Swalwell’s Departure: ‘One Down, Two Dozen to Go,’ Says Gun Rights Leader

Anti-gun-rights California Congressman Eric Swalwell has dropped out of the 2020 presidential race. But there are still about two-dozen other anti-gun Democrats still seeking the nomination. (Screen snip. YouTube, The late Show)

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Congressman Eric Swalwell’s departure from the 2020 Democratic primary race translates to one down, and about two dozen more to go, according to one of the nation’s top gun rights advocates.

Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, posted a comment on social media that put it bluntly: “One down and two dozen more to go!”

Swalwell’s decision to drop out ended what was a one-issue campaign. He ran on an extremist gun control message that, at one point, even hinted at using nuclear weapons on gun owners who refused to comply with a ban on so-called “assault weapons” if he were to become president. But he’s not the only anti-gunner in the race. All of his competitors are gun grabbers as well, Gottlieb maintains.

Swalwell’s vacancy was filled quickly Tuesday morning with the announcement from billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer that he is entering the race. What this means to the candidacy of another climate change candidate, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee remains to be seen. Inslee is running essentially dead last in the field, suggesting that he hasn’t been getting enough media attention to make his name more familiar with Democrat voters.

Gottlieb suggested that every other Democrat now running for their party’s nomination also has taken an extremist stand on gun control. They have all talked about banning semi-autos and placing further restrictions on gun owners, as though the Second Amendment was about a privilege instead of a fundamental right.

On Monday, when Reason magazine reported what appears to be massive non-compliance with a semi-auto ban in New Zealand in the aftermath of the Christchurch mass shooting in March, Gottlieb suggested that Democrats should take a lesson from that situation.

“From poll leader Joe Biden down to last place Washington Gov. Jay Inslee,” Gottlieb stated, “every Democrat running has offered some new degree of gun control to include bans on many semiautomatic firearms. But New Zealanders, who don’t even enjoy a Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms in their constitution, are balking at the notion of turning in their firearms.

“Here in the United States,” he continued, “where we have the Second Amendment as the cornerstone of our Bill of Rights, anybody who seriously believes the citizens will line up to just hand over their guns may be too delusional to be president.”

Reason estimated that only about 700 guns that fall within the banned category have been turned in, while there may be as many as 1.5 million guns in the island nation. With no registry, it will be impossible for authorities to round them all up, and the gun ban is being challenged in the New Zealand courts.

Meanwhile, Gottlieb has a point that he’s made repeatedly. At no time in the race so far has any Democrat denounced Swalwell’s extremist anti-gun-rights rhetoric.

Their failure to do so simply affirms that they all agree with the now-former candidate’s argument that semi-auto modern sporting rifles—erroneously dubbed “assault weapons”—should be banned, and those gun owners should be required to turn them in for cash compensation, he contends. While some might argue that compensation makes a difference, it’s still confiscation because surrendering guns would be mandatory under the Swalwell scenario. Gun owners who refused would be prosecuted.

There appears to be something else at work, too. Swalwell has evidently flipped on running for re-election to his House seat, where he has been for four terms. In February, he reportedly told the San Francisco Chronicle that he would not “stand for re-election to the House in 2020.” Now that he’s bowed out of the presidential campaign, he looks to be planning a re-election campaign for Congress, according to the Associated Press and Rochester First.

Swalwell’s one-note campaign—all gun control, all the time—never gained traction outside of a small, but vocal group of gun prohibitionists. And even then, the gun ban lobby has plenty of other candidates from which to choose. Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) both are avowed anti-gunners, and their campaigns have much more momentum. When Swalwell showed up outside the National Rifle Association headquarters in Virginia two weeks ago to protest against the organization, he was joined by fewer than two dozen other people in what became an embarrassing campaign fumble.

But none of the Democrats has taken a pro-rights stand, making Gottlieb’s assessment of the field spot-on, and it is alarming to grassroots gun rights activists. For Second Amendment activists, mobilizing the 2020 vote remains a critical endeavor.

Just how far the remaining Democrats will care to push gun control remains to be seen. With 15 months remaining before the national election, Democrats have plenty of time to sharpen their gun prohibition message and hone their talking points.

Dave Workman

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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Ej harbet

The nuke notsee says, NO NUKES FOR YOU!!!


Gottlieb should pull out of the national fight and fight to clean up his own cesspool of gun control in Washington State


Now that I’m logged in and I’m not complaining because it is evident that everybody and anybody could get on here and plug the whole system up even using someone else’s username. Anyway, stawell only showed his ignorance by running for president. He is not even qualified to be in congress, as mental stability is considered. This Tom Steyer that is taking his place is just as caustic. This idiot hates our form of government but he has achieved status as a billionaire by use of the system and hugging trees. The democrats have nothing going for them.

Wild Bill

@Tcat, glad to see you made it. I would like to see Steyer spend his entire fortune on campaigning for the Democrat party nomination. Good for the national economy. Bad for the democrat party.


@ Wild Bill Hey, I am kind of addicted to this site but I guess there could be worse. Somebody used my handle a time or two and I know they did yours, also. I sure is nice to be popular but if I want to say something I will say it myself and only worry about what the investigators know I say. Have you got the first cutting of hay cut and in th barn? Should be pretty good this year because of the rain. I forgot you are far enough south of me it might be about time… Read more »


One down? This mass of people hide under rocks patiently waiting for just the right time to jump into the ring. It’s obvious that Democrats run for office to stay in office, but the issue here is that they have no intention of protecting the Constitution because once elected they do what they damned well please.


Do not sell this guy short. Just like Ocasio-Cortez, there are people stupid enough to elect him and others like him. This nation is populated by brave people who can and will do for themselves but it is also populated by weak people who will willingly give up their freedom for a false sense of safety. Swalwell and people like him are their saviors from responsibility.

John Galt

This a$$hole and his cohorts are preaching treason. He should be tried, hung, his body used for public target practice and then buried under an unmarked outhouse or piss trench. We the people should be enforcing the penalties for TREASON……….i.e. lying on your oath, working to undermine the constitution. The penalty for treason is death Arrest him (them), try them, execute them. Don’t you cherish freedom enough to stand up for traitors TO YOUR CHILDREN being executed? This ass took an oath to uphold the constitution and you would sit by and say and do NOTHING while he and his… Read more »

Wild Bill

@John Dunlap Galt, While I admire your enthusiasm. What you have described is a serious betrayal of the American people, but not treason. And you are aware, of course, that sedition is legal in the U.S.?
I think that finding and supporting a “not corrupted yet” primary candidate would as much for honest government, and against the parties (aka dishonest government) as one’s enthusiasm and energy can stand.


The entire bunch of Democrat idiots running for President looks like something you’d see at an old-time Circus Freak Show or Carnival. Many of them are already serving in Washington so it may be concluded that there is where the Circus is located from where they escaped.


This asshole was raised by liberal/Dem parents to be an anti American from the get go, just like ALL the others running on the Dem ticket. These socialist P.O.S. want to open the borders, disarm the LEGAL gun owners and give EVERYTHING to the border jumpers, useless and lazy for FREE… Geee, sounds like the other FAILURES worldwide !
Then make the WORKING middle class will pay for everything…
Uhhh NO……….
TRUMP 2020 !

Wild Bill

@Rock, Wanting the middle class to pay for everything is a good point. In addition to storing ammunition, a few extra canned goods, and what ever other logistic you may need, the patriots should be storing up cash and hiding income. Someday the libtards will be in power again and it is getting easier and easier to seize the electronic contents of bank accounts, IRAs, 401ks, stocks, government bonds and almost every other asset.
You got a safe, put some cash in it.


Too bad swallowswell!! You’re not going to get to get your hands on the nuclear football to eradicate gun owners..


Swalwell drops out and breaks his word about not seeking re-election to his current congressional seat- imagine that, a lying politician! Now Steyer jumps in, you know, the guy who was for coal while making a fortune but now against coal. And the dems are not happy as they wanted his money for their own campaigns, which is evidence they care less about him or his ideology. Independents are increasingly siding with the pubs, which translates into Trump winning in 2020 and the pubs winning back the House while retaining the Senate. The question then, what will the pubs do,… Read more »

Nicholas Shirley

Buyback of ‘assault weapons’? I seriously doubt they would pay the $2000 I paid for my Daniel Defense rifle. That’s even living in California where I have to suffer all these stupid restrictions. If a national AR15 ban ever happened, I’d throw a kali-key into my rifle. Basically replaced the BCG to make the rifle a bolt action. Let’s me keep the rifle and when needed, just change out for the original bcg and bam! Normal AR15 again

Gene Ralno

I’d suggest we remember Swalwell this way. He proposed the use of military force and even nukes to enforce his will. This “lawmaker” apparently is not sufficiently educated to have heard of the Posse Comitatus Act, a federal law of 1878 (18 U.S.C. § 1385, original at 20 Stat. 152). It forbids the use of military forces to enforce domestic policies within the United States. If he had ever served his country, he’d understand that nobody in the military would ever fire on peaceable Americans. That aside, this left coast boy doesn’t have the guts to personally confiscate anyone’s firearm.… Read more »


Gene Ralno: Wowee, well written! I am going to swipe a couple paragraphs to add to my 2A pocket defense notes.

Mr. Walkker

Very well stated. Spot on. Maybe Mr. Swallwell could take of Field Trip of sorts to WA State for a real life sample. – He could stand on top on the Cascade Mountain Range, say near North Bend and face Eastward. – He would clearly see the writing on the wall. – The writing where many Constitutional Sheriffs do reside. The ones whom will uphold their sworn oaths. Where the line was and has been drawn in WA State. These are recent statements of said Sheriffs. Fact! – He can then then simply do a 180, and then Face the… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

Now for the next would be petty tyrant from the Commiecrat party to pack it in.


They could not even get the dumbest of their own lefty’s to surrender and anybody thinking Trumps re-election is a “critical endeavor” has no clue as to what is really going on but rest assured there will not be a different President after 2020. You’re all stuck with Trump for a very very long time. Enjoy the acceleration as things kick into overdrive.