government doesn’t trust me with my guns, should I trust them with theirs?”


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Does anyone remember when Sarah Brady and Handgun Control told the atf to “ban” the “streetsweeper” 12 gauge shotgun as they “thought” it was a machine gun? “Oh, they said, every drug dealer and street gang member owns one”. From what I read and talked to gun shop owners, less than a 1000 were ever made, were expensive, and then they had to be registered as a full auto firearm! Like the Mac-10 too. Remember when the ‘hysterical’ politicians and gun banning cults ( back in the 1980’s) said that Glocks were made for terrorists to hijack airplanes? And people… Read more »


Well Over 1,000 Striker Shotguns were imported (original name of street sweeper gun) and they were reclassified as destructive devices, not full auto guns.

rich z

We move closer and closer to a POLICE state as gov. gets bigger and bigger , control in the gov. by Bureaucrats not elected office holders can only push us closer to that state. It is also about POWER and that is what they ALL want.


Converting law-abiding citizens into criminals has been the Federal government’s stock-in-trade for decades, especially the BATFE. All Federal agencies create their own regulations and guidelines (which they never follow themselves) through “Administrative Law”, which is unconstitutional. They write a new regulation making what people have been doing for decades legally, suddenly illegal. Now, they go after the newly created criminals who are easy to find as most of them have jobs, families, homes and don’t violate real laws. These new criminals are easy to locate and arrest as opposed to real criminals who continually outwit the Federal LEOs on a… Read more »


Bump Stock ban comes to mind – so much for the Grandfather Clause and legal commerce, now a thing of the past in America, thanks to Trump and an alphabet agency.

Maybe the Supremes will stop this injustice, this administrative prosecutorial misconduct of making criminals of those who legally engaged in commerce based upon the very agencies own written interpretation, a decade old, then reversed retroactive, making ALL those legal engagements illegal with criminal penalties attached!

Entrapment? You decide!


Once a anti-Second Amendment law is passed they do NOT have to come to your house! But have a fire or break in at your house or simply get caught with the illegal firearm, magazine or ammo and that is that… and if it is illegal then you cannot use it–get caught with it or practice and get caught, etc. THIS IS THE PROBLEM!


tcb = typical commie behavior. as in America, these a**holes will do anything,


Every mosque in N.Z., as well as the U.S., is an arsenal; try starting your gun confiscation there.

Wild Bill

@StreetSweep, I do not think that you have surveilled “Every mosque in N.Z., as well as the U.S…” So this is not actionable intel. I do think, however, that you have a good idea. If there is a mosque in your area that you can covertly surveil, you should be keeping a diary, vehicle license lists, cell phone photos, and video. If what you say is true, then it will all come in handy.