Fact Checking on the News – “Antifa is Arming Themselves”


Antifa Is Arming Itself
Antifa Is Arming Itself…?

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Has Antifa started to arm themselves with guns en-masse to push back against what they see as a rise in “right-wing” militia groups? Some magazines articles have been pushing that narrative, but we need to separate fact from fiction. It turns out some progressive news outlets might have their wishful facts all wrong.

Certain Antifa affiliated groups listed in the articles have been arming themselves for years such as the John Brown Gun Club/Red Neck Revolt (JBGC). Although this group does not identify as an Antifa organization, they do share similar goals. For example, the majority of their members are socialist or communist.

The Anarchist activist, Dave Strano, founded the John Brown Gun Club in Lawrence, Kansas in 2004. The group takes its name from a 19th-century American abolitionist. John Brown advocated the use of armed rebellion to end slavery. He led a raid on the federal armory at what is now Harpers Ferry, WV.

He counted on local slaves rising up and joining his rebellion. Only a few local slaves joined the uprising, and the raid failed with seven people being killed in the fighting. Local farmers, militiamen, and US Marines led by Robert E. Lee Captured Brown. The Commonwealth of Virginia tried him for treason. The court found Brown guilty, and he was hanged.

The John Brown Gun Club’s first armed protest was against the Minute Man Project in 2005. The Minute Man Project goal was to secure the U.S. border with Mexico. In 2009 Red Neck Revolt formed as an offshoot of the John Brown Gun Club to counter the rise of the Tea Party movement.

After being dormant for several years the groups reorganized in the of 2016 in response to the campaign of then-candidate Donald Trump for President. They have held several protests while open carrying AR-15s and AKM rifles.

One thing that separates these groups from Antifa is even though these groups are heavily armed; they do not resort to violence. The JBGC has also had a sit down with a Three Percent group where they asserted even though their ideas are aligned with Antifa that they would only use force in self-defense.

The Huey Percy Newton Gun Club (HPNGC) is another Antifa allied armed group. The group takes its name from Huey P. Newton. Newton was a co-founder of the Black Panthers in the 1960s. The group was founded in Dallas, Texas in 2013.

The HPNGC insist they are not and never have been a part of The Black Panther Party. The group shares a lot of Antifa’s political beliefs and have been a part of Antifa protest, but they have not resorted to violence. The communist group wants to spread awareness of the First and Second Amendment throughout the inner city. Their support for the First Amendment is directly at odds with the beliefs of Antifa.

The Socialist Rifle Association (S.R.A.) is another group listed in a lot of the articles. S.R.A. is an anti-capitalist group but also is not an Antifa group. The S.R.A. goal is to spread the power of the Second Amendment to those on the left that might otherwise be scared off by right-wing groups.

A lot of articles list the Liberal Gun Club as an Antifa group. The group is not an Antifa group at all. The group is a non-profit that teaches left of center Americans about gun rights and safe gun handling. The group does not attend protests and does not share most of Antifa’s ideology.

What is most curious about these articles is the inclusion of Pink Pistols. Pink Pistols is an LGBTQ+ gun-rights group. They are not partisan. Some members of Pink Pistols are strict conservatives. The group has worked with the N.R.A., appeared on AmmoLand News, and worked alongside other right-leaning groups. It is almost like some of the writers Googled “LGBT Gun Groups” and used the first result that popped up.

So, is Antifa arming themselves?

In a December F.B.I. Document an informant told the F.B.I. that Antifa was trying to buy guns from Mexican Cartels. Specific news sites printed the story as proven fact, but looking into the account, it gets a little murkier.

The F.B.I. based its report on a single informant’s information. The F.B.I. opened an investigation and found very little corroborating evidence. No arrest was made, and no warning was sent out to local law enforcement or FFL dealers as ATF will do. It seems like the information was bad.

Guns usually flow from the U.S. to Mexico. It would make little sense for Antifa to try to smuggle arms into the country when it would be easier, safer, and legal to acquire them stateside. Most people in law enforcement would agree with my assessment.

There is no doubt that some Antifa members are acquiring firearms, but AmmoLand News cannot find a substantial concerted effort to obtain them to use in their violent protests such as the protest in Portland that seems to be mentioned in all the articles.

There have been several OP-EDs from people in the media calling for Antifa to arm themselves with firearms, but as of now, that hasn’t happened. If it does happen, AmmoLand will report it. While we are no fans of the misguided Antifa movement, the truth is more important than clicks.

The threat of an armed Antifa is terrifying. The group has shown it is willing to use violence to accomplish their goals, and that is why these articles push the narrative of Antifa acquiring firearms. The coming “second civil war” sells. They get clicks and shares, and in the end that adds up to dollars for fake news outlets.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot-News Podcast which can be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnews. John has written extensively on the patriot movement, including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at www.crumpy.com.

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Remember that Obama was going to form a security force that would be independent of existing LEO and as strong as the military. Every dictator wants his personal private army, like the German SS. Obama never succeeded in building his army, but did develop operators within the intelligence agencies thar were loyal to him, and did his dirty work. Had Hillary become president I believe the SS like units would have been created, with the soldiers of the SS coming from the Antifa and BLM. I think that when the Communists take the presidency and both houses of Congress in… Read more »


Hillary et’al have lost control and are begging Trump to make a deal as I type this. There is a mountain of evidence against Hillary et’al being added to the Epstien case this minute to include Hillary and Humas sexual assault/murder of an 8 year old girl on film where they cut the girls face off and placed it over their own and danced around the room wearing the little girls face. Nobody is taking Trumps place for a very long time and when he does get replaced it will be with another like him. Communists have lost all control… Read more »


The SS is here. They are called ICE and Border Patrol.


Be advised.
You will be adding, US Military, National Guard & American Patriots all on standby once you get out of line.


@ ComradePG You sound exactly like a liberal. Is that just a coincidence?

Chris Mallory

No, he sounds like a progressive. This nation was founded by liberals who smuggled drugs and guns, rioted, shot cops, and evaded taxes. The conservatives fought for the king then ran away to Canada.

Wild Bill

@CM, I am sure that Tcat was writing in modern terms. But the term “progressive” had not been coined when the Republic was being founded. Do you know where the term “Progressive” came from?


And the commies are here. One calls himself “CamradePG”. Only a stupid commie would give himself away with a name like that.


HIS WRITING instantly gives away his character and politics, regardless of what he calls himself. He could call himself a glass of milk, but his verbal claim would be worthless.


Not really a fan of CBP and ICE, but the CIA is WAY closer to being SS. Very similar, in fact.


Your representation of US ICE and Border Patrol as NAZI SS agents is amusing but totally wrong. Its clear you lack all knowledge of Hitlers SS. ICE agents are enforcing the laws of the land. And trying hard to do so despite being chained up by a Communist congress and Communist Federal Judges.
I am all for laws that protect Americans from harm, maintain national sovereignty, and that evict all illegals and their families.


For anyone, before you offer support or agreement with an individual known as @USA, keep this in mind as this is a quote from him.. Read more: https://www.ammoland.com/2019/07/fact-checking-on-the-news-antifa-is-arming-themselves/#ixzz5tYsIJDP5 Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook “The videos I have watched teach that the founding fathers were the original terrorists” – @USA This was his attempt to explain Government violation of the Constitution and attacks on “our American Heritage” as his evidence, the men who fought for higher purpose and created the Declaration of independence and the Constitution of the United States are what… Read more »


The Double speak back and forth on the subject is truly astounding. I wanted to add one final question.

If someone claims to defend the Constitution, but in the same breath argues against it because some parts keep them from doing things about other people, are they really following the Constitution by violating it?

Heed the Call-up

TheRevelator, I have been ignoring his posts since he began posting. I don’t even bother reading his posts. He is further away from reality than a number of others we have had here posting non-sense regarding our RKBA.


PURE 100% FBI/DHS/DOJ propaganda. I know for a fact that there ARE armed communist cells in the US, and that communist cells are doing everything they can to “arm up” and “find training” This is an attempt to “cool down” the “right”. Nothing more. It is interesting that the Government supports the left to the point of commissioning such BS.


Propaganda feeds all conflict and yes they are armed. I doubt anybody here will disagree with this fact and even though they are armed nobody here to the best of my knowledge wants to infringe upon their rights as clearly protected within the plainly stated English language in 2A. I’m confident to state nobody here is in a “cool down” utopia that based upon my observation were ready to fight when attacked. Crumpy speaks for himself when he states, “The threat of an armed Antifa is terrifying”. Crumpy is the only one “terrified” as the rest of us welcome armed… Read more »

Erik Thompson

Are any of you aware that when Trump gave the executive order to ban bump stocks the ATF changed the definition of machine gun to include semiautomatic weapons? They also intimated that bump stocks were really illegal the whole time. This rewriting of the law will comeback to bite everyone when an anti second amendment candidate is elected president.


Nobody posting here will ever see your anti 2A President again in American history.
You’re desperate and attempting to run a narrative of deception, nice try but no cigar.
We know who you are and you have lost.
Thanks for playing.

Wild Bill

@Erik Thompson, What is the EO number that you claim Trump issued. I’d like to read it, for myself, if it exists.


Funny their calling card is ALL WHITES MUST DIE.


Antifa arming themselves????
While supporting and voting for the very people that want to eliminate their very right to do so!!
Hypocrisy at it’s finest!


1. Antifa isn’t a group.
2. Antifa is mainly comprised of communists, socialists, and anarchists.
3. Communists, socialists, and anarchists are not democrats.


Wrong on the first and last counts bucko, but here is some food for thought. The federal definition of gang as used by the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), is: An association of three or more individuals; Whose members collectively identify themselves by adopting a group identity, which they use to create an atmosphere of fear or intimidation, frequently by employing one or more of the following: a common name, slogan, identifying sign, symbol, tattoo or other physical marking, style or color of clothing, hairstyle, hand sign or graffiti; Whose purpose… Read more »


they are now


2 & 3 are all the same to me


Like hell “communists, socialists, and anarchists are not democrats.” They most certainly are! Every one of them. And although it is true that not all Democrats are communists, socialists, and anarchists… all Democrats are indeed liberals who at least support communists and socialists.

What color is the sky in your world?


Oh that’s nothing. In my state the left votes for communists then they go to Cabelas and buy guns then return home with new guns and support Red Flag confiscation then the communists they just voted in make a law to demand them to register their guns and they refuse then take to the streets armed vowing to not comply and now they are criminals for non compliance who hate Trump. These lefty’s will be the first to revolt against the communists they voted into office while blaming Trump. When more than 3 of them get together in public the… Read more »


The Leftists don’t want everyone disarmed, just Middle America

Dave C

When city managers grow some balls and start arresting them AND giving them hard time, Antifa will fade…

Scott Kinsella

The demacrat mayor’s tell the cops to srand down.


I know people who stand against ANTIFA on the ground in Portland. ANTIFA, according to them, are crowd-funding weapons acquisition, and now have armed overwatch behind them as they beat/spray people who they target. They ARE training, but (so far) seem to scream and run away when met with effective resistance.
Again: I haven’t been there, don’t go there myself (I detest going into Portland now), but am acquainted with some who do face off against them.

R L Diehl

We’re way ahead of them on arming so Bring it, Bitch!

Timothy Votaw

Your sources are correct. Recently, Eugene, OR police officers encountered a man carrying a backpack who attempted to disrupt a class at a middle school, asking to have his child accompany him, against a domestic court restraining order. When police were summoned, a struggle ensued as they attempted to escort him from the building. Just outside the entrance, he fought with them, went to ground, then pulled a concealed pistol and discharged it twice at the closest officer. The other officer returned fire, killing the shooter, who was later identified as an Antifa member, and their, quote – “firearm instructor”.… Read more »

Greg K

For those who would have the Government declare ANTIFA a “Terrorist Organization,” or espouse Government Involvement, I submit that is exactly what Progressives from both sides of the aisle want. You see, if they can declare one Organization a “Threat” for which “Indefinite Detention (among others)” can be employed, they will incrementally redefine “What is a Terrorist Organization.” They will in fact, lower the bar…Heck, I said that the gangs of the 90’s should have been declared Domestic Terrorists way back then. Here’s the rub, inviting yet another government solution will evolve to the government pointing its powerful canons in… Read more »

Bo D

So far these Antifa groups have been very lucky ! They have only encountered innocent groups of people who are “UNARMED” lack the experience to fight back, have remained timid and intimidated and passive ! This only tends to make them think they are beyond harm. Just let these idiots take up arms and go up against a real armed Militia. When the smoke clears, you will never see another masked imbecile, representing “ANTIFA” show his face in public again

Austin Miller III

@Greg K, EXACTLY! The real danger here is as you say, the government using this miniscule group to redefine what is acceptable and what is not, then using that definition to come after the people they are truly concerned with – us. I am concerned though that we have already lost the culture war. It is my understanding that the most searched topic on the internet (for the last several years) has been the kardashians. If in fact that is true what does that say about our society? Antifa doesn’t worry me, but their being used as a vehicle to… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Austin Miller, No he is not right. The government can not get around the Constitutional Right to a trial and the Constitutional right to reasonable bail so that one can participate in their own defense. That is why I gave him an out. Everyone in the US knows that they get a trial, an attorney, and bail (unless there is evidence of intent to abscond).
As to the culture wars … I do not know.

Greg K

You are right about he citizens of this country, for that I’m wrong…notice the difference Bill?

Wild Bill

Persons, Greg, not just citizens. You are wrong a second time. The equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment says persons.
Nearly every reader, here, knows that a legislative act or Congressional Act that is contrary to the Constitution is null and void. Every part of the Patriot Act that is repugnant to the Constitution is null and void. Maybe you should learn the material.
Second apologies to Renov8.

Greg K

Will Bill, I wrong about being wrong.
It’s in the NDAA of 2012…Indefinite Detention is in play for American Citizens as well. Rather or not it’s repugnant to the Constitution has no bearing when your bank accounts are seized and you are not provided a court date.


@Wild Bill and @ Greg K Wild Bill has this one, partially. The 14th Amendment does allow for the protection of Due Process in concern of Life, Liberty, and Property to all persons. However, there are three distinct separations made by this clause. Citizens (born and naturalized), All persons in regards to Life liberty and property, and finally Protections of the law cannot be denied to anyone within a jurisdiction. The last one is funny, because it means that if you are a tourist you are protected by the law against citizens if they try to rob you. By the… Read more »

Greg K

@Revelator There’s nothing for me to own…you just supported my point, straight up. The government is, and has been, creating codifications to circumvent the Constitution for quite a while now. The Red Flags violate the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and the 14th Amendments. That was one of the first arguments I had with Bill. The Crux of my first comment is; if we allow a few Unconstitutional Codifications to come out of the closet for ANTIFA, I will assure you, it will be just a matter of time before your favorite folk will fall out… Read more »

Greg K

One more thing; The court decision in 1833, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incorporation_of_the_Bill_of_Rights
Was an incorrect decision and it set sail the ability of States to circumvent the 1st, and 2nd Amendments originally.

I believe it’s Barron V. Baltimore…Look it up. This craps been happening much longer than people can grasp.

Greg K

@Revelator, How am I wrong about the Patriot Act, other than citing the wrong Act?
The Patriot Act Unconstitutionally allows for Warrant-less digital searches among others.

Can’t help but believe you have me on the opposite of my POV somehow. You did that on another comment, is there something I should be apprised of?


@Greg K No, it is not in support of your point. What you are arguing is capitulation, once the Government creates it “Oh well.” Please re-read what I wrote. What Wild Bill is trying to state is that the 14th Amendment reaffirms the Bill of Rights as restrictions against the Government. If you are truly recognizing it as Unconstitutional, then you are in agreement with Wild Bill. Just because the government is doing it, doesn’t mean it is lawful. What Wild Bill is trying to Tell you is that the Government does not have the Authority to break the law.… Read more »


@Greg K Now, I don’t know what has set off this bad blood between you and Wild Bill, that is why I am trying to deal with this first. I am only looking at what was said between you two on a factual basis, and calling where the error resides. That’s why even though there is a lot that you are saying that is right, we have to correct the understanding of what is wrong. There is the reason I asked the question of you that I did. You cannot engage in a double standard, your argument must be 100%… Read more »

Greg K

@revelator Which part of this statement suggests I’m OK with the Government creating Unconstitutional Laws? “For those who would have the Government declare ANTIFA a “Terrorist Organization,” or espouse Government Involvement, I submit that is exactly what Progressives from both sides of the aisle want. You see, if they can declare one Organization a “Threat” for which “Indefinite Detention (among others)” can be employed, they will incrementally redefine “What is a Terrorist Organization.” They will in fact, lower the bar…Heck, I said that the gangs of the 90’s should have been declared Domestic Terrorists way back then. Here’s the rub,… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Rev, Thank you for your most diplomatic offer, but it will do no good. You have identified the exact point at which GK lost the debate. Just to review: It is when GK writes: “Rather or not it’s repugnant to the Constitution has no bearing when your bank accounts are seized and you are not provided a court date.” That sentence was where he amateurishly abandoned his debate position. Everyone that has ever read Marbury v. Madisen, from 1804 to the present day, knows that is wrong. Then you tried to point out the error to Gk: (Rev) What you… Read more »

Wild Bill

Ooops. I erred in my punctuation by omitting the first set of quotations marks. It should be: Then you tried to point out the error to Gk: (Rev) “What you just said is that they are doing it anyway, so it really does not matter since they are passing laws to do it anyway. To accept that position is to accept the left’s position that the Government and the Constitution are separate. That is not aiding your argument, it is a position you are being very wrong about right now” My apologies to the readership for any confusion that the… Read more »


@Wild Bill I did not add an insult there because it was not needed. Greg K and you actually are in agreement almost on everything. He, like you, tries to act out of integrity. The problem is often that the human psyche immediately puffs up its chest and goes into a defensive mode when it feels slighted or attacked, abandoning rational logic in the process. Remember what happened to Don McDougall after I had to excoriate him at the beginning of 2018? Greg K is currently where you were a few years ago but I still think, and will continue… Read more »


@Greg K “It’s in the NDAA of 2012…Indefinite Detention is in play for American Citizens as well. Rather or not it’s repugnant to the Constitution has no bearing when your bank accounts are seized and you are not provided a court date.” Right there. That is where you went off the rails. You were trying to tell @Wild Bill so fervently that he was wrong, you dropped the Constitutional defense and told Wild Bill “It doesn’t matter if the Constitution forbids Government from doing it, they are doing it anyway.” You dropped the Supremacy of the Constitution because you wanted… Read more »

Greg K

Didn’t lose anything Bill…Again, this law is on the books
Now, if the public starts screaming for a solution such as this petition calling for ANTIFA being declared a Domestic Terror Group
Then eventually the covernment will get around to declaring your 3% group or any other they feel threatened by a “Terrorist Group.” They will then use it out of context much like the prosecution of the Hammonds in Harney County.
Short version Bill, you’re wrong again, period…Own it!

Austin Miller III

@ wild Bill , my apologies for not being clearer. I certainly wouldn’t debate the legality perspective, what I was referring to was using Antifa as a social narrative to define what is socially unacceptable I.E. arming up, and then using that social currency to isolate followers of the constitution. We see this happening with immigration, sexual identity and of course us, the deplorables. I think Antifa arming up is a red herring and we need to make sure we dont take the bait or in the court of public opinion we will find ourselves in a untenable position. Thanks… Read more »

Greg K

Bill’s wrong, as usual…Here’s the Publication for your viewing and a Wiki article that points out Sec. 1021, 1022 as problematic because it circumvents the Constitution by “Indefinite Detention” and suspension of “Habeas Corpus” via military detention for anyone determined to be a Terrorist, Domestic or otherwise.

Wild Bill

@Greg K, When you say, “… Government involvement… “, what involvement do you have in mind? Pursuant to what authority do you think that government can employ “Indefinite Detention (among others)…”. What “… others)”?

Greg K

If declared a “Terrorist Group,” they use the “Patriot Act,” and RICO, which is ingrained in the “Patriot Act.”

Greg K

Bill, I don’t have time for your idiocy today…go learn the material and quit allowing your bullfrog keyboard to overload your tadpole brain stem.

Wild Bill

@Greg K, I ask for a clearer statement of your vague, ill defined, and hazy writing and I get insults. You tipped your hand. Thank you for giving people more insight into your character than I ever could have asked for on my own.


a pissing contest…and you both pee peed all over each other…lmao

Wild Bill

@Renov, I did not consider that I might annoy other commenters. My apologies.


@USA Making claims without evidence, attacking actual patriots who have rightfully criticized you in the past based on actions being specifically called out at the time. If trying to cover up Infowars and Enquirer links as being your source material, sure “Open Source” does cover it by definition, but it does not make the front page stories about “Bat Boy” or the lady who got stuck in a fridge and survived on ketchup credible or any less idiotic. Your actions speak louder than words. When you put up bad info and get called on it, its not a question of… Read more »

Greg K

NDAA is a Package Bill that the President signs, and gets upgraded regularly.
Here is the 2012 Publication.


@USA You are not paying attention. 1. What is your source for the basis of your argument? Why try and hide it? You have a history of putting up tabloid sources here. Those are not Credible. So why specifically state “I will not Clarify these” unless you deliberately do not want people to see what you are taking as source material? 2. You have a history of running away when you get caught in a lie. 3. Your go to is ad hominem against anyone who presents evidence against your argument and shows any flaw behind it. An example would… Read more »


So apprehending them as criminals when they are done doing criminal acts and escalating the tools used against proportionate to the harm they do is somehow bad?

I am a bit confused here. The social contact we have is the government punishes those who fall outside of it, eg vandals, robbers, murderers, etc. Are you suggesting extra legal means to combat the current issue? We can retrain the future generations, but the current crop of blackshirts need to have the current legal system applied to them as a means to prevent further harm

Greg K

There are plenty of laws on the books to arrest these thugs Frank…In fact, those jerks that attacked that old fella with crowbars should be brought up on “Attempted Murder” charges.
Here’s what we don’t want… this is a circumvention of the Constitution that could be utilized on anyone the Government finds unfavorable, depending on who’s in charge at any given time.
Scroll down there and read the “Indefinite Detention” provision. Slippery Slope, Frank

Wild Bill

@USA, Why is something a so called well known fact because someone puts it in a video? When you say “the government” that is an awful lot of people. What agency of the government “has declared all Americans as terrorists”. Stop watching those u tube videos. And where are all these deep staters being arrested that you were writing about?


@Wild Bill That’s Why @USA doesn’t like putting up his sources. When you rely on Alex Jones’ material, you open yourself up for the label conspiracy theorist and fool. After all Alex Jones did say on video the government has “Gay Bombs” that they drop on people and turn them into Gays. If @USA calls it open source info, it must be legitimate right? What really shows why he is refusing to cite his information and is saying “Open Source! Open Source!” Think about what he just said. “Here in my county they come and empty magazines in the back… Read more »

Dr Timothy-Allen Albertson

We must be prepared to take out ANTIFA. They are a fascist threat to our liberties. And to our children as they support pedophiles.


Antifa means Anti-Fascist. They literally only show up to protest fascists. When fascists don’t show neither does Antifa. Considering the GOP is made up of mainly sex offenders and pedophiles it’s funny you would try and claim Antifa has anything to do with that. Your dotard is running concentration camps ran by pedophile cops.

Dave in Fairfax

What ANTIFA says and what they do are miles apart, but it’s good to know your motives. Your libel and defamation of character of the GOP and the President betray your own interests. Reading the news tells me that the Left is far more likely to be interested in children. ANTIFA shows up not to demonstrate legally, but to do so illegally against anyone they deem to be Fascists. They violently attack non-violent demonstrators and the Press. Those are Fascist behaviors. They are acting illegally as well as unconstitutionally, in denying others their 1st Amendment rights to free speech freedom… Read more »


Back in the 60’s and 70’s, southern states passed laws against people wearing hoods that covered their faces. This was used against the KKK. Why can’t similar laws be passed to keep ANTIFA from wearing masks? Someone should fund marshal art experts to wander into an ANTIFA protest. Then when they assault people they will get their asses kicked.

jeton ademaj

behold evil:

Scott High

All that is missing from the antifa (they don’t deserve to be capitalized) hoodlums is a black horse to go along with their black clothing and masks. They are a new interpretation of the old kkk who as a group pick on individual victims who can’t defend themselves against a bunch of masked idiots determined to do violence. They are classic bullies who enjoy strength in numbers combined with anonymity to simply act out their aggression. They have been lucky so far as far as retribution. And they are stupid enough to continue pushing their luck.


the day is coming, and I hope soon, when an antifa mob targets an apparent wimp/pile of overcooked spaghetti, thinking they have another common rag doll to play with. But their assessment of the target will quicly be proven to be VERY far off the mark. That “easy pickings” target will when the press comes reveal himself as a well armed and trained individual who just happened to be where antifa decided to create a scene. Several black-clad uglies will have their masks removed by the ambulance crews as they are loaded into the meatwagons for their last ride to… Read more »


Two words….”Jury Nullification” I have sworn an oath to myself, that if I ever get picked to be on a jury for a case involving the legal use of a weapon for self-defense, it will end in a hung jury and mistrial. I despise my state for not having Castle Doctrine laws. While the police will investigate and likely clear you of wrong doing in a justified shooting, there is no protection from a civil suit afterwards. The perp’s family gets to sue you for all you’re worth for killing the family bread-winner, even though the means of support by… Read more »


A well armed militia. Now that is a site to behold. We have the NRA who is well armed but as American Patriots we are armed all across America. But to be a well armed militia it has to be formed into a unity from all across America. A pledge to end socialism, a pledge to stop killing babies. A pledge to stop government from destroying the constitution. Yes we are strong in weapons but weak in unity.


Your last sentence tells volumes of truth. The left IS organized, it is time those on the right get on the stick.


You are sooooo right. Most armed conservative people are with jobs families homes ,etc. Most of us are talking the right stuff, but when the chips are down, will you gun down the opposition? Lack of unity is also evident in the funding of the pro 2nd amendment groups fighting for our rights. Lots of blah, blah but too few reaching for their wallets.


I agree, and worry about this this all the time. But since the media and all social platforms are liberal garbage how can we unite into an effective force against them.


Join Oathkeepers.org and send/invite to ALL those you know !!!

Wild Bill

@Jaytee, The more issues that you drag in, the less likely you will get the unity you want. Why not just base your unity on the Second Amendment civil Rights issue?
@wally, It is precisely because we have families, homes, and jobs that too few reach for their wallets.

Cornbread Jones

Armed Americans are the largest armed force on the planet but like you said unity is key maybe when everyone sees that they want us divided and they work at keeping us divided we can pursue the taking back of our country.


The utter stupidity of these ANTIFA-like groups, and ANTIFA themselves, is staggering. Particularly those groups aligned with the libtards, explaining the power of 2A and arming with semi-auto rifles. Do they not understand that these same D politicians they claim to follow and support are the same people aiming to destroy their rights to own firearms? Do they not understand the definition of fascism? Blinding stupidity.


They dont mind if “their” people have guns, but they do mind if YOU have guns.

Dave in Fairfax

Gdubb, Never confuse stupidity with evil.
They are not stupid. They are well organized and well funded. They have a plan and adhere to it.
This shows intelligence, in all meanings of the word, as well as dedication.
They are an effective and dangerous enemy.


Over a few statues. This is ridiculous.

jeton ademaj

glad to see this editorial, and glad that the author clarified the non-partisan Big Tent nature of the Pink Pistols. I second the calls for Antifa being officially and ostentatiously designated a national terrorist network by the Justice Department. despite my Constitutional reservations about the RICO Act, I’d support RICO prosecutions of (at minimum) several Antifa nodes. one thing I believe I once mentioned here in 2017 bears repeating. up until publicly voting for Trump in 2016, I was involved in several HIV/healthcare activist settings that brought me into regular contact with serious and committed socialists. one troubling aspect was… Read more »

Jose R Gonell

Funny thing is none of the folks are running around the southeast. Hmm. That’s called a clue right there. They know their antics will not be tolerated in and around the bible belt. They mostly stick to liberal parts where people have given up their rights to the liberals..

Let them arm themselves all they want, once shits are fired. Game over!


First off, I personally couldn’t care less if ANTIFA arms themselves. If they do so and start shooting people, it’ll be open season on ANTIFA by the LEOs as they will finally be classified as what they are; a terrorist organization. When civilians shoot armed ANTIFA scum, it’ll be a fast track on “Case Closed” justifiable homicide/self-defense and back to daily life for the folks who shoot them. It’ll be almost like a hunting season with unlimited tags.

Guesty McGuesterson

It helps that the dudes in the photo above are literally wearing shoulder tags that read “I Am An Anti Fascist”.



They stand closely together also revealing their level of training which obviously does not exist. Grouped tightly wearing labels and face masked will make our job easy. I heard they have to stay close like that due to sharing the same brain.

j. gunner

If antifa wants a “war” there are a lot of people just salivating at the prospect of an armed conflict with these domestic terrorists. This is not good for anyone and should be avoided. If it happens I think antifa will vanish like a fart in the wind.


The best part of Antifa ran down their mothers leg.


AntiFA stands for Anti-First Amendment.
They are fascist.
They need the 2nd amendment repealed to win.
Because they know legal gun owners will turn in their guns in democrat buybacks
And antifa will then receive those same guns from those socialist democrats.
Thats when the real fascism begins. (Similar to the SA in 1933)
Using fascism to achieve socialist democrat dismantling of our constitution.

Wild Bill

@David, That is just a cover story. The libtards have been saying the opposite of what they mean for decades. For example; American Civil Liberties Union organized by two card carrying communists for the purpose of using our civil rights against us.
Not to worry though, Antifa has a history of street violence. Evidence of arming themselves is exactly what we want so that government forces get involved and we can “help” restore order.


Walk up my street. In a row or spread out, i do not care. You will all eat dirt. Make sure to wear your black masks so no uninvolved peoples are included.


There is no excuse whatsoever why the federal government has not named this a terrorist organization!! The Democrats are refusing to act because these groups are trying to force a leftist (DEMOCRAT) agenda down our throat.. the Democrats will not even speak of their illegal use of firearms in areas of strict gun control! They even carry of firearms in gun-free areas or school zones ( one was killed by police at a school not long ago).. and yet we hear crickets from Democrats.. All I can say is the soy boys (and girls) better train very hard.. because one… Read more »


The reason you would want to buy guns in Mexico and smuggle them into the US is, unlike what the media would have people believe, full autos are available in Mexico but not in the US.

John Heckler

Also, any guns bought in Mexico are effectively untraceable as they are bought “off the books”, seeing as there are no “books” there in the first place.

Raymond F Miller

Maybe that is what was behind Obambam’s and Holders plan with the sale of guns to the drug cartels.


Going to have to disagree with you on this. If you know anything about guns, it’s not hard at all to actually convert a semi-auto to full auto. On the other hand if you get caught at the border with a full auto weapon by the Border Patrol they will not be just sending you back to Mexico, you’ll be doing hard time in the U.S. prison system.

Ej harbet

A enemy with full auto and no ammunition logistics train wont last long.


Most of the pink-haired, pierced, and tattoo-covered idiots we see protesting in the streets are more likely to shoot themselves than anyone else. The fact that they cover their faces and attack and retreat after throwing things at people tells me they would scatter like cockroaches at the first sound of gunfire.


EAM: While your observations may be right, never, ever underestimate your enemies. A much better approach to defense against these Antifa groups would be to first identify who in your A/O belongs/supports them. Then plan accordingly. The shooting has not started yet. When it does, it will be too late to figure out what to do. Stay safe, stay vigilant. Stay prepped.

n r ringlee

Wankers. The progressive new left and socialist/communist movements in America have always been white punks on dope. All the way back to the 1970’s these clowns did not have the appropriate discipline and dose of mean to be effective. I remember the Communist Revolutionary Youth Brigade and Spartacus Youth League parading around campus in the 1970’s and they were the same thing. Entitled white punks working out their revolutionary theater as a therapy against their entitlement guilt. I have seen pictures of Antifa groups in Austin “armed” with Ruger 10/22’s and pawn shop cast offs. It looked like the muppet… Read more »

Wild Bill

@nrr, And SDS, Abby Hoffman, and all the other parlor revolutionaries! I agree, they and this new crop of never-do-wells can not start a lawn mower, much less a socialist class struggle.

Douglas Kuykendall

Only place antify goes to,is left wing cities like Portland. I think it’s funny as hell, there they are tearing up shit in their own cities, who cares. Just maybe the store owners an people that live will start getting sick of them an start voting the right way.

Jack A Furbush

ANTIFA or any other leftist group have no lawful or moral rites to violate my civil rites as an American citizen. As such I’m free to go about my business with out fear or interface from them. I also have the rite to defend myself against any physical attack by any such groups. If you think you have the idea you can assult me and I’m afraid of you, try it and see what happens. I’m willing to die to keep my liberty, are you willing to die trying to take it. Reality check SCUMBAGS, there are a lot more… Read more »


Nicely put. Percentage wise how many current and ex Green Berets, Navy Seals, Army Rangers, and Special Forces would join a communist organization trying to destroy America compared to those that would eagerly join a group like the proud boys once the civil war started? I bet the numbers are more than just a little bit lopsided. It would be over within 3 months max.



Chris Mallory

“It would be over within 3 months max.”

War are always going to be over by Christmas, never works out that way.

Lysander Spooner

How can you be an anarchist but in favor of a communist GOVERMENT? Anarchist don’t want any government. That’s what the word means. These people are just violent communists. Anarchist believe in the non aggression principle. Not creating a communist society. These people are criminals.

J Gibbons

So true. These groups claim to support the First and Second, but oppose capitalism? Those positions are diametrically opposed. When an individual holds strong opinions and ideologies and contradict each other, they are truly unhinged and unpredictable.

Mark R

“Anarchism is not a romantic fable but the hardheaded realization, based on five thousand years of experience, that we cannot entrust the management of our lives to kings, priests, politicians, generals and county commissioners. ”
– Edward Abbey

Austin Miller III

SO, more supporters of the Second Amendment…..looks like an opportunity for common ground. Lets be real, how many people are we really talking about here? Antifa is punching WAY above their weight media wise because of the left leaning tendencies of mainstream publications. If there were 10,000 Antifa members (and I think that is very overstated) they dont add up to the number of hunters in Wisconsin! Let them arm up, they can’t do that and support gun control as well. There aren’t enough of them to make a real difference and by the time the get frustrated trying to… Read more »

Antonio Sessa

Austin, you clearly don’t have much knowledge of firearms, do you? Revolvers don’t use magazines, they load bullets individually into a cylinder.

Ken of Mo

You completely missed his point that antifa would be trying to load a revolverwith a mag.

Jon M.

I guess he’s a little weak on picking up on the written form of sarcasm.


Like a video of a women is saw a couple of months ago. She drove up to the gas station and tried to put gas into an electric car and no it wasn’t a hybrid.

Jon M.

I suspect he was being sarcastic but I guess if we’re going to go down the road to pedantry then, no they don’t actually “load bullets individually into a cylinder”.
Ideally one loads the cylinder of a revolver with cartridges which have bullets.
But then I wouldn’t want to be accused of being a “word Nazi” by some easily offended word choice snowflake.

Wallace Curry



Maybe…the revolver identifies as a semi-auto?

Austin Miller III

Sorry Antonio, I realize it’s sometimes hard to read intent into the written word, yes I was being tongue in cheek. There are organizations in our country that I believe are an existential threat to our society but I don’t think that Antifa is.

Kyle J Beers

Antifa needs to be fucking genocided lmao.


Pot hates kettle.

Ansel Hazen

I so hope they do. The Tree of Liberty has become very thirsty.

eric steinberg

I am Antifa. I am armed, as always. This is not news.


Your a pussy assed lyin’ bitch! If you were a man you would show your face

Wild Bill

@Jay, little eric claims to go armed. I say good, that is one less throw away piece that I have to carry for him.

The Revelator

So you stand against fascist organizations like ANTIFA with both your arms then? Cause you certainly don’t appear to be armed with intellect.

Don’t call yourself an anti fascist unless you oppose all fascism, including those you count as allies. If you support any movement which demands that everyone must be forced to comply with a viewpoint and rationalizes violence to force compliance, you are by definition a fascist.

J Gibbons

Thank you for speaking truth, Revelator.


‘If you support any movement which demands that everyone must be forced to comply with a viewpoint and rationalizes violence to force compliance, you are by definition a fascist.’
Nailed it! This exactly what all the comments here echo…who are the real facists? Those blindly following the criminal con man in the White House and his cowardly Republican apologists…people who have been conned will stubbornly deny, deny, deny in the face of facts.


La de dah!!!!!! Long live the republic.

Ernst Blofeld III

Why no protests in Idaho Antifa? I’m sure there are some militias there that you could protest against.

Jack A Furbush

I was once targeted by 5 of you pucks at a Trump rally because I had a MAGA hat on. I’m a retired disabled lawenforcement officer. I simply drew my weapon and was about to fire when these pussies ran away like little bitches screaming that’s assult, that’s attempt murder. They ran into the loving arms of 4 State Troopers and were promptly arrested. You FuckTards are completely wrong in your social and political agenda. Americans have the absolute right to go about their business and support any political views they chose wether you like it or not. You SCUMBAGS… Read more »

Wallace Curry



You better stay out of my ghost rings, kind sir..

Freedom fighter


Will Flatt

It makes sense to prepare, given the tyrannical and violent proclivities of the Left. Second Civil War? Yep, it’s coming. The Left believes in “By Any Means Necessary” with all their hearts. What we need to do is start organizing the way they do; it’s the one thing they’re doing that makes sense. The rest of us are too fiercely individualistic for our own good. The militia movements of the 1990’s and the Obama years were like herding cats – patriots need to get serious about organizing and training for domestic unrest!!


The political violence of the left has always been a reaction to far right political violence. It’s all ignorance and stupidity on both sides of the sisle no matter what way you cut it but don’t pretend as the people the left opposes are innocent. Far from it.


I call BS on your statement that “the political violence of the left has always been a reaction n to the far right political violence”. Without the left’s violence, there would not have been the Russian Civil War. Without the left’s violence there would not have been a Franco. Without the left’s violence there would not have been a Hitler. Always the left, (read Communist), initiates the violence, Always. We on the right, just want to work and raise our families silently and with the least amount of stress. The left always fights to destroy the family, the societies morality… Read more »


And if it weren’t for Democrats there would have been no civil war

J Gibbons

There would have been no need for a civil war. No Democrats would have meant no more slavery.

John D.

Here, Here! Hurrah for Dixie! Come get some; we Dixie Men await your presence!


@ TexDan You just described what the book 1984 details in specific backward terminology. They are following the Hitler and Alinsky programs because they are too dumb to come up with anything new. I would like to see them jerk a senior citizen out of a car in a gun friendly area and watch them hit the pavement when that person pulls a gun and defends himself. They wear masks because they want to stay out of the negative lite they would show if they were to show their face. Mommie would be so disappointed in them she might tell… Read more »

Carole Lyle

I agree with you and wonder if We are passed the point of being a United States any longer. What the hell happpened!,,

Dave in Fairfax

Corey, You’ve misstated it.
The physical violence of the Left has always been their reaction to the political views of the Center and Right. The Right is very rarely violent, the Left frequently is.


“Heavily armed” is not a bunch of guys with rifles, sigh. That would be “lightly armed”. We need to stop using the media’s inaccurate terms. When we use them, we’re just validating the terms, which are usually wrong.

ras 52

Liberty Toad, yes we need to stop using media terminology, like ‘gun violence’.


Yep, guns aren’t violent. The person armed with a bat, knife, rock, screwdriver, car, weighted sock, jar of acid, flammable spray, etc; who wants to harm you; however, is. The media knows what they’re doing with their verbal deflection.


And don’t forget the weaponization of the climate and nature that is used against humanity. Air and water are now toxins to the left. Wildlife is scary, daylight harmful, everything we see/touch/hear all harmful etc.


If left with no other avenue than violence to seize power – the progressive socialist democrat party will arm them . . . & BLM . . . & any and every other Anti-American radical group that is willing.

Ej harbet

Id worry more if they armed up illegal aliens.,,,,,


@ ComradePG You sound exactly like a liberal. Is that just a coincidence?

Chris Mallory

One of the best things Robert E. Lee ever did was hanging that terrorist John Brown.


How in the world can you glorify Brown’s hanging AND the US troops under Eisenhower who liberated concentration camps?!
What kinda scumbag in the 21st century condemns liberation of slaves? Unless you’re the 0.1% of the internet that’s actually a Nazi.

Wild Bill

@Austin, it was Brown’s killing of unarmed civilians to which CM objects. And who would not object to that.


@USA I hope your information is correct. We have been waiting for this a long time and all Americans deserve to see her in an orange jumpsuit, along with slick willie. I heard on the news that he has flown over 20 times on Epstein’s jet, guess that clears up the rumors about him years ago.