Northam’s July 9 Gun Control ‘Wish List’ Smoke and Mirrors?

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has a gun control wish list he is pushing in response to the Virginia Beach tragedy. (Screen Snip, YouTube)

U.S.A.-( When Virginia lawmakers convene a special legislative session Tuesday to consider Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam’s gun control wish list in response to the May 31 mass shooting at Virginia Beach that claimed a dozen lives, they will have to consider what Northam admitted to a bunch of high school students June 21.

According to the Roanoke Times, “Northam conceded that his proposals wouldn’t have necessarily prevented the Virginia Beach shooting.” But, he claimed at the time they might have helped.

So might have a difference in the law and a city policy that would have allowed Virginia Beach public employees, including the late Kate Nixon, to have been armed. They might have had a chance to fight back against their killer, DeWayne Craddock.

Instead, Northam is proposing a veritable buffet of gun control restrictions that have little relation to the mass shooting, but everything to do with advancing the governor’s anti-gun-rights agenda.

According to the Washington Post and other news agencies, Northam wants:

  • A ban on so-called assault weapons, although the killer used two handguns;
  • Universal background checks, even though the gunman passed background checks when he legally purchased both pistols, and an even lengthier check when he bought a suppressor (a.k.a. “silencer”);
  • Reinstatement of the one-handgun-a-month law, even though Craddock bought his handguns about two years apart, the most recent of which was purchased last year;
  • Mandatory reporting of lost or stolen firearms to police, although neither of Craddock’s pistols was stolen;
  • Extreme risk protection orders allowing police or a judge to issue an order if a gun owner is deemed to present a threat to himself/herself or others, although it’s not clear that any such complaint was ever lodged against Craddock;
  • Felony punishment for leaving unsecured firearms where they are accessible to children, and raising the age to which this applies from 14 to 18, even though the mass shooting did not involve children of any age.

It’s smoke and mirrors, or perhaps more appropriately, “bait and switch,” some critics have suggested.

Shortly after Northam revealed his gun control agenda, Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, called the governor out, demanding, “So tell us, Ralph, just what part of your extremist gun control wish list do you think would have prevented what happened in Virginia Beach?

“Northam has dusted off the same ragged old gun prohibition agenda that has been proposed by other anti-rights politicians in the past and rejected time after time,” Gottlieb added. “None of the things he wants would have made even the slightest difference, and he knows it.”

According to the Washington Post, Republican lawmakers say Northam is “playing politics with the tragedy, with an eye on elections this fall for all 140 seats in the legislature. The GOP has thin majorities in both houses, and Democrats hope to change the balance of power.”

During a July 2 public meeting in Virginia Beach, Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) told the audience that Northam’s schemes would not have made a difference May 31, according to WCVE News.

“It would have done nothing if you think about the crime in Virginia Beach,” Van Cleave observed. “The guy bought two guns through a dealer so he went through background checks.”

National Rifle Association spokesperson Catherine Mortensen called Northam’s special session “a political stunt,” the report added.

Northam’s gun control proposals will face tough sledding in the Republican-controlled General Assembly. Republicans have suggested alternative proposals that focus on mental health, rather than eroding rights of law-abiding citizens who had nothing to do with the crime.

The Roanoke Times reported that a survey taken last year showed 54 percent of Virginia voters “say it’s more important to control who owns guns than to protect gun ownership rights.”
“Democrats are more favorable to gun control, while Republicans favor gun rights,” the newspaper observed.

Last year’s survey also showed 84 percent voter support for background checks for all gun sales, and the Virginia Beach killer cleared background checks, so the point may seem moot.

Sixty-five percent of the survey respondents wanted to ban so-called “assault-style weapons,” although there may be only one state where such a weapon is defined, and it includes all self-loading rifles, even .22-caliber rimfires, which are used by hordes of sportsmen and women of all ages for small game hunting and recreational shooting.

Whatever emerges from the Virginia special session, one thing will remain abundantly clear. Gun control proponents, including Northam, are willing to exploit every tragedy to advance their agenda, according to Second Amendment activists.


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Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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    1. Thank you to the Republican majority in Va. house and senate for listening to gunowners and ending this session quickly. In November let us vote to expand that majority.

      1. @MAC, USA Today says, “Virginia Republicans slammed the door on a wide range of gun control measures Tuesday, adjourning a one-day special legislative session called by Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam …” And thank God for it.

    2. Investigate him for infanticide. Give the nurses present immunity. An appropriate but “cruel and unusual” punishment would be a scissors driven into the back of his skull, cruel for the murder, ok for babies.

    3. any bets that if the legislature, both houses, manage to put together and submit for his signature a real bill that would have made a REAL difference to the likes of Kate Nixon, he’d veto it?
      There is only ONE legislative action that COULD have brought abuot a different outcome in this murder. That is to END all Certified Defenseless Victim Zones in the state, unless said zones have individual magnetometer screening upon entry, and secure individual storage for anyone’s personal carry weapon whilst they are within “the zone”.

      In my state there are very few restrictions on WHERE I can carry. Bars are one of them, but I simply do not go into them. Next state over I can, and do, carry in bars, as long as one does not drink it is legal. Anyone want to guess what a signficant source for obtaining handguns no background check required? Yup. Parking lots at bars, tavers, nightclubs, etc. Thieves cruise the cars, look for NRA, S&W, Browning bucks, the GLock “G”, and help themselves. Meanwhile, anyone inside the watering hole is a sitting duck in a barrel for anyone who might take the andgun he just stole from YOUR car, and pull an armed robbery of the bar’s till and to “relieve” all the patrons of their OTHER valuables…..
      In my state it is legal to carry into all government buildings, I’ve even carried on the senate floor in session, and in the governor;s office while he is signing another wretched bill. State patrol all over the place, no big deal, its legal.

      And guess what? To my knowledge there has never been an incident where a gun was used in a crime in any of those public places.

    4. His medical practice probably failed so he decided to become a politician. To listen to him talk it doesn’t sound like he is smart enough to know which end of the baby to put the diaper on let alone what to do as a doctor. Send this posser to the unemployment line and be rid of him. Maybe it would be better to red flag him.

    5. Northam does not like guns. His preferred weapons are scissors, forceps, and vacuum cleaners. His preferred victims are babies. He is a physician so he knew what he was talking about when he stated babies that survived an abortion would be killed, if that was the “mother’s” wish. It is amazing that he proposes gun laws that would not have prevented the last shooting, but can be so cavalier concerning the murder of innocent children. Perhaps we should refer to him as King Herod. What is more amazing is the people of Virginia voted this clown in office. Of course when Obummer grew the federal government he increased the idiot population of Northern Virginia greatly.

    6. Northam and the rest of the lefties in this country fantasize having a soviet union style UTOPIA where the government and their criminal allies ruled with an iron fist while killing off anyone they didn’t like or who spoke out against them.
      Because so many people are deluded by the left, the left doesn’t camoflage what they want to do anymore.
      Delusion is easily accomplished among the stupid.

    7. He’s trying to deflect the bad press surrounding his latest antics: Blackface and full term abortions. The shooting was a gift for his political career.

    8. Who in their right mind voted for Northam for governor? I wonder how many gun owners and hunters voted for this mentally disturbed son of a bitch. He sounds like some “hysterical” woman with all his gun restrictions. Use emotional BS to try and push his New World Order plans. Just another democrat/communist who gets his marching order from his masters Bloomberg and Soros. Dumb bastards like him want to turn America from ‘land of the free’ ito ‘land of the enslaved’!. Turn America into a police state, I’m sure Hitler would be proud of him! What a turd he is. The people of Virginia should have a recall on him and get him the hell out of office and into a prison cell!

    9. Northam drinks to much of his own koolaide . He has proven that he is a feel good idiot that does not use logic in his decisions . He appears to be a emotional creature that does not present reason or common sense for his gun grabbing agendas.

    10. Why is this ass still governor? If this guy was a Republican he would have been hounded by the main stream media day and night over the black face photos but for a liberal baby killing democrat it’s hands off… Ya gotta love how the left protects even the most vile among them..

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